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Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:35 PM


...but you wish it had gone on forever?

1. It's been 18 years, and I still miss Dallas on Friday nights.

2. I LOVE Alias. On my swine time, I rewatched the first 2 years. What a magnificent show!

3. Also by JJ Abrams: I already dread the last show of Lost next year.

4. And I dread the end of Monk.

Dabomb619  (Level: 263.4 - Posts: 23)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:39 PM


Interesting plot developments started popping up all over the place, but they cancelled it after just one season! That came as quite a shock to me.

Also, Pushing Daisies. I found it interesting that they cancelled it when it seemed like they were going to start another season.

Garrybl  (Level: 294.1 - Posts: 6802)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:42 PM

loved pushing daisies too

Studio 60 on the sunset strip

The original Cupid

Kimoira  (Level: 215.0 - Posts: 1200)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:43 PM

I haven't been the same since Lost in Space went off the air.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 6th May '09 7:50 PM


Virtus  (Level: 170.8 - Posts: 2493)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:01 PM

I'm still holding my breath for Guiding Light.

Dabomb619  (Level: 263.4 - Posts: 23)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:05 PM

Back to You was another good one. However, I do think they ruined it when they replaced Chuck's and Kelly's daughter with someone completely different (which they also did with 'Til Death, but that one hasn't been cancelled...yet).

Swiper  (Level: 154.6 - Posts: 875)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:07 PM

Love your new avatar Felix! The Sopranos, I still miss that show. Anyone ever see Renegade with Lorenzo Lamas? I too will miss Lost after next year.

Pennwoman  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 2475)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:08 PM

I LOVED Pushing Daisies, I was really disappointed when it went off. A couple of years ago, there was a show, I think, called Boomtown, that I thought was well done, but I must have been the only one.
I love Charmed, and still watch it everyday, I know its time had come but I wish something in that vein would come along. And I wish there was a current Star Trek....

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:13 PM

The Sopranos
Picket Fences
Perry Mason

Titansgal  (Level: 17.6 - Posts: 35)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:15 PM

Most recently, HBO's Deadwood. Years ago, NBC's Unsolved Mysteries, Twin Peaks, and the CBS Saturday night lineup of Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and The Carol Burnett Show

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:21 PM

Martina - I can't wait till the opening of the new Star Trek movie this Friday - I've heard talk of producing this movie for literally decades!!

Maybe it will be so popular that it will bring on the next Star Trek series.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:32 PM

I really loved pushing Daisies also. I heard that they are going to air the last three episodes sometime this month! I also really liked Keen Eddie - very different and very enjoyable - I don't think it got a proper chance.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5674)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:33 PM

Quatum Leap
Rescue 911
Unsolved Mysteries
Stargate SG1 with Richard Dean Anderson
The Fall Guy
The Love Boat
The Wonderful World Of Color (Disney for you youngsters on here)
There are so many...I could name at least 50 more...LOL

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 6th May '09 8:34 PM

I second the motion on Perry Mason!

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1982)
Wed, 6th May '09 9:19 PM

I remember being about 13 when 'Dark Shadows' went off the air - all my friends and I wrote petitions and sent them to the network!

Crazy4games  (Level: 124.7 - Posts: 1019)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:07 PM

I second Felix's response of the X-Files. Loved that show, and I just could never get enough of Mulder.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:08 PM

I was part of the write-in campaign to save Star Trek: TOS after its 2nd year. But it still only made it one more season. I cried.

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:13 PM

Arrested Development
Pushing Daisies
Ally McBeal

Wed, 6th May '09 10:26 PM

Star Trek: TNG

I've worn out the DVDs for all 7 seasons.

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:29 PM


Hubbie: ER

and..I liked Judging Amy

Salzypat  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 5425)
Wed, 6th May '09 10:38 PM

Dark Shadows scared me spitless!! My heart was pounding when I watched it. But I couldn't miss it! And I was in my 20s, maybe early 30s!!

Vickie, I agree on Stargate SG1 with Richard Dean Anderson. They carried on the series without him, but it wasn't the same. Don't know if the new version is on the air or not.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:03 PM

Fraser, but there's always reruns on cable.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 1302)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:19 PM

Pushing Daisies
Eli Stone
Davis Rules (Starred Randy Quaid, Jonathan Winters & Bonnie Hunt - very funny)
Dead Like Me
WKRP in Cincinnati

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:34 PM

Ditto on WKRP in Cincinnatti (As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly! I still get hysterical over that )

I know it was time, but:
Cheers ( fave was Coach)
All In The Family
Mission Impossible

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:42 PM

Also loved X-Files! The absolute best and creepiest episode ever was "Home" -- although I understand that it was only shown once on network TV. After that, it was decided that it was way too spooky and unpalatable. It was the one with the three brothers riding around in the old car with the mama under the bed. Still sends shivers up my spine! Also loved the one on the circus folks. Really, I loved them all! Okay, bring it back! What a wonderful, weird and thought-provoking series!

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Wed, 6th May '09 11:54 PM

Susan.. I totally remember that episode of X Files.. creeped me right the freak out.

Justin.. Star Trek TNG was my favourite series of the Star Trek franchise

Vickie…Quantum Leap was one of my favourites too

Karen.. my daughter watches the news on her favourite series’ all the time.. she too said that they are airing the last 3 episodes of Pushing Daisies.. what a fun show!

I’m such a girl but I still miss Knots Landing.. and Friends.

The end of Lost will be the end of me

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Thu, 7th May '09 1:01 AM

That was the creepiest episode of the x-files. I loved it.

Jerrymander  (Level: 73.2 - Posts: 1)
Thu, 7th May '09 1:30 AM

Barney Miller

The Brady Bunch

Mr Rogers Neighborhood


Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Thu, 7th May '09 2:08 AM

Howdy Doddie
Captain Video

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Thu, 7th May '09 2:09 AM

Once more with feeling

Howdy Doody
Captain Video

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Thu, 7th May '09 3:09 AM

Hate'em all!!!

Davidf  (Level: 102.1 - Posts: 746)
Thu, 7th May '09 7:36 AM

Jossys Giants
Button Moon
Grange Hill
Huckleberry Finn and His Friends

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5674)
Thu, 7th May '09 8:10 AM

Captain Kangaroo...I miss this show. There aren't any kid shows on anymore that could teach you anything like this one...And Romper Room too with Miss Marsha...Oh the good old days!

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Thu, 7th May '09 8:22 AM

Vickie, I was really expecting the Porter Wagoner Hour out of you.

Love Felix

Lowiq  (Level: 218.6 - Posts: 1956)
Thu, 7th May '09 8:32 AM

The comic genius of Latka Gravas on "Taxi"

Fainodraino  (Level: 113.1 - Posts: 240)
Thu, 7th May '09 9:22 AM

Star Trek Enterprise...probably most people's least favorite, for good reason, but the 4th season was really, really good. It was finally hitting it's stride. And any of the other Treks, as well.

John Doe...what a season ender...but then it wound up being the series ender. Horrible way to end the series.

Babylon 5...I know it was designed to be a five year show, but still...

Quantum Leap
Whose Line Is It Anyway?...I never get tired of this show.
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Monday Night Football on ABC

Probably others I can't think of right now!

Bakerstreeet  (Level: 42.7 - Posts: 187)
Thu, 7th May '09 10:37 AM

Hi! Great question!!!

Like Suzer, I was a huge Dark Shadows fan and wrote a letter to keep it on the air.
Ditto letter to save Star Trek, which was the ONLY series at the time.
The Avengers, wistfully with Dame Diana Rigg
Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Twin Peaks
Nothing recently until Women's Murder Club

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12008)
Thu, 7th May '09 10:52 AM

Martina, you weren't alone - one other TV set was faithfully tuned to every episode of Boomtown. I could not believe the 2-parter about the blackout and the accident didn't win a raft of Emmys. It was as good as TV gets. Same thing for the next show from the same creative team, Raines, with Jeff Goldblum. It was getting better with every show (coolest opening sequence ever), the character was just taking on dimension and complexity, and I was furious and cried real tears when it was killed without really getting a chance to find its audience. Still mad.

My all-time favorite show that I'll never stop missing is Homicide: Life on the Streets. The book it was based on is fantastic, by the way.

Fainodraino  (Level: 113.1 - Posts: 240)
Thu, 7th May '09 10:54 AM

Forgot about Raines. It was starting to get interesting.

Knerd  (Level: 99.0 - Posts: 1139)
Thu, 7th May '09 11:01 AM

When I said that the last three episodes of Pusing Daisies was going to be aired I meant to say unaired episodes as of yet. It should at least offer some closure to the short lived series!

Monkeynips13  (Level: 21.5 - Posts: 647)
Thu, 7th May '09 11:06 AM

Cheers (my family and I would faithfully gather around the TV every Thursday to watch it)
Black Adder

Oh and Felix, I'm lovin the new avatar

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Thu, 7th May '09 1:48 PM

I'm expanding my list

Howdy Doody
Captain Video

Leave it to Beaver
The Jack Benny Program
The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
The Dick van Dyke Show
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Steve Allen Comedy Hour (with Bill Dana, Louis Nye and Don Knotts)
Have Gun, Will Travel
The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour
The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
The Fugitive
The Midnight Special hosted for a brief time by Helen Reddy
Sex and the City

Nelly  (Level: 181.0 - Posts: 1167)
Thu, 7th May '09 2:02 PM

No one's mentioned Hill Street Blues! Love the theme tune, also!

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.5 - Posts: 3844)
Thu, 7th May '09 2:06 PM

Wide World of Sports
The Twilight Zone (Original)
Iron Chef (Original)
WKRP in Cincinnati
Married With Children

Allena  (Level: 268.6 - Posts: 1415)
Thu, 7th May '09 2:39 PM

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"

Spacecat  (Level: 165.1 - Posts: 676)
Thu, 7th May '09 4:21 PM

Going to miss Matt Dallas with KYLE XY not returning next year.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5674)
Thu, 7th May '09 5:08 PM

Felix, honey I was never crazy about Porter Wagner...The only song of his I even liked was the one about Brother Ira singing in the choir...Archie Campbell did a great version of it too..

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Thu, 7th May '09 5:51 PM

Straddling time, space and the pond - I second both Allena's 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents...' and Davidf's 'Jossy's Giants'.
I don't think a stranger sentence was ever written...

I would also like more of:
'Starsky and Hutch'
'The Rockford Files'
'The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (with David McCallum before he went all Sapphire and Steel)
'Sapphire and Steel' (with David McCallum before he went all NCIS)
'Glen Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade' (The only time on a Sunday afternoon in Scotland that you were allowed to smile)
'Call of Duty'
'Morecambe and Wise Christmas Specials' (Um, possibly only achievable with necromancy or time travel. I'm OK with either.)

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Thu, 7th May '09 9:03 PM

Rocky and Bullwinkle -- brilliant! Dudley Do-Right and his horse "Horse" Fractured Fairy Tales Mr. Peabody and Sherman Bullwinkle's Corner Snidely Whiplash Boris Badenov Natasha Fatale

The Nanny

Bigbird  (Level: 250.3 - Posts: 3348)
Thu, 7th May '09 9:32 PM

Perry Mason - yes!
Murphy Brown
Little House on the Prairie - OK, I'm a sucker for a good cry
Upstairs Downstairs
The Prisoner
The Avengers
Mary Tyler Moore show
George Page's voice on Nature

I'm sure there were many more, but they don't come to hand right now.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 8th May '09 12:15 AM

Fainodraino - I'm on board with your entire list - minus Monday Night Football, cause it just wouldn't be the same without Don Meredith. "Turn Out The Lights..."

Rural channel (RFD) still broadcasts old Porter Waggoner shows - you should catch it and see Dolly Parton back when she was a sweet looking kid who could still stand up straight, sans extra chest and wigs.

I forgot how sad I was when Lois and Clark disappeared (Teri Hatcher and Dean Cain...he was PRETTY!)

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