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Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 7th Oct '08 1:18 AM


Tim, you're falling down on the job of starting threads so I took the liberty.

Next Generation is #1 with me. Mostly because I love Data so much, but I can also admit that a lot of it had to do with timing. It just came out at a time when I was able to enjoy the show pretty much weekly and I got to watch it with family, which made it better.

#2 is Enterprise, though. I enjoyed seeing the transition of things from our way to their way. Also loved the beginnings of the various relationships with other species. And of course Captain Archer and Tripp were awesome!

Fainodraino  (Level: 113.1 - Posts: 240)
Tue, 14th Oct '08 10:17 AM

Sorry sis, we had homecoming and competitions and all that, and then last week was fall break and I pretty much did nothing!

Ok, favorite show...all of them! How's that?

Man, it's really hard. I guess it would have to be Next Gen, with Voyager being a close second. After that, I don't know if there is an order.

I just love the Next Gen. characters so much. Each one is great in their own way. Plus there are some simply amazing episodes in every season. Also, it was a timing thing for me as well. While I had watched TOS with my dad, TNG was the first one with new episodes that I ever got to watch. Then, as I was going off to college, the local Fox station showed every episode in order, so I recorded them all (on VHS). When I would come home on weekends, I would go thru them all and label them and stay up really late and watch them, etc.

Voyager is so good, too. Love all the characters, especially Janeway. She totally kicks butt. Love her unwavering determination to get her crew home. I also think they did a good job of developing all of their characters.

I started watching DS9 when it first came on, but because it was so different (and because it was in sindication at weird times), I got behind on it and came back to it later. I really do enjoy the show for the most part. They did an AMAZING job at developing SO MANY characters. I've never seen a show that has fully developed all the main characters and also every minor character. The big problem that I have with the show is that they were often over-dramatic, and it seems that they did it on purpose. But still a lot of amazing episodes. Capt. Sisko is awesome. Love his voice. And Worf!

I loved Enterprise, even though there are some pretty boring episodes and, at times, bad writing. I mean, there are some large goofs in the third season. I hated the way they ended the Cold War. Hated. But the fourth season pretty much makes up for all the bad episodes. I mean, the fourth season is possibly one of the best seasons out of all of the series. It is SO good. Unfortunately, Enterprise also has the worst series ending. But that is another story.

I love the Original Series as well. I love the constant bickering between Spock and Bones. It just always makes me laugh. I love Scotty. And I love that Kirk made out with everything in sight. Plus, I love the movies. (except for the first one--it's too slow). And there are some extremely classic episodes.

Ok, I could go on and on, but I'll stop here and go start another thread.


Tezcatlipoca  (Level: 59.8 - Posts: 14)
Thu, 6th Nov '08 10:01 AM

It's hard to rank them - I really like TOS, TNG and DS9 equally well. I grew up with TNG, so it would probably take the very first spot...the characters had really good chemistry together, and their explorations really stayed true to the original ideas of Gene Roddenberry.

DS9 wasn't the greatest when it first came out, since the first couple of seasons were a bit boring, but once they got the Defiant and went to war, the development of the characters was absolutely amazing. I watched the story arcs when the show came in on reruns, and realized how cool the show really was. (I have a soft spot for DS9 - my uncle did some camera work on DS9 and TNG and he took me with him to visit the DS9 soundstage. Seeing the sets on TV is one thing, but walking into Quark's bar, Odo's office and sitting the captain's chair of the Defiant is a whole different experience).

TOS was really good, too, just because of the novelty of the series. It's like a time capsule into the minds of people in the 1960's. Though, I would stress that I like the unremastered version - I think redoing scenes with CGI and putting them into a show that way predates CGI is kind of ridiculous.

Enterprise comes next - I thought they had a great idea, but the writers tried to do too much too soon. The technology of the 23rd and 24th centuries allowed the crews to do amazing things, so the 22nd century paled by comparison. Baby steps would have been the best - have the ship do missions in the solar system for the first few episodes, then have them leave and meet the Klingons. Then they could get started exploring other worlds.

Voyager ties with Enterprise with weakness - the episodes are fun to watch, but they follow the same "alien of the week" mentality, where practically everyone in the Delta Quadrant is trying to screw over the crew, steal their ship or kill them. They did some cool things with the Borg, but even that got stale after a while.

There's my two cents!

Supergye  (Level: 25.3 - Posts: 7)
Thu, 6th Nov '08 10:25 AM

Come on Faino! No way is Voyager beter than Deep Space Nine!! I give you credit though for picking Next Gen. for your #1.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Thu, 15th Jan '09 8:07 AM

Old thread but new blood.

Watching TOS now is so campy, but that was cutting edge stuff then, and I loved it with all my heart. And I thought by now we'd have colonies on the moon and have landed on Mars, with big plans for future exploration elsewhere. No way did I ever dream we'd not do anything with the moon for decades. (Follow the money, I guess)

TNG would have to be my fave of the series, but not the first year! Yuck! It was like every episode was a reworked TOS episode - it was like watching warm spit. (Sorry!) Riker just was not my idea of a Number One, either. And of course I've remarked elsewhere that every time there was a problem, I was yelling at the TV for them to sacrifice Yar to save everyone. Hated that character! (Liked the actress, just hated Yar).

We waited so very long for the 2nd Star Trek series, and there was no way I was going to ditch the show, but that first year was unenjoyable.

When Riker grew a beard, and Yar was no longer on the staff, TNG took off and I fell in love all over again. Star Trek became a joy again. First Contact is close to the top of my all-time fave movies, as is The Voyage Home.

Andiorl  (Level: 135.3 - Posts: 11)
Tue, 3rd Feb '09 12:40 PM

Hi Group,

Just wanted to check in. I just finished Shatners book "Up till Now" and found it very enjoyable.

Shatner is my personal favorite, and even if he is a big windbag, he is still , "THE KIRK"

The book was enlightening. I really had no idea of the amount of crap that probably most actors/actresses have to deal with, but I was really amazed at all the things the good captain has done in his life.

anyway I liked it.


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