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Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 1:44 PM


Nothing at all against Spoonster 10. Just joined, has written 6 quizzes, five of them have EA'.s
How is that just?

If I could take a sign and protest on the corner, I would. Not against Spoonster 10, or anyone who
gets an EA. But because I've been watching the EA awards, and they are so unfair as to be unkind. You are
using the talents and hard work of many, without rewarding them. You say you withhold rewards if
someone "needs extra help" or you don't like their attitude, or this and that. That's such a misuse
of power. Besides, it's not entirely true. There's serious favoritism here.

You don't have a strong, just hand of leadership, or objective guidance, and so you are
using your own rules, which are haphazard and lopsided.

There are lots of people here fueling the site, creating dozens and even hundreds of quizzes, without
reward, or perhaps one here and there. It's not right. Seeing one person who has six quizzes and five
EA's, who just joined--this person somehow magically knows the exact right quiz formula? I don't
think so.

This is my on the corner protest. It's my right, in a free country, to do so.

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 1:58 PM

Hopefully there will come a day when the site will become viable enough so editors are not also players-most of them attempt to be fair but a few on a real "power trip". Your complaint is not new or without foundation-Linda

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sun, 10th May '09 2:03 PM

I agree. (with both post).

Summertime  (Level: 115.7 - Posts: 1123)
Sun, 10th May '09 2:43 PM

Godwit and Linda (Caramel1) are telling Sploofus AKA Justin, where the dog died....who else has the wherewithal to be in the same corner? I'm starting a stack of "enough is enough" chips in Godwits corner! I am of the belief this topic has become a game with the editors...if the shoe fits, wear it guys, whether it be your own quiz, a relatives or one of your buddies. The game could be titled, "Me thinks dost protests too much"...let's hit 'em with both barrels."


Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 2:53 PM

Case in point. "Timely and interesting." No EA.

At 05/05/2009 08:17 Sploofus wrote:

Note on your quiz...

This quiz is being reviewed by: (name withheld to protect the not-yet-determined)
Thanks for a timely and interesting quiz. Best of luck!

Thank you for submitting your quiz, "Bo and Portuguese Water Dogs". It is now LIVE on! You can manage this quiz and view statistics by using your account management options. Players like yourself are what make Sploofus such a fun place. Thanks again and Happy Sploofusing!

Lodi  (Level: 108.0 - Posts: 2143)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:02 PM

The EA's have become silly and obsolete. Protesting them just gives them relevance and assures you'll never get one, if that's your reason for protest. Just ask Smaug. Piss off an editor, even as a player, be controversial, laugh, have fun, don't take this site too seriously, and its the EA kiss of death. Some people's posts get deleted, some don't, for saying virtually the same thing. Some people are going to get EA's and some never will. Ever. That's just how it is, folks. Ignore them and enjoy the site for what you can.

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:29 PM

Yes! I know. They've created a monster by saying "GREAT JOB! a dozen times, but giving me NO EA. I've had lots of people leave comments, "Hey, where's the EA for this quiz?" I have good ratings, good comments, I make adjustments when I get good feedback.Finally I realized, after eighty quizzes, a number of them deserving of EA, I'm not going to get an EA. And then I look around and see how many other people are not getting anything near what they deserve. And then I start paying close attention to who IS getting EA's, and I see how it's going around here. And then I get feedback from long time players, that yes, that is how it is.

This is how you create an underground protest. Treat a faction injustly, eventually it becomes very clear to everyone, and soon you get a revolution.

To say, "Just keep giving them your sweat and blood cuz the whole thing is unjust and you can't win anyway..." is not for me.
Though I understand that some may choose to do that so you don't lose your friends, and besides, and you can't fathom the withdrawal pains. I'm someone who believes in democracy. I believe that when power is used wrongly, whether on purpose or accidentally or because of a lack of leadership, "the people" have the right and the responsibility to step in, and state their case, and be heard, and create change. I can't think of a time in history when the powers said, "Oh gosh we're sorry we'll get right on changing that." They always have to be pressed into doing the right thing.

The second thing is this site is worth fighting for. It's a fantastic site. The games are quality. That's part of the point of the argument. The games ARE quality and should be recognized fairly, so that they continue to be so. Otherwise, what will you get? Soon, a small group of favored, same individuals who stick to the winning formula, and an increasingly dull set of quizzes. You'll get a bunch of YES men and women writing YES quizzes. Misuse of power chokes and limits choice.

So we're pressing. And we'll have to keep pressing. Consider yourself pressed.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3354)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:39 PM

So I took a look at the Editors Award Leaderboard, since folks keep complaining about the number/fairness/etc of EAs. According to the Leaderboard, 401 members have received at least one EA, with 20 members getting at least 25 EAs. Since you cannot get an EA on Kerblunks, that takes a whole bunch out of the running right there. It doesn't seem like the EAs are just concentrated in the hands of a few to me. Deedee, you are complaining, but you are up in that top 20 group yourself.

I don't have an answer to how you make the awarding of EAs totally objective. I taught science - it was either right or it was wrong; very objective. But my friends, the English teachers, tell me that they grade holistically, and I would guess that this is what the editors are doing when awarding EAs.

I agree that I have seen plenty of quizzes that I thought deserved EAs, but without the good old scoring rubric it is very hard to know why one gets one and another doesn't. But if the country has gone to holistic scoring, I guess we need to learn to live with it.

I do know that I am going to run and look at Spoonster's quizzes. I've never heard of that member, but if their quizzes have been rated that highly I'm eager to take them - if they are on a topic I know something about!

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:45 PM

That sounds reasonable to you? That's good data which helps show the problem:
400 have at least one.
20 have over 25. !!
And that means, what...roughly 800 or more with zero EA's?

That has no correlation with how many quizzes any member has written, correct?

Yes, definitely go take the quizzes. That is the first thing I did, too. And that's the point of EA' say, "Check out
the quality of this quiz." So it's important...who gets an EA.

Thanks for good input.

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:46 PM

As long as players are editors one never knows if they are posting as players or editors. Lodi is correct and since I no longer write quizzes, cannot be hurt as try really really hard not to cuss. - although that still does not stop some deletions. Linda

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Sun, 10th May '09 3:54 PM

I stopped writing entirely. I did about 150 well written, well thought out, well researched Jeopardy! style quizzes, all of which were well played, and never got squat for EAs for them.

Then, I got a number of EAs for Crossword puzzles but they don't "count" for totals; otherwise I would be on the first page of the leaderboards.

So, I think it's all crap and I just play for fun.

Hubbie (Haydn) has finally gotten recognition from editors and started getting well-deserved EAs. You wouldn't believe the time he spends on his!!

Just me two cents.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5678)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:05 PM

It's been quite awhile since I've gotten an EA that I've forgotten how good it feels to get one! LOL...I'm still writing quizzes though and probably will continue to do so whether I get an EA or not. I just enjoy writing them and having everyone take them...yes, I'd like to have another EA but I'm not worrying about not getting one...Just my two cents worth...

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:06 PM

I started giving your Hubby 9's for his quizzes because they are really excellent, and hadn't got a single EA.
But...then some people voiced upset because the Editor's seemed to go overboard and suddenly gave his similar-type
quizzes a bunch of EA's. Maybe they meant to make up for overlooking him in the past. To some it looked like
he all of sudden got several EA's for the same style quiz.
So...we can hardly win.
I'm glad he got recognition. He does write a clear, concise, fun quiz, and had so many of them.

Thanks for your input, supporting the problem.
I'm sorry you are another talent lost to the "Should have got an EA" problem.
Hopefully, at some point, threads like this have some impact.
Because Sploofus loses many of its finest, most prolific quiz writers.
I am of the mind that the right thing to do IS quit writing the quizzes. It's not good for the human spirit to keep giving away
your talents and hard work to be used by others who do not fairly reward you. Even when we reward each other with great comments and good ratings--which are wonderful. We can't FIND the quizzes and amply reward them, without the EA's.

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:21 PM

I as also dismayed to see the search by quiz author disappear with 1.0. Quizzes move rapidly and many do not have the time to search all by category. The search by author was helpful and am clueless why it is not still there-Linda

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:32 PM

Admittedly I haven't kept up with the Salty Dog lately, but can somebody tell me what this is all about then? Multiple posts on this issue? What's all this drama about? I'm assuming I missed something......I personally don't care one way or another about an EA, they don't "per se" increase takers (though maybe they can a little) or the enjoyment of others on the quiz, I took the one I got, thought it was neat, but they don't have any real value. I don't entirely understand why anybody would get so worked up over this.

Garrybl  (Level: 294.3 - Posts: 6810)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:40 PM

Can I echo the last sentiment? Only conspiracy theorists would imagine that one player gets favored over another.

From a personal perspective I can say that the longer I take to write a quiz the better chance it has to get an EA; I know which quizzes are good...sometimes I'm disappointed when I don't get an EA but I cant blame anyne for that.
I dont know the stats but before I was gold and could only write 3 quizzes a week (and there were no kerblunks) I got a lot more EAs. Cause and effect? I don't think so.

And what's more some of the most angst I've felt recently was getting an EA -- on a quiz that left page one of the 'recent quizzes'because of an influx of 30 other quizzes. Eventually taken by only 30 people or so. That was worse than not getting an EA!

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 4:41 PM

To people that points matter an EA acannot be rated below an 8, I believe. Don't think that is the real issue though-favoritism and recognition or lack thereof for work well done are-Linda

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 5:15 PM

Bary can't you at least take your head out of the sand on this one? Of course, there is favoritism here and it is absurd that you would deny it- the main argument against editors being players.. Would you agree with me though that reinstating the search by author might be a good idea.? Also liked the thing in 1.0 when no one author could have more than one quiz on most recent list-addresses your issue of quality quizzes getting pushed of by junk really. Linda

Kaufman  (Level: 270.2 - Posts: 3942)
Sun, 10th May '09 5:30 PM

There are three ratings available on an EA quiz. One equates to a 9, one to an 8, and one to a 7.

Just setting the record straight ...

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sun, 10th May '09 5:32 PM

This thread in no way (correct me if I'm wrong) is demeaning to winners of EA's. The amount of time spent writing is a criteria? Since the editors are hiding it really has dubious meaning anyway. Why not give the option of voting one thru nine or EA on quizzez? This will quickly expose that everyone else would be biased if given the chance. Again unknown presentation has no meaning to begin with. Would anyone like to buy one of my "World's Handsomest Felix" awards presented by Xfile?

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 5:41 PM

I f you read the threads you see what the concern is, Stoutlad and Garry. To say it's only paranoia is just silly. Many people have written:
1. They received EA's for quizzes that weren't that great. While noticing better quizzes that received none.
That was a brave and honest thing to write.
2. They have written many solid quizzes, but got zero or one EA's. I've seen profiles with sixty, 100 or well over 200 quizzes, many of them deserving, and the person has zero, one or two EA's.
3. A small percentage of people get a huge percentage of EA's. Some people have twenty, twenty five or more than forty EA's. One profile e.g. has 49 quizzes, with 31 EA's. Another profile I mentioned has six quizzes, with five EA's.
4. EA's do matter. They appear on the home page, they do attract more takers, they do encourage and reward effort, they do increase ratings, they are supposed to justly reward quality.
5. We lose good quiz writers who work hard, produce quality, and then after 50, 100 or 150 quizzes and no EA, get discouraged, feel overlooked, and quit.
6. Editor's wrote in a thread that they withhold EA's if the writer needs "too much help" or has a bad attitude, or has a "handful of errors" and also they wrote that they often close a week without having given out their full quota of EA's. It is not the Editor's job to withhold reward for quality work because a person isn't as well liked, or doesn't spell as well as someone else.

Stoutlad, if you can write 21 quizzes, get only one EA, and feel fine about that, great. I agree one EA in 21 quizzes is nothing to be upset about. I think ZERO EA's in 50 or 100 or 250 quizzes, is. And as you read the threads, you see that many members experience this, and agree. Perhaps it has become worse, or more obvious, of late, and so we have more threads going on about it.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3354)
Sun, 10th May '09 5:49 PM

Linda - You can still pull up a list of a player's quizzes. Go to their profile page, and click the link on the right that says Authored Games - Trivia Quizzes. I do that a lot. I don't have that much time to take quizzes anymore - work has gotten overwhelming - but when I find an author I like, I go to his or her profile page, and take a whole slew of his quizzes.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4583)
Sun, 10th May '09 6:14 PM

When rating quizzes, only one that has already been awarded with an EA has that option to vote yes, this one deserved an EA, or not.

I have also written authors before telling them I thought their quiz deserved the award.

I would submit now as a compromise that "DESERVES A PA" be an option in the rating of ALL quizzes, PA standing for Players Award. Justin could set a number at which, if enough players took the quiz and rated it deserving of an PA, it would be awarded.

This would solve the problem of EAs being given because only editors know how many corrections had to be made before going live.

A Players Award would be given only for the finished product and could be completely fair since it would require a high number of players agreeing in the judgment of its high quality.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sun, 10th May '09 6:18 PM

Great idea, Janice.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3354)
Sun, 10th May '09 6:34 PM

Jank - I love the idea of a PA. I remember it was kicked around a long time ago, and nothing came of it. Here are my suggestions for a PA -

a) at least 150 takers
b) a rating of at least 8.0

If the quiz rating drops below 8.0 during its lifetime, you lose the PA - if it goes above, it automatically pops back on.

What do you think?

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 6:45 PM

I like Jan's idea. To your post, Alice, if a player has not posted nor written anything for a long time believe you have to go through the cumbersome player directory to even find their profile-search by author worked better seems like. If there is a shorter way to get to a player profile of someone who has neither posted nor written anything in a bit would like to know-thanks-Linda

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Sun, 10th May '09 6:46 PM

I applaud Jank's idea, and agree with Alice's response.

We DO need an award from those who actually PLAY the quizzes!

As for EAs......I don't write a lot of quizzes, but pondering my annual one now...........
I have never had an EA, but will continue to strive for excellence till someone thinks I have achieved it.


Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4583)
Sun, 10th May '09 7:08 PM

No- I meant continue the rating numbers as they are - but at the top add the rating "Deserves a PA" so there's no question the player believes it deserves a special award.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3354)
Sun, 10th May '09 7:17 PM

I'm confused. What I had in mind was a badge - like an EA badge, but this would be a PA badge (maybe a different color, maybe a different design) which would pop up on your quiz automatically if it met certain criteria. The criteria I was suggesting were a lot of takers who rated it highly - so that's why I arbitrarily chose 150 players who had given the quiz an average score of 8.0

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4583)
Sun, 10th May '09 7:21 PM

Gotcha. Yeah, my suggestion was pretty much a completely different idea. Players would actually have to vote that it deserved the award. Then they'd get a PA badge.

Garrybl  (Level: 294.3 - Posts: 6810)
Sun, 10th May '09 7:37 PM

To answer Linda's query.If you want to find out stuff about heidi go to eg caramel1 and click on them.
When you've gone to them you'll see your address is:
Now delete caramel1 from the address, substitute heidi and you will get to their info.

Caramel1  (Level: 136.5 - Posts: 21601)
Sun, 10th May '09 8:10 PM

Wow, Barry if I could do that I would impress myself but thanks. A very long time ago when I was still writing quizzes was bothered by the same thing that bothers Godwit. Started some kind of thread asking that players have a say in determining awards. The reply from some editor-long ago forgotten which one- was that Sploofus was NOT American Idol and there would be no kind of voting or the like. Think things will remain as they are and editors will retain the option of who gets what dunno...Linda

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 10th May '09 8:56 PM

Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't particularly like the idea of player's giving out "PA's" instead of EA's. If it's based on ratings, as on Alice's idea, it has to have two things, a high rating and alot of players. Quizzes that have alot of takers are generally garbage quizzes based off of pop culture, and "in general" the easier it is, the higher the rating. We'd have a ton of *IMO* unworthy quizzes with awards. I don't see how this would help the site any. Even with the idea Janice had, how you would you keep players from voting for quizzes that weren't "high quality" per se but just "popular". THOSE quizzes in my opinion are awarded enough as is, with a ton of undeserved and unmerited points anyways. I like the EA system, even with all of it's flaws, because it means creative or more academically oriented quizzes get a much needed boost instead of being shelved at the bottom of the quiz pile somewhere. Those are much needed quizzes in my opinion, and actually in need of a boost.

I don't agree that a "bad attitude" is a reason not to give an EA, if it's a quality quiz I think it should be awarded for that, despite the "likeability" of the author. However, once a quiz has to be sent back to an author repeatedly, it becomes as much the Editor's work as the players work, and I don't see why the player should be rewarded for that. I see problems here I have no solution to.....if the finished product is as much the Editor's work as the players work, it's still in the best interest of the site to award the quiz, regardless of the fact that it might be more the editors' creation than the "awarded" author, but there still needs to be an incentive for players to do their best and not put a heavy load on the editors imo.

Thank you for listening to my unpopular ideas.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 10th May '09 8:59 PM

I think the Salty Dog just thrives on

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Sun, 10th May '09 11:50 PM

I agree with that! Anywhere there are people, there is drama.
Truly it is too bad, but the Editor's job is a thankless one and to try and get "credit" for having to help the writers you are supposed to help, is not Editing. Editor's are supposed to assist writers. The job IS to make the end product as presentable and correct as possible, for the sake of the SITE or the company. It's not the writer who benefits, but the overall reputation of the place where the Editor's work. It's up to the writer to have the decency and grace to THANK the Editor for his or her help, once the product comes out. It's not up to the Editor to block the writer's success because the Editor's resents that the writer needed too much help. Also, as I've said several times, I've never needed much help, my quizzes are not "pop junk" (what?? You're saying anything people really like a lot must be junk?)...never mind. It's an old argument, already.

I agree it's a good idea to find a way to encourage the writer to use spell check and otherwise look over the work before submission. I think it's reasonable to return a quiz if the writer failed to use basic grammar and Spellcheck. But...Sploofus should/could provide Spellcheck and other options in the creation box, then. And the writer/quiz should not be penalized for the error.

As for American Idol, don't get so snobby. That show is making millions, serving millions, and has a secure future. Democracy is built on popular vote. And if we didn't care about popular vote, we wouldn't track popular vote, here. It does matter.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Mon, 11th May '09 1:05 AM

When I said those quizzes were "garbage" what I meant is that they are like a disposable cup, they are so easy to write and so plentiful, they are kind of disposable, seen one *for the most part* you've seen one you've seen them all. The rewards for writing them are already built into the system, in the form of the popular vote which leads to points, and therefore you get a million of the same quizzes with minor variations being written which for the most part require no research work at all, either by the researcher or the takers. Those get written whether we like it or not. Why something that requires little to no work gets so rewarded on this site is way beyond me. The other kind of quizzes that Sploofus so dearly needs, especially in its role as a "learning site" that I've heard Justin likes to use it as, the kind that do not appeal to the "masses" come with no reward, and the EA is a useful incentive to counter that trend.

That being said, American Idol is crap, and so far so are the singers it produces. Having an opinion like that doesn't make me "snobby", meaning I look down my nose at anyone else, just someone entitled to a different opinion, as you are entitled to yours. Despite what you may or may not think, it is possible to think something is crap without disrespecting the people who choose to be or are different than you. It just means you aren't choosing the music in my car!

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 636)
Mon, 11th May '09 1:36 AM

Trouyble with a PA is that the whole system is unjust. If you do not live in the USA. you are lucky if you get 100 players doing your quiz, because the usual paranoia exists here. ""If its not American, it cant be good"" "If its not from the USA, then it cant get an EA" Conduct a survey to see if this is true or not, for the majority of Sploofus players.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Mon, 11th May '09 1:38 AM

Remember when writing a good quiz was its own reward.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Mon, 11th May '09 1:39 AM


Nanpaulhus  (Level: 144.9 - Posts: 354)
Tue, 12th May '09 1:02 AM

It still is, Felix, to some.

I received an EA on my first quiz and was shocked, even a bit dismayed.. I do think that an EA should only be given to quizmakers that have taken time to write the questions well. This includes spelling and form in addition to content. Grammar may not be one's strong suit, but having the material correct is not enough to earn an EA if I understand the criteria correctly.

Godwit  (Level: 82.1 - Posts: 434)
Tue, 12th May '09 2:17 AM

yes, I remember that. Creating a quiz for creating a quiz sake. My first thirty quizzes. I remember it like it was yesterday. Sigh. Those were the good ole days...

Stoutlad, I'm saying that sometimes what's popular is quite good. Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's crap. I'm also saying American Idol, regardless of the quality of singers, is a highly successful enterprise, both for teaching, and for entertaining. Any business, such as Sploofus, can use good business success. And then I'm saying that to say lots of points--meaning a thing is popular--equals crap--doesn't make sense. It may, or may not, be. As far as Justin using this for education--I donno about "Bizarre Deaths" or the like, making the cut.

But in any case, I didn't intend to offend you. Or to attempt to take over your car radio. Though now I am seriously curious what you play in there...

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Tue, 12th May '09 7:09 AM

Coming rather late into this, seems to me that some are capable of writing excellent quizzes - so they get numerous EAs.
Some are capable of writing perfectly reasonable quizzes - a few of which therefore reach EA standard.
Some write quizzes of less than reasonable quality, but which can still be fun to take ..............
According to the above, a third of active writers reach EA levels.
Isn't the top third a reasonable proportion for having achieved 'excellence'?
Not every serviceman gets a Medal of Honor (or VC or whatever) because his turn has come .........

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Wed, 20th May '09 12:56 AM

Well, sounds like there is alot we can agree on then regarding your last post.

What do I listen to? It's really not that order of preference kind of goes:

Something like that, though I don't always use those words the same way everyone else does, as I would consider someone like Bon Jovi more pop than rock so would put him in the pop category, but you get the idea. Off the topic, but I can't imagine American Idol ever producing something I would enjoy, though I guess it could. The closest contender so far that I know about is Chris Daugherty I guess, but something about the voting process has a tendency to produce more of the "pop" kind of sound, I don't know what it is. Considering that kind of sound is generally towards the bottom of my list, it's just not something I would enjoy. When Fuel offered him the lead singer job, I was hoping he would turn out good, it just didn't go that way for me for some reason.

Perhaps a seperate players award, giving recognition without giving it the advantages to it like the EA has (as in not giving those kind of awards a limited rating system) might be something I could imagine being in favor of, dunno. I could see that drawing people in, whether they'd be the kind of people I'd want to meet I don't know but I guess this is a business. That way, the more traditionally educational kind of quizzes still gets recognition and built in advantages that help to outweigh the point loss and the time consuming effort of writing them over other kind of quizzes. As far as writing quizzes for fun, for most of us this is still a game, and though you can't really take the competition all that seriously, it adds an element I think some of us enjoy, and I wouldn't want to lose that either.

I find the players award intriguing, but wouldn't want to lose the EA system either....maybe they should have a "should've gotten an EA award" option when we rate, and the editors could review the quizzes that get a significant number of votes every so often, I don't know. BTW, you didn't offend me.

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