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Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 12:11 PM


Because the puzzle is of songs which are genuine moldy oldies it might be better for most to concentrate on what the two songs with the word love or form of the word love might be. Many of the artists who made the songs popular were dead before most of us were born. The clues to the artists are either synonyms or phonetic as the rest of this series has been. Scary I know, good luck to all & Happy Halloween The letter O is always a safe bet

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 1:24 PM

Thanks O.C.Randy Lady....
Forewarned is as good
as forearmed....I hope

Gypsylady  (Level: 147.8 - Posts: 6096)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 3:22 PM

Thanks, Randy! I like music, but I can use all the help I can get when going into unknown territory!


Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 3:25 PM

Thanks for help with the clues Randy, very generous of you.

Bigbird  (Level: 248.7 - Posts: 3337)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 3:32 PM

Nobody was dead before I was born. Feeling older by the moment.

Alvandy  (Level: 239.8 - Posts: 7688)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 6:27 PM

With those hints- I smell a "FIVER."

Yeah right, but for whom?

Maurlin  (Level: 220.2 - Posts: 2706)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 8:39 PM

No 5 for me, that's for sure. I couldn't figure out the hints even with the helpful post. Please explain them when the WP is over.

1mks  (Level: 219.3 - Posts: 5924)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 8:40 PM

I guess I really am moldy........did better than I thought I would. to you for another good one!

Bbear  (Level: 166.9 - Posts: 2297)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 10:12 PM

This is the first one we have ever bailed on....
The very first one.

Now we like the challenges but this was too hard.


And I never diss these. Darn!

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 10:47 PM

Well.....sometimes it pays to be as old as dirt....
I NEVER "get" the references in the clues Randy,
but I did know some of the songs....
Thanks for a fun Puzzle and the nostalgic
songs from the Top Ten when I was a kid.

Toledosugar  (Level: 51.4 - Posts: 281)
Fri, 31st Oct '08 11:49 PM

None of them were dead before I was born, I don't even think they were ill! Which makes me officially - Old as Dirt!! Great puzzle. Thanks.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.0 - Posts: 6767)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 12:21 AM

I 'got' about two references (one pair in a single clue) but the rest were --let's say on the obscure side.
However once you know the format its fine; you gave us enough help to give us a fair shot.


Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 12:43 AM

didn't understand the clues, but had heard of most of the songs, so it was still fun!

Zeedee  (Level: 233.6 - Posts: 1088)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 3:19 AM

I didn't see this thread until after I did the puzzle -- but it wouldn't have made any difference. The clues might as well have been in Greek for all I got out of them. I did know almost all of the songs, though. Please post an explanation of the cryptic "clues."

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 4:58 AM

I've found the best way to do these puzzles is to ignore the clues and concentrate on the linked songs instead. I don't mean that to be a slam on your clues OC - I've thought some of them were clever and they DO make sense. Most of them are just very difficult. Some are a bit of a stretch ... but I don't want to say too much.

I love this style of puzzle though and thought it was a lot of fun. (And all those records my mom played while she danced around cleaning the house came in useful! )

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 6:23 AM

Clever, and I actually knew all the songs (although it's because my dad used to sing most of them!)

But man...please give us a hand with the clues when this is over! Thanks!

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 7:20 AM

OK maybe I've gotten used to these or maybe Randy and I think alike but I thought the clues were great - had to think and think on a few but eventually the light bulb came on. I think this was my favorite one of all.

Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 8:28 AM

Firstly, I didn't mean to make some of you feel old, you know you ladies are like fine wine, just getting better & better Hell, I'm only 56 (only, she says) & I've always been a fan of old musicals & variety shows, like Ed Sullivan, Perry Como, Judy Garland, Carol Burnett, Etc. which is where I heard these songs (Mom sang them too). Slicko is even younger & I believe he got the top score with 14. Congrats to all in Top 10, way to puzzle. As they don't want us to post the puzzles I've just posted the clues, hope that helps. I'd hoped that by doing different eras everyone would find one that was their cup of tea but maybe the clues are just too hard. I wasn't able to do classical (sorry Slicko) but I have missed a significant one, Country. Don't worry Marilyn/Uclonewolf & all you other fans I've got those coming. I'm willing to change the clues to just the artists if that's what you want & then everyone can google but I want you Country & Western fans to vote on that, please PM me. Perhaps you fans have been waiting for your chance to shine & don't want me to make it too easy for all. Let me know which way the winds blowing. Thanks

Clue 1: edit do chin x’s 2
Eddy Duchin twice

Clue 2: doors eh/Will’s vacation
Doris Day/Billie Holiday

Clue 3: pear coma/all pale male
Perry Como/Paul Whiteman

Clue 4: Hard metal/I’ll see acre
Tommy Steel/Elsie Baker

Clue 5: Open alley/diner beach
Frankie Laine/Dinah Shore

Clue 6: Fits Geri/pale Peg & Jim
Ella Fitzgerald/Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely

Clue 7: Harriet’s man/am me K
Ozzie Nelson/Sammy Kaye & his Orchestra

Clue 8: Mexican spice/der bingle
Alpert Herb & Tijuana Brass/Bing Crosby

Clue 9: missive males/sin at ya
The Lettermen/Frank Sinatra

Clue 10: Irish green/factory bros
Gene Kelly/Mills Brothers

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 8:41 AM

I had 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10, figured out at least half of each clue, and enjoyed it very much indeed!

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 8:45 AM

I had 1/2 of 7 & 9 figured out and all of 8 - but none on the other 2 - (1 - I had NO clue) - but did much better than I did on the original one at the end of July.

Your "clue key" has helped a great deal and appreciate it

Maurlin  (Level: 220.2 - Posts: 2706)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 8:50 AM

I enjoyed the WPs since I had heard the song titles before, but I'm not sure I will ever get hints from that type of clue...not that you should stop using them based on my comment. Smoke understood them and maybe lots of other folks did too.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 9:07 AM

I figured Perry Como and Dinah Shore...and the rest make sense, so huzzha!

Just my decaffeinated brain lacking on the rest.

Debbie1957  (Level: 45.7 - Posts: 402)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 10:07 AM

I didn't know some of the singers but the songs I remembered from my parents.


Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 10:22 AM

Maurlin, some of them I repeated over and over with varying amounts of slur to see if they suggested the sound of a name, and others I tried to think of synonyms or close references that could be the name of a singer. Locating "love" in the middle was a big help too. Looking back over them, the only one where I had both halves was the Lettermen and Sinatra.

Fun puzzle for me and a 6th - thanks Randy.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.0 - Posts: 6767)
Sat, 1st Nov '08 10:59 AM

Yes Lettermen and sinatra was the pair I got.
I think I understand all the other ones now. (Just)
Again; great fun and what smoke said about 'love' helped me too.


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