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Smaug  (Level: 143.3 - Posts: 2765)
Sat, 27th Mar '10 7:56 PM


I held down the F1 key, typed "h", "M" and then "7" and the whole site goes down for a week...

Sorry. My bad.

[ This post was modified by sploofandango on 8/11/13 ]

Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:06 PM

Please man, don't ever use that key combination again!!!

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:11 PM

Ha ha Smaug, very funny. But I wish Justin would put a comment on hotwire for those who don't read facebook or google groups.

Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:15 PM

A post will be made shortly by Sploofus staff and I will be sending out an email tomorrow to all players and extending paid memberships.

Thank you,

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:30 PM

Thank you, Justin for the extended memberships.
You shold have an email from me about my new emal address.
Good luck in keeping Sploofus running for us addicts!

Gypsylady  (Level: 146.3 - Posts: 6093)
Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:35 PM

Thanks, Justin!

I'm glad you and all of us pulled together as a team to get the site back up. It seemed like it was down a lot longer than it actually was. I thought there for awhile I was going to have to start smoking again after almost a year and a half with no cigarettes. Had it not been for Sploofus I would never have been able to quit, and I'll always be greatful for that.


Winddancer41  (Level: 63.3 - Posts: 1113)
Sat, 27th Mar '10 10:43 PM

Thanks for getting it back up and running, because I was having severe withdrawal pains. Thursday nights puzzle was the first one I had missed in over six months then all day Friday and this mornings. Whew I can breathe again. charlotte

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 8:53 AM

Glad to help Justin, keep me in mind if you need anymore help! Thanks for the extension!

M48ortal  (Level: 258.7 - Posts: 3794)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 8:58 AM

Didn't realize how much time I spent Sploofusing until it was down. I cleaned my basement and workshop, turned the compost pile, took in a home improvement conference, and transplanted some shrubs. Whew! Welcome back!

Dizzy  (Level: 180.7 - Posts: 296)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 9:27 AM

Looks like my membership will run out before the extension comes through

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 5:54 PM

Is this another broken promise about extending memberships?
I sure hope not. It makes it harder to trust that paying any more fees or donations
to keep the web site from going under is really worth the risk.
Let us know ahead of time how much more you will need next month.
My monthly health insurance payments are more than a month's fee
to keep the site from getting shut down.
Is it $2500.00 EVERY month or does it vary from month to month?
I think it would also be nice to know the name of the company and address that we are helping to pay.
Wouldn't it be fair to be able to send a money order directly to them if you give us the information?
Plus, it would make sense for those that don't want to use pay pal or credit information.

Daveguth  (Level: 263.9 - Posts: 1636)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 6:22 PM

Good idea, Justin, on the offer to send out the email to everyone. (I assume you're talking about actual email, and not Sploofus Personal Messages.) One small problem, though--the email is still very erratic. I've received only about 3 Quiz of the Day emails from Sploofus over the last year.

1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 6:24 PM

I saw on up in this forum someone thanking Justin for the extention. Has anyone actually received word that they have gotten one? I also remember being promised an e-mail from him that has never reached my in-box. There were a lot of people that kept the wolves from the door for the month of March and Sploofus is back on line. I for one sincerely appreciate that but I would think that for some, this is getting old. Promises are made, Sploofus is bailed out once again, and then zip, no more word on those promises. Call me disgruntled......or whatever else you would care to call me but I am tired of broken promises.

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 7:34 PM

That was me thanking Justin prematurally for the extended membership. Silly me for trusting him again!
It makes me very sad and other things that I felt despirate enough to donate because just to have something to do
while being stuck in here, but yet another broken promise?!? I wonder if I should start asking for donations for my
$3100.00 health insurance payment this up coming month!!! NEVER!!!!! I'm too proud to accept handouts with nothing in return to offer.

1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 9:01 PM

Mr. Sploofus (Trivia Alchemist) Sat, 27th Mar '10 8:15 PM

A post will be made shortly by Sploofus staff and I will be sending out an email tomorrow to all players and extending paid memberships.

Thank you,

Still waiting on that e-mail.

Naomi4195  (Level: 51.7 - Posts: 184)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 1:12 AM

Me too.

Jeannette  (Level: 113.8 - Posts: 1735)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 3:06 AM

i havnt had one either but maybe to coordinate the email so it goes out to all takes some time to do x

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 3:55 PM

Better yet..Just do the darn extentions and players can check on their accounts themselves to see if the extention was made. That will save a ton of time! As of yet, mine hasn't been extended.
Last time I make donations!

Kimoira  (Level: 210.6 - Posts: 1193)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 8:07 PM

I'm a little curious myself why no posts or e-mails yet. As others have pointed out, not all players are on Facebook or the Google group. No doubt there are members wondering what went on with Sploofus last week.

Rpwgator  (Level: 128.7 - Posts: 40)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 12:35 AM

Justin's last post on Twitter was Friday the 26th when the site was down. and he talked about watching a movie for the umpteenth time. Hasn't mentioned Sploofus in quite a while. Maybe he doesn't know or care about what is going on.

Between me and my girlfriend we contributed $300.00 to 'the cause'. Never a word back or thank you.

I'm glad he is enjoying Florida on our dimes or dollars.

1mks  (Level: 217.9 - Posts: 5921)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:37 AM

Bob, I know that I appreciate you and your friend for helping to pay to keep Sploofus on line. Unfortunately, it is beginning to seem like a money pit........and it will dry up. People are tired of being used.

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 3:15 PM

Getting behind in child support payments=jail time.
When is the next one due so we know not to bother
to attempt to get on?

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 3:16 PM

Why do you bother now?

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 4:36 PM

Because the payment isn't due yet, so it's safe to assume the site is up and running. He's never around any other time. Duh!
Plus, I'm still waiting for your reply from when you sent me a PM that I'd BETTER watch my step,
and I asked you, "Or what?".

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 4:43 PM

HAHAHA! What I meant by that was that if you want to send me nasty PM's, when you don't even know me(?)....I will take it right here to the board and not even care about your wittle feewings.

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:21 PM

Oh, I'm so sorry for associating with you.
I honestly didn't know about your limited
speaking skills.
I didn't go to college for anything of the special needs courses.
Just the medical administration and dental hygiene degrees.
Please accept my apologies for not being skilled to understand the
speech impared.

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:27 PM

LOL! You should post in TT, you will fit right in.

You sent me a nasty PM.....YOU did that. I replied in kind. Get over it. Truce?

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:44 PM

Alright you two, here's to create a little love and harmony.......

Goddess28  (Level: 92.6 - Posts: 5235)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:45 PM


Asor  (Level: 161.4 - Posts: 594)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 7:52 PM

Irishpainter  (Level: 163.1 - Posts: 224)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 8:02 PM

I knew there was always something evil about Barney. Now I have the proof LOL

M48ortal  (Level: 258.7 - Posts: 3794)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 9:41 PM

Totally strange! I was reading this and watching "Men Who Stare at Goats" on DVD and they both hit the Barney love song at the same time. Wow.

Asor  (Level: 161.4 - Posts: 594)
Thu, 1st Apr '10 10:07 AM

OK, that's really freakish!

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Thu, 1st Apr '10 11:28 AM

I actually killed all the teletubbies, then went after MIckey Mouse and Donald Duck. The fried duck in pancakes was delicious. Ha Ha Ha.

Allena  (Level: 264.0 - Posts: 1406)
Sun, 4th Apr '10 10:06 PM

Received, April 1, at 7:10 PM

Hello Allena,

Oops! Actually...

Your new expiration date is: 07/24/2010

Cheers, Happy Sploofusing, and thank you for your support!

Justin (Mr. Sploofus)

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