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Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 12:10 PM


We had 3 popular choices for this month's subject. They will all be used over the next 3 months. So, if your personal choice is not this month, it will be coming up soon.

You may start writing immediately. You can launch your quiz when it is finished. When you launch it, post a note to the "I Have Launched an October CQ". The cutoff date for submitting quizzes is September 29th. Launch is anitcipated to be October 1st.

The October Challenge Quiz subject is -- A Musical Offering

Your Quiz must be name -- A Musical Offering by (your name)

Your Quiz Description must use the following standard information --

Welcome to the "A Musical Offering" challenge quizzes.

This is the fourth edition of a 'Community Quiz' game.

Quiz authors who chose to take part in this game create quizzes with "A Musical Offering" in the title. No one knows what the others will come up with, so it is a game for both authors and quiz takers.

All of them appear in the 'Community Quizzes' category. You are encouraged to take all of the quizzes in this group, compare them, rate them and send comments to the authors.

(Place personal information about your quiz here)
Here are the rules for creating quizzes.


These are the rules that apply to every Community Quiz (CQ). Please retain these as apply them to every month's CQ.

1. All normal Sploofus (SQAG) quiz-writing rules to apply.

2. All quizzes must be 10 questions in length.

3. Only one CQ per author per month.

4. No Fill-In-The-Blank or Kids quizzes.

5. Quizzes must be submitted within the announced submission window.

6. Quizzes must be named as described in the monthly announcement

7. Quizzes must contain the common quiz description.

8. The interpretation of each CQ topic is entirely up to you, but it is still subject to the review of Sploofus editors and must be able to pass the "reasonable person" test when it comes to being germane and meeting "Family Friendly" standards. But it helps if you remember that the more general and international it is, the more quiz-takers and points you'll get! Any specialist/regional restriction should be stated in the part of the quiz description for you personal description of your quiz.

9. Have fun!

Surreyman & Tuzilla

Geophile  (Level: 168.4 - Posts: 1553)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 6:58 PM

Just one question....last month's was _____'s Famous Infamous, etc. Now it is to be as A Musical Offering by _____ -our name last instead of first?

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 7:30 PM

Yes, the name goes last. It will look smoother with the title "A Musical Offering by Geophile"

Banomet  (Level: 181.3 - Posts: 266)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 7:35 PM

It will be:

A Musical Offering by Geophile by Geophile

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 7:43 PM

Okay, okay, okay.

The titles will appear as "A Musical Offering by (insert your name here)
A Musical Offering by Geophile
A Musical Offering by Banomet
A Musical Offering by Gosh

Now, Who's on first?

Aquamar  (Level: 187.0 - Posts: 927)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 8:05 PM

I'm so excited!! I'm getting started right now!!


Joey  (Level: 28.9 - Posts: 82)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 8:26 PM

I have, like, this huge question and I was wondering if someone could give me a real answer:

Who says that Surreyman and Tuzilla get to choose what goes down with what we do for Community Quizzes ?

Why can't other people get in on the game, besides just doing what they say we all are going to do that month ?

Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 8:33 PM

They run it because it was their idea, they started it and since *someone* has to make the decisions they've earned the right.

However, everyone *does* get to join in - if you look further down the chat subjects list you'll see that everyone was asked for suggestions for the subjects and voted on the ones that were suggested.

All they did was make the final decision as to which one was going to be it this time - which has to be made by someone!

Joey  (Level: 28.9 - Posts: 82)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 8:40 PM


forget I ever asked

Ummagumma  (Level: 67.4 - Posts: 186)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 9:26 PM

Nice job guys on taking the lead in the community quizzes. It is nice to have folks dedicated to increasing the options that are available to enjoy this web sight. The community quizzes were your idea. Wonderful and Thanks again.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6107)
Sun, 17th Sep '06 9:52 PM

Thanks to Tuzilla and Surreyman for taking the responsibility of organizing the "Community Quizzes".


Iautah  (Level: 213.6 - Posts: 91)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 12:28 AM

I just want to confirm - can we launch our October Trivia Challenge quizzes now?

Geophile  (Level: 168.4 - Posts: 1553)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 12:46 AM

I had to pay Tuz to say "Geophile" (hee hee). Got mine already to go.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6107)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 1:24 AM


Up above, Steve says you can launch it when you are finished in the second paragraph. But, the he goes on to say, anticipated launch date, October 1st. I think it means to hold them until he makes a new announcement. Maybe, he will read this and answer.


Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 3:54 AM

Firstly, Tuz and I run the CQs, voluntarily and hopefully for your pleasure, 'cos no-one else knows how to (and which still includes us, I think!).

It took us a couple of months to iron out all the complexities of simultaneous editing, launching etc., and to get the valued co-operation of Sploofus and the Editors.
Their CQ job is also voluntary and time-consuming, and they certainly need to deal with the single channel that Tuz and I manage and create, rather than scores of entries appearing whenever from wherever!
CQs are pretty chaotic to organise even now! - It would be hopeless without some form of central organisation.

I think most would agree that we open up each month's subject choice to all. This month it's to be Music - my personal least favourite choice in fact!!
And it wasn't our decision - it was simply the most numerically popular.

Re launching - there's now a new (easier?) system.
You write your quiz and then launch it as soon as it's ready (rather than waiting for a common authors' launch date as previously).
Also, post that you've launched it, as above.
There's a new system in place that enables Editors to watch out for CQs and to then pick 'em up and edit them through a few weeks, rather than all at once as previously.
The edited quizzes will then be gathered and held, and all launched for use at the same time, as normally.


Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 4:11 AM

Whew! Good Explanation, Surreyman.

I think it is a tribute to this site that Sploofus allows for innovations!

Justin? You there? got {{{}}}}....take care!

- Jeanne

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 6:25 AM

Yes. Launch you quiz whenever you finish. The editors now have a way of holding them until the day all of them will be made public. So write and launch away.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6107)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 6:41 AM

Very well said Surreyman! WTG!!!!

Again, thanks to you and Tuzilla!!!


Captaintony  (Level: 79.5 - Posts: 76)
Mon, 18th Sep '06 6:55 PM other words, Joey.... shhhhhh... now, enjoy....


Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Wed, 20th Sep '06 11:17 AM

I've jumped this post to the top so that others realise it's happening!

Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 21st Sep '06 2:56 AM

Jumped up again as a reminder.

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Fri, 22nd Sep '06 5:23 AM

I've just noticed that the edit option is gone from the quizzes. Not being infallable, how do I get around without this? I used to go back and double check, and now I can't. Teresa

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6107)
Fri, 22nd Sep '06 6:00 AM

Are you sure it wasn't just something temporary? I just checked mine, and that option appears to be there now. Did you mean after a quiz has gone live or while you're creating the quiz? The one I checked was on a live quiz. Hope it's not gone, because I use it quite a bit also.


Berylm  (Level: 164.0 - Posts: 478)
Fri, 22nd Sep '06 7:23 AM

The only time you *can't* edit the questions/answers is when the quiz has been launched but has not yet been released - weird, isn't it?!

You can edit everything else (title, description, category, image) during that time, and once the quiz has been released you can edit the questions again - but not while it's waiting to be released.

I'd love to know why that is!

Roby19  (Level: 58.9 - Posts: 26)
Fri, 22nd Sep '06 7:29 AM

Sounds interesting Tuzilla, I may be able to whip up a quiz before next Friday. Look for it in the coming days.

Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Tue, 26th Sep '06 3:37 AM

Final bump for the late writers!

Surreyman  (Level: 274.9 - Posts: 2776)
Wed, 27th Sep '06 3:33 AM

Final final bump!

Sploofus Editor
Thu, 28th Sep '06 6:25 AM

It has been noted by a couple editors that the names of the quizzes are going to look odd when stacked up on the quiz page. It was noticed with the accidental launch of one person's quiz. This is how they will appear

"A Musical Offering by Gosh" by gosh
"A Musical Offering by Golly" by golly
"A Musical Offering by Gone" by gone

The titles are all going to be altered before launch. You don't have to do anything. Just be aware that it is happening. They will appear at launch as:

"Gosh's Musical Offering" by gosh
"Golly's Musical Offering" by golly
"Gone's Musical Offering" by gone

Vettage  (Level: 41.0 - Posts: 241)
Fri, 29th Sep '06 10:11 AM

I'm going to sit this one out,...I've been a little busy, and was away a few days. For the 'Community Challenge' quizzes, I try to go with a theme and write ten decent questions. While I have a few quizzes in the works,...none are acceptable for this catagory. And after the positive responses for my 'infamous' quiz, I don't want my mail full of 'What was that bull____'?' responses.

I could whip one up today,..but my mind is a little preoccupied with going to see THE WHO,...or what's left of them, tonight. Pete Townsend is far and away my favorite guitarist/songwriter.

So, basically, I'm sitting here jammin' some classic WHO all day and popping in for WR/WMs.

I'm game for the next one,...don't forget about me, okay?


Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Fri, 29th Sep '06 10:33 AM

Uh, Sploofusionist....

Banomet noted that would happen, in this thread, on Sept. 17th, several posts above.

But I guess seeing is believing...glad you guys can fix it before they go live.

Banomet  (Level: 181.3 - Posts: 266)
Sun, 1st Oct '06 11:58 AM

I was too terse.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofizz (Editor)  
Sun, 1st Oct '06 12:06 PM

No, Banomet, it was your note here that opened the discussion we had in the Editor chat room. Thanks to your foresight, we can avoid a lot of rundundant repetitive redundancies!

Tuzilla  (Level: 146.7 - Posts: 3847)
Mon, 9th Oct '06 6:42 PM

Great job all. Look for the start of November writing to start this weekend.

Ummagumma  (Level: 67.4 - Posts: 186)
Mon, 9th Oct '06 7:24 PM

Hey Tuz - What's the topic ????

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