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Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Sun, 17th May '09 12:37 PM


Has anyone else been having Bet the Max problems on TQOTD? I noticed that when you bet the max and it's over 1,000,000,000 that some people have been getting the answer right but not getting the max. Could this be a glitch that is unrealized? I'm excited that I finally can receive a billion points in a wager and I want to go for the gold!

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Sun, 17th May '09 12:56 PM

I think that is the max. I can't remember though. Its been a while since I was at that level.

1mks  (Level: 221.0 - Posts: 5929)
Sun, 17th May '09 12:57 PM

No is just that the higher you go does not actually pay off like it says it will. Someone else can certainly explain it better than I can. I just know that your win is not gonna be what it says.

Garrybl  (Level: 293.8 - Posts: 6801)
Sun, 17th May '09 1:03 PM

No reason why you should know or remember this but.... this has come up a few times on Salty Dog.

There are cut offs that were introduced by Justin 2-3 years ago.
When the system was set up the idea of a wager of 1 billion points was doubtless deemed impractical; nowadays there are quite a few players for whom this cut off is relevant as indeed for showdown wagers, where the cut off point is 1/10 (2 to the power of 20 -1) or some such computer gobbledygook. The relvant players WERE consulted befopre he implemented this; I'm not sure if it makes it easier or harder for the top players to be caught --ask Weyoun!

Anyway although these cutoffs apply to us all the text of the wager/showdown is STILL out of date and has not been altered to reflect this restriction.

Of course if you lose the wager then you lose the larger number (only kidding!)


Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Sun, 17th May '09 1:19 PM

Well, that's a shame. I think this is definitely something that should be noted on the form when you try to bet the max and it should be something posted on the site in a permanent way. Barry, I appreciate your post though I have to admit I don't understand much of it! It does seem like players higher up than where I am are routinely increasing their totals more than a billion points at a time, but maybe they're combining it with showdown tokens at the same time.

Just saying if this is indeed not a glitch, it should be made known in a more official way.

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Sun, 17th May '09 1:28 PM

I hate it when people say "this has already been discussed in the salty dog." Since we lost the ability to search the threads, no one is ever going to be able to find past posts that will help with these kinds of issues. No offense to you Barry; this is a problem with 2.0 that needs to be fixed. Its loooonnnnnggg overdue.

And until its fixed, there needs to be a place where people can find answers. Actually, even when/if its fixed, there needs to be a place where people can find answers.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 17th May '09 3:06 PM

FAQ, anyone?

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Sun, 17th May '09 4:14 PM

As players, we've tried FAQ's before, but its the same old problem - they get buried deep into the threads and no one can find them.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 17th May '09 4:23 PM

What I had in mind was a separate FAQ that would be a separate link under "Community." There you could have the most asked questions by topic. It wouldn't allow for the posting like the message board, but at least it would have a place for the questions that come up repeatedly: the showdown timer after 7 days, the max you can bet on a TQOTD, what do badges mean and how does that percentage change over time.

The other alternative would be to expand the "Help" topics that explain other common questions. (Although that really is being used for minor troubleshooting.)

Sploofus Editor
Sploofusaurus (Editor)  
Sun, 17th May '09 5:18 PM

If you go to your "My Sploofus" page, scroll down the listing on the right till you come to "Trivia Showdowns" and click on that.
At the top, you will see some wording that ends with a hyperlink in the words "this link". Click on that, and it will take you to The Sploofus Survival Guide, including FAQs.

This guide has some erroneous statements though, and is currently being upgraded by one of our editors.
There are no longer "versions" of Sploofus.

Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Sun, 17th May '09 6:39 PM

So is this idea of "capping points" the reason why in my last four showdowns I've gotten 214-some million each time? I have to admit I wasn't paying attention because I assumed it was 10% but now it looks like it really wasn't.

It looks like both Bet the Max and Showdown wagers will be limited for those at my level from now on, unless I start tumbling I guess.

My two cents ... I think that should be changed...

Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Sun, 17th May '09 6:46 PM

Thanks, Sploofusaurus for pointing out the Sploofus Survival Guide. Unfortunately, it's quite wrong! Haha.

Nothing about these Bet the Max and Showdown wager issues that I have brought up are there and I hope that the guide is upgraded to reflect that you can wager up to 25% ... until you are wagering a billion points. It's a crucial distinction, because those of us who have scratched and clawed to get ranked at #150 have been dreaming of the day when we could start wagering "real points" and it's disheartening to see that we can't.

Thanks again.

Oogie54  (Level: 210.7 - Posts: 1120)
Sun, 17th May '09 8:15 PM

So...who is this guy Max, and why should I bet him?

Bigbird  (Level: 250.2 - Posts: 3345)
Sun, 17th May '09 10:32 PM

Yes, the max on wagers is 1 billion at a clip.

The max on showdowns is a little over 214 million.

Kaufman once explained it all, but it went right through my head. It's some computer algorithm, but I don't even know what that is. And I'm not even blond.

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2765)
Mon, 18th May '09 1:05 AM

I griped about this awhile back.

If it says "bet the max" and the max is ten percent that should be it. BTW, the cap isn't a billion because I just won one that was a billion and change.

And there uis no way to go back and see what the TQOTD wager histories are, so maybe I'm wrong and they are on;y telling me it was 1,000,010,111 or whatever,.

The cap on the Trivia Showdown is even dumber, because at least with that there is a timer and a life oponnent. I would agree that if the opponent fails to respond you should get poijnts by default, tho.

The bottom line is -- no one is ever going to catch the top guys anymore. I'm 118 and have 12.4 billion points. The leaders has over 100 billion.

Let's face it, writing and taking quizzes and kerplunks or whatever are irrelelevnt to getting up to the top of the leadrboard.

It I get every single TQOTD right, and then win every max wager, I guess I could win 52 billion in a year, is that right? And for the once a week capped Trivia Showdowns. again, winning 100 percent, another 12 billion or whatever.

Anyway, my gripes are this:

-- the rule should be that a trivia showdown is 10 percent of the max, whatever it is. If the other person doesn't answer you get to challenge someone else, not lose the token or win the money.

-- All the other games and authorships, kerplunks, quizzes, whatever, needs to have point totals brought up to where they could even be minorly relevant to the overall standings, It would encourage more participation in the games.

Frankly, I'm at the point right now where I read salty dog, do the TQOTD, and do the Trivia Showdowns. I'l like to get to the top 100, but it seems upward mobility is locked down.

Larrybus  (Level: 319.9 - Posts: 383)
Mon, 18th May '09 2:37 AM

The cap on wagers IS 1 billion points. The "change" you received was the 1,000-odd points for the correctly-answered TQOTD.

The time to earn points is while you're still able to make 25% wagers, which can increase your points geometrically. But to get the big points, you must spend a lot of time accumulating points BEFORE you make those wagers, doing Word Rounds, Word Matches, WTHAIs and/or writing lots of popular quizzes. It's not easy. And no one explained any of this to anyone currently near the top.

Garrybl  (Level: 293.8 - Posts: 6801)
Mon, 18th May '09 7:46 AM

Larry has it right.

By a quirk two players on the top page accumulated vast numbers of wager points by NOT going gold.
Weyoun and sleekstak both were sitting on wagers out the wazoo when they went gold.
At that point their success in TQOTD and maybe other occasional activities meant they started wagering and increasing their score geometrically from a bigger base.

But if you were to ask the members who went gold early if they would trade mere points for the fun they had being gold, I'm not sure they'd all say they got the worst of the bargain.

Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Mon, 18th May '09 11:38 AM

All good points and thanks for adding to the discussion. I think the most pertinent point is the one Smaug made about no one catching the top guys anymore. By keeping these artificial barriers in place it depresses competition and doesn't make it as exciting to be on Sploofus, quite frankly. Barry I get the points you're making but someone who has been Gold pretty much all along shouldn't have to be held back.

Weyoun  (Level: 231.2 - Posts: 36)
Mon, 18th May '09 6:52 PM

I don't get the complaint. The guys in front get to answer questions, too. By making how they score a geometric as opposed to exponential function, their chances to rank up points have been reduced vis a vis those who haven't hit the barrier.

If it returned to the old system, it would take you just as long to leap over other active players, since at that point every is operating under the same math.

It's the very top dogs who got a bad break.

Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Mon, 18th May '09 7:00 PM

The complaint is actually quite valid, Weyoun. Why hold anyone back? It's a free market system. Let people rise and fall as they can without "wager controls." Jeez, this sounds like the Nixon-era 1970s!

Garrybl  (Level: 293.8 - Posts: 6801)
Mon, 18th May '09 7:01 PM

I hate agreeing with everybody but Wyoun has it just right.
That was why the top players were consulted by Justin as to whether to implement these changes. (I was not one of them at the time); apparently they must have acceded to his request.

Weyoun  (Level: 231.2 - Posts: 36)
Mon, 18th May '09 8:22 PM

Clydes, you are not advocating a free market system - what you support also has a cap on points. But even if you could bet all of your points, that wouldn't translate into jumping ahead of those who bet similarly.

Clydesmaster  (Level: 195.9 - Posts: 23)
Mon, 18th May '09 8:34 PM

True, weyoun, I'm not advocating a pure free market system and you're right to point that out. I'm advocating the same system that all have used until they get to a billion point wager, that is, betting the max or 25%. And I'm not saying this is an attempt to overtake the top people because of course, the top people can also bet 25%. I'm bothered that after being able to bet 25% for well over a year now that right is suddenly taken away. That's all. Free market in my mind here is a little modified, but it adheres to the rules for the vast majority of players on here.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Tue, 19th May '09 2:49 AM

And i thought i was doing well to have 25 million...........

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2297)
Tue, 19th May '09 7:06 PM

Only Smaug would have a "life opponent". Most of us would like to think we have a "life mate"....


Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2765)
Wed, 20th May '09 5:22 AM


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