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Polyanna678  (Level: 17.2 - Posts: 12)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 4:45 PM


I am curious to know why one of my quizzes was rejected on grounds of it being written in lower case with no capitalization & punctuation, while the other was approved but had been also been written in lower case with no capitalization or punctuation. All this seems to be getting too serious and taking away the fun factor, I thought the problems were with people copying quizzes from other web sites not punctuation and spelling which is often different between the UK and US anyway.

Englishrose49  (Level: 22.0 - Posts: 38)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 4:59 PM

I`m sorry that your quiz was rejected and i aggree that the fun factor has gone out of writing quizzes now .Theres not much point in us brits writing any because as you say we spell a lot of things differently.
I`m not going to write any until all this pettiness ends .

Fri, 2nd Sep '05 5:17 PM

Using proper punctuation, spelling, grammar and capitalization is a baseline requirement for any literate individual, let alone someone who is authoring intellectual materials for others to consume.

We are not asking you to be perfect, only use the basics. Mistakes happen.

Our quiz requirements are being beefed up to IMPROVE the quality of our content, not prevent anybody from having fun. In the end, everyone will benefit and learn much more from quizzes that are articulated using the most fundamental principles of the english language.

In the past, anything was acceptable. Now, we are enforcing eligibility guidelines. If we did not maintain and enforce these standards, Sploofus quizzes would quickly become a muddied swamp of junk and loosely collected facts.

I am sorry that you do not feel that language essentials are a component of a well written quiz. The majority of Sploofus users are commending these actions.

Joelwdonnal  (Level: 121.7 - Posts: 268)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 5:32 PM

Yahoo Sploofus! It is about time you are monitoring the quizzes. I know it is very easy to make mistakes when authoring quizzes, but to not have it legible or make any sense is one thing. I do not like taking a quiz, when proper Capitalilation is not used - it is difficult to read - spelling is one thing, I know I have spelled words wrong all the time, and I am very pleased when someone has pointed that out to me so I can correct it. I am very glad that Sploofus is trying to improve the quality of the quizzes. HATS OFF TO SPLOOFUS! Now how many people will respond and tell me I have spelled something wrong - lol - I am sure I have - lol

Tuzilla  (Level: 144.6 - Posts: 3839)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 5:35 PM

I had a quiz rejected for some simple stuff as well. I made the corrections and resubmitted it and it went up.

Fri, 2nd Sep '05 5:35 PM

For "you Brits", do not worry, you are amply represented in the quiz editor department.

Polyanna678  (Level: 17.2 - Posts: 12)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 5:42 PM

I agree that using proper punctuation, spelling, grammar & capitalization is important but that wont improve quality of content in quizzes. My initial message pointed out i was curious how one quiz was rejected for using only lowercase while the other was approved but was also in lowercase and wondering if all these new rules would affect spelling differences between the UK and US ie: if i used the word 'colour' would it be rejected on spelling as i believe the correct US spelling would be 'color'(please correct me if i'm wrong on this)

Fri, 2nd Sep '05 7:18 PM

You make a good point and I agree with you, it would seem misleading to have one quiz approved and the other rejected when both had the same eligibility issue. Our editors are getting up to speed and are doing a great job - please bare with us during this transitional period. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 7:55 PM

I'm thrilled the quizzes are being closely monitored! I took one not long ago that made me cringe! The spelling was atrocious and the punctuation was non-existant! AND, the author said that Judy Garland was in Little Women! No, she wasn't! haha

Dwayla  (Level: 199.3 - Posts: 150)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 8:08 PM

I agree that proper capitalization and punctuation is important, but to have a quiz rejected because you use the proper way someone used their name, which is all lower case, is ridiculous. All my other names were properly capitalized and I intentionally used lower case for ee cummings, cause that's how he does it in his poetry.

Sinope  (Level: 7.5 - Posts: 37)
Fri, 2nd Sep '05 8:37 PM

Dwayla has a point--- what if the misspelling / error is part of the content of the quiz? Maybe quiz authors should write something like this: "e. e. cummings [viz]". "Viz" is Latin for "thus", and it means "this is how I meant it".

Or, since this might confuse quiz takers, maybe there should be a way to pass some notes on to the editor, in case anything needs explaining.


Muse  (Level: 22.7 - Posts: 52)
Sat, 3rd Sep '05 3:31 AM

Sorry, but I wish to add fuel to the fire here. Like Polyanna, I also had a quiz rejected yesterday and was advised I needed to put UK in the title. It would appear as though the site seems to being geared towards the American users. (No offence intended) The quiz has since been amended and is now posted ;o)

An example was during the last fortnight I took a quiz entitled ?????? Cities, no indication was given on the quiz they were all American cities…. Did I complain… No!

My point being here what happened to using the flag Sploofus themselves told us they would use in the following post entitled …

Quote - “Quiz auditing queue and other stuff...” 8/31 12:49 PM EST
Forgot to mention: Going forward, the editor has a checkbox next to each quiz during the auditing process. If a quiz is apparently specific to a certain geographical region of the world, the quiz will have a flag icon posted next to it.”

Whilst I understand the site is primarily an American site, I would strongly suggest several users are UK based, and as such the idea was a good one. I certainly did not expect to have a quiz fail on these grounds alone, when the flag you advised would be used, clearly isn’t available.

I agree with both Englishrose and Polyanna and would add as much as I enjoy the site, the fun element seems to be falling drastically, and there is an air of doubt in my mind when authoring quizzes, because you never know what kind of negative feedback will come from these quizzes.

And finally (phew!), Can I just say thanks to the Sploofus team, you seem to be getting from all angles just now, All I ask is that the editors be given this tool to add flags for geographical regions. You do have a great site, it is well run, organised and nicely laid out… Thanks for your hard work !

Surreyman  (Level: 272.2 - Posts: 2771)
Sat, 3rd Sep '05 5:30 AM

I've long asked for 'internationalisation' and I think Sploofus is now listening and acting.
My feeling is, simply, that no-one should enter the questions of a quiz and be taken by surprise through a misleading quiz description.
If there is any bias in a quiz e.g. the capitals are those of USA states, or European countries; or the TV channels mentioned will be Australian channels etc., etc., I simply feel that that should be stated in the quiz description so that the quiz taker can choose whether to go for the quiz or not.
I don't think anyone would have a problem with that, and there are signs that it is now happening.

Evilqueen620  (Level: 26.4 - Posts: 7)
Sun, 4th Sep '05 1:49 AM

Good Job Sploofus!!!! Nothing is more annoying than misspelled words and poor punctuation. If you are going to author a quiz, get it right.

Evilqueen620  (Level: 26.4 - Posts: 7)
Sun, 4th Sep '05 1:49 AM

Good Job Sploofus!!!! Nothing is more annoying than misspelled words and poor punctuation. If you are going to author a quiz, get it right.

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Sun, 4th Sep '05 1:57 AM

Quote: "... one of my quizzes was rejected on grounds of it being written in lower case with no capitalization & punctuation ..."


"All this seems to be getting too serious and taking away the fun factor ..."

I just wanted to say that there's not much fun in taking a quiz written with incorrect capitalization and no punctuation. The only things worse are too many misspellings and incorrect answers.

I'm glad that there's some quality control being implemented now. I'm sure it'll take the editors a little while to all get on the same page, and maybe they'll never really be entirely consistent, but it's better than the alternative.

Go sploofus!

Ladymaynooth  (Level: 185.5 - Posts: 34)
Sun, 4th Sep '05 6:05 AM

I don't find it fun to play semi-literate quizzes. I hope that Sploofus does insist that quizzes be constructed using the basic principles of English with respect to punctuation, spelling and grammar. This is a world-wide site and the use of non-standard English discriminates against those players who come from countries where English is not their first language. Communication problems will result for these people who have learned "proper English". For the same reasons, abbreviations, slang and chatspeak should also be strongly discouraged.

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