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Tallactor  (Level: 153.1 - Posts: 423)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 9:47 PM


It seems that almost every time I write a new quiz (which lately has been confined to Community Quizzes), I get at least one e-mail from someone complaining that my clues are too long, even when they are no more than four sentences. After my most recent quiz was launched a couple of days ago, I got a message accusing me of trying to show off by doing more than just asking a straight question. I'm just trying to make the clues interesting by adding a little additional interesting information, but it seems that does nothing but unleash people's hostility. Frankly, it kind of discourages me from creating quizzes, since when I spend time attempting to write a good clue, I just get slapped in the face. Am I the only one who experiences this, or do others get this negative feedback for quizzes of more than one simple sentence?

Garrybl  (Level: 294.3 - Posts: 6810)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:08 PM

Actually no I have not got this for a while -- but I've tried to write shorter quizzes recently as I dont seem to have much time any more.

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.7 - Posts: 4459)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:13 PM

Hi Lane,
I can't answer your question since I haven't written any quizzes yet and just one Kerblunk. But I *can* tell you that long clues don't bother me in the least. I enjoy reading the extra information or the little stories some inventive people cook up. In any case, it sounds like you've only received a couple of negative responses? So, I suggest going ahead and continuing to write quizzes that you enjoy. When you're enthusiastic, most others will be too.

-- Geri

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:13 PM

When i first started writing quizzes - I had done one on one word tv shows that had a common theme of not just the one word, but additionally had an underlying non-stated theme of relationship (i.e. same actors and some same characters in the shows in the quiz).

I got a message of

I thought what the heck?
I've been sticking to kerblunks lately because I still need the stimulation of doing something - but don't have the time to do the quizzes as I'm having much more fun with THAT extra time doing WP's -- so I get a comment of
too much supertramp
WTH??? (at least it wasn't the entitled Supertramp kerblunk - that would have been nuts)
The kerblunk WAS called some of MY favorite 70's songs -- and 2 out of 10 for Supertramp which are two of my favorite songs - I just deleted and tried not to take it personally (although it can be seen in comments which is of course another story)

I've had people write and tell me on quizzes too much information as well - it used to bug me but now not so much - you write for yourself and hope people take them - I do find that most of the negative comments come from people who have never written a quiz/kerblunk/trivia sqaure - so it's easier to just let it go...

Keep doing what you do - you do it well!

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:16 PM

I meant to add
If you feel the need to respond:

I'm sorry you didn't like my quiz but if you don't like information I suggest you take the newly added kerblunks as you get no information there:


Maggie7556  (Level: 229.6 - Posts: 268)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:17 PM

I have definitely gotten that sort of feedback. My reaction is always the same, if you don't like them, don't take them. I don't see anyone being marched in at gun point to take my quizzes. Take the comments for what they are worth and keep doing what you enjoy!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:17 PM

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

Ignore the complaints and bask in the fact that the others enjoy your quizzes and enjoy learning from you. If people want short and sweet, they might be happier at Kerblunks.

Don't let it bother you. It happens all the time to lots of people who also write great quizzes.

Maurlin  (Level: 221.5 - Posts: 2718)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:18 PM

I have had the "way too long" response. In my next quiz after one of the comments I added in my Details: WARNING: Do not take this quiz if you do not like long questions!

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:36 PM

The appropriate response to anyone that is unjustly critical of quizzes you write is F Off. That should take care of everything.


Taco24  (Level: 142.3 - Posts: 589)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:41 PM

Love the responses to this question.

It has happened to me. I do advise you do not take them, if the information bothers you. Geepers....some peoples' children!

Just keep on trucking, and do what you like to do.

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.7 - Posts: 4459)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 10:45 PM

Jank0614 wrote: "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one."

Excellent point, but also ............ ROFL!

-- Geri

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 11:20 PM

Makes me wonder if this is just one or two
people who write these comments????
And I wonder if their opinion is reflected
in giving a low score????
Might be worth keeping an eye on and
swapping notes....

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Thu, 7th Aug '08 11:20 PM

I get the occasional complaint about length of questions. My response turns on the civility of the complaint. In general, i indicate that I write the type of quizzes i enjoy taking and suggest that my quizzes may not suitable for the particular complainant. More often, I get compliments from people that like the information provided in the questions.

Haydn  (Level: 208.9 - Posts: 264)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 12:25 AM

I love the CQs. I research and learn so much. The ones on "where I live" are outstanding; so much thought. So...I agree. F the folks that want a ten second quz.

Toledosugar  (Level: 51.4 - Posts: 279)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 12:54 AM

I got one today, on a movie quiz (it's now my favorite comment) that said, my quiz was too obtuse for him/her. So I sent this person the definitions of the word obtuse and asked which one it fell into.

Cujgie  (Level: 183.3 - Posts: 754)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 1:28 AM

I''ve gotten similar comments after certain (teen or twenty-something) members took my EA quizzes. I responded that that is what an EA quiz is--"meaty," so if long questions are to be avoided, don't take anyone's EA quizzes. I suspect many of the younger generation has never been required to read anything pithy or lengthy, and prefers to text in short spurts.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 7:02 AM

After one persistent poster told me my quizzes were too long, I began putting a note in the intro saying "Built for amusement, not for speed"...sort of like my '63 Chevy.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.6 - Posts: 3353)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 7:08 AM

I guess we've all gotten comments like that - I sure have. Some nasty ones too, like "How do you expect us to finish the quiz in under a minute when you write all that crap?" I will admit that I have sent snotty replies back. Used to be nice in response, but no longer. Sometimes it takes me 4 hours to write a quiz. I think a player could spend more than 20 seconds on it.

Don't sweat it. I don't take the "quickie" quizzes. Keep on writing!


Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 7:14 AM

I agree with those who say "write the kind of quiz you enjoy."

I do enjoy the quizzes that include more information. I am here to learn in addition to having some fun. Sometimes, when I want to add extra info (usually information about the correct answer to the previous question), I leave a blank line between that info and the actual quiz question. That way, the speed demons can skip the information and go straight to the question. The extra information can still be read at the end of the quiz when the correct answers are revealed.

Ignore the negative comments -- you never can please everyone.

Chyenn  (Level: 210.7 - Posts: 1332)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 4:32 PM

is there or has there ever been an advantage to taking a quiz in the least amount of time?

i like the 'meaty' quizzes that give me something new to ponder. i have never understood people who feel the need to attack quiz authors here over the length of a question. i wonder if the complainers have ever tried to write a quiz.

on the flip side, i was criticized once by one young author for taking too much time with one of his quizzes. i assured him not to worry because i would not take another of his quizzes. Sad too, because the young man wrote interesting quizzes..

Lane, keep writing the way that suits you and don't be discouraged by this stuff.


Garrybl  (Level: 294.3 - Posts: 6810)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 4:43 PM

I like long quizzes but also like to do them fast...why?
To get my name on the leaderboard. How egotistical; yes, but harmless?

Also one might want to 'do it faster than a/b'.... there are a couple of guys I often see ahead of me so that sets me a target!

Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Fri, 8th Aug '08 4:49 PM

Surely quiz takers should know that some quizzes need longer questions. If they react in a disgruntled manner just because they have to spend more time reading the questions, maybe they should concentrate on doing Ker-Blunks. They cannot complain about a lack of brevity in this category! As others have said Tallacter, just ignore them. I’m sure you find that the majority of members who do your quizzes genuinely enjoy them and tell you so.

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