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Wed, 5th Apr '06 9:30 PM


Hey all --

I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank everybody for continuing to make Sploofus the best trivia web site on the net. In the next few weeks I will be unrolling many new features to beef up the community and networking aspects of Sploofus. In addition to having great trivia and quiz content, we will soon be able to make new friends that share similar interests, hobbies and passions! We will also be able to easily share photo galleries as well as have access to an extremely awesome BLOGGING system.

Thank you for your continuing support, and here's to an ever growing and feature-rich Sploofus!


Kimmie7448  (Level: 19.9 - Posts: 362)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 9:41 PM

Sploofus is awesome...I've never "wasted" (quotes intended) so much time in my LIFE!

Mskillian  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 226)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 9:59 PM


Sploofus is an awesome spot! Thank YOU for all your hard work making it and keeping it a fun and family-friendly place on the web!


Koota  (Level: 187.3 - Posts: 2114)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 10:11 PM

I'm having more fun than ever already, Sploof! Thanks a lot!

Valedc4  (Level: 62.0 - Posts: 171)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 10:17 PM

I agree with Kimmie, I too "waste" a lot of time here. I love evry second of it though

Sblv  (Level: 195.4 - Posts: 337)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 11:45 PM

I would like to say few things which are just my opinion and I would appreciated if anyone from the editors or maybe even Justin could answer in some form. I have already mentioned this before. I do need to say that I have really great time and never have been a part of this type of a community and it would be nice to have a conference anytime soon as it was proposed previously. However, I would like to see more options in different forms of trivia competition, not just 1 showdown per week or 1 wager every 10 days if you are lucky. Could not we have team competitions and some other forms of trivia games and challenges? I think it would make this more fun, a least for me.
Please let me know if this is possible.
Thank you again for everything. Simon.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Wed, 5th Apr '06 11:46 PM

Thank YOU, Justin! Sploofus is great.

Groupw  (Level: 144.4 - Posts: 153)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 12:57 AM

Thanks for all YOUR hard work, Justin.

To Simon, the teams deal was done at the beginning of Sploofus and done away with due to (I think) team members rating quizzes low that were authored by other teams, and over rating their own teams' quizzes to boost team points. It was fostering competition, not fun. At least that was my understanding of why the teams went away.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 1:03 AM

99% of the thanks go to you Justin (the other 1 is for the GREAT people on this site).

I went to my accountant yesterday to drop off my tax stuff...was very disturbed...he informed me that the catheter I had to buy due to my Sploofus addiction is not tax-deductible?

Do ya think I can get a credit on my membership next year?

Welcome Back!!


Valedc4  (Level: 62.0 - Posts: 171)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 3:19 AM

Lmao Kelly. I think I need one too. Maybe if we all get together and buy in bulk we can get a discount?

Mischief  (Level: 107.0 - Posts: 42)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 3:28 AM

I totally agree, Sploofus is the most addictive site on the net! I don't have room for a computer at home, but I come into work early every day and often work late just to get my fix!!

Thank you Justin!

Tee xx

Aimee12  (Level: 58.6 - Posts: 96)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 9:06 AM

I don't even remember how I found this site, but I don't know what I would do at work all day without it...! It really has a better sense of community than any other sites I go to - thank you all for that!

Marynuala  (Level: 139.8 - Posts: 996)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 11:39 AM

Since I joined last September, I can see Sploofus getting better and better all the time. With Justin and his team as leaders, and with proactive input and continuous effort from Sploofus members, its potential is infinite. Well done Sploofus! I am proud to be a member.

Flybybethy  (Level: 136.6 - Posts: 155)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 1:48 PM

I hate it here. I spend as little time here as possible. Especially in word rounds
HA!!!!! Just kidding!! Sploofus is what gets me through my day--it is we who thank YOU, Justin, for this fabulous site and your dedication to it.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 5:10 PM

This site has saved me thousands of dollars by preventing me from shopping online. Ebay and Amazon are putting my face on milk cartons.


Gropa  (Level: 95.1 - Posts: 42)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 7:20 PM

Thank you Mr. Sploofus! This site is wonderful, I just got my little sister hooked too. She might be your first member from Norway?

Bigbird  (Level: 248.9 - Posts: 3337)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 7:31 PM

I love this place! Thanks to everyone who makes it so much fun to be here. It is pretty sick that I get up at 4AM just so I have time to make up a quiz, though. Does psychiatric help come along with a platinum membership?? Alice

Joanneeberlin  (Level: 189.8 - Posts: 686)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 7:58 PM

I agree with everyone - this site is great and can't live without it. LOL

Aquamar  (Level: 185.7 - Posts: 925)
Thu, 6th Apr '06 9:36 PM

First I would like to thank Justin for creating this awesome site. I too can't remember how I found it but sure glad I did. This is a great site and I don't mean just the fun I have here but all of you are what Sploofus is all about. I am addicted to Sploofus but that is ok because this is a place for learning as well as relaxing with friends. Here's to you all


Captaintony  (Level: 79.5 - Posts: 75)
Fri, 7th Apr '06 12:24 AM

Love this place!!!! This is becoming my "neighborhood bar"... I stop in every day, find people I know (well, sort of..), laugh, play, and, when I can, add a little something to the mix for others to enjoy... Now, if Justin could supply some "virtual beer" now and then...

By the way, someone mentioned earlier in the thread... a team competition? Now, that would be wicked cool... or some kind of big tournament, with five or six kinds of trivia competitions.. like a trivia decathalon... all sorts of Olympic music plays in my head, I retire now to my barstool next to Trivia God Cliff Clavin....

Brunosexy77  (Level: 68.4 - Posts: 215)
Fri, 7th Apr '06 5:08 AM

Thanks for given us sploofus. For me entering sploofus is a way of learning and having fun. Sploofus im addictive to sploofus

Bearpaw  (Level: 50.7 - Posts: 155)
Fri, 7th Apr '06 3:02 PM

What would I do without it??? Be really bored!!!

Action23  (Level: 113.6 - Posts: 180)
Fri, 7th Apr '06 4:15 PM

CHEERS Justin !! Thank you for the friendly community you've put's a great place to hang out!


Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Fri, 7th Apr '06 4:27 PM

Thank YOU Justin. I'm still constantly amazed at how quickly you jump on problems and at the way you incorporate suggestions from us. I've never seen another site like it and it keeps getting better!

Crazy4games  (Level: 124.7 - Posts: 1019)
Sat, 8th Apr '06 3:58 PM

I too am totally hooked on Sploofus. It's by far the best trivia site I've come across.Thanks alot!

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