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Artcr1715  (Level: 100.1 - Posts: 165)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:27 PM


I'm curious--how many people out think David Letterman's affairs are a big Deal? Personally, I don't think they are because he wasn't married at the time, and all the women were over 18. What rich powerful man DOESN'T have affairs?

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:34 PM

I could care less, he is not a political figure. As for sexual harrassment it appears that was not the case or one of the women would have already been attempting litigation. It must have just been consensual workplace sexual affairs. He wasn't married but has been with his current wife for many years before marriage. That is his problem with his wife, I didn't even care about Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky only that he lied about it. Other than that who cares.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:50 PM

Exactly. I agree with Bobo.

Bigmama60  (Level: 95.2 - Posts: 6644)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 8:56 PM

I agree with Bobo and World Wide Pants. David Letterman owns his show which is World Wide Pants. I think the suing maybe a little difficult no one's saying their sex was not consensual

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 9:01 PM

Is there any truth to the report that he did have a dalliance in August (which is obviously while he was married)?

Thing is, he is powerless. People can easily show what they think with their remote control.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Fri, 9th Oct '09 9:11 PM

I don't really watch his show much anymore. I used to I always did think he was kind of a chauvinist. Whatever, it will probably help his ratings if anything people seem to like reality shows and that is reality. Now If I could get my daughter off that reality show crap on MTV and VH1 and the rest I would be a happy camper. She will watch any of that garbage.

Artcr1715  (Level: 100.1 - Posts: 165)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 9:17 PM

Thanks for responding folks.

Leaston  (Level: 42.6 - Posts: 838)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:06 PM

I could care less what he does! I never watch him.

Alvandy  (Level: 242.0 - Posts: 7719)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:24 PM

In the future- his world wide pants needs zippered!
He has to make amends to his wife and colleagues. But it doesn't affect my respect for him.

Coincidentally, I was in the studio audience on the third night that his new show aired on CBS [September 1, 1993]
I had won tickets to the show and was able to go to New York City with my son and sit in the sixth row.

P.S. The Ed Sullivan Theater had been remodeled for his new show, and it was "cold as hell" in there. We met Biff Henderson in the men's rest room before the show started. [STIFLE !}

As the show started , when the overhead camera came zooming down to scan the audience, we were caught on camera waving. I videotaped the show back home;.

It was cool [figuratively and literally] to be there. Demi Moore was the main guest and the Spin Doctors were the musical guests [what ever happened to them?]

Good luck David!

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 3:39 AM

He might need it on the home front, but how do you not know these things? He just doesn't seem real sexual to me. Not my type, I don't know. They have been together a long time and even had a kid first then got married. Oh well he is still funny.

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 5:57 AM

Perhaps not as innocent as you folks would like it to be.

For example, who was promoted and who wasn't . . .

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 6:33 AM

Hey that is a matter for their legal department. I am sure they have one, if there is promotion or money involved it will come out. Stuff like that always does, not our headache and I don't think the females were under 18 so lets not get all crazy. It seems men across the board can't keep it zipped what a shocker.

Avdralle  (Level: 183.6 - Posts: 57)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 6:37 AM

I don't think any less of him for the recent revelations, because I have disliked him for years. I occasionally look in when he has an interesting (to me) guest, and find that he is politically biased, almost bitter, in one direction. That is certainly his right, but it is a turn-off (or channel-change) to me.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 6:45 AM

That is why he is on late nite, he used to be more risque and did things that hadn't been done before. When he first started I used to watch him all the time, not so much anymore. I still think he can be very funny.

Bigmama60  (Level: 95.2 - Posts: 6644)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 7:12 AM

I could care let less about who shot Harry and who got John. I like watching his top 10 list. Whatever he does/has done in his private life is way too overblown; which it seems he, himself, is captilaizing on.

Enjoy life you only get one.

Smaug  (Level: 145.4 - Posts: 2763)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 8:49 AM

I despise the jargon of sexual misconduct. "Dalliance"..."affair"..."lover"...

Say it like it is, he was fing the hired help.

Kimoira  (Level: 214.9 - Posts: 1200)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 9:21 AM

I thought he was great when he followed Carson's show but I stopped watching Letterman years ago. He stopped being funny to me around the the time he moved to CBS. Nothing he has done has been very significant in the years since; comedy, dalliances, whatever.

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 10:42 AM

I do think less of him.

Matter of work ethics.

The boss has to set a better example in his shop.

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 3:13 PM

I still think he's OK although he suddenly eliminated a source of comedy. No more jokes about the politicos and thei extracurricular affairs. Today AP ran a story on it. Sort of like "Mount Rushmo" and his tirades about drug addicts before it became public that he was strung out on Oxicontin.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 5:05 PM

Zackly, Donden well put. I don't know if he should have public acknowledged the incident. He got his lawyer and I am sure execs from network charges were filed it was in press, don't see need to go public on air. Maybe he should have made a joke about it. Frankly Andy your mores are a bit outdated he is a media figure and think less of him if you want. It is his private business and I along with others have better things to be offended by.

Caramel1  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 21612)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 6:32 PM

Maybe this had something to do with the public apology,0,1092415.story

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 7:51 PM

Like many high-profile folks in the entertainment biz (and sports biz and politics biz), high ego-involved individuals become even more so as their fame/power grows and there are fewer people around them who say "no," or don't feel like they CAN say "no." imho

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