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Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 8:57 AM


Excellent quiz with lots of valuable ideas....
Good clues and Fun-ny. Loved it !!!!

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 9:05 AM

Enjoyed it! Thanks!


Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 9:40 AM

A Mary Poppins quiz - practically perfect in every way.

Pitch these to the energy czar - you're gonna be a millionaire.

Crazy4games  (Level: 125.1 - Posts: 1019)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:03 AM

Great puzzle Sploofishy! Thanks for the chuckles.

Donleigh  (Level: 156.6 - Posts: 5480)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:13 AM

I'm sending these suggestions to Paris Hilton, she seems to know what she's talkin' about.

Very fun puzzle

Debbie1957  (Level: 45.7 - Posts: 402)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:15 AM

Enjoyed the puzzle along with a smile or two.


Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:24 AM

I'm voting for Paris and I will volunteer if she needs help in my area. Sometimes, airheaded blondes can be foolers. Did anyone know that Carol Wayne, Sharon Stone and I believe Loni Anderson have (had) IQ's high enough to qualify for a Mensa card.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.6 - Posts: 3353)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:36 AM

Lots of fun, thanks!

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:44 AM

Great puzzle...enjoyed it

1mks  (Level: 221.2 - Posts: 5932)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:45 AM

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 10:47 AM

You've changed
Got younger....

Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 1:59 PM

An absolute work of genius, and one of the best WPs I have seen!

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 2:14 PM

I agree - funny and clever. Enjoyed it a lot.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 3:04 PM

Fun WP. Enjoyed it a lot!

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 3:20 PM

Very cute. All terrific ideas! Let's pitch them to the local energy companies.

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 3:31 PM

Yep, that was a good one!

Bleepy  (Level: 149.1 - Posts: 628)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 3:47 PM

Fantastic puzzle!

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.7 - Posts: 4459)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 4:41 PM

I really enjoyed your alternative energy ideas, Sploofishy -- fun, clever and made me smile a lot. Thanks!

-- Geri

Koota  (Level: 189.4 - Posts: 2122)
Sun, 17th Aug '08 6:47 PM

I laughed out loud at some of these. Dead on! Nice job.

Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5428)
Mon, 18th Aug '08 2:15 AM

Well, one of mine was cooking on the engine while driving. Back in the 1960s, my husband worked in earth construction leveling land for irrigation systems. As part of his lunch I would pack him a can of soup. He would put it on the engine of his scraper and in an hour or so it was warm enough to eat. He just had to be careful using the can opener to open it that he didn't get burnt.

I don't think the soup companies would encourage that though.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Mon, 18th Aug '08 10:16 AM

Sploofishy: Question -- one of your funnier ones was the one about the school children and the stationary bicycles. We heard that just the day before on "Wait, wait, don't tell me" (which is the best show on the radio). How were you able to get that in at the last minute.

By the way, for those of you that didn't hear the show, it was made up!!!! Very clever!

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Mon, 18th Aug '08 1:21 PM

To answer your question BBear, I'm psychic.

No, actually I often listen to the show, but couldn't fit - "Heard on "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me"" - into the clue. We can make changes right up to start time and I thought the bike thing was better than whatever it was I replaced. I don't even remember anymore what the other thing was. It might have even been the letter "x".

When I start writing a puzzle, I'll often have four or five good phrases and I'll go ahead and put temporary phrases to fill out the rest. I then replace the lesser ones as I think of better material - often running it up to the wire, but I work better under pressure. Usually I do this when our Word Puzzle supply has run down to under five days, putting in extra puzzles to give the Platinums more time to submit.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Mon, 18th Aug '08 2:34 PM

Another advantage of being an editor: what a neat way to do it. I can't do it that way, I'm afraid I drive Sploofizz (who is the bomb) crazy enough as it is.

But, being psychic works too.

Alvandy  (Level: 242.1 - Posts: 7727)
Mon, 18th Aug '08 5:32 PM

Based on what I just read in this thread:

Dear Sploof-plats: To alleviate impending deadlines and stress from our illustrious editors [Sploofishy, et al]- we need to submit more puzzles!!

If you haven't yet- there are only a relatively small percentage of plats currently contributing, so please try to write your first. It's a benefit of being a platinum member. You receive all kinds of accolades and praise [most of the time] --- and you appreciate the skill and diligence it takes.

Although my next puzzle is still not written, I'm thinking of a few topics

[not football however]

oops- a brain cramp. Well, I'll work on one- but please join the club.

Oh, how about a puzzle about Albert Einstein? I'm serious.

private messages are welcome


Oldcougar  (Level: 229.6 - Posts: 1937)
Tue, 19th Aug '08 6:21 AM

Some funny & crazy ideas that just might work. I used to sent leftover ribs, pizza, etc for hubby to reheat on his excavator or cat, no microwaves in bush. Worked great. Good Puzzle

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