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Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 12:36 PM


After studying all of the excellent ideas and suggestions, Surreyman and I settled on a broadly narrowed topic for the September Quiz Challenge. The challenge topic is (drum rolls as curtain slowly rises):


All quiz titles must be: (your name)'s Famous Infamous Folks
Mine will therefore read: Tuzilla's Famous Infamous Folks

QUIZ DESCRIPTION (You must use this one. Remember to add your personal comments onto the end of it):

Welcome to the "Famous Infamous Folks" challenge quizzes.

(This is the third of a 'community quiz' game started by previous quizzes featuring "Ancient Treasures" and 'Natural Wonders of the World').

Quiz authors who chose to take part in this game have all created quizzes with "Famous Infamous Folks" in the title. No one knew what the others would come up with, so it is a game for both authors and quiz takers. You can find all of them in the special category now created titled 'Community Quizzes'. You are encouraged to take all of the quizzes in this group, compare them, rate them and send comments to the authors.

(Author's own comments then to follow)

There is no reason to wait. Go ahead and start creating your quiz. But DO NOT LAUNCH IT until we announce a Launch window. Just have come up with your own personal twist on the subject, and as with the last one, HAVE FUN!


Surreyman & Tuzilla

Asdibbens  (Level: 159.4 - Posts: 423)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 1:18 PM

Sounds very fun. Should we post under this thread to be officially in?

(If yes, then I'm officially saying I'm in.)

Tue, 15th Aug '06 1:24 PM

Just be sure to put your quiz in the proper category. In this case, "Famous Infamous Folks" in the "Community Quizzes" category.

Sblv  (Level: 195.8 - Posts: 337)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 2:35 PM

OK, I will do it. Thanks. But, can we write about nice people next time?

There is so much negative in the world already.

Good Luck to all!

Dwayla  (Level: 200.3 - Posts: 150)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 4:28 PM

Going to have to think on this one, but it's in my file to work on

How fun!!


Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 5:05 PM

Noted, and busily thinking!

Tue, 15th Aug '06 5:27 PM

Simon, I agree with you completely! My take on this topic is that one can be infamous for things that are not necessarily negative or derogatory. Perhaps thinking along the lines of comical bloopers, notorious mistakes leading to discovery, and other topics that brought someone much fame in a non-standard way (i.e. movie stars, musicians, athletes, etc.)

You could really get creative and put a spin in many different ways on the monthly Community Quiz Challenge. That is part of the fun - to see how each Sploofuser uses their creativity to put a unique spin on a seemingly straight-forward topic.

Great fun - good luck!

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 6:10 PM

Justin (Sploofus) is exactly right. The whole idea is to create a category that will allow the same creativeness that goes into writing questions to go into the interpretation of the theme. It needs to be broad, but not too wide, and narrow, but not to confining. It should allow total freedom without anarchy. It should maintain complete order without an over abundance of rules, regulations and requisites.

excuse me....I'll be floating off into the cosmos, now..........

Vettage  (Level: 41.0 - Posts: 241)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 6:14 PM

So, am I correct in the line of thinking that to be infamous means you did NOT have to be dastardly?

As in, people who only probably made the headlines in their local paper, but were on page 4B in most others?

And, are all areas able to be covered? Like Movies, Sports, Inventors, etc?

Just want to know the rules,

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 6:42 PM

Lemme at it!!


Maurlin  (Level: 221.6 - Posts: 2718)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 7:05 PM

I'm in too. I just checked to see if my definition of "infamous" was the same as one found in a dictionary. It was, and the dictionary defines it asadjective) having a bad reputation; notorious; deplorable; indecent; villainous. I realize we cam do what we want with the category, so I'm now off to track down dastardly do-ers, famous of course.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 8:42 PM

The idea is to interpret it any way that fits your notion. The only real rule is to have fun. There is not wrong way to write it, only not writing it.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3355)
Tue, 15th Aug '06 8:50 PM

I'd like to know the launch date. Has that been decided? I will be back on the 28th. Will that be in time? Or do I have to send my quiz to someone somehow, so that they can launch it for me at the appropriate time?


Willough4  (Level: 102.2 - Posts: 33)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 2:49 AM

I'm in.

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 3:13 AM

Well, to help our creativity, dear old Roget mentions:

abominable, atrocious, bad, base, caitiff, contemptible, corrupt, degenerate, despicable, detestable, disgraceful, dishonorable, disreputable, egregious, evil, flagitious, foul, hateful, heinous, ignominious, ill-famed, iniquitous, loathsome, miscreant, monstrous, nefarious, notorious, odious, offensive, opprobrious, outrageous, perverse, questionable, rotten, scandalous, scurvy, shady, shameful, shocking, sorry, unhealthy, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked

But I don't agree with any of those.

Off we go! ..................

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 3:19 AM

Bigbird - no launch date yet.
If you can write the quiz in the meantime, why not liaise with Tuz or myself - we might be able to arrange for you to 'launch' and for an Editor to grab it, hold it, and process it for you at the right time.

Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 3:27 AM

Just like everything today, 'infamous' is subject to interpretation. But, really, how you describe your quiz in the opener sets the stage. Justin and Steve are right.

I think it is wide open, with regard to how you want to take the word 'infamous'. Part of Washington State University’s Web site has a subsection from Paul Brians, Department of English, called "Common Errors in English" and it states:

"'Infamous' means famous in a bad way. It is related to the word 'infamy.' Humorists have for a couple of centuries jokingly used the word in a positive sense, but the effectiveness of the joke depends on the listener knowing that this is a misuse of the term."

Go for it!

- Jeanne

1mks  (Level: 221.4 - Posts: 5931)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 10:50 AM

I've started mine. I have a question....duh! My quiz was not "accepted" at the same time as everyone else's last time. Was there a particular reason for that? I thought we were just supposed to "launch" on the day specified. I guess I just need some clarification on exactly what to do. Thanks. Marsha

Helsleym78  (Level: 54.9 - Posts: 54)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 10:56 AM

I'm definitely going to try this one! Count me in!

Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 11:00 AM

I'm in, too.

Markieboy  (Level: 271.4 - Posts: 198)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 12:08 PM

I'll have a crack at it too.......

Geophile  (Level: 168.5 - Posts: 1553)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 2:05 PM

I have mine almost done - what one can accomplish when not addicted to WR's!

Jeannarie  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 106)
Wed, 16th Aug '06 4:45 PM

I'm in. Work's been a nightmare the past three weeks (12/7), but it's done now, and I can get back to doing a few quizzes. Looking forward to it!

Bigbird  (Level: 250.7 - Posts: 3355)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 6:45 AM

I'm in....I'm writing.....I should be packing, but I'm writing.


Geophile  (Level: 168.5 - Posts: 1553)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 6:08 PM

Mine quiz everything in it that Roget says!(See Surreyman's post).

Suzer22  (Level: 166.3 - Posts: 1983)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 7:51 PM

I was gonna sit this one out...but I just got an idea! So I'm in

Allena  (Level: 268.8 - Posts: 1432)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 10:32 PM

This is interesting. Hitler (dictator) and Justin (slave) are both possible... Imagine including religious folk with scientists and comics...or are they all the same? I thought I had good ideas but this is really great. Everyone should get an ANNOUNCEMENT on their message board...even the lowly unpaid folk. I think we have something here better than a poll.

Kaufman  (Level: 270.3 - Posts: 3942)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 10:35 PM

Wasn't Newton a religious scientist? And comic? He wrote up calculus, after all. Now all we need is one little sex scandal for the infamy, and we can kill all those birds with one stone.

Kaufman  (Level: 270.3 - Posts: 3942)
Thu, 17th Aug '06 10:44 PM

By the way, I finally have an idea. You'll be sorry.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 5:56 AM

The universal prompt is a good idea. But who are the paid folks, or do you mean those who paid (silver, gold, platinum)? I was looking around for the bus, wanting to jump on.

Sherryb646  (Level: 73.0 - Posts: 30)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 10:23 AM

Taking the last community quiz was enlightening and enjoyable; quite depressing when I had searched them all out and realized there were no more

I shall dabble my toes in the sacred quiz-writing waters and see if I float or come up all wet. Sooo...count me in, and thank you for the opportunity.


Allena  (Level: 268.8 - Posts: 1432)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 1:07 PM

Tuzilla nailed 'paid' but now I am worried. Kaufman makes no light threats. I think this is one more reason to payup and stop mooching off the ones that give Justin barely enough to tease him into thinking he is one day going to have....? Maybe it should be a bait and switch. Let them have it for a while then take it away unless they join.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 1:38 PM

I'm in on this one too.

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 2:20 PM

Oh, all right, you've all persuaded me, I'll have a go!

Helsleym78  (Level: 54.9 - Posts: 54)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 5:59 PM

All right, my quiz is written. Do you have any idea when the launch date may be?

Missgeorge  (Level: 63.0 - Posts: 387)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:45 PM

My cats and I are busy writing our quiz.

Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:51 PM

By the way, I notice the 'Challenges' category is now showing on the Trivia quizzes page - but can I ask, will it expand to show all the quizzes in the current challenge when it goes live? Because if it shows, say, the most recent 20 quizzes, like the othe categories, but 25 people have enterted quizzes, the five that fall off the board are going to be at an enormous disadvantage!

Koota  (Level: 189.4 - Posts: 2123)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 8:45 PM

I'll throw in on this one too if I can get infamously inspired.

Captaintony  (Level: 79.5 - Posts: 76)
Sat, 19th Aug '06 12:07 AM

Count me in! If there's one thing I know about, it's infamy.... arrrrrgh... LOL

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Sat, 19th Aug '06 4:30 AM

Oh Gawd ... 'ere we go ... "Everybody's got it infamy" etc.!

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Sat, 19th Aug '06 4:46 AM

Are you gonna write about a flamous firefighter Surrey?

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Sat, 19th Aug '06 9:15 PM

I thought I would sit this one out, but everyone seemed so enthused, and I came up with an idea, so I'm in.


Helsleym78  (Level: 54.9 - Posts: 54)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 12:58 PM

Okay, my quiz is all written. I have it sitting in my "create a quiz" category and have not launched it. If we are supposed to launch it next week, I will be on vacation. I cannot launch any quizzes from my home computer do to a HUGE problem with my HP. Same goes for the weekends. Any clue as to when I need to launch it? Please let me know!

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 1:00 PM

It appears from this thread and IMs that many people have or are preparing entries for this round of the Quiz Challenge. Stay tuned for the launch date. We will probably have it nailed down sometime this week.

Domester  (Level: 98.6 - Posts: 59)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 5:02 PM

I'll give it a sporting chance. I made a quiz.

Ummagumma  (Level: 67.4 - Posts: 186)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 6:06 PM

I have mine ready to go - so when you say when - am ready. Rock on

Surreyman  (Level: 275.0 - Posts: 2776)
Tue, 22nd Aug '06 4:29 AM

Hey- slow down Tuz - I still have to write!!

Mskillian  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 226)
Tue, 22nd Aug '06 11:26 AM

Mine is ready to go too!

Marynuala  (Level: 141.3 - Posts: 996)
Tue, 22nd Aug '06 2:03 PM

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... Ready for lift-off and ready to launch!

Jeannarie  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 106)
Tue, 22nd Aug '06 3:04 PM

Surreyman, get a move on! (I'm ready too!)

Vettage  (Level: 41.0 - Posts: 241)
Wed, 23rd Aug '06 7:09 PM

I gotta find a couple of more butt-heads to write about,...then I'll be ready.

Maybe I should go mid-evil,...hmmmm


Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Thu, 24th Aug '06 7:56 AM

Nah, go all the way-evil.

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