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Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 1:27 PM


I am making a list of things that were common place in my lifetime that seem to no longer exist. Please add any items that come to mind. I want to explain these items to my sons in a game format. Happy Holidays!


Test Patterns
Tear Away Jerseys

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 1:43 PM

cassette tapes

Irishpainter  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 224)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 2:36 PM

Any Irish produced pork products on your supermarket shelves

1mks  (Level: 221.4 - Posts: 5931)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 2:51 PM

Drive in theaters.
Burma Shave signs

Btsyshsbnd  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 61)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 3:09 PM

Cars with fins

Foogs  (Level: 282.5 - Posts: 846)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 3:41 PM

What's your lifetime? How about rabbit ears?

You might also want to collect phrases that are now meaningless,
like dial a phone and turn the channel.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 3:54 PM

Ike to present!

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 3:57 PM

Floppy disks!

Gerryn  (Level: 18.7 - Posts: 141)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 3:59 PM


Luvnmexsun  (Level: 147.4 - Posts: 711)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 4:06 PM

Big Chief tablets
Pens with an ink bottle for refilling
Hand cranks for car windows
Home movie screens and projectors
Cloth diapers
Ice chests and buckets
Wood burning cooking stoves
Chamber pots
Potato ricer
Soap on a rope

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 4:28 PM

Stereo 8/8 track cartridge player.
Writing slates.
Guy with a flag in front of a lady driver.
Wooly Mammoths.
Proper weather - not this crap you get nowadays.
Outside w.c.'s/privys/cludgies.
Fairy tales in which unspeakably terrible things happen to fluffy animals or children; not the sanitized inclusive versions you find today where the big wolf is not bad as such, merely misunderstood. And they all go home for tea & cakes at the end, and nobody ever cuts any part of anyone else off ever. (The version I remember had the wolf's stomach cut open, Red Riding Hood escaping and the wolf filled up with burning hot stones, before being stitched up again. Now that's a proper fairy story.)

Aquamar  (Level: 187.0 - Posts: 927)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 4:37 PM

Shoe skates
Petal pushers
Capri pants
Moo Moos
10 cent double scoop ice cream cones
Milk in a glass bottle
The milkman
The bakery man
The ice cream man
Flower children
Love ins
and the message that used to appear on your television every night "Its ten o'clock, parents do you know where your children are"

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 4:40 PM

LOL @ wooly mammoths
And if I dont drop some of this weight, I will soon be the living proof that moo moos still exist

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 4:40 PM

Oh, and ick, I just realized its muumuu's -- thats doesnt bode well for me.

Cujgie  (Level: 183.5 - Posts: 754)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 5:18 PM

(Pennwoamn inspired me) -- rubberized girdles that you needed gobs of baby powder to get on on a steamy July Sunday morning before church.

Oogie54  (Level: 211.2 - Posts: 1120)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 5:28 PM

Stamped-metal figures of policeman holding a stop sign in front of schools,green stamps at the service station, dimmer switch in the floorboard of cars

Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5426)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 6:24 PM

Carbon paper
Roller skates that adjusted to your shoe and you needed a key
Push lawn mowers
Garter belts
Nylon stockings (that needed the garter belt to keep them up) with seams in the back
12 cent double-feature movies
25 cent a gallon gas
Victory gardens
Unlocked house and car doors, day or night
Cars where the throttle was on the steering column (if memory serves me right)
Horse-drawn farm equipment
Telephones in wooden boxes on the wall with a crank to notify the operator you want to make a call
Telephone operators who asked, "Number please?"
Small, round fans for the house with just a few wires across the front, all made of metal, including the blades.
Metal parts for appliances instead of the plastic stuff.
Cars and tractors that had to be cranked to start them

Chender  (Level: 205.4 - Posts: 160)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 7:15 PM

Marks and Spencer circle stitch bras
Paper nylon underskirts

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 7:26 PM

Trolley cars (Streetcars)
Ice boxes
Bicycles with coaster brakes
Curb service
Snow tires
Pocket watches
PF fliers
Saturday matinee w/serial & movietone news
White bucks
Neighborhood grocery stores
" " " saloons
Doctors house calls
Cherry Cokes @ the drug store

Spacecat  (Level: 165.0 - Posts: 677)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 7:32 PM

OK Cereal (like Cheerios but with a K)

Nutty Numbers (the numerical Alphabets)

Orange Aero

Texas Tang Chips

Club House Brand Spicy Garlic Olives

The original receipe Chunky Chicken Soup (I have kept one can for historical purposes). The current receipe is water and square pasta noodles.

Underpaid Baseball Players

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 8:06 PM

Lodi and MB on Sploofus.


Erin0620  (Level: 77.2 - Posts: 737)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 8:29 PM

long plastic cigarette filters/holders
candy cigarettes
parachute pants
members only jackets
courtship calling cards
Justin on sploofus

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 8:31 PM

I have Capri pants - several pairs

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 8:57 PM

Saturday morning cartoons

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Tue, 9th Dec '08 9:28 PM

Ok… what does this say for me??? I still have:

a typewriter (but the ribbon is dry and no where to buy a new one)
cassette tapes (but nothing to play them on)

There are 2 functioning drive in theaters within an easy drive of my home (which we love and often frequent in the summer months)

My eco-friendly friend still swears by cloth diapers
Courier companies still use carbon paper for their way bills

Toronto has Streetcars
There is a local watering hole (saloon) where “every body knows your name” closeby
candy cigarettes are still here.. they’re just called candy sticks now

Wow.. I can still live in the past!! (or I need to clean out my house lol)

I miss:

Licorice fountains (black licorice sticking out of a yellow tube with that fuzzy powder to dip it in).

I miss the Popp Shoppe

My teenage years
My waistline

Mplaw51  (Level: 185.5 - Posts: 1580)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 6:44 AM

Pretty soon if you don't have a digital receiver you won't be able to watch TV. We'll be saying that, too.

Cars have ports for cigarette lighters but no cigarette lighters, they're used for other things now.
Someone said rabbit ears, what about antennas on your roof?
How about when we didn't have microwaves?
There are still some platform shoes hanging around for women; remember platform shoes for men from the seventies?
Test patterns was a good one, remember when they signed off with the Star Spangled Banner? It's hard to imagine TV wasn't 24 hours a day; even though infomercials take up the wee hours on some channels.

Before cable, remember UHF and VHF? All I know is I didn't have one of them, beats me which one it was. Channels 2, 4,5,7,9,11,13 were what we got. Channel 3 and 6 were in Philly, too far away to get with only an antenna on your roof! Who knew what channel 12 was?

Spacecat  (Level: 165.0 - Posts: 677)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 8:14 AM

Our local Zellars sells POP Shoppe beverages.

Revdodd  (Level: 68.7 - Posts: 775)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 8:37 AM

Anyone mention slide rulers yet?

Davidf  (Level: 102.1 - Posts: 746)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 8:50 AM

You don't see woolly mammoths running from caveman knowing that if they get caught they will not only be eaten but also be depicted on a wall in a less than flattering light. You don't see that anymore.

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 9:22 AM

Or even a nice frozen mammoth!

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 6:50 PM

Thank you for your ideas. Happy Holidays.


Wordster  (Level: 167.7 - Posts: 938)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 7:16 PM

Station wagons with 8 children crammed into the back area.
Glass Coke bottles with metal tops.
Howard Johnsons Restaurants
Ballgames at Yankee Stadium
Honest politicians in Chicago
Films on metal reels
Computer punch cards, and heaps of printout.
Lots of cars boiling over when they get stuck in traffic jams
Mercury thermometers for taking peoples' temperatures. (I remember pushing the drops of mercury from just such a thermometer which had broken, along the cracks between the floorboards when I was small!)

Things I wish I didn't still see:

Those ads towed by planes when I'm on the beach.
Corrupt politicians in Chicago (or anyplace for that matter).
People sleeping in the doorways of shops.
I guess this list could be very long.

By the way: I know somewhere where they leave doors unlocked.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2292)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 8:47 PM

Donden - come to New Orleans; we still have streetcars!!! And they are really neat. It took a couple of years to get them back up and running after Katrina and it was huge cause for celebration.

Come see!

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Wed, 10th Dec '08 9:03 PM

Would love to bbear but probably never will. I grew up in Toledo OH with the Community Traction Co. practically in my back yard. Us kids knew all the conductors and used to ride the whole loop of the Long Belt line for free. Really miss 'em.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5681)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 1:28 AM

how about sock hops? Sadie Hawkins Dance? Slumber Parties? Car hops on roller skates? 15 cent Krystals? 45's and LP's? Cars without air conditioning and house too?
Wringer washers? Class Keys? 12 cent comic books? Alice and Jerry Readers? Black and white TV's? Greyhound bus lines in small towns? Bubblegum cards? Teaberry chewing gum? Miller ponies? metal ice trays? hose with the seam up the back? Knickers? Transistor radios?....

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 4:05 AM

Women opening doors for men ... men putting hats on when entering homes ... sitting down whenever the National Anthem is played ... men grabbing seats occupied by pregnant ladies ... passing port to the right ... all those old courtesies.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 5:29 AM

Things you don't see any more:

The British Empire.

~Bev (ducking)

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 6:05 AM

So why does the Queen still rule Oz, and you fly the Union Jack?

(Standing 'ere, waiting, just come on at me then .................................!)

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 6:11 AM

We're here so the Queen will have a nice warm place for her holidays.

"Nice warm places"..?
........Something you don't get any more?


Mplaw51  (Level: 185.5 - Posts: 1580)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 6:20 AM

Teaberry gum was my favorite gum ever! They should make it again! Remember the Teaberry shuffle commercial?

Thanks for the memory!

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 6:25 AM

Bushy - You can go to ................. (a nice warm place)!

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Thu, 11th Dec '08 6:29 AM

.........Already there!

C'mon down......!!


Btsyshsbnd  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 61)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 10:24 AM

Fizzies soft drink tablets, toys by Louis Marx, and Ramblers

Chender  (Level: 205.4 - Posts: 160)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 11:16 AM

I really REALLY miss being able to ask "What's for dinner?"

Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 1:32 PM

If you Google "Teaberry Gum" you'll find that it is still available in several places .

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 2:09 PM

Does anyone remember Milkshake candy bar?

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sat, 13th Dec '08 4:19 PM

Apart from a rare appearance on this thread, Erin0620?

Maniact44  (Level: 16.6 - Posts: 39)
Tue, 23rd Dec '08 5:45 PM

cell phones so big they had there own area code
real cartoons (1000s of pictures human drawn )
real toys in cereal

virually the way its looking

and the ways its looking


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