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Sun, 30th Apr '06 2:28 PM


Hey all!

In order to ramp up to the new Sploofus Hobby Portal, a few modifications have been made to conserve room in the database. To do this, a few new limits have been placed on field sizes, and a few features that are not inline with trivia quizzes or hobbies have been turned off.

- New 2,500 character maxlength for private messages
- "Thought of the Day" BLOG feature removed
- 500 character limit on trivia quiz questions
- Maximum 750 messages in your inbox
- WordRound shouts no longer archived

These changes will provide the room needed in the database to accommodate the new Hobby Portal, which will be launched very soon.


Mon, 1st May '06 4:21 PM

500 chars. per QUESTION And I'll bump PM's up to 5,000.

Aslan  (Level: 27.6 - Posts: 356)
Tue, 20th Mar '07 11:23 AM

I just had a thought. (First time is always the hardest.)

Would cleaning out our message boxes on a regular basis help with database size and server issues?

Allena  (Level: 268.6 - Posts: 1414)
Wed, 21st Mar '07 8:10 AM

500 characters is plenty for a question. If not, make it two questions. The pressure for EA's generates long questions. I believe that if EA's were awarded to short winded quiz writers, the length would be shorter.

Aslan may have a grand idea...clean out old messages or have them expire automatically unless renewed.

I for one am very glad to see the archives which is a stoage user but worth reductions in other places. I would hate to see the loss of old quizzes. I am still taking some of Goldtigers.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.2 - Posts: 6102)
Wed, 21st Mar '07 9:27 AM

Just curious! The original post by Justin on this was made back on 4/30 of last year. Is that right? This would mean that the things he has mentioned have already taken place. Is that correct? I thought it was a new post myself until I saw the date. Does anyone agree with me, or is it somehow something new?


Fifthwheel  (Level: 150.5 - Posts: 2)
Sun, 25th Mar '07 10:09 PM


Yes, you are right. This thread is nearly a year old, and any changes to memory allocation were made a long time ago. I had forgotten about the idea for a Hobby Portal.

Aslan just bumped it up by adding a new post.

- Jeanne

Fifthwheel  (Level: 150.5 - Posts: 2)
Sun, 25th Mar '07 10:13 PM

Forgot to tell her I was logged on!!

- George

Fookie  (Level: 128.5 - Posts: 36)
Sun, 25th Mar '07 10:28 PM

The good news is that it looks like the limitations haven't hurt the quiz or private messaging areas. So far so good.

Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Fri, 18th May '07 4:53 PM

Wow I dont use the PMS much or did not when I was around. I do tend to write very long quiz questions, this is gonna be really interesting and hard.. have to rethink what I write quizzes about as most of the things I have to give some background to be able to ask the questions. I do really like most of the changes that I am seeing though. The site is running really well and seems to be growing and doing well. I appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts into it
I am just gonna miss the way I write questions. I have no idea how to write short questions( just ask at work whereas most people put things like sntdnd +pms i write soft, non-tender non-distended, denies n/v, deni|es diarrhea, and then i write skin warm dry normal in color, good rom, neuros intact, + radial/distal pulses no edema noted
so you see it is not just here.. it is just my thing to be a little lpong winded, just ask anyone who talks to me

please excuse the typos .. have a broken finger

Sploofus Editor
Sploofernatural (Editor)  
Fri, 18th May '07 5:19 PM


I saw from your other post that you've been away a while, and you are no doubt looking at the changes to the site since then, but given your quiz-authoring history, it looks like you were last on around December, 2006. The changes Justin posted about were implemented in April, 2006, so you would have already been living with them.

NOTE TO OTHER USERS: What you see here is not a new change ... no need to react to it.

Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Fri, 18th May '07 5:23 PM

I dont think so, unless of course some quirk in the system was letting my quizzes get through, as I have some that are at least 2-3 paragraphs before you get to the question. They are annoyingly long if you consider how often I have heard from my detractors that they are too long, too hard, of course the flip side is those that love them
I have never counted though, I was just going on the paragraphs and the thought that I tend to be very, very long winded. Interesting though, will have to go back and see because I am fairly certain some are longer..


Ravenslight  (Level: 10.5 - Posts: 110)
Fri, 18th May '07 5:27 PM

Ok I am not crazy, I just check a couple of quizzes and at least one has several questions that have nearly 1000 characters per question.. SO not sure.. very confused.. not that this is a new state for me.. you have to understand I stay that way sometimes.. work, 7 dogs, 2 cats, 1 child, 6 horses..
one of the two quizzes i noticed off the back great racecourses of the world or soemthing like that


Maurlin  (Level: 221.5 - Posts: 2717)
Fri, 18th May '07 10:52 PM

Perhaps the year should be added to the posting date in Chat. When I first read what I thought was a "new" post today by Justin, I was really confused because I thought those changes had been made quite a while ago.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofabulous (Editor)  
Sat, 19th May '07 1:49 PM

Don't be confused. This is an old post from last year. It was bumped to the top of the list by a post that has since been deleted. It has nothing to do with 2007. Carry on!

Larrybus  (Level: 319.9 - Posts: 383)
Sat, 19th May '07 8:05 PM

It would still be a good idea to include the year as part of the posting date in Chat messages. Some threads run for several months or even years.

The year in the date would help avoid confusion by newbies seeing an old post for the first time or by veterans seeing a long-forgotten post again after several months or years.

Kaelin  (Level: 49.2 - Posts: 1685)
Mon, 21st May '07 10:46 AM

As a server owner and web host / designer - space is a huge issue. The amount of bandwidth a site like sploofus uses is going to be enourmous - people might think that it's not that expensive if they are familiar with cheap virtual hosts out there - and I don't know this for a fact, but I imagine Justin has his own server - which means when he goes over bandwidth and storage - it costs.

Databases that don't change frequently don't have to be optimized that often, but as you can tell when we start "sploofquaking" you have to imagine the amount of people that are hitting the site all at once.

Trimming your responses to remove all the previous responses on PM's (except maybe first part of the response to keep clarity) should give anyone plenty of space to write all their thoughts out

Just my two cents - will you give me a penny?

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Tue, 22nd May '07 5:05 PM

That's real interesting Lorri, you obviously know a lot more about the innards of a computer'n I do!
However, you hit a nerve when you mentioned storage of PMs...I have been guilty of keeping a bunch way past when I should have deleted 'em. I wonder how many others have done the same thing??

How much difference would it make if we cleaned out our PM inbox?? I guess I should go and tidy up mine.


Eileeny  (Level: 71.0 - Posts: 240)
Mon, 28th May '07 9:43 PM

Jutin I would like to thank you also for this wonderful quiz site, I play every chance i get but I am not addicted MUCH!! hee hee I think it is great and i think that the people who are sending you negative comments are just people who get angry when they score low on quizzes, nevermind them there are a lot of people joining all the time who think you did a fantastic thing by creating this site, As well as the members who have been with you for a long time.
WTG and thanks again. Loving it more each day .. Eileen.

Chrismb428  (Level: 24.6 - Posts: 10)
Tue, 5th Jun '07 8:47 PM

I am just now reading this thread so I know it's old news but is it definite that there is a 500 character limit to quiz questions? I personally enjoy the longer quizzes that seem to tell a story or give more information a lot more than I enjoy the shorter ones AND I also happen to like writing the longer quizzes that do more than just give questions and answers. This change would have a major affect on the way I enjoy SPLOOFUS so I am hoping that maybe it can be reconsidered.

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