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Linda  (Level: 26.6 - Posts: 95)
Tue, 16th May '06 4:50 PM


I am sure i will offend some folks but please believe that is not my intent. Also the things I discuss, I am as guilty of doing as anyone. Turned out 8 sitcom quizzes which took me less than 5 minutes to write ( I type with one finger) due to a great Wikepedia site. Have been having conversation with Bigbird in private messaging. The EA are a great honor-so proud of both of mine. There is also the sense of personal accomplishment from knowing you have created a really good quiz - EA or not. This is a game of trivia and is just that- a game. However, just wish that it was easier to view the quizzes that obviously take time and thought to create more easily. Many, many folks don't go beyond the 30 most recent or the top 25 (That sense of personal accomplishment soon begins to wear a little thin-if you get my point.) Some folks turn quizzes like rabbits have babies. Alice said there was a link to the EA quizzes but hunt as I might, I could not find it. It is a game but a game of competition. Just would hate to see good authors quit because they are tired of competing with the "JUNK". I know there is a limit of one in the 30 most recent, perhaps there should be that same limit on the top 25. I now have 2 there which will soon be gone-like I said, I am guilty too. You can chalk this up to the sour grapes of an old woman just thought I would offer this up for comment--again sorry about giving offense to those I did. Linda

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Tue, 16th May '06 5:54 PM

Linda - First of all to find a list of the most recent EA quizzes, go to the Trivia Quizzes link, and look on the left side, under where yours says "Welcome Linda". Maybe about the 4th blue bullet down says Editor's Awards. There you can see a list of the most recent ones.

Now, about your points (and I don't mean Sploofus points!). I agree that there are whole categories of quizzes which are written by the bucket which I would never take, and personally wish weren't here.

One is the "Favorite songs of 1971" type quiz. You just know that person is going to keep cranking them out. When they get up to the present day, they will start on "Favorite nailpolish colors" and work that to death. These quizzes require no thought at all - just a list from which to work; they take five minutes to write if you are a slow typist; but the main problem is that they are no fun. If you already know the stuff you zip through them, and if you don't, they are the kind of quiz where you really don't care.

I also personally dislike things like "Fill in the album title".

The trivia quizzes that I choose to take are the ones where I either think I am going to have fun with the topic, I'm going to learn something about the topic, or I am going to learn something about person who wrote it. Anyone, for example, who has taken a bunch of my quizzes knows me pretty well; knows all the shows my daughter acted in, what I bought for Christmas presents, what I cooked for a meal, what candy I liked as a kid, etc, etc, etc.

What I wish is that there was a way of displaying more of the current quizzes period. Take a topic like Television. I wrote 2 quizzes recently just to track them. One was off the front page within a day, the other has been up for about 12 hours and is sinking fast. How can anyone see them to take them? Poof! They are gone. Sure you can go looking for them, but most people don't.

So, I find that I tend to stick to unpopular topics with which I am comfy. Science, Food, & The Arts are topics where your quiz can stay visible for several days.

I don't have any great answers, but I think these are issues well worth discussing. I'm going to post this fast before I sploofout of time. Then I will think more, and maybe post on it later.


Banomet  (Level: 179.7 - Posts: 266)
Tue, 16th May '06 8:55 PM

"Favorite Songs of 1971" is my favorite quiz topic! This type of quiz is a very enjoyable part of Sploofus, even if it is not eligible for an Editor's Award.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Tue, 16th May '06 10:22 PM

Hey, don't rule it out as ineligible. If the quizmaker did a lot of research and in the act of writing the questions put forth enough interesting tidbits about the songs to make Casey Kasem jealous, I'd certainly hope "Favorite Songs of 1971" would get an EA.

And no, I myself have no plans to do that, at least in the next month

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Wed, 17th May '06 4:11 AM

Oh, I didn't say I would rule it out. I just said that I wouldn't take it. There's a big difference.

That's why this is a wonderful place. There is something here for everyone.

I just wish that our efforts, in whatever field we choose, would be visible by more people for a longer period of time.


Linda  (Level: 26.6 - Posts: 95)
Wed, 17th May '06 6:45 PM

I knew my original post would hurt feelings and I know that it did. I hate to hurt other folk's feelings. Sometimes i just get frustrated i believe at myself more than anyone else. i am such a slow typist that I have to spend a great amount of time when creating quizzes. Perhaps my post came from the part of me that envies those who whip these things out so fast. I did not have a right to refer to any quizzes as "JUNK" as I did. Today I remembered the words of my grandfather (one of the most wonderful people who has ever been a part of my life). I am sure he heard this from elsewhere but to paraphrase him he used to say in effect ,"One man's junk is another man's treasure." Should have poosted this yesterday. Linda

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