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Daveguth  (Level: 260.7 - Posts: 1636)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 1:56 PM


A few weeks ago, there was a short thread started by Zeedee, with a response from Garrybl, that compared how many all-time points folks had with their level (e.g., 65.4). They're were pointing out a few folks that were high on the charts with relatively lower levels.

I thought about this a bit, and decided this wasn't a very fair comparison--it sort of penalized those folks who were proficient at answering their Question of the Day, and moving up levels.

It seems to me the better comparison is to look at points won relative to the length of time that folks have been playing Sploofus. So--and I know this was crazy of me--I went through the top 100 folks on the All-Time list and put their start date in a spreadsheet (along with their level and points). I was able to put together a couple of charts--one showing each person's average number of points won each day, and the other showing the number of levels gained ber day. I can send you the results as an atttachment in an email if you're interested, but, for brevity's sake, here are the top ten of each of this categories.

Points Per Day:
1. Garrybl
2. Larrybus
3. Jchristo
4. Slicko
5. Fookie
6. Banomet
7. Sharper
8. Sleestak3
9. Kaufman
10. Mrkelley23

There you go, Barry--even better evidence of your scoring prowess than the comparison you made a few weeks back!

Levels Per Day:
1. Jchristo
2. Weyoun
3. Mrkelley23
4. Slicko
5. Tabby
6. Daveguth
7. Larrybus
8. Johnbtv
9. Illiniamy
10. Kaufman

I was suprised to see I had snuck into this second category. When I first started in Sploofus, I was dumb enough to make a wager when I was at something like 3.9, and lost, so I lost almost a whole level. I guess other folks might have done the same thing at some point. Notice you see Weyoun on this list, but not the other list. As anyone who has been watching knows, he'll soon be near the top of the points as he makes up for lost time when he wasn't a gold member.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 2:09 PM

I blame Barry.

Garrybl  (Level: 286.6 - Posts: 6705)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 2:34 PM

I do indeed take responsibility for everything. But what about ggossage?
I thought he was someone who accumulated points at a record rate.
The second category really indicates who has the most general knowledge i think because it is performance on TQOTD that boosts your score there.

Daveguth  (Level: 260.7 - Posts: 1636)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 2:53 PM

Ggossage was not included in my spreadsheet because he or she is not in the top 100 point scorers. However, it's easy enough to figure out where Ggossage would land. On the Levels per day chart, Ggossage would place #3--behind Weyoun and ahead of Mrkelley23. I asume Ggossage hasn't been a Gold Member, so the points are low--similar to the way Weyoun is still lagging on the points chart.

Can you think of any other folks that have moved fast up the levels, but don't have the points?

I take it from Smoke's comment that the appeal of this thread is pretty limited. Apologies to those who think this is a silly discussion. I figured Barry, and maybe a couple of other folks, might be interested.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 2:56 PM

I do think it's interesting, just have nothing to offer, being mathlexic.

I was making a little joke in reference to Barry waking Weyoun up.

I'll just sit quietly over here in the corner...

Tuzilla  (Level: 139.5 - Posts: 3821)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 2:59 PM


I would just note that many of us older players gathered points for a long time at greatly reduced amounts. Originally, authors did not gain points for people taking their quizzes. They received 50 points for writing a quiz...that is it. People got much fewer points for taking quizzes, and there was no bonus for doing well. Well into 2005 the notion of earning 1-million points was pie in the sky. There were fewer WR/WM, Trivia Squares, Kerblunks or WTHAIs, etc. to bolster scores.

Daveguth  (Level: 260.7 - Posts: 1636)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 3:00 PM

Now I get, Donna! I was scratching my head, but now get the Weyoun reference. Duh.

You can now leave the corner!

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 3:10 PM

Thanks. I do have an interest in the subject, it's only my understanding that's limited.

I'm no Weyoun, but I have learned from my first incarnation, where I wasted a lot of levels on badly strategized wagers and showdowns. This time I've done a little better, and I don't think there's anyone ranked above me with a lower level - could be wrong - and that's without playing much of anything.

Daveguth  (Level: 260.7 - Posts: 1636)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 4:21 PM

Donna, after adding Ggossage and you to the list of 100 top scorers, you would finish 15th for levels per day. That's pretty darn good. Your points per day aren't up there yet--that's because your wagers aren't yet worth a billion a piece.

Though Steve makes a good point about scoring in the "old days," there is a built-in bias the other direction. Newcomers aren't accumulating points as quickly (per day) because they only win relatively small amounts in wagers and showdowns for the first several months. The longer you been playing, the greater of proportion of billion dollar wagers and 214,000,000 showdowns you'll have.

And, Steve, though there weren't as many ways to score back then, remember that the leaders are almost completely decided by how many wagers and showdowns you've won. You could get several million points by writing quizes (and playing various games), but that's relatively small potatoes compared to the quick billion you can get with a wager token. I noticed that several of the all-time top scorers don't do anything in Sploofus except Questions of the Day and wagers.

One other thought--didn't there used to be no limit on wager bets and showdown amounts? Didn't the longer term folks benefit from some higher wager and showdown winnings than is possible now?

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 6:03 PM

I don't know, but keep up this thread, I'm enjoying reading about it.

Kaufman  (Level: 263.2 - Posts: 3941)
Sun, 14th Jun '09 6:12 PM

I won a wager token today, which means tomorrow either Sleestak3 or Mrkelley23 may find me stalking their position...

Or I may get a Music question and chicken out for a day.

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