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Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:09 PM


First I'd like to thank the editors for providing us with such a wide variety of fun, interesting and educational WTHAI puzzles!

Please refer to the thread, "Do You Want a WTHAI Leaderboard for August?" where I asked for input from other players on this topic and decided to go ahead with posting leaderboards:

I created two separate leaderboards, one for the WhoTHAIs and one for the WhereTHAIs. I gathered data on winners directly from Sploofus. I also kept track of alternate winners, i.e. players whose guesses weren't initially accepted by the system but who received credit later. However, it's possible that a few alternate winners slipped by me. If there's any I haven't listed, please let me know, and I'll adjust leaderboard(s) and re-post.

The leaderboards are very simple, in that I merely added up how many puzzles a particular player had solved. So, for example, if the number "3" follows a player's name, that means they solved "3" WhereTHAIs or WhoTHAIs for August, according to my records.

In terms of ties: I decided against attempting to break a tie, as there seemed no fair or effective metric for doing so. Initially I had considered using "fewest number of tiles" as a way to break a tie, but decided that really wasn't an accurate measure of puzzle-solving prowess. For example, Osuzannacollage solved the Joseph Cornell puzzle after 12 tiles had been exposed. She later told me in a PM (and gave me permission to convey this publicly) that she had just logged on when she saw the puzzle and thought it possible she could have solved it with far fewer tiles exposed had she been logged on, since Cornell's work has had a huge influence on her as an artist.

So, as you'll see, there are many ties, and whenever they occurred, I arranged players in alphabetical order. As you'll see, although some players solved several puzzles, no one really dominated in either the Who or the WTHAI, and I think that's a good thing and reflects the great diversity of the puzzles. While there have been some complaints that the people and places featured in the puzzles have been too obscure, it seems to me the editors are trying to mix in something for everyone.

Please be aware that all data comes from my own records gathered from Sploofus, and that it's always possible I've made an error. If so, please let me know.

A million thanks to everyone who has read and participated in the WTHAI threads. It's a lot of fun, and I plan to keep them going as long as I have time.
-- Geri

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:11 PM

For the WhoTHAIs, we had 79 puzzles and 81 winners. We had a couple of alternate winners for the Doctor Who puzzle. For the WhereTHAIs, we had 79 puzzles and 87 winners, (eight players that I know of were given co-wins).

It's now with great pleasure that I announce our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for August. The following people will share the podium for the WhoTHAIs:

1st place: Foogs with 6 wins
2nd place: Kateatebate with 4 wins
2nd place (TIE): Pepperdoc with 4 wins
3rd place: Chrondo with 3 wins

And the following players will share the podium for the WhereTHAIs:

1st place: Nelly with 9 wins
2nd place: Joee with 8 wins
3rd place: Slicko with 7 wins

I'd also like to bestow upon them some cool virtual clip art awards:

Here's a link to the 1st place gold trophy -- imagine your name engraved on it!

Here's a link to the award for 2nd place:

Here's a link to the award for 3rd place:

Congratulations and hip hip hooray to all of the above players and to all the August winners.
-- Geri

Kimoira  (Level: 214.9 - Posts: 1200)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:14 PM

Enjoy these threads Geri! Thanks for putting all of this together.

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:14 PM

WhoTHAI Leaderboard for August 2008
Foogs 6
Kateatebate 4
Pepperdoc 4
Chrondo 3
Cindydawson 2
Fatsa 2
Heavyboots 2
Larrybus 2
Madmario 2
Stellamirus 2
Stupidbecky03 2
Taoman 2
10pinmama 1
Alijensen 1
Barb1111 1
Bp1110 1
Bradd 1
Chadine82 1
Daveguth 1
Dencro 1
Difod 1
Frostoria 1
Fudypatootie 1
Haleypf 1
Hollywoodak 1
Joee 1
Johnbtv 1
Jordi 1
Jsterling03 1
Julze79 1
Kayjaykay 1
Kimoira 1
Lken 1
Mandy75 1
Marynuala 1
Mindmonkey 1
Missoblivious 1
Nelly 1
Nick1992 1
Osuzannacollage 1
Pennwoman 1
Pennylee53 1
Pyoung 1
Quizmaster4 1
Redwingchick 1
Reptilicus 1
Rexer25 1
Rta91boy 1
Slicko 1
Schmorganism 1
Sleestak3 1
Smoke20 1
Stephster 1
Stlroaddogg 1
Tempus 1
Tidalwave 1
Travelblind 1
Uclonewolf3 1
Violetblue 1
Warbux 1

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:16 PM

WhereTHAI Leaderboard for August 2008
Nelly 9
Joee 8
Slicko 7
Equitriv 5
Stupidbecky03 5
Stoutyoungladd 4
Uclonewolf3 4
10pinmama 2
Larrybus 2
Pepperdoc 2
Pyoung 2
Smoke20 2
Surreyman 2
Suzannec 2
Achad 1
Beachbabe780 1
Bexsam 1
Cjar855 1
Deadeyepa 1
Epaphus98 1
Fatsa 1
Hhipooh 1
Itrollout 1
Jafin 1
Jbillygirl 1
Jeannarie 1
Jneworl 1
Jude47 1
Loudmouthlee 1
Maddy1303 1
Magicfan32 1
Markieboy 1
Mellyfrench 1
Mrkelly23 1
Muley 1
Murphyslawqt 1
Opiated 1
Paralady 1
Plibbert 1
Rhayader 1
Silvercamaro 1
Stevepup 1
Taco24 1
Taylorj 1
Wruschpler 1

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:21 PM

Here's a text retrospective of all the WTHAI puzzles and winners presented in chronological order from the beginning of August. Not only did I think it might be enjoyable for you to look back at all the puzzles, but it also gives you an opportunity to check my math, if you so desire. In many cases, I made various notes to myself, such as whether or not clues were provided, and I left some of those notes intact. Other notes I deleted so as not to present too much verbal clutter. I also created online photo album retrospectives of the WTHAIs, and will be providing links to those later.

OK, let's start with the WhoTHAIs:

Amy Sedaris solved by Stephster, 7 tiles 01 Aug
Luis (Emilio Delgado) solved by Mandy75, 3 tiles 01 Aug
Marathon John solved by Kateatebate, three tiles 01 Aug
Man Ray solved by Kateatebate, 12 tiles 02 Aug
Kaitlin Olson solved by Bp1110, 3 tiles 2 Aug
Doctor Who solved by Difod AND Barb1111 AND Taoman (alternates), 2 tiles 02 Aug
Cosmo Kramer solved by Pennylee53, 1 tile 03 Aug
Guglielmo Marconi solved by Slicko, 4 tiles 03 Aug
Jean Stapleton solved by Warbux, 2 tiles 03 Aug
George Carlin solved by Fudypatootie, 3 tiles 04 Aug

Dr Michelle Callahan solved by Johnbtv, 12 tiles and over 500 guesses 04 Aug
Noam Chomsky solved by Mindmonkey, 4 tiles 05 Aug
Kip Winger solved by Haleypf, 6 tiles 05 Aug
Robert Menzies solved by Joee, ?? tiles 05 Aug (Joee confirmed she had solved this puzzle.)
Tatum O'Neal solved by Taoman, 2 tiles 06 Aug
Don Cherry solved by Julze79, 2 tiles 06 Aug
Lyle Alzado solved by Daveguth, 4 tiles 06 Aug
Amy Acker solved by Nick1992, 11 tiles 07 Aug
Nazia Hassan solved by Jordi, 12 tiles and over 500 guesses 07 Aug
Etgar Keret solved by Stellamirus, 12 tiles and a clue ("I am a write best known for my surreal short stories") 08 Aug

Lloyd Dobler (presented as a felt finger puppet), solved by Redwingchick, 7 tiles 08 Aug
Damien Rice solved by Foogs, 9 tiles 09 Aug
Sir John Tenniel solved by Fatsa, 12 tiles, a clue and nearly 692 incorrect guesses 10 Aug
Edith Head solved by Smoke20, 4 tiles 10 Aug
Ray Dolby solved by Uclonewolf3, 12 tiles, a clue ("I am an American inventor") and nearly 300 guesses 11 Aug
Tommy Flanagan (Scottish actor) solved by Chrondo, 3 tiles 11 Aug
Nolan Ryan solved by Pepperdoc, 9 tiles 12 Aug
E F Hutton solved by Frostoria, 12 tiles and 650 guesses 12 Aug
Big Tex solved by Rexer25, 3 tiles 13 Aug
Stokely Carmichael solved by Missoblivious, 4 tiles 13 Aug

Yannick Noah solved by Chrondo, 5 tiles 13 Aug
Mitch Miller solved by Reptilicus, 6 tiles 14 Aug
Haruki Murakami solved by Alijensen, 4 tiles 14 Aug
Cat Power solved by Kateatebate, 4 tiles 14 Aug
Charles Manson solved by Chrondo, 3 tiles 15 Aug
Clive Anderson solved by Rta91boy, 6 tiles 15 Aug
Milli Vanilli solved by Quizmaster4, 1 tile 15 Aug
Guy Smiley solved by Madmario, 2 tiles 15 Aug
Lead Belly solved by Schmorganism, 3 tiles 16 Aug
Marc Karam solved by Foogs, 7 tiles 16 Aug

Liza Minnelli solved by Pennwoman, 2 tiles 16 Aug
Sister Kate solved by Stupidbecky03, 4 tiles 17 Aug
George McGovern solved by Foogs, 4 tiles 17 Aug
Weird Al Yankovic solved by Kateatebate, 2 tiles 17 Aug
Mae West solved solved by Tempus, 4 tiles 18 Aug
Kenny Loggins solved by Heavyboots, 1 tile 18 Aug
Brian Bonsall solved by Kayjaykay, 4 tiles 18 Aug
Jean Baptiste de La Salle solved by Nelly, 12 tiles, 2 clues ("French"; "teacher") and 703 incorrect guesses 19 Aug
Dita Von Teese solved by Stupidbecky03, 2 tiles 19 Aug
Margot Fonteyn solved by Marynuala, 10 tiles 19 Aug

Linda Thompson solved by Hollywoodak, 12 tiles, a clue ("folk rock") and 371 incorrect guesses 20 Aug
Chen Lu solved by Tidalwave, 5 tiles 21 Aug
James A Garfield solved by Larrybus, 6 tiles 21 Aug
Michael Berryman solved by Pyoung, 4 tiles 22 Aug
Babe Zaharias solved by Cindydawson, 4 tiles 22 Aug
Roald Amundsen solved by Pepperdoc, 4 tiles 22 Aug
Sportacus solved by Madmario, 3 tiles 22 Aug
Thubten Gyatso solved by Kimoira, 3 tiles 23 Aug
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands solved by Pepperdoc, 1 tile 23 Aug
Ron White solved by Stlroaddogg, 4 tiles 23 Aug

Jaguar Paw solved by Travelblind, 4 tiles 24 Aug
Adam Vinatieri solved by Foogs, 12 tiles, a clue ("athlete") and 301 incorrect guesses 24 Aug
Joseph Cornell solved by Osuzannacollage, 12 tiles and 424 incorrect guesses 25 Aug
Benjamin Disraeli solved by Pepperdoc, 1 tile 25 Aug
Kim Gordon solved by Heavyboots, 9 tiles 26 Aug
Ida B Wells solved by Fatsa, 4 tiles 26 Aug
Armand Zildjian solved by Foogs, 12 tiles, a clue ("There's already a hint in plain view") 27 Aug
Barbara Kingsolver solved by Dencro, 8 tiles 27 Aug
Peter Garrett solved by Jsterling03, 2 tiles 28 Aug
Doctor Benjamin Spock solved by 10pinmama, 6 tiles 28 Aug

Ethelred the Unready solved by Sleestak3, 2 tiles 28 Aug
Richard Carpenter solved by Cindydawson, 8 tiles 29 Aug
Gustav Klimt solved by Stellamirus, 9 tiles 29 Aug
Andre Rieu solved by Lken, 2 tiles 29 Aug
Will Sampson solved by Larrybus, 4 tiles 30 Aug
Padre Pio solved by Bradd, 6 tiles 30 Aug
Sister Mary solved by Foogs, 12 tiles 31 Aug
Victoria Wyndham solved by Chadine82, 4 tiles 31 Aug
Bear Bryant solved by Violetblue, 1 tile and 8 incorrect guesses 31 Aug

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:24 PM

And here's a text retrospective for the WhereTHAIs. Enjoy!

Luxembourg Spuerkeess solved by Wruschpler, 12 tiles, 01 Aug
The Ross R Barnett Reservoir solved by Uclonewolf3, 12 tiles, 01 Aug
Praia da Marinha solved by Joee, 6 tiles, 02 Aug
Mysore Palace India solved by Uclonewolf3, 3 tiles, 02 Aug
Great Zimbabwe National Monument solved by Slicko, 4 tiles, 02 Aug
Cheonggyecheon Seoul South Korea solved by Equitriv, 6 tiles, 03 Aug
Bete Giyorgis Ethiopia solved by Slicko, 2 tiles, 03 Aug
Sarasota Florida solved by Jbillygirl, 6 tiles, 03 Aug
Sigiriya Sri Lanka solved by Surreyman, 8 tiles, 04 Aug
St Davids Hall Cardiff Wales solved by Equitriv, 12 tiles, a clue ("UK"), and over 300 guesses, 04 Aug

Rio Antirio Bridge Greece solved by Nelly AND Mrkelly23 (alternate), 3 tiles, 05 Aug
Assateague State Park solved by Slicko, 5 tiles, 05 Aug
Faro Stella Maris Argentina solved by Stupidbecky03, 12 tiles, two clues ("Argentina" & "water") and over 400 guesses, 06 Aug
Hilton of Cadboll Scotland solved by Stupidbecky03, 5 tiles, 06 Aug
World of Coca Cola Georgia solved by Stoutyoungladd, 5 tiles, 07 Aug
Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan solved by Muley, 3 tiles, 07 Aug
Royal Liver Building England solved by Plibbert AND Suzannec (alternate), 2 tiles, 07 Aug
Toledo Spain painting by El Greco solved by Jude47, 5 tiles, 08 Aug
Endurance Crater Mars solved by Loudmouthlee AND Taylorj (alternate), 12 tiles, a clue ("It might be exciting to have the opportunity to visit this place") and nearly 400 guesses, 8 Aug
The Mojave Phone Booth California solved by Stoutyoungladd, 2 tiles, 08 Aug

Winchester Mystery House San Jose California solved by Maddy1303, 4 tiles, 09 Aug
The Fountain of Ninety Nine Spouts Italy solved by Nelly, 4 tiles, 09 Aug
Mount Nemrut Turkey solved by Slicko, 3 tiles, 09 Aug
Pont Valentre France solved by Achad, 3 tiles, 10 Aug
St. Stephen's Cathedral Vienna Austria solved by Slicko AND Jneworl (alternate), 3 tiles, 10 Aug
Jasmund National Park Germany solved by Joee, 5 tiles, 10 Aug
Al Alam Palace Muscat Oman solved by Joee, 6 tiles, 11 Aug
SS American Star Wreck Canary Islands solved by Nelly, 2 tiles, 11 Aug
Monreale Cathedral Italy solved by Suzannec, 5 tiles, 11 Aug
Mennonite Settler Statue Kansas solved by Hhipooh, 10 tiles, 12 Aug

Wadsworth Atheneum Connecticut solved by Stoutyoungladd, 11 tiles, 12 Aug
Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn Australia solved by Larrybus, 4 tiles, 13 Aug
Port Arthur Australia (Tasmania) solved by Equitriv, 7 tiles, 13 Aug
Canyon de Chelly Arizona (White House Ruins) solved by Stupidbecky03, 1 tile, 13 Aug
Transfiguration Church Russia (on island of Kizhi) solved by Surreyman, 3 tiles, 14 Aug
Mount Asgard Canada solved by Uclonewolf3, 6 tiles, 14 Aug
Royal Pavilion England solved by Markieboy, 10 tiles, 15 Aug
Great Blue Hole Belize solved by Jeannarie, 2 tiles, 15 Aug
Patuxay Laos solved by Nelly, 2 tiles, 15 Aug
Commonwealth War Cemetery Egypt solved by Slicko, 1 tile, 15 Aug

Caherconnell Stone Fort Ireland solved by Joee, 3 tiles, 16 Aug
Freetown Christiania Denmark solved by Nelly, 4 tiles, 16 Aug
Old Water Tower Landskrona Sweden solved by Nelly, 11 tiles, 17 Aug
Santa Monica California solved by Epaphus98, 4 tiles, 17 Aug
Point State Park Pennsylvania solved by 10pinmama AND Mellyfrench (alternate), 2 tiles, 17 Aug
Cobo Arena Detroit Michigan solved by Paralady, 6 tiles, 18 Aug
Richat Structure Mauritania solved by Equitriv, 2 tiles, 18 Aug
Grieg Hall Norway solved by Slicko, 12 tiles, 19 Aug
Blue Grotto Italy solved by Silvercamaro, 2 tiles, 19 Aug
Viringili Lakshadweep India solved by Bexsam, 7 tiles, 20 Aug

Chinese Garden of Friendship Australia solved by Smoke20, 5 tiles, 20 Aug
Saint Nicolaus Church (Ruin) Sweden solved by Nelly, 2 tiles, 20 Aug
Amazon Stonehenge Brazil solved by Opiated, 12 tiles, 21 Aug
Golkonda India solved by Nelly, 3 tiles, 21 Aug
Hermann Castle Estonia solved by Equitriv, 5 tiles, 21 Aug
Pantheon Of National Revival Heroes Bulgaria solved by Stupidbecky03, 2 tiles, 22 Aug
Playa De Las Americas Tenerife solved by Pepperdoc, 12 tiles, a clue ("Off the coast of Africa - be specific!"), and 266 incorrect guesses, 23 Aug
The Scallop Aldeburgh England solved by Pyoung, 1 tile and 2 incorrect guesses (his own), 23 Aug
The Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden Portland Oregon solved by Rhayader, 10 tiles, 23 Aug (sculpture depicts fictional dog, Ribsy, a lovable mutt)
Wilhelm Tell Memorial Switzerland solved by Larrybus, 4 tiles, 24 Aug

Lord Byrons House Southwell England solved by Joee, 12 tiles, 2 clues ("England;" "Famous person lived here") and 221 incorrect guesses, 24 Aug
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan solved by Murphyslawqt, 3 tiles, 25 Aug
Clare Bridge Cambridge England solved by 10pinmama, 7 tiles, 25 Aug
Rats of Tobruk Memorial Australia solved by Joee, 2 tiles, 25 Aug
Fort Siloso Singapore solved by Nelly, 11 tiles, 26 Aug
Tau Cross Tory Island Ireland solved by Stoutyoungladd, 10 tiles, 26 Aug
World War II Buzz Bomb Memorial Greencastle Indiana solved by Smoke20 AND Itrollout (alternate), 4 tiles, 27 Aug
My Old Kentucky Home State Park Kentucky solved by Magicfan32, 11 tiles, 27 Aug
Voortrekker Monument South Africa solved by Fatsa, 5 tiles, 28 Aug
Ontario Place Canada solved by Stupidbecky03, 1 tile and 18 incorrect guesses, 28 Aug

Noahs Ark Zoo Farm England solved by Uclonewolf3 AND Jafin (alternate), 2 tiles, 28 Aug
Mrs Macquaries Chair Sydney Australia solved by Joee, 6 tiles, 29 Aug
Kopu Lighthouse Estonia solved by Pepperdoc, 8 tiles, 29 Aug
Old Man of the Mountain New Hampshire solved by Deadeyepa, 2 tiles, 29 Aug
Prospect Hill Monument Massachusetts solved by Cjar855 AND Pyoung (alternate), 12 tiles and a clue ("New England")
Key West Monument Florida solved by Joee, 1 tile and 20 incorrect guesses
Abyss Pool Yellowstone National Park Wyoming solved by Stevepup, 5 tiles 31 Aug
Pantheon Italy solved by Taco24, 1 tile and 1 incorrect guess 31 Aug
Gateshead Millennium Bridge England solved by Beachbabe780, 1 tile and 9 incorrect guesses 31 Aug

Kimoira  (Level: 214.9 - Posts: 1200)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:30 PM

I grumble about the obscurity of many of these places and people but when you lay it out like this- there probably aren't enough people or places in the world to keep this going for very long if you only picked the mainstream stuff!

Koota  (Level: 189.1 - Posts: 2120)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 2:54 PM

Funny ... I don't see my name in there anywhere!

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 3:02 PM

Wow, that's quite a compilation, Geri! Bravo! Kudos to all the guessers!

For me, the most interesting "who" of the month was the Lloyd Dobler felt finger puppet. I don't think I would have ever gotten that right. (It looked like an odd Girl Scout badge to me.)

And, the most interesting "where" was either the Mars crater or the phone booth in the Majave Desert.

Nelly  (Level: 181.0 - Posts: 1167)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 3:16 PM

As Pepper said "Wow"! Nice job, Geri. Thanks for all your time and effort. It's nice to see what clues have been given for the ones I didn't see.

Congrats to those who correctly guess the 'Who THAI' - most of the time I haven't a clue where to start looking!

Kaufman  (Level: 269.8 - Posts: 3943)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 3:23 PM

I can't wait to see the leaderboard on funniest wrong guesses.

Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 6:59 PM

Wow! Until I read this thread, I didn't even realize that I did not have a single correct guess this month. Sigh.......
Thanks for posting the list, though.

Foogs  (Level: 282.5 - Posts: 848)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 8:49 PM

Thanks, TresKitties, for all the hard work!

Joee  (Level: 164.1 - Posts: 255)
Mon, 1st Sep '08 11:57 PM

Thanks Geri, what an effort!

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 12:16 AM

Thanks very much for all the kind words!

Kaufman wrote: "I can't wait to see the leaderboard on funniest wrong guesses."

LOL. You know, I actually considered saving some of those. But so far, I've only saved lists of guesses that corroborate a co-win. In any case, Ken, I'll always remember your amusing guess of "White Condos of Dover" for what turned out to be St. David's Hall in Cardiff, Wales. How appropriate that it turned out to be a Welsh building, eh?

I'd have a hard time deciding on which ones were my favorites. Definitely the Lloyd Dobler finger puppet Who was a great one. As for the Wheres, the Monkey Park in Japan and the statue of the fictional dog, Ribsy, were two of my favorites. (What can I say, I'm a sucker for critters. )

-- Geri

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 12:19 AM

Along with the text retrospectives above, I thought it would also be fun, especially for anyone who missed some puzzles, to be able to look back and see what each WTHAI puzzle looked like for August. Sometimes the editors used very clever cropping, especially when it came to such recognizable people or characters like Cosmo Kramer and Bear Bryant. So, after getting the OK from Sploofus, I created some online photo albums using Flickr as the image hosting site. You do not need to be a member of Flickr to view the photos.

Explanatory Notes:
1. It took me a couple of days to figure out how I wanted to set up this project on one of my PCs. (Software is now configured to be on auto-pilot, so to speak, so the PC does most of the work for me. ) During that time, I missed the puzzle on the Luis character from Sesame Street, and I only got a brief look at the Amy Sedaris puzzle. Fortunately, Pepperdoc helped me out with those, so thank you Pepperdoc!

2. You'll notice that in the captions for each photo, I've posted links to the sources for each one. I did this to ensure that all non-Sploofus viewers know that I'm not the photographer and also to give you the opportunity to read about a person or place, if you missed it the first time around.

Here's the link to the photo album for the WhereTHAIs for August:

And here's the link to the photo album for the WhoTHAIs for August:

Those links take you to the full-sized images with titles and captions. You can also look at thumbnails of all puzzles.

Due to the way I've got my software configured, most of the time, each phase of a puzzle gets captured. So, I decided to save a couple of examples of puzzles that didn't get solved until all 12 tiles had been revealed. I thought it was interesting to see the progression.

Here's a link to an example of a WhoTHAI (Joseph Cornell), from 0 to 12 tiles revealed:

Here's a link to an example of a WhereTHAI (Grieg Hall), from 0 to 12 tiles revealed:

Enjoy everyone!
-- Geri

Larrybus  (Level: 319.9 - Posts: 383)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 5:40 AM

The galleries are great, Geri! An excellent visual summary for the month's puzzles. Thanks for your hard work!

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.2 - Posts: 6102)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 7:32 AM

Thanks, Geri! You have done a great job with this thread and the pictures in Flickr. It's nice to be able to go back to see each of them.


Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 7:53 AM

Wow, Geri! This is fabulous work!

It's great to go back and see all the "who's" and "where's"! There were a couple of photos I wanted to revisit, and this is very helpful! Looks like you took a lot of effort compiling this.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 8:10 AM

After revisiting the "where's", I'd have to add that the crocodile Holiday Inn cracked me up. I never would have figured out that one. Larrybus scares me sometimes.

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.3 - Posts: 4447)
Wed, 3rd Sep '08 11:54 PM

Thanks very much for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the online galleries and stuff.

-- Geri

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