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Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Sat, 15th Nov '08 11:47 PM


Is there something you've done, that you'll never do again?

For me, it was hostessing Thanksgiving for the whole family at my home. I cooked for two days straight beforehand, and was so anticipating a successful dinner at my home -- we'd always had it at either Mother's or my grandmother's. Everything was spotless, I'd spent weeks planning out the special holiday decor touches, and was convinced that everything I was cooking was fit for a king -- or at least my family's particularly criticial tastes.

When the time came for everyone to arrive, instant pandemonium reigned. My dogs went insane and had to be banished to the great outdoors, my elderly relatives couldn't seem to find a satisactory seating arrangement, and worst of all -- my mother accidentally knocked an entire dish of stuffing onto the floor. That in itself wouldn't have been so bad, as I had another one in reserve, but my mother absolutely insisted rather loudly that the dressing on the carpet could be scraped up just fine and replaced on the buffet. I was horrified! Every scoop that she placed back in the dish, I threw in the garbage. It seemed to go on for ages, with Mother loudly stating over and over that no matter what, we would save that dressing. I tried to out-decibel her and explain to all of my relatives that we would definitely not be eating that dish. Even so, after I'd placed the completely non-dumped dressing on the buffet, I was the only person to have even one spoonful. Normally, that's one of the group's favorite dishes. It was truly humiliating! Plus, after all was said and done and everyone was heading home, I was forced to endure many relatives holding my hand and comforting me over the disaster that defined the day. Good Lord!

Anyway, that was the only time that I'll ever hostess a Thanksgiving for the whole group. Stress City!

Lucimoore  (Level: 192.1 - Posts: 1732)
Sat, 15th Nov '08 11:53 PM

A garage sale. Never, ever, ever again!

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 1:33 AM

Years ago, I promised I'd never date a man I met in a bar....
I know that used to be the traditional place to meet people
but the alcohol seems to have more of a pull on "single" men
While I was just there with friends to have the odd drink or two
the men seemed to be there, alone, every night....
At least talking to someone frequently on-line, you get more
of a sense of whether or not the other person is regularly drunk
or high. And whether or not they are inclined to be "strange".

Aquamar  (Level: 185.9 - Posts: 925)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 1:50 AM

I had heard so much about the Oregon Caves that I just had to go and see just how great it was. Big mistake because I'm claustrophobic and I couldn't wait to get out of there. Never again

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 2:47 AM

Marriage, and that's not even bitterness talking, I just don't see the advantages to it anymore.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 3:03 AM

When I was much, much younger, I drank a six-pack of beer in one evening and got so sick I wanted to die but couldn't.

The next day I was still sick and I tried to convince my mother it was the cheap brand of catsup that she had bought that had given me food poisoning.

That night pretty much made a tee-totaler out of me. I'll NEVER, EVER drink beer again, or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 3:03 AM

Probably marriage. Unless she owned a liquor store that was near to her own golf course.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 4:27 AM

I'll agree with the marriage choice. Never again.

Surreyman  (Level: 272.4 - Posts: 2771)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 5:05 AM

Well, I hope there are several million pro-marriage votes against the few anti here.
41 years of sheer wonder, as far as I am concerned, and still is.
My only question is why she has never divorced me long ago!

Jeannette  (Level: 114.5 - Posts: 1735)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 5:35 AM

my first marriage was a disaster i dont know why i stuck at it so long lol ,but my secound was wonderful and wouldnt part with those years for anything .my 21st got so drunk the room bed and everything was spinning took me three days to get over it have never got that drunk again lol .just get tipsy now

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.8 - Posts: 1581)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 10:26 AM

About 17 years ago, my family and my husband's brothers's family rented a large RV and drove to Florida from NJ to spend Christmas. My husband's mother came as well. There was 10 of us in that vehicle. When we arrived we piched a large tent for the boys (we both have sons) for the sleeping.
It was a nightmare. It was undescribable, sheer agony. We didn't speak to each other for many months after. I don't know what we were thinking when we planned this little outing but never join forces in one vehicle; it only spells disaster. There was enough blame for all of us, adults and kids. The only one blame free was my mother-in-law.
We're all very close now and have been for many, many years. My sister-in-law is my best friend. Not alot of discussion about that dreadful trip, not even jokes, better left unsaid seems to have been everyone's feeling.
I still shudder when I think of it...

Caramel1  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 21589)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 10:38 AM

Mplaw, your post brouht back a most unpleasant experience for me. Many years ago my husband at the time and I decided with another couple-our best friends - to rent a motor home and drive from Detroit to the Grand Canyon with our 3 kids and their one. We had 8 days to do it. It was pure hell as the kids were young and the air went out going through the Texas panhandle on our return. One of our sons decided to lie down on the floor and a knife that I had been using to prepare lunch slipped of the counter and cut his head open. The fact that we were in ER in Kalamazoo and had destroyed the canopy of that facility-misjudging overhead clearance-surely was a sign to turn back. The fact that we didn't caused our friendship with this couple to go on hold for almost a year and NEVER was fully repaired-sometimes it's good to be old-LOL Linda

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.8 - Posts: 1581)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 10:44 AM

I hear ya, Linda!

Nelly  (Level: 179.8 - Posts: 1167)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 12:04 PM

Sorry, but I have to disagree with you Jeremy, I'm with you Alan! Only 3 years to your 41 (doubt I'll live long enough for that!), but couldn't be happier!

Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 12:11 PM

I've got 19 years in & it's the second best thing I ever did, kids first. Now, as for disasters, too numerous to mention

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 12:38 PM

I will never again mistakenly grab the Ben-Gay instead of the K-Y

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 12:57 PM

Certainly you are free to disagree Karen, I believe in commitment but not marriage, and I appear to be part of a growing trend, at least in the U.S..,2933,94415,00.html

The article does a pretty good job of explaining some of my objections to marriage, leaving out many of my other reasons I have no desire to marry on other issues related to gender politics.

However, to get back into the spirit of the thread, I will never again fall asleep after drinking with friends....have woken up several times with messages painted on my face, whipcream in bizarre places, horrible photographs taken of me, never again!!

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 16th Nov '08 12:59 PM

Whatever, should have read "The article does a pretty good job of explaining some of my objections to marriage, leaving out other reasons related to gender politics."

Apinavl  (Level: 37.5 - Posts: 59)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 12:33 AM

I will never try to get a sock that fell behind the dryer by kneeling on top of the dryer and leaning over.....

Ended up wedged upside-down between the wall and the dryer for 3 hours before help arrived.

Oogie54  (Level: 209.5 - Posts: 1120)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 1:04 AM

I'll never drive a four-wheel-drive truck through flood waters from an overflowing river thinking that just a little further the water will get shallower and I'll drive up the bridge approach, instead of getting into gradually deepening, and faster-moving water, finding the hood of my tall-suspended vehicle disappearing, motor stalling, debris ramming the sides threatening to push me off the roadway into even deeper quicker raging currents before finally coaxing the protesting engine out the other side with two flat tires and barbed wire etc. wrapped around the drive-train. Not my brightest of endeavors

Sargon  (Level: 112.9 - Posts: 1256)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 2:36 AM

My uncle would try almost any home remedy that he came across. One time he heard that joint pain could be relieved by spraying WD40 on the skin. So he took his shirt off and told my aunt to spray some on his shoulder. My aunt protested saying that it looked horrible but he demanded she continue. Only after she had coated a large section of skin did he realize the he had mistakenly handed her a can of orange spray paint.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 2:43 AM

Oh my gosh, Apinavl, that sounds like a terrible experience. Did you have any health effects from it?

Oogie, were you one of those people I see on TV in a flood where their vehicle is floating down the river and they are sitting on the roof of the vehicle waiting for a helicopter to come get them? Glad you made it out OK.

Apinavl  (Level: 37.5 - Posts: 59)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 8:21 AM

Thanks for the concern Pat. The only thing injured was my pride.
But I think I set an unofficial world record for hours spent laughing upside down

Davidf  (Level: 102.1 - Posts: 746)
Mon, 17th Nov '08 10:32 AM

Believe Katre Winslet when she tells me she has milk with her tea, I feel cheated.

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Tue, 18th Nov '08 12:15 AM

Sargon.. every try windex? lol .. (from Big Fat Greek Wedding)

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