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Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Wed, 3rd Feb '10 11:34 PM


Wow. I have to admit, I'm not surprised that I came away with more questions than answers.

You see the island under the ocean for just a few seconds.

You see the Oceanic flight Jack and his dad's body are supposed to be on.

But you see Boone say Shannon is NOT on the flight.


It's as though they're saying this is how it COULD have gone - like an alternate ending.

It was interesting to discover that there is one thing that repels the smoke monster. Being so smart, he overcame it, but still - that was interesting. Was that gun powder? Does that have something to do with magnetism?

Did you watch the muppet recap on I had to miss the show Tuesday night and watched it tonight on the computer. Up close and detailed.

I loved it. But a lot of it sure was over my head.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 1:50 AM

Wow is right. Several things caught my eye:

Juliet said "it worked" about the reset, so when we see them on the island post-bomb, what is that? Reality? Alternate reality? Death? Dream? And what does that make the reality where they never crashed?

Boone doesn't look like a kid anymore (giving Josh Holloway a run for hottest guy on the show), but I missed the part about his sister not being on the plane.

Sawyer is going to go after Hurley's money.

I called Sayid's end because of Miles saying "nothing". I knew what he meant. So called that one!

It looks like The Man in Black (Esau as he is known on many blogospheres) IS the smoke monster. I'm guessing he was exiled to the island and Jacob was his captor, but now he's going to try to get off the island. Demon, perhaps? The Devil? The dust did look a bit like gun powder, didn't it? Nice call there, Jan. You may be right.

It was so nice to see people who have died, though, wasn't it? I just loved seeing Charlie again.

And Hurley is so sweet. I loved that when Jacob told him he'd died an hour ago, he said, "that sucks." And then to tell Sayid he could come talk to him.

Okay, I gotta stop or I'll keep typing all night about this show.


Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 6:48 AM

I love it too!

Did you think Hurley has lost weight? He looked smaller to me.

I was thoroughly confused by Juliet telling Sawyer "It didn't work" right after he got to her. Then told Sawyer that the thing Juliette HAD to tell him but died before she could was "It worked."

(Maybe she meant that it worked that she got a new job! hahaha)

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 1:36 PM

LOL In that case, it worked for Charlie, too, who is now on Flash Forward.

I didn't notice a weight change in Hurley, but you could be right.

It was a great start to what promises to be an exciting season. I'm sorry it has to end, but I'm hoping it really gets us all talking and speculating again. What fun!

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 3:31 PM

The bomb exploding did "work" but not in the way they thought. It created a time where the plane doesn't crash and we see what would have happened. I think this is going to be like the movie "Sliding Doors." At a certain point in time, time splits and we see what happens in parallel worlds. But at the end they converge together and become the same world again. In the movie, Gwyneth Paltrow misses a subway train because the door shuts on her. She comes home to her boyfriend, and the story continues from their. At the same time, we have Gwyneth Paltrow making the train just as the door shuts. She comes home early, finds her boyfriend in bed with another woman, she breaks up with him, moves out and starts a new life. We see both stories in parallel, and at the end of the movie it comes back together again, which indicates whatever is meant to happen, ultimately, will happen.

In addition to "it worked," the other key phrase from the show was "nothing is irreversible" said by Jack to Locke in the wheelchair. In context he meant that Locke's paralysis isn't irreversible. In the show, I think it means what's happened to these characters isn't irreversible.

I think the list pulled from the Ankh inside the guitar case had the same names on them that Mrs. Farraday said all had to go back to the island together (even if it meant taking Locke back in the coffin). There is some reason why this particular group has to be there and has to be inside the temple, probably protected from Esau, the smoke monster. I think the reason the water inside the temple was red was because of Jacob's murder. The temple acolytes were surprised at the color, because in the past, it had always been clear, but they didn't pick up on the reason why and were surprised when Hurley told them Jacob had been murdered.

On a side note, you have to wonder about some of the "dead" people who've shown up on the island, like Jack's father, if they were really Esau shapeshifting or pretending to be them. I'd have to review what these people said to their characters to see if this turned out to be good or bad advice. For example, Alex, Ben's daughter who was murdered, appeared to Ben and told him to do whatever Locke said. In retrospect, I think it was Esau appearing as Alex, because the Locke that Ben obeyed turned out to be Esau masquerading as Locke.

So much meat to chew on here...

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 8:49 PM

Oh my gosh, Pepper. You should write screenplays! You're brilliant.

You pulled way more out of that show than I ever could have.

It will take me all week to think on those ideas. That's just dang brilliant suggesting the smoke monster appeared as all those others. (Not "others" just other people)

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Thu, 4th Feb '10 10:11 PM

I had picked up on that aspect of Esau at the end of last season, but forgot about it 'til you brought it up. I hadn't thought about him being all the others besides Ben's daughter, but it makes perfect sense.

I liked that in the "other" world, Jack and Locke's conversation at the airport pointed out the whole Man of Faith Man of Science dichotomy.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Fri, 5th Feb '10 5:52 AM

You are brilliant too, Judy!

I love the show, but I'm feeling....casual, now.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Fri, 5th Feb '10 10:29 PM

It is a fun show to dissect, and who knows if we are right? But it's fun to ponder anyway.

I made a little boo boo above. It's Mrs. Hawking (like Stephen Hawking, wink wink) not Farraday, although she's Daniel Farraday's mother.

Three of us discuss this at work the day after the show, and we believe the trick is deciding which parts of LOST are crucial to the plot of the story and which details aren't that crucial.

There's a word that is used in Hitchcock movies called the McGuffin. It represents complicated plot details that really aren't important. For example, in an Alfred Hitchcock spy movie, what the bad guys are after (i.e., plutonium, Hitler's secret plans, chemicals that will kill millions) isn't really the important part of the story. Sometimes we get bogged down on details like "What color is Juliet's shirt: blue or brown? Is a blue shirt significant?" When maybe the color of her shirt isn't important at all.

I loved the character of Mr. Eko, for example, but we haven't heard of peep out of him since his demise nor has he been mentioned in these summary episodes. So, I guess in the long run, he isn't crucial to the overall story line of LOST. But I still enjoyed him and his backstory.

Such is the joy of LOST.

Alvandy  (Level: 232.9 - Posts: 7603)
Sat, 6th Feb '10 11:12 PM

I just watched both programs from the other night [via DVR]. Does seem to be a complicated but captivating series.

I had never watched LOST before so will try to understand the plot and characters as this season continues.
Thanks to Janice for getting me interested - [after a few years of encouragement].

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sun, 7th Feb '10 9:39 AM

No, Janice encouraged you to rent the 1st year and watch from the beginning, so you would be as "Lost" as I am!

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Wed, 10th Feb '10 12:57 AM

Watched the 2nd episode tonight..I love it when they play last week's episode with captions... not only do I get to watch it again, it answers some questions.. like the "alternate ending" (which is exactly what I was calling it, by the way lol). They are actually calling it "flash sideways" as in other seasons' flash forwards and flash backs.

Pretty Cool! ... I'm not going to comment on tonight's show yet, just in case someone hasn't watched it yet.. don't want to spoil but.. I FRIGGEN LOVE LOST!! I will miss it, to be sure, but I'm also happy to have it end to answer all my questions! (presumably lol)..ok.. one spoiler... CLAIRE! :D

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Wed, 10th Feb '10 1:31 AM

I love those re-caps too, and flash sideways is so logical - I can't believe we didn't think of it.

I love that whole McGuffin concept. It is still fun to ponder, though. I remember back in Season 1, when Charlie said, "Guys, where are we?" Then we had the whole drug plane and being so many miles off course from Fiji and the number series that added up to 108, not to mention the fake websites for the Dharma Initiative talked about research into wormholes..... I tried to use all that info to figure out, with a map, where they actually were. Another McGuffin.

One of my brothers has an interesting theory, though I'm not sold on it. He thinks Jacob and Esau are aliens and the power source the Others accidentally tapped into was part of their crashed spaceship's power supply. Like I said, I'm not sure I agree, but it does add another interesting concept to ponder.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 10th Feb '10 8:11 AM

Hmmm that's interesting.

My theory a couple of years ago is that the people who came to the island via the plane crash where somehow associated to the Dharma initiative through their parents. That either the parents (or children) were part of some big experiment and they had to come back to the island to complete something.

The big thing for me last night was when the temple leader said to Jack about Sayid that he needed to be killed because when this thing that has "claimed" him (Sayid) reaches his heart, he won't be the same person, "just like your sister"!!! - da da da daw!!!

(Foreshadowing) and then who do we see on the island at the end of the episode? A rogue-looking Claire sporting a rifle! Ack!!

Then that made me think of the episodes years ago about Desmond wearing the gas mask everytime he left the hatch so he wouldn't the catch the weird disease thing out there (remember those big honkin' syringes where he gave himself injections?)

Things are starting to come together. Whoopee!

Oh, and did anyone have an "uh oh" moment when you recognized the doctor who delivered Claire's baby in the "flash sideways" timeline? He's the Dharma-ite who was doing experiments on pregnant women on the island, (he may have pre-dated Juliet, I don't remember) and I think he was one of the guys who kidnapped Claire before she had the baby on the island. (And, I believe the actor is Tom Cruise's brother going under Cruise's real name, Mapother.)

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Wed, 10th Feb '10 1:05 PM

Yep, Ethan. In fact, wasn't he with Richard whey they recruited Juliet? At any rate, it was a good creep-out moment, knowing what he was like on the island.

I love your theory about the Dharma parents! Very cool.

You know, we all kinda dismissed Danielle as just some nut, but remember how she described her lost fellow crew members? Infected.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 10th Feb '10 3:27 PM

Yes, I think you're right about Ethan and Richard.

I like the word the temple guy uses for infected - "claimed." (Cue the ominous music.)

Fainodraino  (Level: 113.1 - Posts: 240)
Thu, 11th Feb '10 11:17 AM

Good thought, Judy! Forgot about Danielle's shipmates being all weird and crap.

So does anyone else think Miles and Hurley are alike that they talk to and see dead people? I'm sure others have thought about this. I mean, Hurley has run into a LOT of dead people over the years, especially after he left the island.

This show rocks.

And who just loves Sawyer more and more every ep? I mean, this guy was a jerk at the beginning, but now we understand him so much now and he's changed so much, but still the same, and he has such a BIG heart. Love him!

And I don't think he's hot...mainly cause I'm a dude.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Wed, 17th Feb '10 7:50 AM

Well, I'm not. And he IS!!!!

I felt like an idiot last night (I mean, more than usual).

I actually got a tear in my eye and thanked God that I got to live in a time to get to see this show! I love it, too.

So - somebody tell me, because unlike the typical lover of Lost, I'm lousy with details.

The numbers by the names....put together, do they make up the winning lottery number and number that had to be entered into the computer in the hatch?

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 17th Feb '10 9:54 AM

Full disclosure:
I am such a nerd, that I paused my DVR player and wrote down the names and numbers.
Here they are in ascending order:

4 - Locke (who's name was marked off)
8 - Reyes (Hurley)
15 - Ford (Sawyer)
16 - Jarrah (Sayid - who's name was NOT marked off, so I guess that means he's not one of the undead possessed by someone else?)
23 - Shepherd (Jack)
42 - Kwon (either Jin or Sun/ maybe both?)

There were other names on the cave and numbers, I saw a #40 with a name like Matthew or something like it, so I assume Jacob wandered the earth and touched many people, including these six, but these seem to be key to finding a leader who would take Jacob's place (he knew he would be killed and somebody would have to take over).

It's important that Sawyer saw the little boy and knew that faux Locke wasn't the real Locke (and that the semi-immortal Richard couldn't see the little boy AND was not told by Jacob about the search for a leader.)

Locke may have been the heir apparent, but when he was killed by Ben, that went out the window. Hurley can see dead people, and we know that has come in handy, and apparently Sawyer has the "sight" needed. I thought it was interesting how he effortlessly brought in a reference to "Of Mice and Men." Our James may be a con man, but he's no dumb bunny.

I always thought Jack would be the eventual leader because of his last name and the fact that it appeared that his father has some special link in all this.

But the most interesting to me was: Kate was NOT one of the six numbers! I know she was on the bigger list, because we saw Jacob in a flashback touch her. (I could have sworn at the beginning of this show I read somewhere that the creators had intended for the Kate character to be male and to become the leader of the Losties...)

In any event, it was good to have another puzzle piece fit into place regarding the numbers.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Fri, 19th Feb '10 9:17 AM

No numbers discussion? Hmmm...

Well, maybe you're ready for an overarching good vs. evil discussion? Faux Locke is recruiting people...for what? thinks it's not simply he-wants-to-go-home, but for some kind of supremacy.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Sat, 20th Feb '10 11:54 AM

I noticed the absence of Kate's name. I was thinking it was Sun who was meant to be a candidate because she was on the Ajira flight, but now that Jin has run into Claire, I don't know.

I think Jacob was recruiting a new leader, but there's some relationship between the protector of the island and Esau that apparently keeps Esau locked on the island. But maybe if he can trick a candidate into helping him get off the island, it's another loophole in whatever this trap is.

As to the whole good vs. evil discussion, I have to say that I love the way the show has messed with our minds on the subject. Faino's comments on Sawyer are a good example of this. Think about Ben and how we have gone from wondering about him to hating him to understanding him to hating him again, then feeling sorry for him. How do you feel about him currently? I don't hate him.

So isn't it possible that while we all think Jacob is good and Esau is bad that since we don't know the whole story, maybe we've got it backwards? I think the writers may jerk our chains a few more times before it's all over.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sun, 21st Feb '10 12:47 AM

The more I know, the more I don't know.

And I remember lots of times, Sawyer was lying around reading - remember when he put together a pair of glasses?

The Sawyer character was amazing this week.

I'm glad you wrote down the numbers and names. I was going to watch it again on the internet, but I haven't had time.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 21st Feb '10 10:43 AM

I've had a real debate with myself on what the overall theme is. If we're considering the fight between good and evil OR the fact that good keeps evil at bay, then you can look at the symbolism of the white and black rock on the balanced scales, and when Flocke threw the white rock into the sea, the black rock tipped the scales.

I've also wondered if this is an allegory for the fight between good and evil inside each person.

But, I'm leaning more toward this is something like the story of Job. God told the devil that he could have access to Job and Job would still remain faithful. I'm wondering if Jacob believes that man is inherently good, and he traveled the world selecting people at random and over the course of the years has drawn them to the island knowing that if they get tested, then their "mustard seed of faith" would sustain them or grow and that they would overcome evil.

OR perhaps Jacob specifically went searching for people of faith (or other special quality) knowing they had the qualities to lead good over evil. And Esau has found a way to kill off most of them.

Dunno. Ack!!

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 21st Feb '10 10:46 AM

Oh, and another thought.

Does anyone remember back to the early days of LOST when some of the people could see odd things - like Christian Shepeherd (who was dead), the polar bear, etc? Do you remember who could see those things and who couldn't? I wonder if that was an early clue on who were the chosen?

I'm wondering if that's why Walt was captured was to cultivate him as a future leader (maybe Jacob was instructing the Others to kidnap him...)?

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sun, 21st Feb '10 5:22 PM

It's hard to decide if the theme is good against evil when week to week, it's really hard to know who/what is good and who/what is evil!

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Sun, 21st Feb '10 6:45 PM

LOL! You are SO right, Janice.

Fudypatootie  (Level: 199.8 - Posts: 1302)
Tue, 23rd Feb '10 12:29 AM

I was talking with some friends about Walt and we think the writers had more in store for him, but stupidly didn't anticipate his growth spurt. It would be interesting to see what they would have made of him and his abilities had he been able to stick around.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 24th Feb '10 3:03 PM

Apparently, saying you're a "candidate" carries a lot of weight on this island. I think Hurley needs to have at least one scene in every episode for comic relief.

The most fascinating thing for me was the compass gizmo with everyone's name and a degree number attached to it. I wonder who is at the 108 degree mark???

The surprise was Jack's son David, who's mother is...???

And, poor Claire. "He's not Locke, he's my 'friend,'" said with a big grin. Creepy. Poor Jin. If he weren't incapacitated, I think we would have seen a record-breaking sprint out of the heart of darkness.

Pepperdoc  (Level: 152.5 - Posts: 4285)
Wed, 24th Feb '10 7:31 PM

Oh, and I find a screen shot on another website that shows Kate "Austen" is #51.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Tue, 2nd Mar '10 7:13 PM

I just thought about it today.

And no matter what, even if I'm right, it could be nothing but coincidence.

But didn't Jack's son look a lot like Kate??????

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