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Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:05 AM


Just a year or two back we had 10-year-old kids in Surrey who had never seen snow.
Yet last night Scotland hit -9F which is only just off our all-time record of -16F ... which could apparently now be beaten.
Surrey's having a heat wave - about 20F at night and staying below freezing through the days.
We're all snowed- and iced-up except where major roads are treated. Transport, shop supplies, schools, commuting all up the xxxxxxxx, of course.
Unbelievable for us, but is this small beer for the US?

Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:16 AM

PS: Alaska doesn't count!

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.3 - Posts: 5650)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:18 AM

Alan it depends on where in the US you live...Right now at my house in Southeast Tennessee it's 14 degrees with a wind chill in the single degits and we have about 3 inches of snow on the ground and roadways. And there is ice underneath the snow that is on the roads...No one is going anywhere for awhile around here. At least those of us who live in the country like me! LOL

Garrybl  (Level: 291.8 - Posts: 6772)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:29 AM

Manhattan has not gone much below 25 degress but there is some wind chill.
A little snow but it has not settled for long.
New York State outside Manhattan is MUCH worse.

Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:37 AM

But is that normal for y'all?
I was really talking abnormal.
Apparently this is our worst for 18 years.

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.3 - Posts: 6097)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:37 AM

Alan, I live in West Tennessee, and the wind chill this morning was -7 degrees, and will be this low for about a week, and high's in the 20's. It's supposed to get up to the 40's after that. We had snow on the ground yesterday, but it disappeared, but we're having flurries right now outside my window. I really like to watch it as long as it doesn't stick. This is the coldest winter we have had in several years. No global warming here now.


Pennwoman  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 2476)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 9:39 AM

Well,in the Pittsburgh area, we had at least 8 inches on the ground and got 4 more over night. It is 20 F or -6 C today, just the other day it was -12 C. We don't always get this much snow, but we always have winter temps like this. The record cold here was a few years back and it was -22 F or -30 C. BRRR!

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:05 AM

"Transport, shop supplies, schools, commuting all up the xxxxxxxx,..."

Ok big Al, I give up. PM me the sweary will you?!

-10C in Edinburgh last night, going up a little for the next few days.
I've got friends who live near Braemar - where the record low is jointly held - who say it's as least as cold as 1981/82 in isolated spots.
Not that there are any spots up there that aren't isolated!

Stay warm a'body!

Asor  (Level: 162.1 - Posts: 594)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:22 AM

Well, you got me curious, so I looked it up.

Lowest Temperatures
The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -80 °F (-62 °C) on January 23, 1971 at Prospect Creek Camp, located near the Arctic Circle along the Alaska pipeline. This is not much warmer than the -81.4 °F record low for North America that Snag in the Yukon dropped to on February 3, 1947. On that record cold February day, Tanacross Alaska reached -75 °F.

The continental US hit its coldest recorded temperature of -70 °F on January 20, 1954 at Rogers Pass, Montana. The pass sits at 5,470 feet elevation in the Rocky Mountains, northwest of Helena.

Other states in America where temperatures have dropped to -50 °F (-45 °C) or lower: Location °F Date
Peter’s Sink, Utah -69 Feb 1, 1985
Riverside RS, Wyoming -66 Feb 9, 1933
Maybell, Colorado -61 Feb 1, 1985
Island Park Dam, Idaho -60 Jan 18, 1943
Tower, Minnesota -60 Feb 2, 1996
Parshall, North Dakota -60 Feb 15, 1936
McIntosh, South Dakota -58 Feb 17, 1936
Tetonia, Idaho -57 Feb 9, 1933
Couderay, Wisconsin -55 Feb 4, 1996
Seneca, Oregon -54 Feb 10, 1933
Old Forge, New York -52 Feb 18, 1979
San Jacinto, Nevada -50 Jan 8, 1937
Gavilan, New Mexico -50 Feb 1, 1951
Bloomfield, Vermont -50 Dec 30, 1933

On any single day, the mountain town of Stanley, Idaho, is most often the coldest place in the 48 continental states.

Highest Temperatures
North America's highest temperature ever recorded is 134 °F (56.7 °C), which occurred at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California on July 10, 1913. While no other United States location has come close to that searing heat, several spots have hit temperatures of 120 °F (48.9 °C) or more.

Places in the US that have reached temperatures of at least 120 °F: Location °F Date
Volcano Springs, California 129 June 1902
Lake Havasu Cty, Arizona 128 June 29, 1994
Parker, Arizona 127 July 1905
Mecca, California 126 Sep 1950
Laughlin, Nevada 125 June 29, 1994
Yuma, Arizona 123 Sep 1950
Leeland, Nevada 122 August 1914
Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, New Mexico 122 June 27, 1994
Gila Bend, Arizona 121 May 1910
Alton, Kansas 121 July 24, 1936
Steele, North Dakota 121 July 6, 1936
Ozark, Arkansas 120 August 10, 1936
Tipton, Oklahoma 120 June 27, 1994
Gannvalley, South Dakota 120 July 5, 1936
Monahans, Texas 120 June 28, 1994

Death Valley also dominates the record for being the hottest place in continental America on any single day.

Leaston  (Level: 42.6 - Posts: 839)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:33 AM

Well here in Mo. the temp right now is 0 wind chill -15

Foogs  (Level: 280.1 - Posts: 848)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:40 AM

10 below (-49 windchill) on the banks of the Missouri in Iowa.
28 inches of snow on the ground. Hasn't been above 0 for a
day or two now. Possibly in single (positive) digits tomorrow.

Seems like every year we get a couple of bad stretches.
That's life in the midwest. That's why we have coats and

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:44 AM

I live in Michigan---'nuff said.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 10:55 AM

It's warmed up to a whole minus 9 degrees F. It was 11 below when I got up. So darned cold outside it about sucks your breath away. This winter is like the winters we used to have -- in the good old days!

The link above explains why we are experiencing these cold temps.

1mks  (Level: 219.5 - Posts: 5925)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 11:00 AM

This is the coldest it has been in Texas in a long time. It is heading toward noon here and we have warmed up to a balmy 17. I honestly remember having Christmas on the patio before. Not this year.

Buchanan  (Level: 81.3 - Posts: 339)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 12:02 PM

surreyman,we live 40 miles east of St.Louis Mo and it's the coldest here on record so says the news.It's been +3-+9 degrees every AM but the windchill factor is below zero. buchanan

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 12:35 PM

Freezing in North Florida. All the outside potted plants are inside for days now as the temps have gone deep into the 20s overnight. I don't think the heat pump shut off all night.

But still no snow since '89.

Diva305  (Level: 152.6 - Posts: 1655)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 1:40 PM

It is currently 75 here in Miami, South Florida.
There's a cold front coming in tomorrow and the temps are dipping into the 50s!
Yey! I finally get to wear a sweater

Pennwoman  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 2476)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 2:13 PM

Whoops, I was mistaken, its 12F or -11C. And snowing giant flakes right now, we have had several days of continous snow, but wee tiny flakes, if this giant flake stuff keeps up, we'll be snowbound until the Fourth of July!

Kimoira  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 1195)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 2:40 PM

I live near Buffalo. The cows here produce ice cream.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 2:59 PM

Wow. First time Buffalo's ever sounded good to me.

Bigmama60  (Level: 95.2 - Posts: 6644)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 2:59 PM

Cold, I don't feel it any more. It's 22. The weather men say we we have a snow storm. Snow storm are great for increasing the population.

Collioure  (Level: 113.7 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 3:37 PM

Buffalo's never sounded good to me.

Where I used to go to summer camp in northern Minnesota the lakes freeze over for months. Allows islanders to drive cars across to their summer homes.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 3:40 PM

Upon arriving back in Florida yesterday, I apprehended several Brass Monkeys trying to gain entry into my home. A chance of snow is in the forecast.

Kimoira  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 1195)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 4:02 PM

Colliure, aside from the cold: NY State politics coupled with the local platonic, heavy government, business-hostile, tax-and-spend mentality here would drive you absolutely out of your mind. You wouldn't last 5 minutes.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 4:34 PM

I don't remember any winters as cold in this area (north of Fort Worth, TX) before. But we had the most days of consistent above 100 degree weather this past summer that I remember since 1980.

The summer of 1980, I lived in Granbury, TX, SW of Fort Worth. That was the summer we were above 100 degrees something like 35 days in a row. Fort Worth reached 110. The same time in Granbury, apparently it wasn't official, but the bank temp sign showed 124 degrees.

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 5:53 PM

I remember a day in Chicago when the temperature got to -18F and we were still walking to the Chinese restaurant (free soup!). In upstate NY our home, it routinely goes to negative teens. However, the shocker is here in our winter home in Texas on the Gulf of Mexico, where it is going down to 23F tonight, a new record. Oh, and two years ago they got their only recorded snowfall in Corpus Christi, ever.
(all absolute temps, the wind chill in Chi goes to instant frostbite frequently)
The US is a huge place, but today we're ALL COLD. The coldest place recorded in the US (not Alaska) is always the top of Mt. Washington, where some nut put a weather station!
FYI, Ann
Wear your mittens!

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 6:47 PM

In fact, of the 50 US states, only Florida and Hawaii have never had a recorded temperature of -16F or lower. (Louisiana tied that number and Georgia hit -17.)

Bbear  (Level: 167.3 - Posts: 2297)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 6:58 PM

20-30 something here in New Orleans. Dam shame;my beautiful blooming azalas have frozen and the citrus, including an incredible ruby red grapefruit tree, will probably lose their fruit. Strawberrys will survive if covered.

20 below???? Gad

Lancaster  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 176)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 8:04 PM

It's so cold in south Florida the iguanas are falling out of the trees.

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.3 - Posts: 6097)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 8:15 PM

That's true...I saw it on the news last night...


Pennwoman  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 2476)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 8:36 PM

Iguanas! BLEEECHH, give me snow over inguanas anyday!

Haydn  (Level: 207.3 - Posts: 260)
Fri, 8th Jan '10 11:53 PM

So cold in New Orleans that my computer froze.

Ok, seriously:

Experienced -38F (basically the same in Celsius for non-Americans) when living across the border from Massena, New York in the early 1990s. That winter, I set the alarm for 2 AM to go outside and run my car for 10 minutes on the coldest nights so that it would start the next morning. Perfectly dreadful.

Allena  (Level: 266.4 - Posts: 1409)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 1:33 AM

Alan, Now you have done it. By upsetting the weather in Surrey, you have made the good old colonies worse. What did you do to PO Al Gore?

Boxing Day - Oklahoma digs out after record snowfall
Pipestone, MN - shattered 132-year-old record by 6 inches.
Bemidji, MN - shattered 113-year-old record by 9.4 inches.
Grand Forks, ND - shattered 116-year-old record by 7.2 inches.
Lead, SD - shattered 100-year-old record by 11.2 inches.
Lemmon, SD - shattered 101-year-old record by 14 inches.
Marion, SD - shattered 108-year-old record by 12.4 inches (over a foot).
Murdo, SD - shattered 102-year-old record by 10 inches

New Year's EVE - Hard Freeze for North Florida this weekend - Look out orange growers! - Sat / Sun will be below freezing in some areas in Florida, possibly Mon / Tue. Extensive U.S. snow cover into the Southeast USA for much of the next 2 weeks. Some days could struggle to get much above the freezing level with night lows in the teens to 25.

New Year's Day - Coldest weather in decades for North Carolina

Jan. 3, - Grand Forks, ND - New record low for the day - 35 degrees below zero.

Jan. 4 - Record cold in Orlando - Temperatures in Jacksonville, FL., fell to 26 degrees Saturday night, far below the typical 42 degrees. Orlando was expected to slip to 27 degrees Sunday night, shattering its previous record of 31 degrees.

Jan. 7 - Brutal cold hits Midwest, heads South - A "rare" cold snap will dump snow and ice today from South Carolina to Louisiana. Wind chills could drop to near zero at night in some areas of the south, to minus 40 in parts of South Dakota, and to minus 27 in northeast Nebraska.

Jan. 8 - 131-year low in Key West - "Key West, Florida, the southernmost point in the continental United States, hit a 131-year low of 47 degrees Thursday and the forecast promised more of the same as icy cold swept across the Southeast


Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 5:00 AM

Kim, actually it IS possible to love upstate NY for just the reasons you stated. We enjoy the weather in coastal Texas, but all winter I long for the social services, public education and safety net that NY and yes, Massachusetts provides. Wish we'd get out of the prison business a bit though.....

Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 6:04 AM

OK Allena, so we're not alone!

Sandracam  (Level: 149.3 - Posts: 4190)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 6:13 AM

No, we're all freezing. It's 12f here, -11c. Down to 2f tonight. Funny, when I want to check celsius on the weather site, I have to click from "english" to metric. The English use celsius, right?

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 6:36 AM

Sandracam, what a can of worms you've opened up (sorry about the pun) about "the English system" of measurements. See for the full explanation. I was taught the term for the US system of measurement way back in the 50's. English vs. metric is still pretty common in the US. All attempts at conversion have failed miserably by the way...and I must say we have a finer system in temps...I find C degrees too coarse for normal use.. 27 and 28 F need different coats!

Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 7:13 AM

Real money for older English people (e.g. me!) is still F.
On TV weather programmes, years ago, they started showing C while still talking & showing F.
Then they reversed it.
Now everything's C wih the occasional mention of F.
But it's no good. C remains meaningless to me and I still convert mentally to F.
So the UK remains a hybrid.
We still use miles, never kilometres, but often now use metres etc. instead of yards & inches.
Pounds & ounces have largely given way to kilos, but certainly haven't disappeared.
Money is totally decimalised now (but still £ and not Euro).
In other words, we remain largely a mixed up mess in true Brit fashion!

Larefamiliaris  (Level: 135.2 - Posts: 877)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 7:29 AM

12 Groats, a butt of sack and the freedom to graze sheep through the Town Hall to the hybrid Welsh/Englishman above!

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 8:11 AM

9 degrees at my house north of Fort Worth this morning.

Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 8:36 AM

Typical Scots meanness.
But it's the haggis season.
Kill a couple for me and we'll call it quits.

M48ortal  (Level: 262.0 - Posts: 3830)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 10:29 AM

In eastern Kentucky, we just set a new record for longest recorded period when the temp doesn't get up to 32F. I can't remember a winter this cold since 1976. My water line was buried more than a foot deep and froze then. I posted this in the "Feed the Birds" thread, but this gives an idea of our situation:

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.3 - Posts: 6097)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 10:40 AM

Couldn't get the link to work, Mike! Maybe this is the one!


M48ortal  (Level: 262.0 - Posts: 3830)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 10:59 AM

Let's try this one.

All of them work from my end, but then I guess they should.

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sat, 9th Jan '10 10:23 PM

The Third Coast in south Texas is heading for a hard frost tonight, very clear and in the 30's right now and expected to go to mid 20's, if the frost lasts for hours we'll lose tropical vegetation and crops.

Mplaw51  (Level: 184.8 - Posts: 1581)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 9:37 AM

Typically for the winter in New Jersey we'll get some days that are in the single digits and a more than a few in the teens as well. NIghts dip into those areas a little more regularly. We consider it very cold if it's in the 20's. I live by the ocean and that changes thing a bit. Winter usually stays in the low 30's most of the time. We get less snow because of the ocean also. Not in New Jersey altogether just my area on the coast (Monmouth and Ocean counties...means alot, huh?)

Pennwoman  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 2476)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 10:27 AM

Well, my mother has her days and nights mixed up, and she has been waking in the wee hours, desperate to be out of bed. I have the thermometer set to go to 54 at night.... usually it never gets that low, but last night it did. So, I got her up, threw her blanket in the dryer to warm it up. Tried to let the dogs out of the kitchen door which was frozen shut. Let them out the front door, with it propped slightly open so they could get back in... of course the 4 footed morons, just went to the kitchen door and jumped on it, in a vain attempt to get back in..... every other time, they go to the front door if the kitchen door isn't open, but this time? noooooooooo! So there I was, freezing, with a door open, tending to my mother (who is very sweet in the middle of the night, she is just so grateful to be out of bed, even for that brief time), and the tv announces its 4 degrees.
Never have I wanted to be a on a warm beach, more!

Maurlin  (Level: 220.6 - Posts: 2708)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 10:52 AM

Bravegator and I just got back from Teddington (near London) in the UK, and it was 34 F, with ice and snow covering everything when we left. We flew into Tampa, Florida airport last night and the temperature was 32 F there. No snow or ice seen.

Smoke  (Level: 96.7 - Posts: 12009)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 11:03 AM

Glad to hear you're home safe, hope you're feeling much better.

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 3:27 PM

My dad had the same problem which we solved by keeping the blinds in his window up all the time, so he could see if it was dark or daylight. We tend (esp when it's so cold) to draw the drapes...maybe you could try this? It works especially well if there is something interesting like a lantern or a bird feeder out the window, so your eyes go to it.
It also helps (everyone in fact) to use full spectrum bright flourescent lights during the daytime, and then go dim to dark at night.
Hope this helps a bit,

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Sun, 10th Jan '10 4:37 PM

You're all welcome to come on down to Australia and share the overnight "low" of 90F with me............


Surreyman  (Level: 272.5 - Posts: 2771)
Wed, 13th Jan '10 4:46 AM

Oh joy!
We're s'posed to be coming out of the ice & snow in Surrey this week - and this morning there's a whole new snowfall!
Caught by surprise, no roads gritted at all here.

Am marooned from the village and the two neccessities of life - cash & fags! - unless I get the skis out ...
So must talk to the world via this machine!

And, unfortunately, we live only 100 yards from my wife's old surgery. Of course, all the other docs and staff are 'having trouble' getting in - so have just returned from staggering there and back half-carrying a retired old woman with two artificial hips who - surprise surprise - was therefore able to get there to look after any patients who do turn up.
Probably won't see her all day now.

Isn't it marvellous how mankind is separated into those who can't and those who will!

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.3 - Posts: 6097)
Wed, 13th Jan '10 9:41 AM


My daughter woke me up this morning ringing the phone and their heat is out. They have an electric central unit. It's 19 degrees here this morning, and we're supposed to have a repairman coming to look at it. Don't know how long it will be before he gets here.

Hope you all get dug out from under the snow soon.


Pennwoman  (Level: 161.8 - Posts: 2476)
Wed, 13th Jan '10 2:34 PM

My mother tends to obsess over things these days. One day she saw a treadmill, on TV, and spent the next 3 days, obsessing over getting one. Clearly, they are magical creations, that will restore her ability to walk, which she hasn't done in 3 years. So, despite, every diversionary tatic I had, she ordered a treadmill, for $800. So, UPS called and wanted to know if a tractor trailer truck was able to get to our house to deliver the treadmill, which weighs 200lbs. HA!
So now, she is obsessed with the damn thing getting delivered. I have repeatedly told her, that they are going to try on friday, as we have three 40 degree plus days in a row predicted and hopefully that will restore the driveway to normal. She, after speaking to my extremely helpful sister, (I am testing out my hex ability, on my sister, btw) decided I should salt the driveway. I repeated the weather predictions and declined to salt the driveway. Now, she wants me to "inspect" the driveway.
To say that I am eager for spring to arrive, is an understatement.

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