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Lynnm  (Level: 236.1 - Posts: 2035)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:13 AM


This is a fascinating glimpse at the story of a hero. Please print all of the clues when the puzzle time limit expires!

Lodi  (Level: 106.0 - Posts: 2144)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:37 AM

This was incredible and I can't wait to see the whole thing. I was so anxious to get to the next one that I ended up with 4 sorry spelling errors.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:38 AM

Very good WP, thanks.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:45 AM

Thank you, I will.

I will also write a more complete biographical sketch, plus some bonus material.

Sadly, it will have to wait until after I return from work - approximately 4 hours after the puzzle ends tonight.

This is the first in what I hope will eventually become a community word puzzle series, "Someone I've Met". For the record, I have met Edgar H. several times, including an unforgettable nearly 3 hour oral history interview we did at a public radio station a couple years back.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:47 AM

Hated it.

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:49 AM

I don't dig war stuff, but that was very interesting.

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:51 AM

That was an amazing story. I was exhausted from his ordeal by the time I finished the puzzle. We've learned the big picture, but tend not to know what individuals went through.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:59 AM

I appreciate actual feedback, Felix, but since you didn't even start the word puzzle, I'm wondering how you arrived at your conclusion?

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 10:14 AM

What's your point?

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Tue, 15th Sep '09 10:22 AM

Perhaps if you tried it, you might like it.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 10:27 AM

No thank you. It leads to too many editor/player backslaps. I'll continue not to play them just as most of the total membership refrains from them. Maybe a new category for EA's and Backslaps would be in order? Thanks again. Have a great day.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Tue, 15th Sep '09 10:28 AM


Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6772)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 10:36 AM

Most interesting.
Look forward to more of the story.


Daveguth  (Level: 266.8 - Posts: 1636)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 12:16 PM

Gee, Felix, if your goal is to emulate THEDON, you're getting pretty darn close. Congratulations.

You know, the political/religious/etc. threads are full of cute little comments from folks who want to piss each other off. That's a perfect place for you to play. But generally, the threads on actually games (like this one) are from folks who: 1) actually play the games and 2) understand and appreciate that the authors put a lot of work into creating those games.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 12:18 PM

Thank you.

Daveguth  (Level: 266.8 - Posts: 1636)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 1:03 PM

Wow, what a great WP! Sploofishy, that was perfectly written--that "random nature" you mentioned a few days ago was non-existent. You expertly told a story through a WP, and what a story it was. I knew a bit about this subject, but the first person touch made the incredible story that much more real and haunting.

Thank you.

1mks  (Level: 219.5 - Posts: 5925)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 2:50 PM

WOW. I thought it was great and also heart wrenching.

Oogie54  (Level: 209.5 - Posts: 1120)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 2:51 PM

Good one, I had read some about the history of the subject person,amazing account.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.4 - Posts: 7692)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 3:10 PM

Super! After I completed the puzzle, I did more research on the "ordeal." Riveting history.
No body should "hate" this puzzle no matter what your score.

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 3:25 PM

Great WP. I really liked it and made me think that few of us would have the strength to get through this ordeal.

Felix's negative and childish comments are more than welcomed, with a bit of training he could be funny ...

Asor  (Level: 162.1 - Posts: 594)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 4:19 PM

This was great. At first, I felt a wee bit guilty for taking part in a "game" regarding this person's hardships, but then I decided it's a wonderful way to get people to stop and think about what others have been through in times of war (and are going through today).

I hesitate to say I enjoyed it, but I did. Very well done

Marynuala  (Level: 140.2 - Posts: 996)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 4:53 PM

A tragic but heroic story beautifully narrated in WP form.

Nelly  (Level: 179.8 - Posts: 1167)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 5:09 PM

Thank you, Sploofishy!

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 5:20 PM

Neat WP, wonderful account. If ever made into a movie, who should be cast? (Past or present).

Daveguth  (Level: 266.8 - Posts: 1636)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 5:28 PM

Funny you should mention a movie, Colleen--I've thought of that several times today. There have been a few low budget or TV attempts, but not the big movie this story deserves. (Think Spielberg making a sort of Titanic/Saving Private Ryan epic.) We don't want to go into too much detail here before the quiz closes, but a discussion on this topic would be interesting.

Before that, however, I'm really looking forward to Sploofishy's full account. Like Al, I did a little research afterwards (well...Wikipedia) and realized that there's a lot to be said and learned about this story.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 6:12 PM

Hated it*

* That anyone should have to have gone through that ...

Tresgatos  (Level: 214.8 - Posts: 4415)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 6:14 PM

I thought this was a truly excellent word puzzle. As I was playing it, it really felt like I was reading Edgar's story, and I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter. It was fascinating, moving, tragic, suspenseful. You accomplished a lot with this WP, Sploofishy. I'm looking forward to seeing all of the phrases and reading more about Edgar. Thank you for sharing this with us!

-- Geri

Tresgatos  (Level: 214.8 - Posts: 4415)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 6:17 PM

Yes, I'm really sorry Edgar went through that, but I'm glad he survived!

-- Geri

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 6:39 PM

Thanks for your comments, Dave -- actually I'd hate to see Spielberg get his hands on it, rather see someone like Ron Howard keep it in scope. You're right, more discussion later would be good.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 7:01 PM

I'm looking forward to all 10 phrases. Very interesting.

Bbear  (Level: 167.3 - Posts: 2297)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 7:20 PM

Would not have take so long if we hadn't gotten into the story. Could you imagine what CNN would do with the information about what happened?

A drunk, a sleeping man and a Japanese hater walked into a bar.......

Felix: we think you are Spoofishy.....

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 7:25 PM

Bbear: Get well soon!

Lamizell  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 441)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 7:30 PM

Totally sunk by a three-letter word, but also eager to hear the whole story.

Susyq  (Level: 49.9 - Posts: 112)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 8:06 PM

Too many pink screens for happiness, but a very interesting puzzle.

Actually, Madamec8, Spielberg DID get his hands on the story. It's part of the backstory of the shark hunter Quint in Jaws:

Virtus  (Level: 169.8 - Posts: 2489)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:12 PM

Very interesting historical puzzle. We owe a lot to WWII war heroes. What a wonderful tribute. Thanks.

Madamec8  (Level: 85.9 - Posts: 897)
Tue, 15th Sep '09 9:31 PM

Thanks, Suzy ... it was so long go I'f forgotten that ... I don't think anyone could hold a candle to Robert Shaw for that dialogue. Spielberg today? Not so sure, but maybe I'm off-base. Regardless, I've answered my earlier question about casting - none other than Robert Shaw, if only we could.

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