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Wed, 31st Aug '05 12:44 PM


Hey good people of Sploofus!

My apologies for not addressing these concerns sooner. We are still trying to round up a few more volunteer editors (some have yet to be notified). Busy busy!

In the very near future you will be able to view how many quizzes are ahead of yours in the auditing queue by clicking on the "status" tab of the quiz in question.

Depending on how ambitious our editors are, it may take between 1 and even 5 days for a quiz to be checked and released.

I will tell you up front that the new eligibility guidelines are going to be strict. We are making a HUGE effort to get HIGH QUALITY, thought provoking quizzes. All questions (if applicable) must actually be WRITTEN in the form of a question. No fill in the blanks quizzes or one word questions, scrambles, etc. Our ultimate goal is that each quiz taken on will represent an enriching, enlightening and rewarding experience.

Quizzes that are NOT approved will be "returned to sender" with a notification via Sploofus messaging. The notification will include a quick note from the editor so that the user has an opportunity to fix any problems and even resubmit the quiz again to the queue when applicable.

The delay right now is simply instituting the editors into the administrative system and getting them accustomed to the software.

Thank you for your patience! In no time things will be chugging along as usual... and better than ever!

Wed, 31st Aug '05 12:49 PM

Forgot to mention: Going forward, the editor has a checkbox next to each quiz during the auditing process. If a quiz is apparently specific to a certain geographical region of the world, the quiz will have a flag icon posted next to it.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 12:52 PM

Thanks for the is much appreciated. One question tho...on the questions does this mean that all have to be in the form of a question or can descriptions be given in lieu of asking a question? example:
songs of whoever type quizzes....also, I am available to help out in anyway you need me as far as editing or whatever needs doing to help get this up and running smoothly. Thanks again for answering and letting us know what is going on...

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 1:14 PM

I'm also curious about the "form of a question" thing. I have some quizzes that are reasonably intellectual but don't fit the bill. A quiz on Inuit words might say "Salagok means:" which isn't phrased like a question, yet IS one. How picky is that rule?

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 1:22 PM

Thanks so much for clarifying this! It's nice to know how long to be waiting, and what the possible outcomes are. Good luck with all of this, it seems like a MAJOR task! If you need any recruiters, I would be happy to help out. Teresa

Emiperkins  (Level: 50.0 - Posts: 201)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 1:24 PM

In regards to question format, since the new auditing system has been implemented, a quiz entitled "What Film Was I In" (which I took and enjoyed, so it's no offense meant to pollyanna678), was approved. The "questions" are simply names of characters, for example (this is not from the actual quiz) "Forrest Gump."

I suppose since this was approved, something similar would be acceptable.

Mindmonkey  (Level: 280.6 - Posts: 295)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 1:33 PM

There's an old saying that goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Personally, although I write many rather hard quizes, I also like the fill-in-the-blank ones and write a number of them where takers complete song titles. I also thoroughly enjoy taking those types of quizes, along with word scrambles etc. So do other people who frequent this place. Have you noted the results of your own poll on whether or not to keep the word puzzles?

The thing that made Sploofus different and better than other trivia sites--and the reason I spent money to join--was the huge proliferation and variety of quizes. Some were very bad, but most were interesting and a good way to while away some spare moments. Limiting them will not help the site.

If I remember correctly, the problem was plagarism. This can be solved by random checking--it doesn't require major surgery. Making it difficult to write quizes and severely limiting the kinds of quizes now accepted will only create new problems and may have the serious effect of driving members away.

Crocdd  (Level: 12.2 - Posts: 15)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 2:21 PM

I totally agree with Mindmonkey. What made this trivia site better than any others I have tried was the diversity of categories intertwined with the varying degrees of difficulty of the quiz's. I know there are times when I enjoy taking quiz's that are very difficult and at other times I prefer quiz"s that aren't all that difficult just because I don't feel up to the challenge at the time but still would like to spend my time here. I don't think the answer is in changing the format of the site. The way a quiz must be submitted now takes away the need for players to rate a quiz because that has already been taken care of by the editors. I feel that the answer is in a closer monitoring of the available quiz's to ensure there is no plagurism. After all your poll shows that 79.4% of gold members say they would renew at the end of the year and that is a percentage that will be hard to top.

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 2:25 PM

You Know, Mindmonkey, I never thought about it in that light, but that makes alot of sense! I, too, enjoy all the variety of quizzes, and it will be a shame to see them gone. Teresa

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 2:29 PM

OOPS! Forgot to say why don't you take a poll and see if us sloofusers like the old format, but all quizzes still be checked?

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 3:10 PM

After reading mindmonkey's reply I too have to agree with what he said.....I joined myself because of all the different types of qiuzzes offered here...the good and the bad. Like he stated I too am afraid that this will only create more problems to those of us who have written so many quizzes....I am also afraid that membership will go down drastically because of this. I'd really hate to see that happen....

Englishrose49  (Level: 22.0 - Posts: 38)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 3:34 PM

I only became a gold member a month ago , but now i wish i had saved my money , This site is not fun anymore.All these strict rules and regulations are going to drive people away .
A lot of people like fun easy trivia ,fill in the blanks etc .I think all tastes should be catered for and i feel sad about the way its going

Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 3:56 PM

Yeah Mindmonkey I agree that I enjoy fill in the blank quizzes and word scrambles and the occasional easier quiz.

Lets just let the system run for awhile. Sploofus has proven that they will make whatever changes necessary to keep this site fun and interesting. If, a month down the road, we are unhappy with quiz selection, they'll do something about it. I'm sure of it.

Wed, 31st Aug '05 4:11 PM

Great feedback. I love constructive criticism! We'll be flexible with quiz formats (forget about the format of a question thing). Fill in the blanks can stay, so can relatively simple quizzes... but "pick the orange vegetable" quizzes will not be approved

Playfulpelican  (Level: 20.1 - Posts: 42)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 4:17 PM

I also volunteer my services to Sploofus to help with editing if/as needed.

All the new changes so far are welcome. Thank you.

Pls, Sploofus, do restore the prompt (which you earlier had) to return directly to the list of status of "quizzes authored." I believe you removed it inadvertently when you made the recent improvements.


Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 4:37 PM

yay for fill in the blanks and all that stuff!
I will miss the pick the vegetable ones though. Hehe just kidding, I dont think I even took very many of those as they were ALL OVER!

Mskillian  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 226)
Wed, 31st Aug '05 9:20 PM

Alfred..I mean..Sploofus,

Thanks for your hard work on this. I'm willing to wait because I am grateful to even have this site to visit. It has literally saved my sanity at various times. I've brought a lot of people to Sploofus and will continue to tell people that it is THE BEST trivia site on the net.

Cal10892  (Level: 40.2 - Posts: 35)
Thu, 1st Sep '05 12:48 AM

I totally agree with mindmonkey. Having a way to find the status of 'how many are in front of me' is a good idea. As of this moment the last quiz approved was 2 full days ago. I can understand it could take a while to get through the quizzes in front of me, but 2 full days and not 1 quiz is approved? You announced over 2 days ago that quiz authoring was back. We all cheered, then 15 quizzes were approved and everything stopped. It seems to me that somebody's quiz should have been approved by now, even if it's not mine. I have been a gold member for about a month. This site really caught my interest. Now, I dread clicking on it just to see that list of most recent quizzes frozen in time. Refund some money, or extend gold status for the length of time it takes you to figure this out. I would imagine the plagerism problem (which is the only thing you were supposed to be fixing) is caused by a very low percentage of your 6,000+ users, and an even smaller percentage of your gold members. Why are you making the honest folks pay such a high price?

Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 1st Sep '05 3:27 AM

Reading all the above, and agreeing mith much, It seems to me, Sploofus, that you just need to:

1/ Concentrate on getting quiz approval back FASTEST, otherwise you are going to alienate a lot of people. It's not so much a matter of one's own quizzes not appearing, but few (none!) coming up to answer!

2/ That means limit the new checking system to plagiarism checks ONLY.

3/ When that's settled, poll users regarding any other tweaks you may be considering.

All seems like simple management decisions to me.

Mindmonkey  (Level: 280.6 - Posts: 295)
Thu, 1st Sep '05 3:30 AM

Very good advice, Surreyman

Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Thu, 1st Sep '05 3:34 AM

Thank You surreyman and mindmonkey well said the gold members are taking the brunt of this at the moment,as there are other problems that continue to exist that apparently no one has time to address....respectfully ....magnolia1

Magnolia1  (Level: 74.5 - Posts: 147)
Thu, 1st Sep '05 3:46 AM

ps....just wanted to add that I put a ticket into sploofus 9 days ago regarding non-gold or free accounts just received a reply yesterday with NO resolution ...getting a wee bit peeved as I ALSO ENJOY THIS SITE VERY MUCH and is why I PAID IN THE FIRST PLACE....magnolia1

Phlenin  (Level: 17.8 - Posts: 22)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 11:59 AM

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new quiz authoring system!! This will eliminate the big and obvious problems we were facing, but ALSO the little annoying ones. I know you're having to work hard to put this into effect and keep it running smoothly. Thank you for your efforts Sploofus! And thanks to all the editors, donating their time!

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