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Scrabq  (Level: 76.7 - Posts: 167)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 9:32 PM


Perhaps if we knew what made us all decide to become a paying member it would help Justin decide about the suggestion of offering a Silver Membership.

My decision was based on the fact that I could take every WordPuzzle. It was so frustrating to be only able to take one a week. And being able to write more than three quizzes a week was also attractive.

I think a Silver Membership should extend maybe one WordPuzzle a DAY instead of one a week. Or if we want to be a little more exclusive, how about one WordPuzzle every two days - one day yes, the next day no.

And Silver Membership should allow players to use their Wager Tokens and Showdown Tokens. This will give them a chance to build up their points (or lose them) more quickly.

Amyt  (Level: 141.7 - Posts: 240)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 9:34 PM

Interesting question...I guess I became a gold member and then later a platinum member so I could have more tries at the word rounds and word matches. Two times for each an hour was really not enough. While I still don't do that well, I keep trying to beat my past times. It's a lot of fun!
I also like the shout box. Amy

Sargon  (Level: 112.9 - Posts: 1256)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 9:49 PM

Wanted to do all the word puzzles. A by product was having 10 attempts at Word Rounds and Matches.

Suzannec  (Level: 258.8 - Posts: 616)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 9:57 PM

I liked the idea of being able to write more quizzes and I found those flashing-type ads very distracting. I will remain a Platinum member from now on so I can support this wonderful site and to continue to get priority attention with support tickets.

Ravensclaw  (Level: 43.0 - Posts: 158)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:19 PM

I'd be happy if... what was taken from us was returned. I'll gladly trade another Platinum
membership for the return of 'This Week's Most Popular Quizzes' and the 'Sploofactor'.

Jank0614  (Level: 67.1 - Posts: 4593)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:19 PM

I first became gold because I was sick of the advertisements.

I became platinum because I was having fun and hanging out here so much, I felt like I was stealing NOT to kick on up to the next level.

I stayed platinum out of loyalty.

Jerrys  (Level: 198.6 - Posts: 334)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:23 PM

It's easy. I enjoy this site. And although I haven't posted much until recently, I've enjoyed the people on it.

I want to see it continue, but I also know it costs money. There are three ways to solve this:

1). Justin wins the lottery and doesn't need help
2). Ads
3). Memberships (or donations).

I doubt #1 is going to happen - but if it does, I'd love to find out how Justin picked the winning numbers I absolutely despise ads on a site, and find Sploofus very refreshing in this way. So that means, if we want this to continue, people need to get a membership or otherwise donate. And I don't mind doing that - it comes out to cents per day.

Tresayre  (Level: 81.6 - Posts: 362)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:30 PM

I became a gold member first, wanting more chances at play and to write quizzes. Then I decided to go platinum, not because I could write word puzzles,( but I enjoy the extra chances at the word puzzles and word rounds), but because it seemed fair with the amount of time I spend on the site to be platinum and actually pay for what I use.

Alvandy  (Level: 240.3 - Posts: 7692)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:32 PM

Simply- I love trivia -------------------------and Sploofus is the best website for that life-long "addiction."
Being able to play unlimited word rounds/matches; word puzzles and the recent option to permit platinum level members to submit word puzzles make it a good investment for me personally.
One other benefit of hanging out here. - there are a lot of interesting and talented people in the world. Many of them happen to be Sploofusers.

Mickeym  (Level: 88.2 - Posts: 1803)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:36 PM

I became a gold member to play word puzzles every day. Then I became a two year platinum when I realized I was using the site so much and enjoying lots of different things. This is my favorite online site...I give way more to netflix and napster and use them a lot less!

Garrybl  (Level: 291.5 - Posts: 6770)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 10:37 PM

Turned gold when I won a WTHAI for a month and could not give it up.
Turned platinum to write WP and take part in the competition for setting WP.
They will have to take the computer controls from my cold dead hand before I give it up.


Fudypatootie  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 1302)
Sun, 28th Mar '10 11:36 PM

A former member bought me a gold membership and I loved being able to do WP's every day and writing more than 3 quizzes so much that I ponied up again twice (plus 2 more times paid by another lovely member). The minute I get back to work, I go platinum because I am dying to write WP's.

Salzypat  (Level: 161.6 - Posts: 5414)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 12:17 AM

For me it was definitely the opportunity to do more word puzzles. At times I have played WR and WM and I never get the WTHAI things. Once I was hooked it was just natural to want to go platinum to participate even more fully on the site. I find I enjoy writing WPs a lot more than writing quizzes.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 12:52 AM

Writing Quizzes and WR's at first. Not sure now except to support the site, since at this point I go through long periods of doing neither.

Smaug  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 2765)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 1:16 AM

To meet chicks.

Tibby  (Level: 121.9 - Posts: 66)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 1:48 AM

First it was to do word puzzles but I don't do those much anymore. Now it's for wager tokens.

Wiseoldowl  (Level: 32.0 - Posts: 479)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 2:02 AM

My nephew told me about Sploofus and once I tried it, it wasn't long before I got hooked.

I wanted more puzzles than just one a week, so I signed up for gold membership almost immediately. I plan to upgrade to platinum before my initial membership expires (or maybe earlier).

Perhaps offering annual membership at a little less than what two six-month memberships would cost might be a good idea. That way, maybe more people will commit for a longer term and Justin gets a little more upfront for his treasury (before winning the lottery and sharing it with all of us). Since I believe he now lives in the same town as I do, if the rest of you make it worth my while, I'll find out where he buys his tickets and let you know when he wins BIG (that's a joke!).

I really enjoy Sploofusing, especially Word Round and Word Match and the Shoutbox there, as well as the puzzles, and think it's well worth the money to upgrade.

Great place to be!

Scrabq  (Level: 76.7 - Posts: 167)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 3:43 AM

To date out of 16 responses:

8 for the opportunity to do WordPuzzles every day instead of once a week
5 to write more quizzes than 3 a week
5 for the opportunity to write WordPuzzles (Platinum)
6 to do more WordRounds and WordMatch
2 to participate in the Shout
3 for No Ads
5 out of loyalty (Platinum, since they really use Sploofus so much)
1 to use Wager Tokens
1 for Priority support with problems
and Smaug joined up to meet chicks.

So, to sum up (at the moment) it appears that if Justin were to offer Silver Memberships of about $10 a year, he could:

a) permit WordPuzzles every second day instead of once a week
b) permit writing 5 quizzes a week instead of three
c) permit 5 attempts at WordRounds and Word Matches
d) maybe permit the use of Wager Tokens

but keep them out of Shout, let them still have the pop up Ads.

That would give Silver a few more benefits but not have unlimited access like Gold and Platinum.

Keep giving your reasons and let's see if these details are common to all paying members.

Aristotle  (Level: 72.7 - Posts: 191)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 4:02 AM

I got into a quiz-writing frenzy and got frustrated by the quiz limit, so went platinum.

Frankielaine72  (Level: 3.5 - Posts: 30)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 7:45 AM

Wordpuzzle's, Wordrounds & Wordmatches, No adverts and the most obvious to write many, many quizzes

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.2 - Posts: 5649)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 8:12 AM

Mainly because I like trivia. Then I made some very awesome friends that have became more like family to me...

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 8:23 AM

Actually to be able to write more quizzes. I have only written a few (on this site) since the Iditor Era. The cowards always had it in for me so I stopped writing them. I pay now to support Justin's dream.

Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21588)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 9:24 AM

Someone who as been here longer than any of my selves might ant to talk about how Sploofus once had silver memberships believe before Platinum or WP hit the scene. There were also teams and such. I joined the first time right after that. Sploofus was just getting started then and everyone knew everyone. There were no editors when I first joined. Lots of quizzes with lots of plageurized (sp) stuff and typos myself include on that ast one, . Justin's life and finances believe were doing fie then and Sploofus was strictly a hobby.

Bigbird  (Level: 249.1 - Posts: 3337)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 9:36 AM

This is a great thread.

I went Gold after about 2 weeks here solely because of the Word Puzzles. I don't do the Matches or the Rounds (well, hardly ever) but I sure wanted to do the Word Puzzles. And I still do. Try never to miss one.

Then I went Platinum a few years back when Justin was looking for more funds.

Certainly this thread should go a long way to help Justin develop an overall plan for Sploofus, so we don't have to twitch with worry!

Gypsylady  (Level: 148.2 - Posts: 6097)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 9:40 AM

In the beginning, I became Gold because I wanted to do more Wordpuzzles than the minimum and write more quizzes than a free member can write. After that, I became Platinum because I thought if I was ever going to gain any speed on the Wordrounds, I was going to need more practice than 10 times a round or whatever Gold offered, and also there are more guesses available on the Who's and Where's, and I didn't want to be limited on what I could do. Also, to support the site.


Wordster  (Level: 166.7 - Posts: 936)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 10:55 AM

I became Gold to get rid of the ads mainly but also to get more chances for word rounds etc.

Didb72  (Level: 220.9 - Posts: 243)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 12:25 PM

I went Gold because I could not write as many quizzes as I wanted to and I wanted to take the WPs even though I am awful at doing them. Then, I went Platinum because I wanted to write some WP and play more WR/WM. Like I used to spend a lot of time playing, Platinum membership was the right way to support Sploofus for everything it gave me.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 2:04 PM

There are chicks in here? Awesome! 'Cause chicks dig me!

M48ortal  (Level: 261.8 - Posts: 3827)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 2:32 PM

14 WPs per week vs 1
Wrote more than 3 quizzes one week and had the rejection screen chastise me.
No ads!
WMs &WRs were a factor but now I have no spare time.

Vanya99  (Level: 169.1 - Posts: 22)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 3:36 PM

Not a paying member. Hey, someone has to read the ads. And I'm curious: how much does a site like this make from ads?

Bushyfox  (Level: 174.4 - Posts: 2403)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 4:22 PM

I joined Sploofus in July 2005....I became Gold soon after because I wanted to communicate with other members, and be active on the forums. Freebies did not have those privileges then.
The public forums had been in a state of suspension for a while, because of bickering...I wanted to participate when they returned, but was unable to until I paid up for membership.
My first Platinum membership was a gift from another member.

Like most of you, I dislike flashing ads: a VERY good reason for paid membership! I also liked being able to author more quizzes, and play more Word Puzzles.


Caramel1  (Level: 135.0 - Posts: 21588)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 4:32 PM

Pogo makes me a nervous wreck with those flashing things. Toatally MUST turn of the sound.

Daveguth  (Level: 266.7 - Posts: 1636)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 6:16 PM

Vanya99 asks a good question about the ad revenue. I assume folks are aware that there a gazillion sites out there that survive on ad revenue alone. I assume that Justin earns less through ads because they are turned off for paying customers. Do the membership fees adequately offset lost ad revenue? Maybe folks can have a choice of seeing the ads, or paying extra (equivalent to the lost ad revenue) to have them turned off.

But to answer the original question--I pay for two reasons: 1) daily WPs and 2) wager tokens. I assume most everyone who wants to do those things (or whatever you favorites are) found a way to pony up the money, i.e., folks who liked the site were not quiting because of the expense. I think considerably more folks choose not to play Sploofus because of the site's instability and large number of bugs (rather than the relatively low cost of adding a few features). Stablizing the site would be the best way to keep customers and re-build the strong word of mouth that would bring new customers.

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 7:37 PM

At this point, I guess stupidity. But sadly, I'm hooked now so I'll be stupid again, most likely!

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Mon, 29th Mar '10 10:38 PM

I went Gold to be able to set more quizes, and do more puzzles. I no longer set quizes, having been accused of plagierising a general knowledge quiz (how stupid can one editor be), and I no longer bother with puzzles. I just do my TQOTD, use my Showdown tokens and wager tokens when I get them, and play bridge, on line or at clubs, which makes me wonder is it worth paying again.

Naomi4195  (Level: 51.7 - Posts: 184)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 1:10 AM

I originally paid for a gold membership so I could do more than 2 word rounds and word matches an hour. Later I got a platinum membership for a lot of reasons: more wordrounds and word matches, writing more quizzes, writing word puzzles, and the many people that I have met on this site that I have found to be intelligent,funny and just all around good people. There is no way I am giving up my membership. I had to downgrade recently to gold again, but only until the rent is paid. My membership just ran out on a bad week. I will be renewing my platinum membership in a couple of weeks, because I can't stand to be limited to only 10 word rounds or word matches an hour. My name is Naomi and I am a sploofus addict.........

Tazmaniac72  (Level: 195.0 - Posts: 213)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 1:51 AM

I've been a member for nearly five years. Back when I first joined, there were a few of us who really enjoyed the word rounds (word matches weren't around yet). The lag time was a little more, so the big goal was to break the 20 second barrier. When the server was updated, the times began to go down even more, and a few other folks jumped in. For about the first three years, I was at platinum most of the time, mainly to battle on the word rounds. It was lots of fun, and including the shout box made it that much more fun. I went back to gold when I changed jobs, and it made me unavailable to be on here so much. I still like the word rounds, so that's what I mainly play. I stink at the word puzzles and it takes me forever to write quizzes, but I like to take them on every once in a while. I try to help donate at membership time all I can, but have also had some very nice folks donate memberships as well. Despite the past bickerings and site fiascos at times, there are some really good folks here, and have been fortunate to meet a few of them. Most like to have a good time here, which is what it's really about.

Jeannette  (Level: 114.5 - Posts: 1735)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 3:02 AM

i love word puzles 2 a hr was not an option lol where else can you make such good friends x

Leaston  (Level: 42.6 - Posts: 839)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 3:53 AM

Wanted to do all the word puzzles,and now I really don't come on here that much at all anymore or do the word puzzles and I won't be renewing my paid membership in may

Kaufman  (Level: 267.8 - Posts: 3941)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 5:58 AM

To do as many WPs as I could.

Buchanan  (Level: 81.3 - Posts: 339)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 1:50 PM

I guess I decided to pay and become a gold member so I could do more word puzzles and plus it gave me a chance to do more on sploofus.I can't remember all the reasons it's been too long ago. buchanan

Rictic  (Level: 144.7 - Posts: 90)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 4:11 PM

For me, it was the begging letters....

1mks  (Level: 219.5 - Posts: 5925)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 9:08 PM

LOL at wonder Karen married you.

F5laur  (Level: 31.1 - Posts: 823)
Tue, 30th Mar '10 9:22 PM

Haaaaaaaa! I second Marsha's response.

Melsm57  (Level: 129.5 - Posts: 11)
Wed, 31st Mar '10 11:06 PM

I became a paid member for two reasons
a) I wanted to be able to use my wager tokens
b) I felt I should

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