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Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:19 PM


Hey folks! I've just finished a new monitoring script which automatically takes down any slow servers and repairs them. It then brings them back online after the database repair is complete. This is a very big change and, in conjunction with the recent hardware that was added, should keep things running quickly and smoothly for the foreseeable future.

Thank you everyone for hanging in there with me (for the most part).

Long live Sploofus!

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21588)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:26 PM

Kudos Justin

Kimoira  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 1195)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:27 PM

That sounds great Justin but please don't let it get to the point of no return again. We welcome your input and your visits but we need them more than once or twice a year!!

Alvandy  (Level: 240.3 - Posts: 7692)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:30 PM

Yippeee! I've seen the difference already. Great work Justin.

Folks, frustration to me is seeing our highly paid U.S. Congress sit on their thumbs and argue political points for the next election, while hundreds of thousands of workers and their families keep losing their jobs; health care benefits [if they had any through the employer] because we can't agree on solutions to fixing the economy and rebuilding the middle class.

Sploofus and its recent system glitches are no that big in comparison.
That's my political rant for the week.

Long live Sploofus.

4getful1  (Level: 182.9 - Posts: 3055)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:31 PM

YIPPEEE! Thanks so very much, Justin. You've got a tough job, and you do it with patience and class.
Many thanks!

Bbear  (Level: 166.9 - Posts: 2297)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:35 PM

Alvandy --- quit being the voice of reason, would ya? Go eat a peppermint patty and start thinking irrationally, please.

Thanks, Justin!

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21588)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:46 PM

Brenda so good to see you. It has been way too long

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.2 - Posts: 5649)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:48 PM

Thanks friend...hope you have the luck of the Irish from now on concerning the site...sending you a rainbow too....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~

Thu, 8th Oct '09 7:49 PM

LOL. I like this thread.

Thanks Alvandy. Somehow you read my mind. I've been dealing with some serious health insurance issues as of late. Or, should I say, LACK of health insurance issues. I was in a relatively minor car crash not too long ago and, one ambulance ride, an ER visit, a shot of morphine and 6 CT scans later, I owe the hospital $25,000.

There are a few insurance plans I have found that I can buy for myself but they start at about three hundred bucks a month. And they don't even cover prescriptions or office visits. So.... until Sploofus can gain some financial traction I remain another statistic in the health-care crisis in this country.

Makes me wanna move up north to Canada. I hear things are quite a bit better up there... but alas, I can't bring myself to move anywhere colder than Michigan hehe.


Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 8:05 PM

Alvandy, your post is why I want to run away with you. Do you think your wife would mind. In all seriousness Congress thinks that we don't notice them dragging their feet but WE DO! This is not why we elected them, they need to get off their a-- and pass health care legislation now! I hear about it everyday, my daughter couldn't go for a strep culture because her co-pay was 75.00! BS My son in law went to doctor for a bad cold, total cost 500.00, his insurance only covered part. This is just crazy and we are going into cold and flu season, and they say it will be rough.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6770)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 9:18 PM


$300 a month; woow how do you get it so cheap.
My wife and I set up as a partnership just to get our payments down below a grand!!

Maybe something to do with living in NY....

Haydn  (Level: 207.2 - Posts: 260)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 9:44 PM

Delighted to see things moving again. I really enjoy this site!

Lodi  (Level: 106.0 - Posts: 2144)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 10:02 PM

I pay more than $300 a month. My employer's contribution is much more though.

Joanneeberlin  (Level: 189.8 - Posts: 686)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 10:14 PM

Thanks Justin - next round's on me!

Jo xx

Virtus  (Level: 169.7 - Posts: 2489)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 10:18 PM

Thanks so much, Justin.

Elbee  (Level: 8.5 - Posts: 49)
Thu, 8th Oct '09 11:52 PM

Ok, I decided to become a paying Sploofus member to help support this site. I'm sure it will be a good investment.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.3 - Posts: 5414)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 12:59 AM

I would say welcome and good for you, Elbee, but Lodi has threatened me with bodily harm for being a cheerleader.

But that's what I would say if it weren't for Lodi. OK?

Lodi  (Level: 106.0 - Posts: 2144)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 1:38 AM

Dang! You can dodge a beercan like nobody's business!

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 2:39 AM

A thousand felicitations for finally providing what you charge for.

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 3:45 AM

He has yet to sort out the SHOWDOWN fiasco. I have one that expired last Sunday, and have recently, after posting times of less than 6 secs.on two SHOWDOWNS, was informed, on both, that my opponent was faster than me. No times were given, so how do we know it is not just another fault, and I really won both. The whole SHOWDOWN system SUCKS.

Collioure  (Level: 113.7 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 4:24 AM

Justin, could you now please give us an update on the restart of other functions?

Thank you.

Oldcougar  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 1935)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 4:38 AM

Thanks for all your hard work, Justin.

PS. Vancouver Island is warmer than Michigan. I'd love to have The Island on my island

Surreyman  (Level: 272.3 - Posts: 2771)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 4:39 AM

Justin - $25,000 for that treatment? $1,000 a month for insurance?
I can't believe I'm reading these figures.
An NHS scan here is free, of course. But even privately it's only around $800.
Cheaper for you to pop over here for private treatment!

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 5:08 AM


Move to the UK, the NHS will take care of you.

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 5:12 AM

You could move to France the care system is very unexpensive. You could even set up a Sploofus in French and enjoy the good life with Collioure.

Bigmama60  (Level: 95.2 - Posts: 6644)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 5:15 AM

Justin, I always knew you could do it. I just didn't know when; that's why I didn't complain. I'm not too much into mutiny. I always put trust in the captain of my ship. I'll probably be the last rat to leave the ship.

Happy CAT scanning

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.4 - Posts: 1581)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 6:14 AM

Thanks, Justin!

I pay $820/month for my husband, my cost is covered. Happy to do it since he's self employed. The rates are crazy otherwise, I know just what you're talking about.

Glad to see the the site functioning more smoothly once again!

Papajensai  (Level: 201.6 - Posts: 1024)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 7:45 AM

Ohyeah, this is so nice. It's like finally getting your car to start on a cold morning, and smoothly driving along with the heater warming your toes and the tunes dripping out of the speakers. Thanks for setting things back up for us, Justin.

Bigdavy  (Level: 140.7 - Posts: 539)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:27 AM

Thanks Justin, you're our hero!

Cjar855  (Level: 134.2 - Posts: 838)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 9:38 AM

Thanx Justin


Allena  (Level: 266.3 - Posts: 1408)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 10:03 AM

Justin, Join the National Business Association (cheap) and get group insurance through them. There are other groups you can join and I am sure you are looking. I know of no retro-active plans ... However, the future is bright. JIM

Bbear  (Level: 166.9 - Posts: 2297)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 11:07 AM

A CAT scan works best with a calico.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 11:57 AM

My cat wasn't very well so I took it to the vets. The vet said, "before I look at your cat it'll be £50." "No worries, just fix it" I replied. He looked at the cat and said "its dead." "It can't be - I want a second opinion." So the vet goes to the waiting room and asks the owner of a black Labrador if he could borrow it. He then turns to the dog and says" just check out whether the cat is dead." The dog sniffed my cat, looked at the vet and said "nope, its dead" "I still don't believe you - I want a third opinion." So off he goes into the waiting room again and this time comes back with another cat. He says to the cat "just check that this is dead." Sure enough the cat sniffs around my cat, looks to the vet, shakes his head and says "no its dead." "OK" I say - I believe you here is the £50 - "No, no says the vet, its £200 now." "What do you mean?" "Well there was a £50 initial consultation fee, then you had a lab report and then you had a cat scan!"

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 2:43 AM

Yawn, Yawn, Clevercloggs. As old as the hills.

Wordster  (Level: 166.7 - Posts: 936)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 2:55 AM

Thanks for the improvements! Whew, are you sure that bill is right? Sounds like a rip-off to me.
Bobo- I've never been to my doctor over here (UK) for a bad cold and it's free so why go when it costs so much?

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 4:51 AM

Yawn, Yawn, Clevercloggs. As old as the hills.
...........Great retort, i'll use that one next time somebody quotes the bible.

Irishpainter  (Level: 165.0 - Posts: 224)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 5:21 AM

LOL well i never heard it before and I thought it was funny, nice job Dave of course we are behind the times here in Ireland

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 8:15 AM

Wordster, my son in law is lazy and went for a cold so he could take a day or two off work. After the initial day when he went to doctor he has what is called PTO, paid time off at his company. I guess the doctor ran some tests that weren't covered under his insurance plans. They do that sometimes especially if you have insurance. If it were my bill I would contest it and I always ask the doctor how much. My daughter never goes to the doctor and was laid off her teaching job, she got a sore throat and thought she might have strep. That cost was for an urgent care place, they are always higher than if you go to your family doctor. It is just crazy here in the states what it costs for medical insurance.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.8 - Posts: 3941)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 8:54 AM

Clevercloggs wrote:

Yawn, Yawn, Clevercloggs. As old as the hills.
...........Great retort, i'll use that one next time somebody quotes the bible."


Funny, I didn't have you pinned as a literal creationist. Most other people have the Bible dated as several hundred million years younger than the hills.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 9:01 AM

Hilarious. Your anal retention however, came as no surprise to me at all.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.3 - Posts: 5414)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 9:02 AM

Well, CC, I had heard it before, but no matter how many times I see it, I read it and I laugh, even when I know what the punchline is and when it's coming. It's one of my favorite jokes.

Don't pay any mind to BR. He's just grumpy. And I suspect you won't hurt his feelings by making anti-Bible remarks so you'll have to come up with a better torment than that.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.8 - Posts: 3941)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 9:05 AM

Don't you mean retentiveness?

Lodi  (Level: 106.0 - Posts: 2144)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:22 AM

I'm not getting pm results for any of the WP's I'm taking. Is this working for anyone else?

Cjar855  (Level: 134.2 - Posts: 838)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:28 AM

I haven't gotten any in the past few days..

Alvandy  (Level: 240.3 - Posts: 7692)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:36 AM

That's still a glitch - no bonus points being added or reported.

Lodi  (Level: 106.0 - Posts: 2144)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:48 AM

Thanks Al. You're the beast.

Buchanan  (Level: 81.3 - Posts: 339)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 8:59 PM

thank,its a pleasure now to play sploofus,buchanan

Diva305  (Level: 152.6 - Posts: 1655)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 9:05 PM

Still a little erratic.

I did the puzzle twice and it kept adding moves-157-and deducting points

A new record.

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