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Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 2:50 PM


I'm sure a lot of you are more well versed on this issue. I have read and seen a bit about it. I know the press has mentioned pandemic but the press usually leap on things. I don't believe everything I read on internet, newspaper or hear on TV. Or for that matter in the Salty Dog. I am not going to panic. We don't have a reason to at present. I would think that those with lower immune systems would be more at risk. If anyone knows more on the issue I would welcome a post. Maybe without political overtones so we could all learn something.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 197.3 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 3:27 PM

Normally, the idea of only those with lower immune systems succumbing to the flu is valid, but this particular strain is killing those between age 20-40, which is unusual. At least in Mexico, where it appears to have started. Now there could be several reasons that is so, lack of adequate health care not the least of possibilities. However, a doctor I saw on the news last night said that the flu hasn't really been "active" long enough for us to really know why it's killing healthier individuals.

Cases in the US have grown to something like 68 confirmed, as of the news this morning, with Florida and some other state (sorry, I forget) joining those with cases already confirmed.

1mks  (Level: 211.0 - Posts: 5883)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 4:36 PM

I think it is getting worse in Texas. One of our elementary schools closed this morning......(which is huge because we are in the middle of our state wide testing) there were 3 cases at that one particular school and then a day care near there also closed and was reporting 20 cases.....and the day care by the way had brother and sisters at the elementary. A parent called my school this morning and reported that her child had it. I think there is reason for concern but I also think that being careful, hand washing, normal hygiene, etc. need to be addressed. I am keeping my fingers crossed and clean!!!!!!!!!

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 4:54 PM

So far, there are no officially diagnosed cases of swine flu in Florida. Some samples have been sent out for testing, and a television station misreported that there was a confirmed case of a Mexican tourist who went to Disney World with the flu. All government officials have said this is false. Sorry to hear about Texas, New York and the other states -- also Mexico, Scotland and Spain! Although there's no reason for alarm at this point, it's still plenty scary. God bless!

Collioure  (Level: 104.9 - Posts: 9952)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 4:56 PM

The death rate in Mexico is about 7% so far on 200 cases.

So for the moment this outbreak rests a concern, but a fairly serious one methinks.

Salzypat  (Level: 156.5 - Posts: 5316)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 4:59 PM

I am not going to say I am in panic mode, but I am concerned. My older sister died of the swine flu in the mid 1970s so I have a little more tension when they talk about it.

My concern is for our church youth who are going to Washington D.C. on a mission trip in June or July. I hope the flu has calmed down by then.

Collioure  (Level: 104.9 - Posts: 9952)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 5:19 PM

Lots of pigs in Washington, Pat.

Many are in Congress.

Salzypat  (Level: 156.5 - Posts: 5316)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 5:27 PM

You're right on!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 5:32 PM

It's a very strange way things work. Many church youth groups I know of had planned to go to Mexico on various mission trips to help the poor over spring break. But because of the violence on the border, those mission trips were cancelled. I wonder if those cancellations kept them safer in more ways than one.

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 7:31 PM

Just think, if things get worse and our government bans travel to Mexico we would have to sneak over the border at night and become "illegal emigrants".

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Tue, 28th Apr '09 7:48 PM

I read the theory somewhere that they think the powerful reaction of a healthy immune system might actually cause the fatal 'battle" in the system. Interesting from a medical standpoint.

CNN pointed out today that the swine flu has killed no one in the US, and the regular flu killed 36,000 Americans last year.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 5:53 AM

I have a knackered immune system, courtesy of a certain Mr Jack Daniels, so i take interest in these things. It sure is keeping the various government's futile attempts at dealing with the global economic disaster from the front pages isn't it ? We have two people hospitalised in Britain, and they aren't even ill. Millions die in Third World countries from preventable diseases every year, yet we are reading more about this than their plight. Call me an old cynic if you like, and i'll probably agree with you. Dave

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 8:30 AM

I disagree, Cloggs. You are NOT old.

Salzypat  (Level: 156.5 - Posts: 5316)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 9:12 AM

There has been a 23-month-old child in Texas die from the swine flu,

You're right, Dave, there are a lot of deaths and illnesses in Third World countries that could be prevented and we don't hear a lot about that. The Rotary Clubs ARE doing some good things though.
This link has a short video on how Rotary Clubs worldwide are helping eradicate polio.

I believe they also have a program in poorer countries to combat blindness.

I'm not a member of a Rotary Club but if I had the funds to join a group, that's probably one I would join. They do a lot of good in the world.

Aristotle  (Level: 72.7 - Posts: 191)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 10:13 AM

Has anyone seen Outbreak or The Stand? I'm scared.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 4:26 PM

How many children (in the U.S.) have died from flu-associated complications during previous flu seasons?

During the 2003-04 season, 153 flu-associated deaths in children were reported to CDC. (This data was collected by CDC.)

During the 2004-05 season, 47 deaths in children were reported to CDC. (This is the first year that influenza mortality in children became a nationally reportable condition.)

During the 2005-06 season, 46 deaths in children were reported to CDC.

During the 2006-07 season, 76 deaths in children were reported to CDC.

As of June 14, 2008, 83 deaths in children occurring during the 2007-08 season have been reported to CDC.

I personally don't remember hearing on the news about any of those 83 child flu-caused deaths last year.

Just as a reminder for all of us (ok - for me), the use of the word "pandemic" sounds very ominous, but it doesn't mean anything about the SEVERITY of a disease. It only relates to the PREVALENCE of a disease. says "Pandemic: Prevalent throughout an entire country, continent, or the whole world; epidemic over a large area."

It's nothing like Ebola or any of those horrible, deadly diseases (like in the movie Outbreak). Swine flu is certainly no fun, but no flu is very fun, and for certain people all flu is dangerous.

I never get the flu unless I get the vaccination - which "they claim" isn't true. Yet, it is. My thyroid doctor said he would NEVER get a flu shot. At his advice, I've never gotten another flu innoculation, and I've never had the flu since.

The CDC said Tuesday, 4-27:

ATLANTA (AP) - There is no vaccine available to prevent the new swine flu. However, there are antiflu drugs that do work once someone is sick. The acting head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the government is still deciding whether to order that a swine flu vaccine be produced. Dr. Richard Besser says it's not an easy decision, because vaccine manufacture takes a long time (they predicted September 2009) and would interrupt ongoing work to create next winter's regular flu shot. But if a vaccine eventually is ordered, the CDC already has taken a key preliminary step—creating what's called seed stock of the virus that manufacturers would use.

Be comforted and don't worry. If it makes you feel more pro-active, buy a big bottle of Purell hand sanitizer, some extra bottled water and some extra food (I buy 7-Up and soups) and some medical masks. It can't hurt to have extra supplies on hand any time of the year for any reason.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 6:45 PM

Right. Nice, calm, intelligent thoughts going out here. Love to see that.

There are some excellent books out there about these new strains, why there is so much worry about pandemics, why the stronger immune systems are sometimes a disadvantage, what's with the new viruses that are "leaping" from animals to humans, and maybe the biggest problem...diseases can travel worldwide in a matter of hours because even the deepest places are now connected to markets that go across the sea to large cities. Especially things like Bushmeat, and illegal poaching. (and I don't mean Outbreak! Don't read that stuff. It's meant to scare you)

From what I've read there IS cause for action and planning. Since the late 70's there have been these troublesome super germs and "leaping" viruses, as well as growing and fast world transport.
That's why food poisoning is getting worse, or part of the reason, also. It used to be they remained local...but now food from a field in X can be across a continent or around the world, and on people's plates, before they even realize there is a danger. need for panic.
You can go to the Red Cross and other legit websites and follow their instructions for basic planning. It's a great idea in these times where we are so dependent on gas stations, groceries stores and the like for everything. No more going down to the cellar for stores and supplies. Now we can be helpless in a short time, unless we have done some simple, smart preparation. It's just common sense. Have some water, food, pet food, medicine and emergency supplies on hand. Simple. Then regardless what happens...electricity out, car no go, disease, natural disaster that shuts off transport that brings you your food and yours can ride it out a while at home.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 7:00 PM

Oh. I see what happened. You stumbled into the raving lunatical steady rant about politics.
Specifically the Axis of Evil...whatever they are talking about is always on it.
Pay no nevermind. No one is in their right mind in those threads. At least, I tell myself that for reassurance.
Good idea to start your own thread.
Re those threads, I say, "Run Away!"

Now, back to death and hysteria.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 7:41 PM

Speaking of death and hysteria...or at least hysteria, this just in:

We received an email at school this afternoon that Texas has halted all UIL contests till after May 11 (even though many are sports, held outside).

Now I await word about our 2 non-UIL contests, for which we have paid $X non-refundable dollars and 5 non-refundable weeks of dedicated rehearsal, plus a fundraiser to help pay for the contests and activities involved. Not that $$ is more important than a teenager's life and not that we don't learn and grow in ability from dedicated rehearsal.

....So, to be totally current before I posted this, I checked for any new emails, and now we have been told that all off-campus activities have been cancelled (in addition to UIL events)

So - is it better to err on the side of extreme caution? This means both schools' contests and 2 large concerts (so far) are cancelled. But school is not cancelled (again, so far).

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 8:01 PM

I'm sorry for the sake of you and the kids. I
I would definitely be disappointed. Though you also talk about the gains you will have, despite cancellation, so that's good.

I imagine that...the people who did the canceling were up all week wracking their brains and combing the data and asking the knowledgeable, before they went ahead and canceled. Because they know it's all about loss, and disappointment and funding and unrest and inconvenience. It will cost the State. It's not something to do lightly.

So..I'm going to say that they have decided to go with the recommendation, that all large groups of people who could potentially spread this thing, causing death to even one young person?...should be canceled. Because I do get the impression they are completely serious, this really COULD spread, far, and rapidly. It is killing people. From what I've read these super bugs and viruses seriously are unpredictable, in terms of jumping to large populations. Better safe than sorry, and all of that.

So...I wonder what else you can do? To make the best of it. Go get your Wonder Bread and Wheaties and drinking water, for sure. I hope something comes up that might be rewarding, as some kind of substitute.

Thanks for sharing the info. My mom lives in Canada and we were just wondering yesterday what kinds of actions/reactions are going on around the continent. They had SARS up there so they know a lack of action anywhere in the link can lead to major heartbreak. CN news is saying too that this time China is right up there up front taking charge of things. Not hiding or ignoring it, like they did with SARS. Good for them.

In any case, so sorry to hear you will have this personal loss in your lives. And to the people who would have attended.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 8:02 PM

I'm waiting for them to change the name. It's not actually Swine Flu...and calling it that is causing all kinds of havoc and confusion. I suppose there must be a major committee meeting on what the new name might be.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 8:25 PM

I think they're calling it H1N1 virus.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 9:18 PM

Just announced. Four schools in our district closed for the rest of the week, at least. My schools are not involved at this time.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 9:56 PM

And an hour later, all our district schools are now closed till further notice.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 10:42 PM

Just hearing now, Ft Worth schools. ALL closing? Until May ...11th??

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 10:44 PM

Saying they just raised a FIVE. Five means "a pandemic is eminent." ?? What is going on with your friends,
neighbors, colleagues, and you? And are you safe at home with everything you need?

Fudypatootie  (Level: 197.3 - Posts: 1302)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 10:58 PM

That's the World Health Organization's pandemic level that was raised to a 5, out of 6.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 11:12 PM

That means we mean business.
Good point MD is making right now on TV: we have better hospitals, better everything, than in historic pandemics. Also he says pandemic means spread, not severity. He says for the most part over the summer there will be mild cases, and then the virus will fizzle out.

Of course any case that harms someone or kills someone is severe for that person and everyone who cares for them. I grieve for the devastated parents of the young and beloved children who are passing away, anywhere. I can't fathom how they must feel. But the MD is saying don't panic, overall, because for the most part, this may be widespread, but it won't cause severe illness in many.

I was out yesterday and got food, drink, errands, etc.

Ya'll each take very good care.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 29th Apr '09 11:16 PM

It was raised to Stage 5 earlier today, but that was for the spread throughout the entire planet. The World Health Organization raised it, not the CDC.

Nothing is happening that I saw. We've been sniffling and sneezing for weeks from allergies here, and I haven't seen anything different.

Apparently there is one confirmed case of swine flu in one of our schools, but there are 4 more probables. There are no deaths. Just illness.

I have to say I'm not surprised. We have a large population of children who travel back and forth to Mexico frequently, so I can see it would be easy for them to bring back something with them. But I haven't seen any of my students with flu. And the baby who died in Texas of swine flu was actually from Mexico and had several other health issues, apparently. She was brought to Texas for treatment.

I was hoping they'd just shut us down till Monday to scrub down the buildings, rather than till May 11 at the earliest. I'm also concerned about the tests that have to be under lock and key and so carefully guarded. We had one more day of testing to go. I hope there aren't controversies about that, either, because under the best circumstances, those tests cause grief because so much funding and school rating depends on their outcome.

I requested to go scrub down my own office and our band hall and furniture, but we are not allowed in the building. They bring in professionals for that, apparently.

I live 70 miles from my school, and there are no problems near where I live. But I can only work in my garden so much! I may gather up the dogs and head for the New Mexico mountains. I guess we'll all see how it plays out across the nation.

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 12:51 AM

Wishing you well.

Scrabq  (Level: 76.7 - Posts: 167)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 1:36 AM

I am reading a fictionalised version of a disaster greater than any swine flu pandemic - John Birmingham's "Without Warning". It's a truly frightening account of an event that takes out 90% of the USA. Makes swine flu utterly unimportant.

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 1:55 AM

Except that the swine flu is non-fiction.

Summertime  (Level: 111.0 - Posts: 1122)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 2:12 AM

Easy enough to say if one is living in Australia...thanks for sharing.

How is it the "virus" has reached the panic stage? Hmmm...a few headings from just one page on the web.

If the best market driver of all is consumer fear, then swine flu is looking to be a doozy.
BBB warns of businesses capitalizing on swine flu.
The swine flu outbreak is unleashing a side effect the global economy is in no condition to handle: fear.
Official: First US death in Houston was a 23-month-old Mexican child who died in Houston.
The Missouri health department says none of a handful of samples from people with flu-like symptoms has tested positive for possible swine flu.
Remember the swine flu scare of 1976?
Consumers try to buy feeling of safety amid swine flu fears
Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line have suspended stops at Mexican ports over concerns about swine flu.
A Washington state company is being credited with being the first to sound the alarm about the Swine Flu epidemic. The global race to report critical information started with a single company.
President Barack Obama pledged "great vigilance" in confronting the swine flu outbreak Wednesday night as the crisis began hitting home across the U.S.
Phoenix boy gets swine flu, school closed for a week
Swine flu alert nears pandemic level
The World Health Organization has raised its pandemic alert for swine flu to the second highest level, meaning that it believes a global outbreak of the disease is imminent.
Illinois logs nine probable cases of swine flu
The Better Business Bureau is warning people to be skeptical of emails and websites promoting swine flu prevention products and tips for a fee.
The World Health Organization says the swine flu outbreak is moving closer to becoming a pandemic.
CDC: US swine flu cases jump to 91 in 10 states
New HHS head Sebelius gets to work on swine flu
Border pharmacies struggling to keep flu medicine in stock
Swine flu forces some cruise ships to change itinerary
Carnival has canceled all stops to Mexico.
Could swine flu spread at theme parks?
Obama: Schools with infections may have to close
President Barack Obama says school authorities with confirmed cases of swine flu should consider closing.
Mexico death toll stabilizes as epidemic spreads
Swine flu fear catching fast in weak world economy
Swine flu has been ruled out as the cause of one of two recent deaths being investigated by the Los Angeles County coroner's office.
American agriculture officials want to change the name for the virus that's broken out in Mexico and the U.S. from "swine flu" to something else.
CDC: 'Fully expect we will see deaths'

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 2:43 AM

Well Godwit, as you mentioned it. A politician in Israel wanted the name changing to "Mexican Flu" because of Jewish and Islamic sensibilities. I include a link because you couldn't really make this up could you ?

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 5:46 AM


I don't care if it kills me, provided it's kosher or halal?! Thank goodness there are people who are thinking clearly here...

There have been 4 cases in Scotland thus far - both honeymooning couples. One couple (in Falkirk) met pretty much their whole family on their return: none were infected. They are in an isolation ward. The second couple (from Edinburgh - c'mon the home town! ) have been quarantined, but only in their own house. As a precaution, the person who was looking after their home is in the same situation.
They've been interviewed - thru windows - and feel pretty much fine.

Far as I know the only death outside Mexico has been in Texas. (My wee girl is the same age, so I confess a shudder there.)
UK government reports suggest that any 'pandemic' status will not be reached until autumn. This hasn't stopped supposedly responsible media from ramping up the fear factor and generally enjoying themselves like a pig in... (Maybe not the best metaphor there, but you get the idea.)
I've given up watching most televised news - to illustrate:
One UK channel (at 7pm) had an interview with Professor Sir Liam Donaldson, the UK's Chief Medical Officer, who also took questions from the public. He responded in a clear and calm manner, scotching some idiotic rumours and generally putting this 'pandemic' into perspective.
A few hours later another channel, renowned the world over for it's impartiality and mature attitude to journalism, had a moron with some sexy graphics shouting about killer flu and almost proclaiming the end of days.

Who to trust? Professor or moron? Hmm...

Fudypatootie  (Level: 197.3 - Posts: 1302)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 1:42 PM

Donna Shalala was on the news yesterday and she made what I thought was a good point. While the word "panic" is being used a lot, the widespread media coverage will actually cause more people to be careful. If this wasn't being reported everywhere, would we be talking about it? I think it's wise to be careful and informed, even if right now we may be a bit "overinformed."

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 2:08 PM CDC not happy with him and he will probably be made to use a you know what-either that or a muzzle- Linda

Diva305  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 1651)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 2:09 PM

From a Doctor Friend at Harvard

Your swine flu questions answered
An epidemic of swine flu has recently developed in Mexico and the United States, says the CDC. Swine flu has killed many people in Mexico, and the outbreak has features that suggest it could become a global pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic that spreads around the whole world. Pandemics also often cause more severe disease than epidemics.

As of Sunday, April 26, the United States has declared a public health emergency, and suspect or confirmed cases are being reported from many parts of the world. If a pandemic happens, it could be very serious for human health and the global economy (which definitely does not need any more bad news right now).

Q: What are “swine flu” and “bird flu”?

A: Flu is a disease caused by the influenza virus. Humans, pigs, birds, and other animals all can be infected by influenza viruses. Typically, influenza viruses can infect only one species, so the influenza viruses of humans are different from those of pigs and birds. However, sometimes a virus can infect more than one species. For example, pigs sometimes can be infected not only with pig influenza viruses, but also with human and bird influenza viruses. Then these viruses can sidle up to one another and swap genes, creating new viruses that have a mix of genes—from human, pig, and bird viruses. That is what has happened with this new swine flu virus.

Sometimes this swapping of genes allows a virus that was originally able to infect only pigs or only birds to also infect humans. When that happens, we refer to the illness as “swine flu” or “bird flu.” This current virus could actually be called “swine/bird flu,” since it has some genes from pig flu viruses and other genes from bird flu viruses. However, for simplicity's sake, it is just being referred to as “swine flu.”

Q: Are swine flu or bird flu viruses dangerous?

A: Most viruses that cause swine flu or bird flu are very hard to pass from one human to another: they don’t cause epidemics. Sometimes, however, further changes in genes create a virus that can spread rapidly among humans, and can produce a more severe illness. One reason this illness is more severe is that the virus is so new. The regular flu that comes each year is caused by a regular human influenza virus that often has similarities to the viruses that have caused the flu in years past, so people have some degree of immunity to the latest virus. The unusual swine flu or bird flu viruses that develop the ability for person-to-person spread are so different that people have little or no immunity to them. That is what some experts worry may be happening with swine flu.

Q: How bad can a global pandemic be?

A: The worst global pandemic in modern times was the influenza pandemic of 1918 to 1919. It affected about a third of the human race, and killed at least 40 million people in less than a year—more than have been killed by AIDS in three decades. The world economy went into a deep recession. The average length of life dropped for 10 years. In other words, global pandemics can be a really big deal. On the other hand, other pandemics have been considerably less serious than the 1918 to 1919 influenza pandemic.

Q: Can this new swine flu virus be easily transmitted from person to person?

A: Unfortunately, the new swine flu virus can be transmitted between humans. It is not clear yet how easily it is transmitted, nor how it is transmitted. Almost surely it is transmitted by sneezing and coughing, and by skin-to-skin contact (like shaking hands or kissing) with an infected person.

Q: How sick do people get from this virus?

A: Most people infected with the virus have recovered from the illness. In fact, all of the people in the U.S. have recovered.

However, in Mexico, some people have kept getting sicker, and eventually died. The regular flu viruses that come each winter can occasionally cause severe illness and death. Most often, this happens in very young children or frail elderly people. What worries some experts is that many of the deaths in Mexico have been in young, healthy adults. In past pandemics, like the influenza pandemic of 1918 to 1919, it was also young, healthy people who were most likely to die. Experts are puzzled as to why the infection currently appears to be worse in Mexico than in the U.S.

Q: Are there treatments?

A: As of now, the new virus is killed by two antiviral medicines—oseltamivir and zanamivir. Based on experience with other flu viruses, treatment would be most effective if given within 2 days of the onset of symptoms. As long as this current swine flu virus is infecting people, it is likely that health authorities will recommend that people with more severe illness take these medicines.

On the other hand, there is no proven benefit from using the medicines before symptoms develop, and there is proven harm: unnecessary widespread use of these drugs could produce drug-resistant viruses.

There is no vaccine yet for the new virus, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has expressed doubt that this year’s regular flu vaccine will offer protection.

Q: How do I know if I’ve caught swine flu?

A: The initial symptoms of this flu virus are like those of the regular, annual flu viruses: fever, muscle aches, runny nose, and sore throat. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may be more common with this swine flu than with the regular flu. If this epidemic hits your community and you develop flu-like symptoms, it is likely your doctor will take samples from your throat or material you cough up and send them to the state public health laboratory for testing.

Q: How do I protect myself?

A: To protect yourself from catching swine flu, take the same steps you would to prevent getting any cold or flu:

Wash your hands or use alcohol-based hand cleaners frequently.
When you greet people, don’t shake hands or exchange kisses.
Avoid contact with people with flu symptoms.
And to protect others, if you develop sneezing and coughing, be sure to use tissues to wipe your nose and cover your mouth, and to throw the tissues in the trash or toilet bowl.
Q: How long are people contagious?

A: Adults should be considered contagious until at least 7 days after the start of symptoms; with children, it may be 10 to 14 days.

Q: Can you get swine flu from eating pork?

A: Absolutely not. But, as you probably know, you need to cook pork thoroughly to avoid getting other illnesses that can be spread by undercooked meat.

Q: Will there be unusual restrictions on our lives if there is a global pandemic?

A: If there is a global pandemic, for some period of time governments may well restrict travel (indeed, some governments already have). Governments also may close schools and public places, require as many people as possible to work from home, tell any people who develop symptoms to isolate themselves at home, and tell people to seek medical attention immediately if more serious symptoms develop.

What are those symptoms?

For adults, teens, and kids aged 3 to 12, the most worrisome symptoms are:

Shortness of breath
Persistent vomiting
For children younger than 2, the most worrisome symptoms are:

Very rapid breathing
Not interacting normally, not eating or drinking normally, being unusually irritable, or appearing unusually sleepy
High fever and rash
A bluish color of the lips and skin

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 2:12 PM

I am absolutely underwhelmed by all of this.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 6:02 PM

Thank you for the post, Diva. That was very comprehensive, important information. It will probably still be very important come next fall.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 9:08 PM

Is it possible to be a carrier of swine flu but not have it yourself? I haven't been able to find the answer to that question.

I don't want to be around my grandson till I know the answer to that question.

Glennd  (Level: 24.3 - Posts: 5)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 11:20 PM

I am from Queens, New York. St. Francis Prep is a nearby Catholic school. This really scares me. It could spread to my school in Bayside. How can we stop the spread?

Summertime  (Level: 111.0 - Posts: 1122)
Thu, 30th Apr '09 11:39 PM

Diva - Thank you for your post! The article is the most concise and easily understood of any I've seen.

Buchanan  (Level: 81.3 - Posts: 339)
Tue, 5th May '09 12:14 AM

I am a nurse,the media has blown the flu way out of proportion as usual.I've been in nursing 30+ years & have been around multiple contagious things & have never contacted anything.Please do good & frequent handwashing & that is about as good as it gets.Buchanan

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Tue, 5th May '09 9:21 AM

I just want to point out that on Sunday AM well into the afternoon I had Wine Flu.

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:54 AM

It is now May 6th am. I hate to say this but media did over react as usual. More people did every year from normal flu season. It is however better to be safe than sorry, but I was never fearful. It is funny that the same people who over react on political threads do the same thing on this thread. Leave politics out of non political threads. Hey if they can delete one thread they can delete another.

Collioure  (Level: 104.9 - Posts: 9952)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:00 AM

The Media didn't overreact, Bobo.

These diseases are dangerous.

It takes months to prepare vaccines.

In the meantime a pandemic can wipe out lots of humanity.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:16 AM

The media are in the pockets of the fat cat corporate bosses, that's how we get wall to wall terrorism scare mongering too.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:18 AM

I'm with Bobo on this one.

And I think after the powers that be determined that this flu was going to be mild, they decided to use it as a worldwide firedrill to test responses and responders. I think we passed with flying colors! (After all, how WOULD you test a planet of people in case of a much more virulent emergency?) If that is it, I can understand the decision. I just wish they hadn't spread such fear through false statistics (like the number of deaths in Mexico dramatically inaccurate).

After our school district shut us down with threat of official reprimand in our file if we showed up at our building before May 11, as of last night suddenly teachers are commanded to be back on May 7, with students to return on May 8. I'll be interested to see how many students actually show up on May 8 after being told under no circumstances to return before May 11.

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:40 AM

Jan, I truly am sorry your students missed any xcurriculars along with yourself. I think they over reacted and now that time as elapsed local governments and agencies are realizing the immediate danger is not there. I agree with clevercloggs the media is in the hands of big corporations who for their own gain use scare tactics and hysteria. Just as in the case of terriosm and heightened alerts which I never pay attention to. Neither did Bush when we had 9/11 does anyone remember what he was doing? Oh no I agreed with you and then sent up a red flag. Sorry Jan lets not get into that. However, believe fatalities from disease was seriously over estimated by CDC. Another government agency that does not always effectively manage national health care. Has anyone ever seen "The Band Plays On" ? Great movie, they knew about AIDS virus and could have kept it out of nations blood supply. No one cared about AIDS pandemic then or now.

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:48 AM

So you are saying the CDC overestimated swine flu, a rapidly contagious virus that can kill immediately across all segments of the population, and they underestimated HIV (not AIDS) a virus that is asymptomatic for a long period and mostly shows up in demographic groups that, let us say, are not eager to share the causative lifestyles (I mean Haitians, of course).

Man, it is a tough job to be with the CDC...

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:57 AM

You know just when I thought there was intelligent life form. There ya go spoiling it for me. How can you say only one group contracted AIDS the fastest growing population is heterosexual black females. Yes the CDC could have stopped the contamination of blood supply to red cross but did not. Well known fact, not fiction.

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:27 AM

Not wise to mess with the Smaug...

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:15 AM

I will mess with whomever I choose. This is a thread I started so I can give a rebuttal. I am not afraid of Smaug or you linda for that matter. Too bad about the Texas woman, but it seems she had other medical complications as well as the swine flu.

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:40 AM

Your call.. Thought since Biden was VP of the US his advice would be pertinent LOL Linda

Nanpaulhus  (Level: 139.1 - Posts: 340)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:59 AM

I am a member of the Emergency Volunteer Response Team in West Tennessee and we are now part of the Medivcal Reserve Corps as well. I check the Volunteer Mobilization page daily now since our last annual meeting. So far, nothing about the "swine flu" has been mentioned. I have discussed this with my sister-in-law, an RN who is with the Tennessee Dept of Health and as a vital part of this team. We are anticipating that should it really reach pandemic level, these national orginazations will be mobilized to distribute vaccinations at best, or at least some sort of relief effort (guessing masks to the general public, medication to those ill, etc). If it becomes pandemic, truly pandemic, the hospitals will be overflowed and this type of response would be merited.

What we are having more trouble with around here is MRSA, or methycillin-resistant staphylococcus aureas infections - of the type that has even gotten into the bone or blood stream. This has been going on for about five years now, a steady onslaught. I personally also see a rise in the malady common known as Shingles, and not only in the elderly and immunocomprimised. I am not without concern when it comes to "Swine Flu" but I am simply watchful.

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Wed, 6th May '09 12:50 PM

""You know just when I thought there was intelligent life form. There ya go spoiling it for me."""

Gee, the last time I was called unintelligent was Sam Houston Elementary School in Midland, Texas

'''' How can you say only one group contracted AIDS the fastest growing population is heterosexual black females.""""

The Band Played On was a movie from 16 years ago and covered events 31 years ago. The fastest growing segment of the population at that time was guys bending over for Patient Zero Gaetan Douglas.

Whatever the demographic is that is termed the 'fastest growing", tell me the breakdown of causes? Heterosexual sex is something in the area of 11 percent from what I've seen, and, as House says, everybody lies.

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 1:01 PM

Yes I just took a course on STD. The fastest growing population is heterosexual black females. The reason is mostly due to unprotected sex. I don't care when the last time someone told you that am I supposed to be impressed. I don't think so as this is a common venue I will choose I consider to be intelligent. I know how old the movie is and it doesn't matter. The AIDS virus is still alive and well unfortunately. It is no longer a "gay" disease far from it. I resent the inference you made about two men bending over, I don't care how intelligent you are that is politically incorrect and offensive to me.

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 1:12 PM

Why do you. feel the need to say everything twice? Not very PC......

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 1:15 PM

Sorry for the double post my computer had a hiccup.

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Wed, 6th May '09 1:53 PM

Look, I deal with statistics and spin all the time. What are the metrics for 'the fastest growing population"? Where? The US? Africa? Fastest compared to what? IV drug users who are now getting free needles? People receiving blood transfusions which are now screened for virus and toxins? Enlightened homosexuals who have cut back on unprotected sex?

There is a huge machine out there selling a risk of HIV transmission through normal heterosexual contact....perhaps for laudable means, to gain funding, to assuage stigma, etc. But it has become very politically incorrect to actually look at the data. And it also has to be realized that this is a HIGHLY suspect area where victims accurately report risk factors.

Aside from male to female contact with known HIV carriers (acts unknown sio assume your own), the numbers of transmissions is so small as to be negligilble. Ozzie and Harriet aren't keeling over in the suburbs from AIDs.


2007 Center for Disease Control

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 2:12 PM

Perhaps you are right the course was being funded by a government grant. My participation was highly suggested and I got a certificate, I did learn a few things. However, we are going off thread a bit. All I meant to say was the media overreacts in general to nearly everything. I don't think you will find many ozzie and harriets out there getting the swine flu either. I could be wrong. I also think you are underestimating aids as a pandemic virus. It is much more prevalent in third world countries where it came from. Lets just keep our shirts on and pants LOL and wash our hands.

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 2:15 PM

LOL told you not wise to mess with the Smaug-

Bobolicios  (Level: 118.4 - Posts: 1745)
Wed, 6th May '09 2:17 PM


Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 2:28 PM

Godwit  (Level: 78.9 - Posts: 435)
Wed, 6th May '09 3:00 PM informative (and at times amusing) thread.
I can add only this point: that throughout history, it was the LACK OF RESPONSE, primarily from the government heads at the time, as well as in the general population, that paved the yellow brick road for massive epidemic/pandemic to waltz down and kill thousands, and at times, millions. Humans are better equipped to put our heads in the sand when it comes to huge, potentially immediate dangers. We get a whole lot more upset and terrified by a single death across the country, or a single serial killer loose 500 miles away, than we do an epidemic, a global warming or any large, potential danger.

So I'm THRILLED and relieved to see, for once, world leaders taking actual action steps. I saw the media primiarily acting to inform and educate. I didn't see hours of tape following the dead girl to her funeral; the repeated crying faces, pictures of historical epidemics, repeated tape of deaths and funerals in Mexico. They could have played this up big time. I didn't see any of that. I heard, over and over, wash your hands, there's no deaths in the US, now there's one death but she's from Mexico, we don't want to panic anyone, it's a good idea to stay away from crowded places if you can until we see what this does...very sensible coverage. All true.

I think we should PROUD of the world leaders, everyone who took action, people who started washing their hands and taking other precautions, the education about viruses we got, the general lack of panic.

NOT the idiotic slaughter of pigs in some places. That's bizarre.

The fact is a virus could suddenly begin leaping from human to human so rapidly it would make our heads spin. They don't know if a virus will, or will not. You want them to just assume it won't? Then if it DOES, you have zero time to prepare, get informed, or take precautions.

Meanwhile, many would not last three days in their homes because we avoid fear by pretending there is no problem. Rather than by taking small practical actions which can provide you and your family considerable safety in the event of a serious problem. Denial has killed a whole lot more people than anything else.

Crazy4games  (Level: 123.0 - Posts: 1020)
Wed, 6th May '09 3:11 PM

Linda ROCKS!

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2012)
Wed, 6th May '09 6:29 PM

If you get the swine flu and the avian flu....

Do you have the "When Pigs Fly" flu?

Collioure  (Level: 104.9 - Posts: 9952)
Wed, 6th May '09 6:43 PM

I thought AIDS was spread by George Bush.

Kaufman  (Level: 257.0 - Posts: 3936)
Wed, 6th May '09 6:49 PM

Almost, Kelly. When you're over it, you get past tensed to "When Pigs Flu."

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4597)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:12 PM

Remember when there used to be that diet aid that looked like a square caramel or chocolate? I think it was called Ayds.

If it weren't for bad luck, that company'd have no luck at all.

Caramel1  (Level: 128.3 - Posts: 21602)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:31 PM

Jank, are you dissing my user name??? LOL Linda

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:54 PM

Andy, several Aides were spread by Bill Clinton.

Smaug  (Level: 141.2 - Posts: 2772)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:39 PM

lol felix

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