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1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Tue, 6th Jan '09 8:14 PM


I loved this! Thanks for the smiles!!!!!!!!

Pennwoman  (Level: 160.5 - Posts: 2476)
Tue, 6th Jan '09 9:32 PM

I agree, it was enjoyable!

Foogs  (Level: 277.7 - Posts: 848)
Tue, 6th Jan '09 11:06 PM

I'm going to be a naysayer and say this was just about
the worst. My second puzzle was nonsense (maybe it
will make sense when I look at it again tomorrow, but I
bet not), and from that point on I didn't care. I tried. I
took my time. But I just couldn't muster the effort.

My fourth puzzle contained a bonehead grammar error.
My fifth puzzle contained a word that I don't believe I
have ever used in conversation. I'm not going to complain
that a puzzle is hard, but can they at least make sense?

Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Tue, 6th Jan '09 11:24 PM

Foogs: Please submit a support ticket explaining the grammar error. I just checked the WP and see nothing wrong with it. Thank you.

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 3:30 AM

Foogs, maybe you had the trouble with that Puzzle
because it was written by an English person.....
I found some words that were peculiarly English.

Salzypat  (Level: 160.1 - Posts: 5412)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 3:56 AM

While this puzzle had a peculliar word or two (to me anyway - but I did know what the words meant) it was still fun once you thought about the title and the concept. And a couple were too true to be really funny.

Garrybl  (Level: 289.3 - Posts: 6734)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 8:10 AM

I enjoyed it but the use of 'pub' was a give away for English author?


Surreyman  (Level: 269.8 - Posts: 2770)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 11:46 AM

Well, we Brits have to put up with 'funny' words and grammar here all the time!
I'm glad a WP seems to have been written in proper English for a change!

1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 11:53 AM

Well, since the author WAS "Sirsploof" what else WOULD anyone think?

Foogs  (Level: 277.7 - Posts: 848)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 1:47 PM

I don’t complain often, but neither do I praise unnecessarily. Since no one
else has commented negatively on the puzzle, I’ll assume I’m whistling in
the wilderness. It’s a second home for me.

Once I hit the nonsensical puzzle, I got ticked off and couldn’t focus on the
rest. That’s my fault. If someone can adequately parse, “To persevere
with a diet a liquid only one at the pub,” I would be appreciative. I’m sure
there’s some missing English punctuation that would help me.

I had no problem with pub or cadge. They didn’t cost me any points. Not
realizing the puzzle author was properly English, I figured cadge was just an
attempt to be obscure. The grammar error didn’t cost me anything either.
All together they added to my aggravation.

I’m not surprised no one recognized the grammar issue, but as a picky
SOB freshman comp instructor I tend to focus on sloppy sentence
construction. Let me provide a slightly different example than was in the
puzzle: “I have less cats than I have dogs.” I have a problem with that
sentence. If that’s being picky, I am guilty as charged.

Justsomeone  (Level: 127.8 - Posts: 39)
Wed, 7th Jan '09 4:56 PM

I've noticed - to me - what have been been plenty of grammatical errors in word puzzles. And quite off the wall sentence structure. So what? It's part of working out the puzzles. I found 'my bad resolutions' quite funny.

Do we all really have to speak with the same accent, use the same words, etc etc?? I've found a load of puzzles where I thought they were 'oddly' worded. I don't come on here to whine about it. Although I could whine about all those ghastly pop music ones. Or the US- centric ones.

Tresgatos  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 4379)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 12:23 AM

Here were a couple of my clues/phrases:

hard? - to persevere with a diet a liquid only one at the pub
light up! - to smoke less of my own cigarettes but cadge more off others

I found both phrases humorous. I read the first one like this: The author is making resolutions, so he has resolved "to persevere with a diet -- a liquid-only one at the pub." I just don't have a problem with that.

As for the second, let me say this: Sploofus isn't school, the workplace, the New York Times, etc. etc. Sploofus is designed for fun. Sure, if one wants to be technical about it, I'd say "to smoke fewer of my own cigarettes" is preferred. However, IMO, the phrase is written in perfectly acceptable colloquial, conversational English. All of the phrases had that feel, and it would have sounded stilted if this one weren't. Plus, how do we know the author wasn't trying to help us solvers along? Maybe Sirsploof thought "less" would be easier to decipher than "fewer."

I enjoyed the WP a lot! Thank you, Sirsploof!
-- Geri

Quackinator  (Level: 174.8 - Posts: 151)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 12:50 AM

A few unsolicited thoughts;

I chalked up the pub sentence to the lack of ability to use punctuation, and I don't remember seeing the cigarette one, tho I must have gotten it right.

I am an English professor, so grammar matters to me.

What I remember best about this puzzle is that I am with the author on the first resolution!!!!!

: )

Tresgatos  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 4379)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 1:06 AM

To be clear: I am not defending "bad" grammar. I am saying this was a good WP.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 1:23 AM

Bloody hell, y'all! It was all in English, right? With no punctuation, yes? We ALL had the same puzzles, correct? Where's the beef? I work in a pub in Jacksonville, Florida. I and everyone I know uses and understands pub. People here, as well as people I've known all my life up and down the eastern seaboard cadge smokes.

Some of youse chaps need to get out and talk to people more. Really.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 2:18 AM

Just as well we have "pubs" AND 'bars" here in Oz!!


Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 2:20 AM


When I was a kid, pubs were known as "Rubbidies", from rhyming slang: "Rubiddy Dub Dub" = "Pub".

Surreyman  (Level: 269.8 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 8th Jan '09 4:38 AM

Isn't the 'problem' no problem?
WP writing simply doesn't allow additional punctuation such as commas etc. Many WP answers are therefore 'bad grammar'?

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