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Caramel1  (Level: 133.7 - Posts: 21556)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 2:21 PM

Bigmama60  (Level: 95.2 - Posts: 6644)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 2:43 PM

HA HA HA not funny!

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 2:48 PM

That sure is almost some dress! Looks like she walked through the curtains on the clothesline naked.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 3:02 PM

Thats not a dress that is lingerie! Oh well whatever how much money does one person need.

Pennwoman  (Level: 160.5 - Posts: 2476)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 3:03 PM

Ok, I tried it.
I just ran through our clothes line, but I ended up with a tea towel, and one of my mom's jogging suits, very ill placed. It wasn't pretty!

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 3:06 PM

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 8:43 PM

Looks like she got hung up in a mosquito net. In my opinion, Moose-Lips is one of the most over-rated actors in the world.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 8:48 PM

I agree about the overrated actress part, I also thinks her looks would be improved if they removed her head and replaced it.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 8:48 PM

Moose lips that too funny Donden, but accurate. I think she was good in Girl Interrupted after that, get over yourself.

1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 8:59 PM

She makes me quite ill. I think she is what guys once called a "dirty leg". Downright nasty.

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 9:29 PM

Dirty leg? Explain that one.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 9:32 PM

Oh, no. Please don't

Ladyvol  (Level: 210.9 - Posts: 5615)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 9:46 PM

That was a dress? Looked more like a tarp to me...

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 11:11 PM

I saw the movie "Wanted" and I am sorry maybe old fashioned. Those ugly tatoos sleeved all the way down her arm are ugly. Oh and Brangelina won't marry until everyone has the right to marry. Now what a couple they share a noble cause. She said in irony.

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Thu, 4th Jun '09 11:27 PM

Being a celebrity is big business (thanks to the celebrity-worshipping public) -- notice her media 'exposure' trumped Oprah's wealth. Angelina was a master getting media coverage, never saw a photo or news op she didn't like. Even the littlest thing, hitting her head on the movie set??? And dressed to the nines for every occasion. Made a big deal out of their privacy, yet she let it spill where she was going to be and when, adopting, giving birth, blah blah.

I guess I can't get past her and Billy Bob wearing a vial of each other's blood -- or when she kissed her brother -- She's an actress in every sense of the word, she's always on stage.

As long as the media and the public fawn over her, it will continue.

Lodi  (Level: 104.4 - Posts: 2144)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 12:36 AM

Wow, you guys are brutal.

I like her, and not even remotely for all of her humanitarian work and extraordinary donations to charity.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 12:38 AM

I don't mind her, just think it's an ugly dress.

Collioure  (Level: 111.6 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 3:53 AM

I agree, Lodi.

This is a tough crowd.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 204.1 - Posts: 1302)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 8:36 AM

Remember how she was such a freak when she was married to Billy Bob, but the minute she got together with Brad she became cool and chic? I hate when that happens....

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 8:51 AM

Took awhile for some to get over feeling bad for his wife.

I think Angelina is a fine actress (except for "Alexander," which she helped ruin) with great work ahead of her. She's a very unusual and complex person; and there's no denying she's beautiful, but she does make some wild choices in clothing. Sometimes she's stunning and classic, and sometimes she's stunning in a bad way. The curtain dress is one of those.

I don't know enough about her to make a judgment on what kind of person she is. She's in Big John's "5" but I can't say she "influences" me in any way. Oprah influenced me to read some pretty good books but I haven't watched her show in three or four years so I guess her influence has waned.

Caramel1  (Level: 133.7 - Posts: 21556)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 8:55 AM

Oprah told a graduating class that it was wonderful to have a private jet and that they should not let anyone tell them any different-liked that but her speech did not get much coverage- Linda

Zeedee  (Level: 231.5 - Posts: 1088)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 11:19 AM

I thought I had seen a magazine cover with Angelina in that same dress with "baby bump" speculations. I couldn't find the magazine, but this clip from youtube makes the same speculation using pictures of her in that dress.

Titansgal  (Level: 17.6 - Posts: 35)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 9:51 PM

Are those green eyes behind our posts? I detect jealousy and envy. Agreed she's no Sarah Bernhardt, but let's get real, she's hot and so is her partner!

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Fri, 5th Jun '09 10:19 PM

Jealousy, hardly. There is more to being "hot" than gigantic lips. We all have our personal tastes in the area, and she is just not mine. Her character outside of movies, from what I have seen, does not contribute to her good looks as much as I wish they did. Women who believe they are hot are in general turn me off to them fast, and she appears to think she is smoking hot and more. As far as her acting, I don't watch it much. I will say I generally avoid her movies because the woman is overexposed. One more detail about the relationship status of Brangelina or a photo op about her ninety ninth baby and I will literally avoid all future movies until she is exposed publicity wise to the point her talent actually merits instead. I wouldn't personally call that jealousy. It really has nothing to do with her in particular. Her exposure level to me has just become nauseating is all. I don't care about celebrities anyway, but her exposure, try as I might, is just unavoidable, and I'm not sure that I've explained this all very well.

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