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Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2476)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 12:43 PM


Al, said if you start a nick name thread..... well here you go

I have never had a nick name -- it is a very American thing to do to shorten names but being raised by German mother, I was always Martina -- never Marty etc, my sister was always Christina -- never Chris or Chrissie etc

Suzannec  (Level: 260.2 - Posts: 616)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 1:11 PM

On Monday, I was Monzanne.
On Tuesday, I was Tueszanne,
On Wednesday, I was Wedzanne.
You can probaly figure the rest out. Unfortunately, my many cousins and siblings still think that nickname is funny even though we are all in our 40's and 50's now.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1982)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 1:42 PM

Well, you will probably never guess this...

As a small child I was Susie; then in high school, Sue; in college I went by Susan. My little sister called me Sue-bee when she couldn't pronounce Susie; my best friend in high school dubbed me Suzer and that's the name that makes me feel the most loved

Chyenn  (Level: 210.7 - Posts: 1332)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 1:42 PM

my brother's little girl seemed to have trouble saying Aunt Genese so she shortened it to Aunt Niece. and that's what she has called me for nearly 19 yrs.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 2:06 PM

As mentioned in previous post, Lisa was shortened by my mother from Elizabeth.

My older nieces and nephews used to call me Sisa (couldn't pronounce the "L"). My younger nieces and nephews now call me "Aunty Pizza".. d'oh!

Alvandy  (Level: 241.6 - Posts: 7722)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 3:48 PM

All right, I opened my big food chute- so I guess I have to fess up.

I was born in swaddling clothes ,,,,- nope wrong story line. Just seeing if you're paying attention.

Well, actually I was given a nickname that has stuck with me for all of my #! years of life. [my birthday is not too far away]

The story my parents told me was that I "emerged" while they were taking a taxi cab ride to the hospital. My mom and dad rushed my bawling ole self [it was cold that morning!] into the hospital where they gave me a peppermint pattie to shut me up. [that's my story and I'm sticking to it]

All right back to reality- my umbilical cord was still attached , of course, and I was so squirmy that it started to wrap around me. Supposedly, a nurse unwrapped it and commented that I was like a "little skipper."

Yep- "Skip".

So now you know the rest of the story!

Before leaving the York Hospital, I answered my first trivia question by the way.

Only my brothers and sister still call me that. Now the whole Sploofus Island knows.
But don't call me Shirley.
You still can call me Al!
I wonder if they ever paid that cab driver!

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 4:11 PM

Before I came to Sploofus with Tony Stewart's kidnapped nickname, the only other time I ever had one was when I was a school bus driver in the early '70s. I was an affirmative action hire, went into a garage with 29 guys who had already christened me the Dingbat before I ever walked in the door; little blonde miss thing, about 25 years old, I probably was pretty dingy. And these guys had never worked with a woman in their whole lives. Some of them had kids my age. Having been warned I'd have to take some "ribbing" and survive a "period of adjustment" I embraced it and sewed it onto my denim jacket. I got through the training without wrecking the bus and passed the licensing test the first time. I showed them I could pump my own gas, fill my own sanders, put on my own chains and wash my own bus, and by the beginning of the school year it was comfortable for me in the garage.

Some of the men called me Dingbat all through the first year and I sorta got used to it and didn't think about it. In the second year toward the end of the school year, somebody thought it would be real funny to enter me in a regional school bus rodeo as a practical joke. I competed in the event and did very well. It was only when a few of the other drivers started calling me Rodeo afterward that I could let myself realize how much I had hated being Dingbat, and it made me proud that I'd stuck it out and earned my own nickname. A couple of them still called me Dingbat for a while, but they were outnumbered. I had also become Donna to most of them, and was often called Rodeo for the next four years until I moved on to my driver ed career.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2297)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 6:01 PM

My daughter Carole has been called "roll-ee" her whole life because my dad thought the spelling was funny and that c-a-r-o-l-e is "ca-roll-ee", not Carol.

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 6:08 PM

Hey Donna, Your avatar looks like a profile of the ship I was on, no joke. Google U.S.S. Assurance (MSO 521).
If you read the Bio, I was on it from June 1963 to March 1966.

Missgeorge  (Level: 63.0 - Posts: 388)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 6:36 PM

In high school, I was Kiki. My high school music teacher called me Kak. Now, I am called Kat. My given name is Kathryn.

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 8:27 PM

At almost 64, everyone who knows me still call me Billy, Debbie calls me Bill

Jeannette  (Level: 115.1 - Posts: 1735)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 8:48 PM

nettie nett ginger (but im not ) ginny spinner my brother called me that for some reason omly known to him .nanna spanner now lol or nanna nona

Jeannette  (Level: 115.1 - Posts: 1735)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 8:52 PM

ops forgot most important one bikernanna lol

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 9:10 PM

When he was little, one of my nephews couldn't pronounce Shauna (I've never met a 2 or 3 year old yet who could =) or my sister's name, Krissy. He's 17 now but we're still Aunt Na and Aunt Kiki. His dad (our brother) has taken to calling us Na and Kiki too.

When I was first born my dad walked in on my mom one day cooing nonsense at me - "tutututututututu". He thought it sounded like she was calling me "tutu", which he found funny because tutu is Hawai'ian for 'grandma'. Somehow it got shortened to "Tut" (rhymes with 'put', not 'putt') and it stuck. My mom and oldest brother still call me that.

My sister and I call each other "Falloo". We never call each other by our given names. It's like "Falloo" IS our given name now, and endless other nicknames (like 'pafork' and 'pafick!) evolve out of that. This has gone on for so long that we aren't quite sure where it started, but we think it might have been with me calling her "Pookie" (from a character in the Garfiled comic strip) when we were in grade school.

Stone  (Level: 35.0 - Posts: 259)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 9:52 PM

In 5th grade, the cruel little kids called me Crawdad.I have been called Sarge, by cruel little co-workers. My favorites are Dadette by my niece and nephews and Nanny by the same. I did earn the Sarge, btw.

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 10:39 PM

I've only ever had one nickname - it was given to me by some of my friends on our softball team several years ago. Before I tore my Achilles tendon playing racquetball I could actually run fairly fast - in fact my friends said I was "Slick" - so no I didn't make up my user name it was given to me almost 26 years ago on the softball field - still have one of my jerseys with Slicko across the back. (Not sure if it still fits).

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 10th Oct '08 10:49 PM

I have 31 cousins. My one childless uncle called each of us nieces "Cindy Lou." (Nowhere near any of our real names)

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 1:54 AM


Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 7:46 AM

Campy Campanella. Although I'm not a bad ballplayer, it comes more from my last name.

Papermanbill  (Level: 41.3 - Posts: 1312)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 7:51 AM

Until he got paralyzed, Roy Campanella was the best catcher ever, including Yogi.

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 8:29 AM

In grade school it was Milky Way (last name was Wilkey). Then, when I was 15 and grew 4 1/2 inches in 1 year to 5'11" it was big bird. I hate nicknames.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 8:40 AM

I spent 13 years as a part-time firefighter.

We were all called by our last names till we got another firefighter on the team with the same last name as mind (Fox).
So HE got called "Fox", and I got "Bushyfox" coz of my great mop of red hair.

My Group Captain was forever yelling at me to "Get that *&^%$ bushy mop under your helmet, and down your collar".

I got called "Bushy" all the time after that, or "Bushyfox" now ya know.


Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 8:51 AM

Since my real name is a nickname....

"Chick" is the last, sad remnant of an entirely unsuccessful JV football career. Love the game but not getting hit, so as a backup linebacker I'd try to avoid getting blocked by running around a lot. Our JV coach wasn't thrilled with this strategy, saying I "looked like a G-D chicken with his head chopped off."

By the end of my one and only season, my name had become Super Chicken (after the cartoon show), which was then shortened to Chick. And Chick it has remained.

Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5426)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 8:59 AM

Stone, my nickname in high school was similar to yours, Crawfish, a take-off on my last name. Other than that, it just remains a quite boring shortened version of my full first name.

Histomimi  (Level: 221.6 - Posts: 13)
Sat, 11th Oct '08 8:26 PM

When I was in 5th grade a boy in my class started calling me CarolBarral. Later it was shortened to CareBear. This was in the sixties long before the stuffed Care Bears became popular.

Asdibbens  (Level: 159.4 - Posts: 423)
Sun, 12th Oct '08 12:14 AM

Chubby and bald at birth, I was Baby Ike, even though I looked a lot more like Churchill.

In kindergarten, someone apparently called me Ditch-dimples. I transfered schools after that and had no memory of that until I saw a kindergarten classmate like 8 years later who remembered me by that nickname - of course, he called me that right in front of my friends. I looked at the guy as if were quite insane, but it was too late. Fortunately, the joke name wore off after a few embarrassing months...

Mitchy  (Level: 136.0 - Posts: 964)
Sun, 12th Oct '08 5:15 AM

Mitchy is short for Michelle, so I thought.. but the truth is, "Bitchy Mitchy" is what they really call me!

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Sun, 12th Oct '08 5:46 AM

I've had various nicknames over the years, mainly through being in bands. (In no particular order)
"Ming the Merciless" - because of a preference for turned up collars, goatee beards and raising one eyebrow.
"Crow" - partly due to bad hair coupled with a prominent beak, partly due to a well known expression and lifestyle choice at that point in my life...(Now that's skirting round the issue! )
"Jimi" - for fairly obvious guitarist reasons!

My favourite was also the first nickname I had, in the first gigging band I was in: "Purple".
My surname is Haynes.

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.8 - Posts: 1581)
Sun, 12th Oct '08 7:56 AM

Since my name is Maureen. I've been called Moe all my life. I always added an "e" since my last name started with an "O"; I wanted it be more about the name and less about my initials. Don't know what I was thinking since I'm the only one who adds the "e" (other than Manny, Moe and Jack)!!!

My Dad called me Bellington because I was so skinny; it was amusing to him that I had no belly at all. At some point that caused me embarassment so I asked him to stop it. He shortened it to Ington knowing I would know what he meant! He used to make me so mad!! I'd give anything to hear him him call me Ington today....

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