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Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 9:15 AM


How about a Tournament made up of the quizzes that you feel should have gotten EAs but didn't?

Post titles here (no more than 2 of your own, but as many as you like of other people's).

When enough titles have been suggested, I will put them into a Tournament.

We all want good quizzes to be played. We all want Sploofus to be the best trivia site on the web!

So let's work together to put together a "Peoples' Choice Awards" Tournament

Remember, quizzes only, no KBs or TSs, sorry.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6770)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 9:35 AM

Someones got to be first..... two of mine.

Breaking the fourth wall
You look armless enough


Dyenamite  (Level: 49.6 - Posts: 669)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 9:54 AM

Thank you for providing this opportunity.

Without wading thru 700+ quizzes, I think my 2 will be ....

Ultimate UK IQ - Dedicated to David Gordon Bennett
Clowning Around With Dyenamite! - A Red Nose Quiz

However, I was gong to put Gordon in my Dyenamite Tournament - Will this mean I need to change one or the other?

I will keep my eyes peeled for some more good 'uns by other authors. This is a great idea.

When can we do a TS Tourney? No timer makes it hard to get a winner, I guess ... What about KB? There are some good ones out there. I think KB tournaments would be very popular. Don't take up much time, and we need to get the newer games a bit more exposure from the looks of the facts and figures.

Caramel1  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 21589)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 6:14 PM

"They Made History" a series of them written by Godwit are excellent. Linda

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 7:46 PM

Amazing Weather Facts and Figures by Dale or something...sorry forget the exact name. Well written and fascinating facts.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 7:49 PM

We're Number Two, We're Number Two Tough quiz but such a clever idea. Things that come in second.
by Btsysh something.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 7:58 PM

General Trivia for the Omniscient Xl ...or any of them. This guy is a front page player, shields galore, and he has 19 well written, clever quizzes with 4 and one half stars on every single one, 5-7 for difficulty...with 100 to over 300 takers. But not a single EA.
Definite missed EA's.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 8:26 PM

These rated well, and I'm happy with them:

More Last Words of the Famous
Paul Newman, the Golden Years
Aquarian Writers: Did They Bear Water?

Thanks for recommending the They Made History series. I think people like them. Let's hope they get better and better.

I think the quality of quizzes here is outstanding and there should be more EA's going around. Lots of people write a lot of quizzes and have zero to one or two EA's. While others have a dozen or two dozen or more. So I hope this Tournament is loaded with quiz authors who have zero or few EA's but yet have written lots of quizzes with good ratings and takers. It's a great idea to give non-awarded quizzes another chance to be enjoyed.
But...I'm not seeing people leap forward and offer good quizzes. Hello? Hello out there?

Tsk9653  (Level: 113.2 - Posts: 1466)
Wed, 22nd Apr '09 8:56 PM

Although I've definitely seen them by other writers, I can't recall which ones now. Of my own, for a variety of reasons, I nominate "Art Heists: A Pastiche of Purloined Paintings" and "We're Only In It For the Money: Crimes for Cash".

Btsyshsbnd  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 61)
Thu, 23rd Apr '09 1:51 PM

Any of Carreau’s noun, verb, or adjective series.
Stellamirus’ Who said these famous quotes.
A quickie in the kitchen by Summertime
The They mad history series by Godwit

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Thu, 23rd Apr '09 4:26 PM


I am not afraid of nominating two of my quizzes:

Famous Women Scientists
WWII: Nuremberg Trials: The Accused in the dock.

These two quizzes required more research and work than my EA quizzes.


Mitchy  (Level: 135.6 - Posts: 964)
Sun, 26th Apr '09 3:29 PM

"Did they just say that?" - Misunderstood Lyrics

Maurlin  (Level: 220.5 - Posts: 2707)
Mon, 27th Apr '09 10:25 AM

Wonderful idea! Would it be possible to post this in the Salty Dog also?

Bradd  (Level: 202.9 - Posts: 43)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 10:58 AM

Edgar Allen Poe

Summertime  (Level: 115.0 - Posts: 1122)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 12:01 PM

What I Found To Be Fascinating Facts

Dr. Ruth...I'm Not! - A Leisurely Quiz

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 6th May '09 12:29 AM

Western Civilizations I by Gilgamesh10.
Good player, 19 quizzes, well written, interesting, no EA.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 11th May '09 11:54 PM

Blues, real blues
Animals are animated
No doubt one of his 83 unique and interesting quizzes deserves an EA. I just found the guy, myself.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Tue, 12th May '09 2:02 AM

Not entirely quite sure I understand the concept, or the requirements for admission. You mean, as the title implies, quizzes that we thought should've gotten one? If so, not sure I have any of those, the editor's do a "pretty" good job of choosing in my opinion, at least in my case. Or, as in the player's award comment, do you mean ones that we think others would give an award to based off of enjoyability or some criteria that was discussed in the Salty recently? If so, I would choose two completely different quizzes if it's just a popular vote......

Anyway, here's mine based off of the "should've gotten an EA" concept:

The first one, on Stephen King's The Shining, I chose because of the e-mails I got saying it should've gotten one. The second one, I chose because I thought it was well written enough to get one, but I don't think it should've gotten one, both are just pop culture quizzes and seems rare for quizzes of these types to get an EA. Not sure how well they would work in a tournament though, both require detailed knowledge of the subject matter, which for most players maybe relatively obscure, or at the very least hard to remember in that much detail.

To be honest with you, other than the Stephen King one, most of my quizzes don't really deserve EA's, they're just pop culture junk quizzes that I had fun writing mostly for myself. Thanks for the opportunity, this will be fun.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 13th May '09 12:50 AM

Musical Protest of Wars and Militarism

This is a seriously researched, in-depth quiz of high quality. Hope to see it in the tournament. Should have got an EA

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 13th May '09 7:19 PM

So Many Famous Roberts Redsox

Redsox has 495 quizzes, and two EA's. I don't get it.

This is a fun, seemingly well researched chatty quiz about movie stars and famous Roberts. You may not agree with everything he says but he has a lot to say that's informative, with detailed questions.

M48ortal  (Level: 261.8 - Posts: 3828)
Wed, 13th May '09 7:55 PM

Hot Cartoon Babes! by Geniuswaitress
10 Famous Sculptures by Willough4

and Mine,
Inaugural Addresses and Farewell Speeches (although one comment, while erroneous, gives away an answer)
Cars with Animal Names

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 18th May '09 11:29 PM


Quirks of Famous Writers
They Made History - L

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 20th May '09 12:54 AM


Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Wed, 20th May '09 9:09 AM

The "Sploofplayer Choice Awards" Tournament is set to begin on June 15th.

Don't be hurt if some of your suggestions here don't make this first tourney; it's our policy to include no more than two quizzes from any single author, so that all authors can play in the Tournament too!

If you like this Tournament, please keep making suggestions of quizzes you think should have gotten an EA and we can make more Tournaments out of them!

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Fri, 22nd May '09 10:48 PM

Well, I obviously missed the Tournament, but just in case you ever do this again - I will nominate my

Fads of the 1980s (all my other Fads quizzes got EAs - this one feels lonely)
Alice in Wonderland Explained

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 25th May '09 12:20 AM

So Many Famous Jacks by RedSox. Another fun, varied clever quiz. Maybe his best I have seen so far. It's witty and lots of different people and ideas. I think. I don't know Redsox at all so I'm not advocating for a friend.

With almost 40 submissions they can't all be in the first Tournament. I think it's GREAT there are so many quizzes here. Great idea, thanks for the thread. Looking forward to the Tournament.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 25th May '09 9:28 PM

Might be THE best written to date, that I have taken. Redsox9 has another Shoulda Got an EA.

So Many Famous Richards.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Tue, 9th Jun '09 10:24 AM

The Very Cocky Quiz

WOW! Not for the Squeamish or any Puritans who may reside on the site, due to the title.

However, there is nothing untoward whatsoever within this quiz! It's THE most original quiz I've seen yet, and really really fun. It Should Have Got an EA. Easy, hands down. At least in the World According to Godwit and after all, that's what this thread is all about.

Well written, absolutely fascinating. I suppose, given the work others put into EA quizzes...though I've seen plenty that are simple one-liners.... he could have gone into more detail about some of these cocky matters. I think he (or she? I forget) did a great job of writing. Hemingway was succinct.

What a blast. I never knew there were such matters about cocks. I hope we see more quizzes from this fellow.

By the way, Redsox has been producing more and more great writing on his quizzes and got and EA recently!! You go Editors!!!! There is Light and Justice on the Planet.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6770)
Tue, 9th Jun '09 11:54 AM

'Themes I'd like to see for a tournament'

American Satirists; from Tom Lehrer through Benjamin Franklin, Mort Sahl and Lenny Bruce.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 27th Jun '09 9:29 AM

The 60's - More than Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll 6 Tuz

So well written, covers salient topics and events other than...

Marynuala  (Level: 140.2 - Posts: 996)
Sat, 27th Jun '09 11:46 AM

Maladies Most Macabre is my most recent quiz gone live. It received a very good feedback from those who did it, and three players remarked it should merited an EA. I must admit that I was very disappointed, as I put so much hard work into writing it. (This is also a little difficult, as you were the Editor who reviewed it Sploofizz, but I feel I had to write this post). Female Footsteps in History is the second quiz, that was rather special, and again, according to those who did it, should have got an EA. I an pleased that these Tournament opportunities are available for quiz authors to voice there feelings, and thank you Sploofus for making it possible.

Marynuala  (Level: 140.2 - Posts: 996)
Sat, 27th Jun '09 12:57 PM

Sorry, the name of second quiz should have been Female Footprints in History

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Sat, 4th Jul '09 3:47 AM

I have had some very good feedbacks on my quiz "The French Disease Plagued their life" and I was even asked why this quiz did not get any EA. Cheers.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 6th Jul '09 10:46 AM

Red, White, Black, & Blue July 5th by BigMamma
This is a timely quiz on the important figure Frederick Douglas and his work for the rights of Blacks and women.

I'm so glad to see people posting their Should Have Got an EA quizzes. Can't wait for another SHGEA Tournament.

You do a lot of great exposure and lots of people take your quiz, in the Tournament, so all is not lost.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 6th Jul '09 11:11 AM

Wonders of Engineering Triumphant1
Not so difficult but clear and succinct, well written and fascinating engineering feats from around the world

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 6th Jul '09 9:11 PM

General Knowledge Quiz - T CleverCloggs
This is a great series! Really (really) popular.
Great range of questions, clear, succinct writing, and this particular quiz has more detail in the writing.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Thu, 9th Jul '09 10:48 AM

So Many Famous Steves RedSox

He outdid himself with the details and the writing this time, I think, and a great range of questions.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sun, 12th Jul '09 1:58 PM

Mythological, Historical And Religious Trees
Clever Cloggs

Unusual, fascinating topic, succinct writing, global appeal

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 15th Jul '09 11:20 AM

Before They Were Movies, They Were Books
detailed and well written, great book choices, by Flick

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Tue, 28th Jul '09 10:07 PM

My "Amazing Gals: Mae West."

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Jul '09 11:48 PM

50 Greatest Songs Of All Time Part 3 gingerybush

these 50 Greatest Songs radically needed an EA.
Note: gingerybush has almost 70 quizzes, and no EA.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 1st Aug '09 1:22 AM

Timely Regarded Clichés bigmamma

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 1st Aug '09 2:12 AM

Strange Creatures of the World's Continents by dale somebody. I tbink.
Really well written and interesting.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Tue, 4th Aug '09 2:41 AM

Pop Songs About Women
(or Pop songs about men) Painmaster

Cool topic, fun details.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Tue, 4th Aug '09 2:43 AM

Can I ask you guys to submit more stuff!!??
This can't become Godwit's list of Shoulda Got An EA. There's tons of great quizzes out there. Including your own which deserve to be here...

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Tue, 4th Aug '09 3:51 AM

I could say that my quiz: " The French disease plagued their lifes" could have deserved a EA. It is a quiz about historical cases of syphilis. Cheers

Tresayre  (Level: 81.6 - Posts: 362)
Tue, 4th Aug '09 4:25 PM

I always thought my quiz 'Tea, with milk and one lump of sugar please!' was deserving of an EA!

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6770)
Tue, 4th Aug '09 10:46 PM

A couple here that I enjoyed writing.

Easy for you to say A quiz about stammerers

A note on your quiz…

Gingerybush  (Level: 170.1 - Posts: 9)
Wed, 5th Aug '09 10:21 AM

Great Women of Rock and Roll by me

Gingerybush  (Level: 170.1 - Posts: 9)
Wed, 5th Aug '09 6:58 PM

Second quiz by me is - Dead Interesting.

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Fri, 14th Aug '09 2:58 PM

What about my very original quiz about "Do you remember East Germany?"!!!

I like to blow my own trumpet!!!!

Mitchy  (Level: 135.6 - Posts: 964)
Fri, 14th Aug '09 11:54 PM

Godwit, What about me? I have 393 quizzes and 1 EA waaahhh!
I'm referring to your post about Redsox.....

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Thu, 20th Aug '09 11:58 PM

Hey...what about you!? I agree.
Let's have you post here three of your best quizzes that Shoulda Got An EA?? How about that?
And I'll go take some of your quizzes, too.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Glad you spoke up. You definitely, surely, must have a number of quizzes that Shoulda Got an EA!!

I donno how people get overlooked like that, but I have come across a ton of them like you. I suggest write to an editor and ask if s/he would look at your most recent quizzes and explain what needs changing so the quizzes are EA options. here and if you get some quizzes into one of the Shoulda Tournaments, that could help too because more people (and Editors) may take notice of you.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Thu, 20th Aug '09 11:59 PM

Sometimes you gotta blow your own trumpet!

I hope more people will post more quizzes here. It doesn't bring someone down to lift someone else (or themselves) up.

Mitchy  (Level: 135.6 - Posts: 964)
Fri, 21st Aug '09 3:56 PM

Thank you,thank you,thank you! You made me feel good. I have put alot of time & effort into some of my quizzes,hopin' to get an EA but nope not today,,,,, again...............Anyway, thanx so much........

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 1:47 AM

Great Books About Animals VioletBlue might be super easy but well written, fun book choices and another deserving author.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 1:50 AM

Mitchy--great to see a smile! There are us few vocal members but always know there are tons out there who don't say much but nonetheless support you. I know because every so often one hears from them. So take heart.

Also the first and only Shoulda Got An EA Tournament had a whole lot of takers. So that was cool.

Diolica  (Level: 56.8 - Posts: 5)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 6:35 AM

Here are two of my quizzes for a possible tournament of the same kind:

History of Democracy
Imagine a World without Chinese

They both required much work and research, but failed to impress the editors

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 4:24 PM

Presidents in the Livingroom: He's on TV by Godwit.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 4:43 PM

Senators of the Western United States by...don't know.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Sat, 22nd Aug '09 4:45 PM

Mc99. That's a good quiz topic, I think.

He has 42 quizzes and zero EA's.

Marynuala  (Level: 140.2 - Posts: 996)
Wed, 26th Aug '09 2:43 PM

I would like to nominate quiz "Honey Bees, Divine Honey, and the sting" by Godwit, which I rated with score 9. It was a beautiful and original quiz with quiality content, that deserved an EA.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 2:49 PM

The Baddest Women in Movie History

Easy, but a lot of fun reading about these bad girls.

51 quizzes and one EA. Unique topics, good information, great comments.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 2:53 PM

We had one tournament way back when...which had more players than most of the tournaments do....and then never again.
Though we have plenty of EA suggestions here from many players.
Any time soon are we getting another Shoulda Got An EA tournament?
We've had a number of "Got an EA" tournaments in the meanwhile.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 4:16 PM

For the Debut #1 Player Choice Tournament I have about like this: 10 players nominated 20 of their own quizzes. 15 quizzes by others were nominated. Total diversity of authors: 20. Total 35 quizzes from 20 authors available for Editor to choose from for Tournament 1

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 4:20 PM

There were 125 player entries. Which is more than ANY other tournament listed in the history (since May 09). So this was a great success, and thank you for the idea, the thread and the tournament!

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 4:58 PM

Still obsessing on stats: Since the Editor post announcing the June 15 Tournament, there's been 8 players who nominated 17 of their own quizzes. Plus 19 quizzes by other authors. Total 36 quizzes.

Now 36 total authors to choose from! And 71 total quizzes nominated. Hopefully fodder and inspiration to set up Tournament #2?

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 7:19 PM

Are you paying attention? - 7 - Results Painmaster

A long while back we discussed a current events quiz which got a lot of interest but we all seemed to decide it would be difficult to do. Painmaster found a creative way to cover current events around the world, without bias, well written. Way to go.

Godwit  (Level: 81.2 - Posts: 435)
Mon, 7th Sep '09 7:50 PM

TUZILLA SENT THIS TO ME VIA PM: This is tough, because I honesty have so many, and some of them on quizzes that surprise me. I don't want to look greedy, but I would trade in a couple EAs to put an EA on these.

It is Closer to Go Where?

John McCain - Almost Unbreakable

I will look for a worthy quiz by another. I really don't keep a conscious list of them.

Jaden  (Level: 1.0 - Posts: 1)
Tue, 8th Jun '10 1:07 PM

how many people do they have

Tresayre  (Level: 81.6 - Posts: 362)
Wed, 27th Apr '11 10:00 PM

I loved writing this quiz and was disappointed when it didn't get an EA
"Tea, with milk and one lump of sugar please!"

Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Wed, 27th Apr '11 11:28 PM

We're locking this only because it's an old thread and to avoid confusion. If anyone would like to create a new thread to nominate quizzes for People's Choice Tournaments, that would be welcome.

People's Choice Tournaments aren't being created at the moment, since the Technical Team is fine-tuning Tournaments, but we'll certainly keep these in mind for the future!

Thank you!

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