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Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 11:28 AM


Ok heres the deal, I am trying to put a lot of quizzes just now.
My first 10 or so went up no bother, but the next few I was told to change the format (because it is song titles they do not need the question mark after them). But now I wish to put more up but I dont want to come back in the future and be told by another editor that they do need the question marks.

By the way this isn't a go at the editors cause I think they do a wonderful job.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 11:37 AM

I've done quite a few music quizzes. The editors have never told me to put a question mark at the end of the song title. What they have told me is when the song title is in the question space to put quotation " marks at the beginning and end of the title, and of course, capitalized. Not thinking, I once made the mistake of putting quotation marks " on the song title when it was in the answer, which if you think about it, once they shuffle that with the wrong answers, it would stand out. So DON'T put the quotes if it's in the ANSWER, JUST THE QUESTION, or they'll send it back.

Hope this makes sense.


Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 11:43 AM

Yeh thanks for that.
Basically my 'questions' are just the song title and you have to pick which number it got to in the chart (you should try some of them out, no doubt there will be a few by bands you like), anyway, so the question is just the song title nothing more.
I have been told it doesn't need a question mark at the end,
some have been accepted with the question marks previously .

Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Thu, 27th Jul '06 11:49 AM

Sorry if it seems that we are sometimes inconsistent. Actually, we have discussed exactly this issue in our Editor Chat Room.

If the 'question' is NOT a question, then it should NOT have a question mark!

If a song title is: Why Do I Love Him?
then the title itself needs a question mark

If a song title is: Ode to Billy Joe
then no question mark is needed. Assuming it is understood that you are naming the song and the quiz-taker is supposed to choose the singer, or year, or whatever.

If you want to use the question marks, you need to write out a whole question:
Who first recorded 'Ode to Billy Joe'?
What musical features the song 'Why do I Love Him?'?

Sometimes quizzes slip by, so if an editor points out a problem that didn't get fixed by another editor on an earlier, similar quiz, then you really should go back in, on your own, and fix the live quiz

Our goal is to make Sploofus the BEST trivia site on the web, and that means we strive for consistency and perfection in all of our quizzes!! We appreciate all of your quiz writing efforts, and your willingness to make the changes requested.


Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:15 PM

Sploofiz thanks very much for answering.

I do feel quite guilty sometimes though when i put a lot of quizzes on at the same time and there is a problme with them all. lol
wastes my time fixing it but also the editors having to check it twice. lol

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:17 PM

Oh and just a quick note here to thanks SPLOOFETTE for the message just sent to me.
You are a star.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofloops (Editor)  
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:25 PM

You are welcome, Baggiob. Thanks!

I think Sploofizz did a great job explaining the question mark issue. (Thanks, Sploofizz!)

"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" is a song title that needs a question mark while "Karma Chameleon" does not.

The trouble with having so many excellent quizzes submitted is that we then need lots of editors to review them. Lots of editors means lots of varying opinions on what gets passed and what gets returned.

I hope you were not too confused by my reasoning for returning all the quizzes with question marks. Thanks for your patience and cooperation.

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:42 PM

Cheers again,
no I wasn't confused about the reason's given they made sense.
But it was just in case I got all of the quizzes back that I am about to do. lol

Sploofus Editor
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:48 PM

Now you're gone and done it. Sploofette's editor hat won't fit her head any longer.

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 12:49 PM

ok in that case i take it all back

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 5:55 PM

When one editor makes you submit a quiz one way, and the next editor rejects it because the way the first editor told you to submit it was "wrong," it is confusing and frustrating to the quiz writers. I know, that's why I quit writing them. I also had a quiz that didn't have actual questions and only partial sentences for answers and my editor for that particular quiz told me that ALL questions must have a question mark (even though it wasn't a question) and ALL answers must have capitals and periods (even though they weren't complete sentences).


Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Thu, 27th Jul '06 6:09 PM

Eesus - a while back, Justin asked all the Editors to be brutal about questions being able to stand alone, without the description, and to work as actual questions, with question marks and complete sentence answers. He was, at that time, trying to negotiate a deal with a sponsor to offer questions from out of Sploofus quizzes in other venues, as a way of raising some revenue and getting more publicity for the site.

This was part of what prompted the creation of the SQAG, with rules for writing the best possible quizzes.

That idea has since fallen by the wayside, and we began, almost immediately, accepting quizzes with statements or titles or quotes, instead of actual questions, and a wide variety of answer formats.

I am truly sorry that you felt the Editors had become too stringent. You should try writing again.

You will never have two different editors work on the same quiz, unless there is such a huge problem that we need to send it to our Chief Editor for a determination.

In a series of quizzes, there is always the possibility that different editors will get different quizzes. All of us have our pet peeves and preferences. If you disagree with an Editor's request you can always write back with a justification for your choice. If there is no specific ruling in the SQAG we can usually be convinced to accept your reasoning. It is, after all, your quiz!

But, just because the first editor didn't catch it, or let it slide, doesn't mean you should expect to get away with it in subsequent quizzes!

Hope this all makes sense.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 6:24 PM

It does make sense, and I'm glad to hear that some of those things that didn't make sense were set aside.

Also, before some people get their nose out of joint, I'm not trying to be down on editors whenever I make a comment like this. But I also feel like Sploofus isn't the Emporer's New Clothes and if there is a problem or something isn't quite working, we should be able to discuss it and hopefully get it worked out.


Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Thu, 27th Jul '06 9:29 PM

Lodi - that is exactly the spirit in which I took your comments and hopefully that showed in my response.

Just trying to disseminate information so we all know where we stand!

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3640)
Thu, 27th Jul '06 9:32 PM

Awesome! Thanks Sploofizz!

Group hug everyone.

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