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Citrusy  (Level: 26.2 - Posts: 118)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 7:32 AM


I haven't been making many quizzes and I think that I may be making less in the near future. I was bombarded by one editor who critique my grammar (not spelling) and I had to change the quiz at least 3 different times before being accepted.
Now I have a quiz that needs to be looked at for Age appropriateness because it deals with ..the history of toilet paper! Yes, the stuff we use on our bum.
I want to bring a lil bit of 'fun' and smiles to some of the quizzes and I am finding it might be difficult to do that.
Just venting folks. It makes no sense that I get told 'no' because I put a question with only 2 different answers to a question and not five. I have partaking in many quizzes that only have 2 answers and the others are blanks..

Here is what I left the editor to digest:
There are MANY other quizzes on this site that contain only 2 answers on the questions. I cannot rephrase the questions to make 5 LEGITIMATE answers...LEGITIMATE being the word...if there are not 5 LEGITIMATE answers, does that not mean if you only have to choose between 2, then that would be acceptable?
As for being age appropriate, I did not use vulgar words to describe our posterior nor does it contain lewd questions.
Please ask 'Spoofus' for their opinion.
Thank you.

What do you think? Am I taking it too personally or do I have a leg to stand on?

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 9:16 AM

I have created lots of quizzes. So, I look at the criteria quite often. It plainly says each question has to have 5 legit answers. So, following the posted rules, I always have 5 answers. Sploofus posted on one of the chat boards that they were trying to raise the quality of the quizzes. Evidently this was one of the changes they made. So, some older quizzes may still have less than 5 quizzes, but new ones will all have 5.

I not sure about the details of your quiz on toilet paper. Is it something that might offend some players? Bodily functions do not bother me, but I know many people who find it offensive when mentioned in public.

I had a comedy quiz about the ten reasons why Hillary Clinton was running for President. I received a couple of e-mails telling me it was funny. The answers were all jokes and not really offensive. This was before the new editor system. However, several players complained by clicking on the Reject button after the quiz. The quiz was then deleted. If some players found political humor (I am a Democrat by the way & said so in the description) inappropriate, I can only imagine how they would feel about something on toilet paper.

Citrusy  (Level: 26.2 - Posts: 118)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 9:20 AM

Well that makes a bit more sense. But here is an example. (Not from the quiz)
Say you have a Beatles question. There are only 4 do you just put Bill Clinton in the fifth spot to appease the gods?
It just makes no sense..but if that is the way it needs to be done. So be it.
Thanks for your input though. It has been helpful.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 9:34 AM

I would have probably liked your quiz, too, Phil. And I'm also a Dem.

I would also enjoy a well-written quiz on the history of toilet paper.

I see your point, Citrusy, about some questions with limited numbers of answers. But I agree with Phil-- the requirements to launch the quiz clearly stated "five legitimate answer choices." Many people disregarded the requirements and launched their quizzes anyway (and that is why you see so many older true/false quizzes out there).

What about "none of the above" or "all of the above" as choices? In some cases it would seem silly to add filler like that. But I think the reason for requiring FIVE answers is to avoid quizzes that do not qualify as a trivia quiz.

Sorry to ramble...

Machiabelly  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 190)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 10:06 AM

Put Pete Best or Stu Sutcliffe. Or the guy Eddie Murphy played on SNL that was the fifth Beatle. Or Brian Epstein.

Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 10:20 AM

Here's some real trivia for you. Pete Best put out an album after he left the Beatles. It was just him and a few other non-Beatles.

In bold print, the title was:

Best of The Beatles

Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 12:36 PM

Or you could aptly combine Toilet Paper and Hillary for a quiz.


Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5673)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 12:51 PM

I like your comparison to Hillary and toliet paper there Felix....If a quiz were combined between the two tho would people actually know the difference? LOL

Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 12:56 PM

Vickie, it's easy to tell the difference: The world WOULD NOT be a better place without toilet paper.


Jenn326  (Level: 22.8 - Posts: 173)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 3:35 PM

For the 5th answer, you could jumble up one of the names (example: John Starr)

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 5:48 PM

Ummm, to get back to the original post, I personally don't have a problem with the editors trying to get quiz writers to use correct grammar and spelling-but I also admit to having a pet peeve about bad spelling and ESPECIALLY double negatives i.e. "I wouldn't let no one".... I hate that!
PS I like Hilary, but it certainly doesn't offend me if you want to compare her to tp, or anything else. Of course, democrats are known for our tolerance, aren't we? lol

Redbaron  (Level: 206.8 - Posts: 297)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 7:02 PM

Hillary rocks!! And so does toilet paper...

To borrow a line from the other folks mentioned in this thread, Let It Be...


Philkon  (Level: 274.3 - Posts: 474)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 8:49 PM

LOL, Felix!

Tazmaniac72  (Level: 196.2 - Posts: 213)
Sun, 25th Sep '05 10:43 PM

How about a quiz on items that were used as toilet paper BEFORE toilet paper was around!! Now there's some quality for ya...what a thought, eh? LOL!

Groupw  (Level: 144.4 - Posts: 153)
Mon, 26th Sep '05 10:02 AM

Vickie and Felix: You two need to get together and write that quiz, lol. I'll give you a nine just for writing it...for the five minutes it survives anyway.
As a side note, even though I'm a diehard Republican, I would never give a low rating or report a quiz because I don't agree with the politics. That's just petty.


Ronkon  (Level: 94.7 - Posts: 99)
Mon, 26th Sep '05 10:52 PM

Here is a thought for you... how about a quiz about the root meanings for terms used in politics. As a studier of political science I would love to see it. Like for instance: politics/ poli = many, tics = blood sucking parasites.

Surreyman  (Level: 274.5 - Posts: 2775)
Tue, 27th Sep '05 3:22 AM

So you've just had that joke passed round on the email circuit too!

Ronkon  (Level: 94.7 - Posts: 99)
Wed, 28th Sep '05 2:35 AM

uh no

Surreyman  (Level: 274.5 - Posts: 2775)
Wed, 28th Sep '05 3:23 AM

I just had a whole list of such definitions, including that one, sent by a USA friend to me in the UK. We all have our own joke circuits and, sometimes, a good joke can be around the world in half-an-hour!
Must have been a coincidence this time?

Doobie999  (Level: 90.3 - Posts: 29)
Wed, 28th Sep '05 4:13 PM

Hey boys and girls! There is already a history of toilet paper quiz. I wrote it back before spoolfus got editors. Check it out!

Doobie999  (Level: 90.3 - Posts: 29)
Wed, 28th Sep '05 4:16 PM

p.s. The name of the toilet paper quiz is, In The Days Before Toilet Paper.

Trivadiktus  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 34)
Wed, 28th Sep '05 4:50 PM guys are so funny!


Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 8:03 AM

Huh? Felix-old? My birthday is not for another six months. Just bumping a pleasant post from the past to remind us all of the pre-nutjob posting days. I expect someone to attack me any second for the post from the past and the disparaging post of yesteryear. In hindsight even the scuzziness of our Secretary of State would have been tolerable.

(this message is in no way is intended to start another thread about the many failures of BO)

Lodi  (Level: 107.5 - Posts: 2144)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 8:50 AM

I thought maybe you pulled this thread up because it was started on my birthday.

I remember those days. Having people, with obviously less knowledge of the English language, tell me how to compose sentences and put in punctuation that was unnecessary was why I quit writing quizzes. (The sentence before the answers must end with a question mark, even if its not a question. "Please choose the correct answer?" And each answer must be capitalized and end with a period, even if its not a sentence. So one-word answers were to be capitalized and end with a period.)
I'm sure I just got an editor that was just not really meant for editing but it was enough to make me stop writing.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 8:54 AM

Lodi, that along with the attitude is why I quit writing, too. How much older than me, are you anyway?

Caramel1  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 21613)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 8:58 AM

LolLthanks, Felix for posting that showing how "articulate and well-worded" the posts used to be here and NEVER involved politics The tone was perfect I remember when the now missed Smaug was not liked here by many and though out and out offensive

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2498)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 9:00 AM

You mean some people DO like Smaug? Regardless you Rock!

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 10:24 AM

I would like to make it clear at this point that i think ALL the editors are truly wonderful human beings.

Smokydevil  (Level: 163.0 - Posts: 5381)
Wed, 1st Jul '09 1:15 PM

Thanks for bumping this Felix.

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 2:03 AM

I, personally, stopped writing quizzes after some fool of an editor accused me of plagerising GENERAL KNOWLEDGE. I know one of the questions He/She did not like was about King Henry VIII and his six wives. He/She did not like the question because they had seen something similar in another quiz. DUH. As long as we have idiots like this doing the editing, then my 185th Quiz stays unwritten.

Clevercloggs  (Level: 27.4 - Posts: 1246)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 2:49 AM

It's strange how they always assume i'm doing the plagerising. How do they know i didn't send the article to Wiki in the first place ?

Wordster  (Level: 167.7 - Posts: 938)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 2:53 AM

Barnie, why do you have to take things so personally. Please remember the editors are working very hard to make this excellent site work smoothly and fairly. Why not just rephrase the question?

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 4:34 AM

Citrusy, I think those quizzes with only two answers are from a different era and that new standards are in place.

Achad  (Level: 213.6 - Posts: 661)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 4:52 AM


Citrusy's post was from another era and she is no longer has a profile on the site.


Caramel1  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 21613)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 4:54 AM

And now they have a new job with new power- "CHAT POLICE"

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 5:02 AM


Caramel1  (Level: 136.2 - Posts: 21613)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 5:05 AM

I have good Idea who many are behind the mask!

Barnierubble  (Level: 93.9 - Posts: 637)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 5:55 AM

Wordster, for your benefit, you are obviously an editor, I wrote something like :- Who was the third wife of King Henry VIII. Then put 1 ? 2 ?? 3 ??? 4 Jane Seymour 5 ???. This was not acceptable, so I rephrased and put :- Which wife of King Henry VIII was Jane Seymour Then 1 4th 2 2nd 3 5th 4 3rd 5 6th. This was acceptable. How would you like to be accused of Plagerism about something so painfully STUPID?

Collioure  (Level: 115.2 - Posts: 9952)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 5:55 AM

Linda, SECRET POLICE is reference to the unsavory methods used in totalitarian states.

Btsyshsbnd  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 61)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 1:35 PM

Philkon, your story about Pete Best and his album reminds me a something I heard in the late 60’s when all the compilation albums were being advertised on TV. They always made a point that the songs were by “the original artists.” So this enterprising guy put a group together and named it The Original Artists. They put out one or two albums before somebody made them stop.

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5673)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 2:10 PM

If Citrusy is no longer here then why isn't their posts removed...just wondering out loud here

M48ortal  (Level: 263.5 - Posts: 3848)
Fri, 3rd Jul '09 2:54 PM

The radio station where I was a volunteer programmer, when listing all the acts scheduled to appear on a future show, would almost always finish the list with, "and the ever-popular Minnie Moore!"

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