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Jedley  (Level: 34.2 - Posts: 278)
Tue, 14th Mar '06 8:09 PM


already said what i want to say in the title.
the existing top ten algorithm (or whatever the hell you call the things that calculate stuff without normal people's being able to know how or why) SUCKS, let's face it. Mellonhead in his/her own inimitably disingenuous way already brought up the fact that quizzes stay in the top ten BECAUSE THEYRE ALREADY THERE.
It's the same insidious principle that guides Top 40 radio.
Is that who we wanna be?
I can't think of anything more irritating or unjust or inappropriate.

Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Tue, 14th Mar '06 8:24 PM

"... quizzes stay in the top ten BECAUSE THEYRE ALREADY THERE."

I agree - it doesn't work. I've been a member for about three weeks and I think the same ten quizzes have been there for the whole time.

Now, I've done all but a couple that don't appeal and I don't take any notice of that list at all; which proves the point - (1) you tend to do the quizzes that are there (if only to find out why they're there!), (2) they stay there for that reason, and (3) once you've done them, you ignore the list.

It doesn't work.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Tue, 14th Mar '06 8:30 PM

I believe the Top Ten STAY in the Top Ten for 30 days from the date the quiz was launched...regardless of how many times the quiz is taken after it makes it onto the list. So if you make it onto the list within the first two days of a quiz's life then it stays for a LONG time. If you don't make it onto the list until the 20th day of its life, then it's only there for 10 days...does that make sense?

Also, I'm pretty sure that to make it onto the Top Ten list you need to have more takers than any other quizzes within a 7 day week, and somehow high ratings plays into the algorithm.

I'm not saying that this is fair or does seem like some quizzes stay way too long and this make for a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Might I suggest that a new algorithm be created...something like this:

On Sunday at midnight the computer figures out which 10 quizzes got the highest number of takers with the highest ratings during the previous 7 days (not counting the current Top 10). These become the new Top Ten, and they all stay on the list for exactly one week.

If for some reason a quiz is incredibly popular then it might make it onto the list again after a week of being off, and that would be okay!

What do you think?

Asdibbens  (Level: 159.4 - Posts: 423)
Tue, 14th Mar '06 9:38 PM

Me like! I think a week is a nice long time for nearly every player to see the quiz and take it if they wish. Rotating quicker will make the category more appealing and diverse.

Jedley  (Level: 34.2 - Posts: 278)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 3:15 AM

Excellent idea Suze! A week instead of a month.

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 3:46 AM

I think that's a good idea too. A week is plenty of time for everyone to see the quizzes, and for everyone who wants to take them to do so.
I get tired of seeing the same 7 quizzes I've taken and 3 I have no interest in at the top of the page for 3 or 4 weeks.

(Of course I've never had a top 10 quiz, and am not likely to any time soon, so I don't know the flip side of getting to see your quiz up there all month...but I'm sure I'd be more than happy for any such quiz of mine to 'only' get to be on top for a week.)

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 11:02 AM

OK - I just put my idea onto a support ticket so maybe we'll see a change

Jedley  (Level: 34.2 - Posts: 278)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 1:34 PM

Redbaron  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 297)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 5:31 PM

Great idea!


Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 6:09 PM

's got my vote, too, rather than the current system.

Of course, it would be better still if the computer calculate the ten most popular quizzes from the last 7 days *every* midnight, and display the result for the next day, but I realise there's only so much the system can cope with!

Redbaron  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 297)
Wed, 15th Mar '06 6:30 PM

Berlym, that strikes me as quite do-able from a computing point of view. But would that every-night process exclude the ones already on the list? If it did, then quizzes may only appear for one day, or be on one day, off the next, back the next, etc...


Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Thu, 16th Mar '06 1:24 PM

I've always had a bit of a problem with the top ten. We're rewarding popularity with...popularity.

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Thu, 16th Mar '06 2:32 PM

Maybe the algortim should be more heavily weighted on the ratings and less on the number of takers.

Just because a lot of people take a quiz, doesn't mean it's might mean they were suckered in by a clever title!

Perhaps there could be different Top 10's - Last Week's Highest Rated Quizzes, Last Week's Most Oft Taken Quizzes, Last Week's Best Quizzes by First Time Authors!, etc.

Jedley  (Level: 34.2 - Posts: 278)
Wed, 22nd Mar '06 1:59 AM

Howdy, just knocking this thread back on to the first page, seeing as the top ten has become more granitically fixed than ever (some have been there more than a month).
Lots of good proposals here from lots of different people, so it's not just me who sees a problem here.
No feedback thus far from Sploofus. Thought the issue should be kept alive til he's had a chance to consider it.

Margiematt  (Level: 202.7 - Posts: 389)
Thu, 23rd Mar '06 1:42 PM

Keep in mind that Justin isn't going to be back until April 1st, so we have at least a week before he even sees this.

Jedley  (Level: 34.2 - Posts: 278)
Thu, 23rd Mar '06 3:04 PM

oops thanks marge, wasnt aware of that

Sat, 25th Mar '06 7:05 PM

UPDATE: Only quizzes written in the past 2 weeks are now eligible for inclusion into the "Top 10". Previously, the cutoff time was 30 days.

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