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Summertime  (Level: 115.7 - Posts: 1123)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 9:24 AM


Well, here I am, Saturday morning, November 8, 2009 at 7:20 a.m. CST in Saint Louis, Missouri and I've already logged on to Sploofus. I've brewed my morning coffee, no sugar, heavy on the half and half, and ready for that wonderful first that the swirls of cream have stopped billowing like clouds in my coffee. Yes, clouds. Surely, this very thing must be what sparked Carly Simon to write, "Clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee." as part of the lyrics of "You're So Vain". Not quite sure when I first connected with that thought years ago, but it still remains a serene beginning to my morning.

While continuing to enjoy that first cup, I was scanning the pages and pages of "published quizzes" I've created for Sploofus. Would be much more than the 17 pages, totaling 367 quizzes...if I had finished all those I started! The very first quiz to go live, "I'm So Afraid And I Don't Know Why!!" was on May 30, 2007. I thought, hmmm....when and how how did I discover Sploofus? I know it was before that first quiz, as it took some time to brave the waters, but when and how? Why Sploofus, since the only trivia game I had played before was "Trivial Pursuit"?

So with that thought in mind, how and why Sploofus for you?

P.S. There was only half and half in my coffee.

Mplaw51  (Level: 185.5 - Posts: 1580)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 9:29 AM

I was trolling the internet for trivia sites. I went on a few but Sploofus seemed the most interesting. I played for a few months before I started to pay. It's been almost three years. It took me several weeks before I found Salty Dog. Glad I did!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 9:55 AM

Kim Kommando featured site.

Probably didn't open Salty Dog for at least 6 months after joining. There's no place like this place any place.

Francesann  (Level: 55.5 - Posts: 124)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:08 AM

My son David introduced me to it - I am still here but don't think he bothers much as he now uses a 'dongle' which makes surfing slow, and he likes to WIN!!!!

Towerguard  (Level: 71.8 - Posts: 155)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:19 AM

I blame my dad.

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:19 AM

My mother came for a visit and sang the praises of Sploofus. Watching her do her daily stuff when she was there peaked my interest, I have been a member ever since. I didn't venture to the Salty Dog until recently, I knew it was there but it seemed tame compared to the imdb boards, still does but I really like a lot of the posters and enjoy talking to them.

Suzannec  (Level: 260.1 - Posts: 616)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:48 AM

I used to get a daily trivia question from the Trivial Pursuit website and one day it just stopped. I missed it terribly so I typed "Daily trivia question" into Google and wahla!! Sploofus was first introduced into my life at that moment and I have loved every second of it!

Fudypatootie  (Level: 207.0 - Posts: 1302)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:49 AM

I had signed up with some employees and friends to be in a trivia competition and so I was searching the internet for trivia sites. This one seemed not only the most interesting, but I liked the categories, so I could brush up on specific topics. It was a while before I found SD, but I was too intimidated to post for a long time. Everyone "talked" like they were old friends and I felt like an outsider. Then a wonderful person bought me a gold membership and I knew I was part of the family. (Thanks, friend!)

BTW, in said trivia competition, my team tied for 2nd place with 2 other teams. Rather that doing the logical thing and having another question or two to break the tie, we drew straws. I drew the short straw so we ended up 4th place overall.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 6107)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 10:55 AM

I was Googling different Trivia sites and stumbled across Sploofus. I found Vlcrowe (Vickie's Classic Country Music Quizzes) and I was hooked. I stayed up all night in the beginning. Still do sometimes. Vickie and I have become friends for the past 3 1/2 years. I also loved the Wordpuzzles, but at that time there was a limit on how many you could do in a week, I think, which is why I became a Gold paying member. When I became addicted to Wordrounds, I thought I could build my speed better, if I didn't have a limited number, so I became a Platinum member. It did increase my speed, up to in the 20 seconds range, and once in awhile I get a teener. I don't do those as much since the WTHAI'S became available. I spend quite a lot of time searching on those. One of the things I really miss was the "Name That Tune" which we had for awhile. I loved it, and have asked that it be added back, but so far it hasn't.. I still hope we get it back soon. I stumbled into Salty Dog one night, and found myself laughing out loud at the dry wit and banter of some of the members. I joined on 3/30/06. Time has really flown since that time. After a lifetime of smoking the 7th of December, I will have been quit a year. Bbear gave me the idea as she had just started not to smoke, and I thought I could try it. Never had wanted to before. I thought I had nothing to lose by trying. Don't think I could have done that without Sploofus and the internet. Keeps your hands and your mind busy. I have met some really kind, thoughtful and interesting people on Sploofus, and miss the ones who have gone their separate ways. I hope Justin is okay, and that he will check back in. The site just seems more positive and interesting when the leader is involved and being upbeat. It's kind of like a ship without the Captain here on Sploofus Island. I also loved that Island picture we had at the top of the screen.

Here's to Sploofus Island!!!


Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 11:18 AM

A Beautiful Lady turned me on to Sploofus. I think she saw me as trivial.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.5 - Posts: 3351)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 11:25 AM

I was active on an AOL trivia board dedicated to one particular topic, and the moderator mentioned this site for which she wrote quizzes, called Sploofus. So I wandered over here. Meanwhile, I discovered that this still-member-but-really-inactive player who got me over here had written maybe 5 quizzes, and is never in evidence.

I went gold within a week, I think, because of the Word Puzzles. I wanted more and more. I sure didn't venture into the Chat boards for months.

Garrybl  (Level: 294.1 - Posts: 6804)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 12:16 PM

I cannot remember what hooked me; think I must have googled it somehow. I stayed a non-paying member till I solved a WTHAI (Richard Feyman --the very last one till they reconstituted them a year later in 2008?).
The most expensive correct answer of my life in money and time spent, ever! I got hooked on wagers, WP, then setting WP with the ingenious offer by Justin to allow us to start writing the puzzles. Never looked back.....

Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 12:48 PM

13 months ago I tracked a reference to a hilarious quiz about the curse of Billy Goat Sianis on the hapless Chicago Cubs (last World Series championship 101 years ago).

Caramel1  (Level: 136.3 - Posts: 21615)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 12:58 PM

My son got me hooked-believe he has gone on to dealing with the realities of life though

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 1:46 PM

No clue. That was back in Sept. 05. I think I ran across an ad for 80's music trivia and somehow that ended up leading me here.

It was my density.

1mks  (Level: 221.1 - Posts: 5930)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 3:44 PM

I relative sent me a link. I totally blame her for my addiction.

Bobolicios  (Level: 119.6 - Posts: 1745)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 5:19 PM

I was out of work a few months, and play on 24/7 trivia box. The site was having problems and I was searching for another free trivia site and found sploofus. I didn't venture on the boards for a while, and when I did I got my head bit off. Then I made some friends and a nice member turned me on the an online meeting. I have really enjoyed it almost a year now, my family thinks I am totally addicted and they are right. I am a sploofaholic!

Rowlanda  (Level: 70.0 - Posts: 2853)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 5:58 PM

People ask me why I'm never bored....
even though I am now housebound

They don't know about my ADDICTIONS....
Word Puzzles, Trivia Squares, WTHAIS
and Sploofus Islanders...Those and my
dogs and many naps overfill my days
and nights.

Don't know how anyone of you ever finds
time to go to work!!!!

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 6:10 PM

I subscribe to a newsletter by another member (Philkon), who had a link to the site on his page, and website.

I got curious, and went a-wandering back in July 2005.....and found a new home: Sploofus!

Thanks, Phil!


Virtus  (Level: 171.0 - Posts: 2495)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 7:30 PM

Some of my relatives introduced me to Sploofus, but I alone am responsible for the addiction Now I have returned the favor and introduced some other family members to the Sploofus Island. It must be contagious!!

Kimoira  (Level: 215.2 - Posts: 1201)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 8:07 PM

I met a boy named Felix who turned me on to the more trivial things in life.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5679)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 8:36 PM

I googled for trivia games and Sploofus popped up...Been here since September of 2004...Made some very special friends here too who have become my second ya guys,

M48ortal  (Level: 263.7 - Posts: 3850)
Sat, 7th Nov '09 9:13 PM

I was doing a trivia/rock music show on a small community radio station. I had thousands of trivia questions in books, notes, and papers from 20+ years of coaching academic teams, but they weren't organized by category. I liked to do theme weeks for the special holidays, and my files weren't organized that way. Most were more like science, math, social studies, etc.

While looking for questions related to April Fools Day, I found Sploofus. Don't take that the wrong way - it's exactly what happened. Within a month, I was hooked. Now I'm slowly putting my horde of questions back in play here, although I haven't written as much since I found the Salty Dog.

Sargon  (Level: 112.9 - Posts: 1256)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 12:08 AM

I read an article in a newspaper (Adrian Daily Telegram) while visiting my old home town. Tried it out and became hooked. Not as much of a passion as it once was but still enjoy the site. Another reason I found it interesting because the users created the content. Think about it a moment ..... we paid to use the site and then we create the information we are paying to see.

Surreyman  (Level: 274.7 - Posts: 2776)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 8:11 AM

Years back I was surfing for trivia questions while building my own quiz, and happened on the site.
Didn't realise then that apparently I was only the 64th. in the whole wide world to find it!

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 9:05 AM

I was looking for a word puzzle type quiz online, and saw many references to Sploofus! What a good google that was; I've been Sploofusing ever since. You guys are all the best...the chat forums are icing on the cake.

Dwayla  (Level: 200.3 - Posts: 150)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 9:28 AM

I originally joined to help out a friend who was captain of a team. Wrote quizzes a lot, as I wasn't that good at taking them and figured that was a way to help the team earn points, even when I wasn't online. Got hooked on the writing, but have really slacked off recently. Thanks to all those that still fine my quizzes around!!

Bbear  (Level: 168.0 - Posts: 2291)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 10:08 AM

A couple of our NTN/Buzztime Tuesday night team members started us on Sploofus.

Now one of them (nerd) is top 50 and the other one (reptilicus) is top 100!

Jeannette  (Level: 115.1 - Posts: 1734)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 11:15 AM

my sister eileeny introduced me i liked it from the start and made lots of friends over the years

Kaufman  (Level: 270.0 - Posts: 3941)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 1:22 PM

My story is similar to Beth's. Allena, a live trivia and Buzztime teammate invited me and some others in search of those 10,000 Sploofpoints. I let the invite sit a bit,and then logged on.

(We're more Wednesday/weekenders than Tuesday, but we should be out this Tuesday. I'll be persona non grata in our house that evening.)

Artcr1715  (Level: 100.1 - Posts: 165)
Sun, 8th Nov '09 8:19 PM

A good friend turned me on to it over two years ago, and I'm still here

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Mon, 9th Nov '09 7:24 PM

My sister forward the website to all her contacts. I think I'm still the only one that is a true Sploofuser out of her list. She couldn't have forwarded it at a better time. I was on total bed rest for 2 weeks and had my son's lap top. Prior to getting the email, I was really getting bored with everything, including the computer. Now, I never get bored because of the computer and all the friends I have made by having to stay home. Even if I get better, I'm not going back to work. Sploofus is my occupation, even when the site is down. I just email or call my friends. How would I ever find time to work?

Leaston  (Level: 42.6 - Posts: 838)
Mon, 9th Nov '09 9:09 PM

I was surfing the web, came across this site, to be truthful it was the name, clicked on it, and the rest is history.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Mon, 9th Nov '09 9:43 PM

I was drunk.

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Mon, 9th Nov '09 9:55 PM


Zeedee  (Level: 235.6 - Posts: 1088)
Tue, 10th Nov '09 2:07 AM

I was playing with geography games and I think one of them had a link to Sploofus. Either that, or I googled while looking for new geography quizzes and found Sploofus and joined 12/29/06. My only regret is not going to the get-together in Philadelphia. I felt too much the "newbie" at that point, but I realize now that it didn't matter. I should have gone and met some of you in person.

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