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Sharon5880  (Level: 85.0 - Posts: 9)
Sun, 30th Aug '09 10:26 PM


Call me a poor sport or what ever you want to call me. Todays word puzzle is just blankety blank

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:44 AM

I couldn't agree more, and i still find people completeing a WP without revealing one letter a tad suspicious.

Bleepy  (Level: 147.1 - Posts: 624)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:50 AM

Well...Don't look at me!!! For once I caught on after the first puzzle and completed four without using any letters. A rare occassion!!

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 4:58 AM

I made the connection at the end ... but those who weren't familiar with the material never would have.

Didb72  (Level: 220.4 - Posts: 243)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 5:08 AM

It is a kind of WP whereby you are either in the swing of things from the start or you just play hangman if you don't get it.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.7 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 6:04 AM

Right, and like Bleepy and Bigbird, I was intimate with the subject matter, and the clues provided a rather clear roadmap. It was just a question of how quickly we could figure out the ground rules on Puzzle 1. Then there was a certain individual who was so intimate with both fields of expertise, he didn't have to figure it out.

Collioure  (Level: 113.7 - Posts: 9952)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 6:59 AM

Actually there were two, Ken.

I'm just glad I didn't lose too many points solving it.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6769)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 7:02 AM

Great puzzle; I count myself in the group who almost got the theme -- just wasted 11 of my guesses on the first puzzle which was an order of magnitude harder thanthe other four.
Most enjoyable and maybe there will be other similar puzzles like this one coming up...please?

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21586)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 7:04 AM

Repeat-not you Bleepy necessarily-, but dual accounts make much here open to suspicion

Lynnm  (Level: 235.8 - Posts: 2031)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 9:36 AM

Innuendo about players who have figured out techniques to improve their score is just sour grapes. My hat's off to those who can solve the word puzzles without spending letters. I have had occasional experiences in which I solved one or two of the five phrases without spending a letter, without having a second account and without collaboration - so I know it's possible. I've noticed that a couple of the players who are consistently near the top of the leaderboards spend a lot more time than I do figuring out the phrases and which strategic letters to guess, so I'm trying to slow down and think it through more, and my scores have improved a bit. I thought the theme of this puzzle was fairly easy to guess as soon as I completed my first phrase, although I was not confident enough to guess others without filling in some letters. I found it to be a really clever theme, and the author used an album which is widely known across generations and nations as his play list, which I thought was fair and reasonable.

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21586)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 9:46 AM

I never do well on word puzzles and points have never been an issue with me-but it is an undeniable fact that dual accounts create suspicion not only in games-only exception I can see here is the WR/WM but also on the chat boards. Hopefully at some point Justin will have enough money to eliminate the Editor/Player thing-would be a start.

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 11:06 AM

Oops, I accidentally posted this on another thread (WP inside information)

Lynn, there's no innuendo. It's pretty straight forward. People who aren't familiar with either subject won't get it at all. Those who are intimately familiar with both will do very well. The album was successful, the songs being widely known (or connected with the album title for that matter), perhaps within an age range (rapidly getting older ). You apparently know who the editor is (you said 'he').

I'm not long on technique, depends on the topic. However I did 'ace' a puzzle one time, as did several others who took less time and eased me down ... technique (maybe googling speed)? More likely obvious from the get-go.

I haven't weighed in on the editor thing at all, other than I had a great WP experience, but I have read threads here and there and have questions of my own:

#1 The rules are that members may not message one another about puzzle answers, etc. Obviously puzzle writers and their own editors have to be exempt from this rule. The question was raised (but I'm not sure it was answered), can editors tip off others (editors or not) about their own puzzles?

#2 The question about editors taking their own puzzles has been answered. Are they on their honor, or are they monitored to make sure they don't take the top spots? Someone(s?) said they thought it was OK to run up their points, don't know if they were facetious.

#3 Is Slicko an editor/player? (Or is that a no-no question about any editor?)

I hope this doesn't spin off into a general gripe about editors' and EA's and such, it muddies the water.

Bleepy  (Level: 147.1 - Posts: 624)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 11:19 AM

Just for the record...this is only the 2nd time I have been in the top ten. If I wanted to cheat, I would have probably learned to be better at it by now. I know your comments were not really directed at me, but yesterday I learned that there are some puzzles (yesterday was my rare event) that just click. So what learned is not to be as suspicious when I see stellar scores!!

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 11:27 AM

Wow Colleen I'm honored that you think I'm worthy of being an editor and would obviously jump at the chance if some day I get asked.
As for yesterday's puzzle it was a Platinum player's puzzle - RJ is our own Sploofus ER doc - and I'm a family practice doctor - so when you combine that with one of my favorite Beatles albums I was bound and determined to use no letters - just like that one on classical music and movies last month - 2 of my favorite topics.
As for your other comments I can only speculate but will say that when I've sent in a support ticket I've been treated very fairly - hate to sound naive but I cannot imagine Justin would permit editors to do anything that would hurt other players' scores.

Bleepy  (Level: 147.1 - Posts: 624)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 11:43 AM

Slicko - You're good at solving puzzles. You really shouldn't have to explain yourself! I hope it never gets to the point that people are made to feel that they did something wrong by doing well. It really takes the enjoyment out of the challenge.

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 12:34 PM

Thanks for your reply, Gary, you answered some questions I did not know. My last question was general, I didn't phrase it well, but it was not directed at you ... rather an attempt to head off personal player/editor conflicts in replies, I shouldn't have done that.

Uturntama  (Level: 51.0 - Posts: 179)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 12:39 PM

Congrats Bleepy on the GREAT work and I vote for SLICKO for editor. To all of those who can solve the word puzzles without spending are brilliant in my eyes!

Daveguth  (Level: 266.5 - Posts: 1636)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:04 PM

Wow. There's still talk of good scores being "suspicious," with "dual accounts" the likely suspect.

Yes, that does happen. About once every few weeks, some clown puts this idea together and scores completely off the chart. But then, invariably, that score is deleted from the leaders by the editors because they have a very sound technique--they compare IP addresses.

I know. My son and I tried this sleazy stunt when we were newbies on Sploofus. Yeah, we thought we were real smart. Then, bam, our scores were deleted by the editor crew. My son long ago left Sploofus and I, long ago, got into the spirt of Sploofus and cut that crap out. I can sincerely tell you that winning legitimately on Sploofus feels a million times better than winning a WP or two with that stupid trick.

The folks who consistently score well on Sploofus (e.g., Slicko) are NOT in this crowd. First of all, the Sploofus editors would regularly toss their scores if they were using the dual account trick. And, second, it would be exhausting to keep cheating (playing twice) every time out. I can't imagine Slicko or anyone else going through that routine 60 times a month. The dual account trick is really for folks doing it on a lark just to prove they can do it.

And the topper is that it's highly unlikely that you would have the same 5 puzzles on both of your accounts--since the WP creator submits 10 puzzles. You couldn't have a score of 5 unless you at least solved a few puzzles legimately in 1 move. And if you can do that, why isn't it possible for a smart person like Slicko to get all 5 in 1 move? Suggesting a score is "suspicious" just because you're incapable of doing it isn't just "sour grapes," it's offensive.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6769)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:11 PM

Re daveguth's letter.

people have tried multiple multiple entries --back in late 2006 when i joined Gillian set up multiple entries and some really smart people (Larrybus was ingenious) explained how it had been done.
she was later busted for a second such offense....

Every few weeks i post a pm to certain quiz setters asking whether a newbie score is suspicious or not (in order to avoid going public with base suspicions). alas every time the suspicions are well grounded.

but certain quizzes are likely to get the odd score of five; sometimes it is goggleable quotes, other times as here the theme is well enough known that if you get your first guess right you have a sporting chance to get the rest.

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21586)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:16 PM

Yup, that is one issue. I believe that the majority of editors who legally have dual accounts do not abuse their power either on the games or the chat boards but one or two bad apples spoils the whole bushel

Daveguth  (Level: 266.5 - Posts: 1636)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 1:18 PM

Barry, are you saying that folks have had more than two accounts? It seems that no matter how many accounts you use, the IP address would still be a giveaway. I suppose somebody could run back and forth to a friend's house, the library, an Internet cafe, etc., but is it really worth that kind of effort?

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6769)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 2:54 PM

I cannot answer what they were doing...only what the results were.
I imagine if you worked at a university or were close to an internet facility different machines would have dfifferent IPs?
Apologies if this betrays my complete ignorance of all things computer.

Didb72  (Level: 220.4 - Posts: 243)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 3:45 PM

In the fine art of cheating people get very ingenious but with sploofus there is nothing to win, having multi accounts just in order to win a WP, it is pure insanity. I am sure it can be done, with sploofus i have used four different computers in four different location but I always used the same login. I can easily imagine someone who is very good doing a phrase without any letters when it is easy. Personally, english is not my first language and I still manage to do a WP in less than 40 moves....

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 4:49 PM

When I first started WPs, there were a lot more 5ers than there are now. I sometimes think that's because WPs are much different - more hooks and tricks and fun things than just straight up facts as they were more back 3 years ago.

I spent probably a solid year thinking the top 20 were all cheats! I couldn't believe anybody could get 5 without even guessing one letter.

But then the day came when once or twice I could get ONE of my 5 with no letters. I finally realized that people much smarter than I could actually get all 5 with no letters without cheating.

It was humbling and it bruised my ego a bit, but I came to realize it was the truth.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.7 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 6:18 PM

Any sufficiently advanced genius is indistinguishable from cheating.

And vice versa.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.1 - Posts: 7692)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 6:56 PM

I've had a few "fivers" along the way. Some puzzles just allow for a player well versed with a topic [or clever with the Googling method to ascertain the key facts] to sometimes just take the chance that they will hit the jackpot by going for it and seeing where the chips fall.
The Medical Mystery Tour word puzzle was a potential "fiver" for a few players [including me] because if the first phrase fit well with the Beatles song titles in their Magical Mystery Tour Album, you could guess what RJ's humorous clues/ phrases might lead to. I did well for three phrases before I hit a snag.

Again, if you surmised what song title from that album was the likely culprit, you could count the words and letters in the phrase and let your sense of humor take over. RJ's clues were great by the way.
I got two with no letters and only one puzzle caused me to burn several letters. I ended up with a 14 letters/4800 score [ranked 20th!]. A lot of Beatles lovers here.

I enjoy playing and submitting word puzzles. However, I do my darnedest to prevent any "fivers" on my entries.
I want folks to do some work and learn some trivia along the way if possible.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6769)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 8:24 PM

On RJs puzzle I was unlucky enough to get 'I am the uterus' first with a clue that could have been 'I am the eggman'.
if that had come 2nd-5th I would have known the theme more precisely....

Oh well it was still GREAT fun.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.1 - Posts: 7692)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 8:41 PM

Good example Garry!
I had that "I Am The Walrus" inspired phrase also.

RJ's clue was something to the effect of "self named womb" so the word uterus [or eggman to Garry's chagrin] was logical.
I got that one with no letters [I Am the Uterus ------ uterus just seemed right to me.]

Again, whether you did well or not- RJ did a wonderful job creating that puzzle. Kudos

Alvandy  (Level: 240.1 - Posts: 7692)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 8:44 PM

Correction- Barry!

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Mon, 31st Aug '09 10:41 PM

Barry, thanks for the comic relief, I'm holding my sides laughing. You're quite a sport to declare it to all.

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