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Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 3:35 PM


This post is designed in part to obtain information. When a person takes a quiz, the quiz author is supposed to get points equal to the Difficulty Rating of the Quiz times the quiz author's overall popularity rating for all quizzes written. Although I have known from the commencement of the Beta version of new Sploofus that the Statistics shown for Published Games include two Difficulty Ratings -- one is in parentheses -- I had assumed that the correct point totals were added each time a quiz was taken. I recently learned that all of my quizzes are actually accumulating points as if each such quiz has a Difficulty Rating 1 or 2 under the quiz's actual difficulty rating.

I assume this is a system wide problem, and would like my fellow Sploofusers to confirm that for me. I did send in a Support Ticket on this about 18 hours ago, but never received a response. If an editor happens to read this, and if this is a system problem, do you know if there is any plan to restore the points that quiz authors are currently being shorted. If this is a system wide problem, in my view, new Sploofus should not have become the only Sploofus until this bug was fixed. If this is only a problem I am experiencing, I would like it rectified.

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 4:11 PM

Tsk - I'm not sure how you are doing the math - can you explain? The value may/may change with each taker (i.e. I can't divide the number of takers by the number of points and arrive at the pv - or vice versa

I think you just stepped over my math ability - because this has been bugging me (the 1(2) - etc) but I'm not sure how to figure it out...thanks

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 5:37 PM

Kaelin: While its true that the Difficulty Rating can change, this change should result in a change in the "PTV" column. Here is an example of what I am talking about. If you go to take a quiz, that quiz will have a Difficulty Rating associated with it. In fact, if you look at the Recent Quizzes page, you can see the Difficulty Rating before you decide to even go to the introductory page of the quiz. For this example, let's say that Difficulty Rating is "6". Let's also assume that the quiz writer has an average rating on al lof his or her quizzes of 7.5. In this scenario, for that quiz, the author should get 450 points. (6 x 75 = 450) when it is taken.. Under Published Quizzes, there is a column marked "PTV", which represents the number of points the author gets when somebody takes the particular quiz. It does not say "450". Instead, it says "375". I have verified that the 375 is what you would get -- not the 450 points. The same page with "PTV" has a column identified as "Diff". At least at present, this column contains two numbers -- the second number is in parenthesis. The second number matches the "Difficulty Rating" shown at the start of the applicable quiz. In my case the first number in the Difficulty column is always 1 or 2 numbers less than the actual Difficulty Rating. It is this first inaccurate number that is currently used to determine the "ATV". So, in original Sploofus the statistics were accurate, and in the new, improved Sploofus, they are not only inaccurate, but they appear to short change quiz authors on every quiz that has a Difficulty Rating greater than "1".

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 5:39 PM

Preceding should have read "PTV" where it currently reads "ATV".

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 6:15 PM

Sometimes, the number in the parenthesis is "0". I think that quizzes which have never been taken in Beta Sploofus format are the quizzes with the "0".

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 6:53 PM

On further investigation, I now think that while the "PTV" column is wrong, that the correct number of points actually is getting added into the totals. Still, the "PTV" column is meaningless and the Difficulty ("Diff") column a puzzle.

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Wed, 30th Jul '08 11:30 PM

"Preceding should have read "PTV" where it currently reads "ATV"."

Tsk - you must have been thinking it was time to hit the hills with the confusing stats when you said ATV - I sure think it's a good idea.

I noticed when one of my quizzes go live - it'll show "1" taker - even though none has taken it - with an assigned point value - assumedly based on what your average rating is?

I also noticed on one of mine within about 15 minutes of launch - 1 person "really took it" and I had a 9 rating - because I had nothing better to do at the time - I hit refresh for a bit - and got the second taker - my rating had gone down to a 5 - presumably because the second taker either didn't rate it or tanked it - (I'm thinking didn't rate because the particular person that took the test second is not someone I would expect to tank a quiz - I could be wrong but I don't think so) - so I assume that the rating is also based on ratings submitted divided by number of takers - but again not sure.

It seems there used to be something that explained all of these algorithms - but at this point, like my beloved missing "Leaders by Level" I've not found it.

I appreciate the fact that I'm not the only one who likes things to add up - blame my professional engineer dad who explained to me when he forced me to take trig & analysis my senior year "Math Makes You Think"...

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Tue, 5th Aug '08 7:27 AM


Ladyvol  (Level: 212.2 - Posts: 5649)
Tue, 5th Aug '08 8:35 AM

In English please....My math language is just a tad bit rusty...

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