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Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 7:21 AM


Nice idea. I knew the song after 7 letters, but it took 9 more to solve the first phrase because the phrase included a compound word that I cannot find in any online dictionary. After that I did the puzzle quickly and without interest.

I believe this represents a serious editing error, but I will awaiting other comments later on today.

Slicko  (Level: 223.9 - Posts: 1609)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 8:36 AM

I had the Paul Robeson one first, which was fairly easy to figure out - but had not idea of the relationship between Old Man River and the mystery song which was really cool to learn.
If you are referring to bondmen - I had that one and was a little uncertain but checked and it was there - the word seemed to fit the puzzle perfectly so I went for it. That's the only compound word in any of my five.
Great choice for a mystery puzzle.

Asor  (Level: 162.7 - Posts: 595)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 9:23 AM

"Bondmen" threw me, too, thought it's certainly in the dictionary. I simply was not familiar with the term. Ah well, there's always next time

Garrybl  (Level: 294.3 - Posts: 6810)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 9:53 AM

I think I know the word bondman -- and my first puzzle led me to a site that included the word.
Is 'bondsman' different?
Maybe I'm confusing the words

Asor  (Level: 162.7 - Posts: 595)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 10:04 AM

The Free Dictionary seems to consider them interchangeable:

Noun 1. bondman - a male bound to serve without wages
bond servant - someone bound to labor without wages
2. bondman - a male slave
slave - a person who is owned by someone

Of course, you get what you pay for

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 10:31 AM

I always thought the word was bondsman (with an "s") also. But apparently it can go with or without the "s."

Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 1:40 PM

The non-word was "folktune." The editors today note that it is probably not a word although they can find some Internet references. Possibly it had been "folk tune" and a space was accidentally lost in WP set up. Even Microsoft word puts a red line under "folktune."

Last time we had a boat sinking "on" a lake. A boat sinks "in" a lake, but there is no definition of sink which fits a boat sinking "on" a lake. You can find numerous Internet references for that too - about 2 in 7, but poor usage does not make this correct either.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofusaurus (Editor)  
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 3:43 PM

My apologies to the players who had trouble with a couple of words. Since the template for Word Puzzles does not allow for punctuation, e.g. hyphens, we are required to leave them out.

For those who have not guessed the song title, it's a classic old Russian folk-tune: "Song of the Volga Boatmen".

You can listen to it on YouTube at this link:

Wikipedia says:

Gary/Slicko, I had not realized that many may have thought of "Old Man River" at first.

I hope you enjoyed solving the puzzle!

Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 4:20 PM

Editor, I am sorry, but I am having trouble buying that explanation. Are you advising us that submissions include punctuation?

Digs  (Level: 116.6 - Posts: 812)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 4:33 PM

Always enjoy the mystery theme puzzles. Thanks Sploofusaurus.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofusaurus (Editor)  
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 6:13 PM

My post in SD was to inform the players of the answer to the Mystery Song.

I also feel it necessary to explain to players that sometimes we may choose a word that is not familiar to all concerned, as this is a global site, with many dialects and local usage within the English language.
The word "bondsman" was OK with, which states:
1  /ˈbɒndzmən/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [bondz-muhn]
–noun, plural -men. Law.
a person who by bond becomes surety for another...."
I also found this description of the song on another site:
"...Volga boatmen", the English name of this song, is also the name of one of the most impressive paintings of the famous Russian painter Ilya Repin: It shows a group of about twenty boatmen, passing by with slow heavy steps. Everybody in Russia knows: They are bondsmen, their landowner has hired them out to a rich merchant, and now they have to pull the merchant's heavy barge against the current of the Volga. For their landowner this is a good bargain, but the bondsmen get nothing, of course...."
I hesitated on the word "Folk-tune", when I created the puzzle, wondering if I could come up with a better choice. I decided to go with it, as it best fitted the phrase.
However, as we cannot use in any punctuation in WPs, I had to leave out the hyphen, thus making the word into "folktune". Perhaps making two separate words may have been a more popular choice.

I hope this helps: my apologies to those who found difficulties with my choices.

Best regards, Sploofusaurus.

Lamizell  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 441)
Fri, 22nd Jan '10 6:48 PM

This one really was a mystery since I've never heard of it and didn't recognize the sample I played at Amazon (haven't tried the You Tube video yet). I managed "folktune" (two words, definitely), but having "barge-hauling shanty" in my first puzzle was a letter-burner. I had been expecting Elvis or Elton, not (based on) Ilya.

Collioure  (Level: 115.4 - Posts: 9952)
Sat, 23rd Jan '10 3:51 AM

Well, editors, before we put this one to bed, I'm coming for you one more time.

Not only is "folktune" not a word, but also the MONOTONE Song of the Volga Boatmen does not in any way fit the definition of the word "tune."

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