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Mdub  (Level: 60.4 - Posts: 1)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:08 AM


Why are people so scared to list their age? I am pround of the fact I made it to 50!!!! And love my life and have no regrets! Live life, enjoy it and be proud of who and what you are!!!! No matter what age!

Surreyman  (Level: 274.5 - Posts: 2775)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:26 AM

I'm proud that I've survived!
(as of 11.25 BST).

Missgeorge  (Level: 63.0 - Posts: 387)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:43 AM

I turned 50 in March. I tell people I have started my second childhood.

Bigbird  (Level: 250.3 - Posts: 3348)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 6:51 AM

Hey, the first thing I did on my birthday was to update my age on my profile. I'm not scared, just senile. If I had waited, I would have forgotten!!


Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2402)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 7:32 AM

I don't post my age on my profile coz then people would expect me to act like that!


Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 9:27 AM


You mean Sploofus does not add 1 to my age every year, and I have to remember to do it myself????

Doomed to be 57 for the rest of time....

- Jeanne

Sherryb646  (Level: 73.0 - Posts: 30)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 10:28 AM

If you've ever played card games or other such entertainments online, you're innundated with ASL? (age/sex/location) from every side. It's a mating zoo out there, and I was defensive about giving out any of that info. It has held over and my warning antennae rise whenever those questions appear.

Any other excuses may be attributed to my gender...grins...Sherry

Lancaster  (Level: 228.1 - Posts: 176)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 10:54 AM

I'd rather be 72 than dead,and I haven't discovered any other alternative! It's just a number.

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.5 - Posts: 3845)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 11:33 AM

I have told people who complain about their age that I will take all of the extra birthdays they don't want.

Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 11:47 AM

Well, asking people why they are "so scared" to list their age is a bit confrontational...

Good point, Sherry, and I like to think there are people out there who just think it is none of our business.

By the way, Michael, have you stopped kicking small dogs?..

- Jeanne

Geophile  (Level: 168.3 - Posts: 1553)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 12:16 PM

Try this....I'm 66 and I tell people I'm 67 or 68, or "nearing 70." They nearly fall over in disblief...then they say dumb stuff like "you look 55." I don't why it's always 55...must be the age breaker. Oh, and this way you get used to being older but then you realize you lied, you are younger than that, and you feel good again. Welcome to Claire's Little of World of Denial.

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 9:37 PM

Yeah, and I turn 70 on my next birthday and I think that explains why I can't accept music and TV from the '70's and '80's as being "classics". All relative I guess. I must agree though, it DOES make one feel a little better when they say "You sure don't look that old" even if it IS a line of crap. LOL

Greyghost  (Level: 69.0 - Posts: 640)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 9:46 PM

Age is just a number society stamps ya with,lol.I will be 51 on the 25th of this month,my little hottie is 23,roflmfao,see,all your good wishes worked.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5674)
Fri, 18th Aug '06 10:01 PM

I'm really only 18 in case you were wondering...rofl....actually I turned 51 this past May and proud of it....Like some have said age is just a number....

Mskillian  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 226)
Sat, 19th Aug '06 6:02 PM

I'm still 30 something for a while longer and am going to enjoy it as long as I can.

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Sun, 20th Aug '06 12:30 PM

I am proud to say I am 28.

That's not how old I am...but I'm proud to say it


Citrusy  (Level: 26.2 - Posts: 118)
Sun, 20th Aug '06 12:34 PM

I have been 25 for the past 8 years. (you do the math).
I shudder to think that as my body ages, I will always think that I am 25. Yup. 2-5
Wish my body would behave like a 25 y/o but that isn't the case.
I feel sorry for when they hoist me into that retirement home and I am a crass old lady bugging the $hite out of the male nurses....heh heh heh.

Heidi  (Level: 36.2 - Posts: 694)
Sun, 20th Aug '06 1:09 PM

When iweas Linda before my temper tantrum and quit i was 65. Now uee my daughrter's nane who is 30-because i was juvenile. Heidi-linda

Oopszeedoo  (Level: 84.9 - Posts: 27)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 12:55 AM

Well,well, well all this talk about age.Believe me no matter what age you are or going to be, life goes on,day becomes night,months become years etc. just enjoy the time the good father gives you. I do & I'm 83 to be 84 9/3/06 and still enjoying every day.

Mon, 21st Aug '06 1:53 AM

I am 31 years going on 31 months!

(At least that is what I hear quite often...)

Rockiton55  (Level: 9.6 - Posts: 28)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 6:33 AM

My user name gives my age. I will be rockiton56 in November!

Vettage  (Level: 41.0 - Posts: 241)
Mon, 21st Aug '06 5:54 PM

I've always said two things about age. 1) I'd rather turn (insert present age plus one) than die at present age. And 2)(referring to Missgeorge's post); I'll never have a second childhood as I refuse to leave the first one.

Oh, and If I ever act my age,...start diggin' the hole.

Get the shovels out, eating habits are not recommended by the AMA.


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