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Apinavl  (Level: 37.5 - Posts: 59)
Mon, 11th Aug '08 3:01 PM


Hi everyone. I'm relatively new here and have really enjoyed this site. I've tried to learn as much as I can from reading threads in the chat forums but so far I haven't found much information on badges/medals. Some of the badges/medals are obvious (gold nuggets, blue diamonds) but I can't figure out some of the others. Is there a reference for these that I am missing.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Mon, 11th Aug '08 5:21 PM

I've been playing for quite a while and still don't have a good understanding. The diamonds and nuggets are apparently given after you get a WR or WM correct, but not every time. Apparently the screen randomly changes colors and if you get one that is a different color than the norm and get it all right you get one.

As far as the blue ribbons, those are given to quiz/square authors who, in the eyes of the editor, have written an outstanding quiz.

I hope that help!

Donleigh  (Level: 156.6 - Posts: 5480)
Mon, 11th Aug '08 7:03 PM

I have no idea what it means, but if you put your cursor over it it says 12-13 weeks old and that is about how long you've been here. Maybe it's a newbie thing?

Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Tue, 12th Aug '08 2:49 PM

Hi, Amy!
When you first posted your question, I went in search of the screen that explained those time badges. I never did find it. It seems to be one of those things that disappeared when was "improved" recently. (There are many improvements -- it's just frustrating when something that was good disappears in the process.) There used to be a screen of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that also has disappeared.
I put in a suggestion that those features should return. It must be very hard to be a beginner and be given almost no directions or explanations. We need a good "Intro to Sploofus" guide for Newbies.
I then totally forgot to come back to answer your question, so I'm very glad that others did so -- as they always do. There really are many very helpful folks here.

Poleparrot  (Level: 44.4 - Posts: 7)
Sun, 2nd Nov '08 3:04 PM


I'm not that much of a newbie but have never understood these badges & awards. Some of my friends have a whole row of badges, last time I found where to look for my own I had one saying Veteran (cheek!). Today I have one which says 12-13 weeks which I don't understand but the Veteran one has gone.

As I seem to do quite well on some subjects, Geography in particular I wondered why I haven't got a badge for that?

Sorry if this has already been answered, thanks for your help.

Toledosugar  (Level: 51.4 - Posts: 279)
Mon, 3rd Nov '08 9:25 PM

Welcome Amy and Poleparrot,
The badges are acquired as you answer your daily (TQOTD) question. Amy, I've been playing for awhile and have never seen a blue screen, congrats on your diamonds.

Jk143  (Level: 1.1 - Posts: 1)
Tue, 4th Nov '08 9:05 PM

Hello I am new here. How do you earn badges and if you win prizes do you have to accept them?

Quackinator  (Level: 176.6 - Posts: 151)
Thu, 20th Nov '08 12:02 AM

Nope, JK, you can just send them my way ; )

Katiekate5  (Level: 16.0 - Posts: 3)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 5:49 AM

why have some of my badges disappeared?
how sad!

Justsomeone  (Level: 130.3 - Posts: 39)
Tue, 16th Dec '08 10:29 AM

Because you have got a question wrong.

So say, you answer one movie and tv question and get it right, you get a badge = 100%.

Next movie and tv question you get wrong, your answering rate immediately plummets to 50% so your badge is removed.

You are a similar level to me, so I guess that's how it works for us.

Percentage rates will obviously change as you go up the levels, so if you look at some of the people who have been on for some time, they keep their stars if they have 50% plus.

Does that make any sense?

Loveland  (Level: 55.2 - Posts: 521)
Sat, 20th Dec '08 11:58 PM

The longer you have been on the site the lower the percentage needed for a badge. The lowest threshold is 50 percent.

Larrybus  (Level: 320.4 - Posts: 385)
Wed, 24th Dec '08 3:17 AM

Here's the official explanation for profile page proficiency badges:

When one first begins playing Sploofus, it is extremely easy to have lots of badges because you have only been asked a few questions in each category. New players only have to answer 3 or 4 questions correctly in a particular category to show 100% proficiency (60% is even easier).

Veteran players who have been served hundreds of questions in each category are at a severe disadvantage to the new players.

To solve this problem, and allow newer player's badges to carry the same significance as a veteran player's badge, the accuracy percentage is adjusted depending on how long you have been playing Sploofus.

Here is the minimum percentage cutoff for diplaying badges, depending on how long you have been Sploofusing:

Less than 2 weeks: 100% accuracy in category
2-4 Weeks: 97% minimum accuracy in category
4-6 Weeks: 94% minimum accuracy
6-8 Weeks: 91%
8-10 Weeks: 88%
10-12 Weeks: 85%
12-14 Weeks: 82%
14-16 Weeks: 79%
16-18 Weeks: 76%
18-21 Weeks: 73%
21-25 Weeks: 70%
25-29 Weeks: 67%
29-33 Weeks: 64%
33-37 Weeks: 60%
37-41 Weeks: 55%
42 Weeks or older: 50% minimum accuracy in category

To view it for yourself, click on HELP at top right of page.

Click on User Profile.

Click on My category badges are missing.

Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Sun, 8th Mar '09 6:52 AM

Yes, but what about some of the other badges?

My first badge changed form alpha to beta to delta to gamma and now it is a Yoda.

And those yellow footballs with Greek writing thereupon?

Kaufman  (Level: 270.1 - Posts: 3942)
Sun, 8th Mar '09 11:16 AM

Right. The badges (Greek letters, Yodas) change with the length of your tenure on the site. After about 3/4 year, they reach their final form -- the complete three question mark logo.

As for the yellow bedpans with the Greek Sploofus, they're awarded with 100,000 points for completing selected WRs with 100% accuracy within 2 minutes. If you're doing one and the screen comes up all yellow, you'll know it's your chance. Similarly, the blue diamonds and blue screens for Word Matches.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.7 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 3rd Nov '09 11:44 PM

Someone was asking about these on another thread, so.....


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