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Tresgatos  (Level: 217.4 - Posts: 4453)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 3:41 PM


I can't wait to hear what sort of wild pets you've had, Bev! This was a really fun puzzle with lots of interesting trivia! Thanks!

-- Geri

Suzannec  (Level: 260.1 - Posts: 616)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 6:02 PM

What adorable pet names. Looking forward to hearing more about each one. Fun puzzle. Thanks.

Nelly  (Level: 181.0 - Posts: 1167)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 6:31 PM

Enjoyed my first puzzle of the month! Thanks, Bev!

Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 8:48 PM

Loved it!

Alvandy  (Level: 242.0 - Posts: 7724)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:46 PM

Super puzzle!
thanks for sharing Bev.

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Sat, 10th Oct '09 10:55 PM

Thanks for your kind comments, folks!

Here's the puzzle, and the explanation of the names:~

1. one who commits murder or assassination (Killer)
2. a surface covered in lumps or bumps (Lumpy)
3. a name coined by swift about an oafish race of beings (Yahu - homophone)
4. great violin virtuoso of the twentieth century (Yehooty - homophone)
5. being discontented sullen or morose (Grouchy)
6. a flower or state of flowering (Blossom)
7. a mans formal evening jacket (Tuxedo)
8. the name may refer to the mafia or a crime society in general (The Mob)
9. a sharply pointed piece of metal resembling a nail (Spike)
10. a primary color resembling the sky (Blue)

"Killer" was a young kookaburra who used to catch worms and centipedes and bash them to death on my shoulder...I strongly objected, but he kept on doing it, regardless!

"Lumpy" was a large (possibly 6' long) goanna (aka Monitor Lizard) who entered our campsite quite frequently to steal food. He got sticks thrown at him, and one thrown by Jeremiah connected: hence the name, Lumpy. (Ouch!)

Ravens "Yahu" and his mate "Yaku" live in this vicinity..I love watching their courtship every year! They mate for life. He brings her fallen blossoms, and wedges 'em in tree branches around her. She calls to him, encouraging him. I have also watched 'em playing with an old snail-shell for about 20 minutes, bowling it down the path to each other. At present, they have two clumsy, gawky kids who are forever squawking for food! Yahu was so named because he seemed to be such a wild larrikin when he was young.

"Yehooty" was a barn-owl of my childhood, named after Yehudi Menuhin, the talented violinist. Yehooty always looked so wise and dignified in our barn.

"Grouchy" is an old Bluetongue lizard who eats all our snails and slugs in the garden. I have fed some to him, but he hisses at me even while eating my gifts to him! Whatta grouch.

"Blossom" was a brush-tail possum who used to bring her kids to me for petting and inspection. She loved avocado, strawberries and bits of apple. One of her female kids, "Petal", became a regular visitor as well, letting me play with her babies whenever she had one in her pouch, or on her back.

"Tuxedo" is a very dignified and dapper black and white magpie who will take food from my hand. His mate, "Maggie May" is a bit more shy.

"The Mob" is a group of local kangaroos and wallabies that inhabit the grounds of a local hospital. They will take bread from your hands as long as you are careful not to let them get TOO friendly. I have taken people there to feed and pet them......much to their delight and amazement! Yup, these kangaroos are still wild.

"Spike" was an echidna (spiny anteater) who often came to visit the weekender I had in the bush. He rather liked a saucer of milk with a beaten egg in it, as a treat. He was about the size of a round loaf of bread; not at all shy once he'd been fed.

"Blue" was a Satin Bowerbird who lived near where we used to camp. He came for food, and sang for us by way of thanks. He would gather any blue objects he could (toothbrushes, pegs, straws, bits of paper) to decorate the elaborate bower he'd created to court his ladylove. His feathers were a deep, glossy dark-blue, and his eyes were lavender during courtship.

Cheers, Bev

Lamizell  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 441)
Sun, 11th Oct '09 4:40 AM

I'd love to know a bowerbird; I find them fascinating (but their eyes are freaky).

Blossom and Petal sound like sweethearts. Possums tame easily, but in the U.S., their looks are against them. I remember reading more than a decade ago a newspaper account of a woman who saved tiny possum babies from the pouch of a mother that had been killed by a car. The photo for the article, "Possum Sugar," had her holding one on her flattened palm while it gave her a kiss.

Tresgatos  (Level: 217.4 - Posts: 4453)
Mon, 12th Oct '09 2:01 AM

Bev, thank you so much for the stories! And what wonderful wild pets! I especially love the story of ravens Yahu and Yaku, and Blossom sounds so sweet. These were truly a pleasure to read!

-- Geri

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