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Maurlin  (Level: 220.5 - Posts: 2707)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 9:24 PM


I'm not referring to the Nugget I just heard about, since I haven't seen it yet in my WRs. What was really great was that there was a notification that only 9 of the 10 questions had been answered. One of the times I clicked on an answer it didn't register, and I was alerted so I could go back to correct it. I don't know whether this addition has been plugged in to other areas, but it's great here.

I am looking forward to the Nugget. I usually don't take WRs during the high traffic hours during the day, since I can't get to the really low 20s, much less the teens, to get in the Top 10 then. I usually try to get in early, between 4 and 6 a.m, to place somewhere. Now I have a reason for daytime WRs.

Great additions, Sploofus!!!

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 9:45 PM

No thanks. Respectfully disagree, but if I have a misclick I'd rather take my lumps; it's not gonna help me to have to click on the little message and then FIND the misclick, and then fix it. By then it's far too late for that round and the difference it will make will be in 10s of points, not even hundreds, and in any case that's not likely to be my scored round at the end of the hour.

IMHO it's just a time-waster. I hope it all goes back to the old way soon. To me the disruption's not worth a random chance at 100,000 points (IF I get 100%, by no means a given) and a nugget next to my name.

Of course, my opinion is subject to change should I find a nugget.

Geophile  (Level: 167.0 - Posts: 1544)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 9:58 PM

I'm with Smoke!

Joanneeberlin  (Level: 189.8 - Posts: 686)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 10:05 PM

What is that gold nugget that everyone's seems to be talking about - I must have missed something. What is that little gold football looking thing next to Kellys name?


Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 10:06 PM the nugget (which I prefer to call the Golden Football).

The addition does make the game more interesting...and pressure filled when it comes up. Which everyone knows we need more of...

That being said...I really HATE not being able to dump the round. We can do it in WP and why the need to single out WRs?

I really miss being able to hit enter instead of the "submit" button...but Sploof said he's working on that.

Finally...I appreciate irony like the rest of em. I was complaining also about not being able to just do 1 if I wanted to in the shout. Then I had my "Golden Nugget" round and clicked my fool heart out. Hit the submit button and the "you have only answered 9 questions" pop up came up. Found the one I missed and got the 100%. Laughed so hard I bout fell out of my chair.


Mindmonkey  (Level: 278.8 - Posts: 295)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 10:20 PM

I really don't like this innovation. When I've missed one or two answers on the word round and I know it, I want to end that round and start again. This is especially true if I've already scored 100 percent. This is a case where it wasn't broke and it didn't need fixing. I appreciate the effort, but lets go back to the old way.

Berylm  (Level: 162.4 - Posts: 478)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 10:26 PM

You still can dump a WordRound if you want to - just hit 'Backspace' on the keyboard. If you then refresh the screen you'll see it uses one of your attempts for that round, but it does save you wasting time having to finish a go you're no longer interested in.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 10:54 PM

Except that I've just discovered in a most unpleasant manner that if you dump too many (how many? dunno; I'd dumped a few) you get shut out for the hour and a scolding for endangering the server.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 11:53 PM


That's one of the reasons I love being platinum - I get the opportunity of UNLIMITED word rounds. If I know I have blown a word round, its ok, I just end it and start another. I don't want to hear how its unfair or cheating or whatever because that's why I pay $49.95 for 6 months of sploofus, as opposed to $12.95 or whatever the gold is. If I wanted 10 rounds of limited WR's, I would have stayed gold. Is the restriction to make the playing field more level? I hope not because I pay extra for extra benefits, right?

What's the platinum benefit now? My personalized avatar? Since we can all post pictures on our pages, regardless of membership, what difference does that make anymore?

I love the new games and the new additions to sploofus. But please don't punish the platinum players.

Just my 499500 cents.


Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Tue, 10th Oct '06 11:56 PM

What Lodi said.

Difod  (Level: 254.6 - Posts: 108)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 12:09 AM

I also don't like the WR changes.

I agree with Lodi also.
If they want to add the Nugget, fine.
The other changes are not improvements in my opinion...


Alaskan420  (Level: 69.0 - Posts: 191)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 12:47 AM

PLEASE Mr.Sploofgod,please put it back the way it was.I am in agreement with most everybodys opinions.It seems the concensus is,at least among a higher percentage of your Platinum customers that we like the old way better.Out of the three changes that I see today ,the nugget thing is a pretty good idea though.................................Thank You.......Wayne

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 1:03 AM

All this time I never even knew I could've been hitting enter instead of clicking on 'submit'!

You can dump the round w/out hitting the back browser. Just go up and click on "WordRounds".

Crazy4games  (Level: 124.7 - Posts: 1019)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 1:21 AM

Okay. I have to go with the majority here.
Please Please put it back the way it was. It really slows me down not being able to hit enter, and I really need all the help I can get.

The platinum players have a really good point.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 1:59 AM

pafork, that is exactly what we were doing until one player came on the shout and said that she dumped a WR and got a big message that said for dumping the WR, her IP Address had been blocked from playing further WR that hour.

I don't think that people knew that this is the problem. Its not that we can't just dump a WR, its that OUR IP ADDRESS GETS BLOCKED FROM PLAYING FURTHER WR'S FOR THE HOUR.

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 3:33 AM

Do you need to win the round that the golden nugget is in, or 100% in the whole round?

Jeannarie  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 106)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 9:17 AM

Okay, I'll chime in too. I never even knew about the "enter" button, but I agree with the others completely about dumping the rounds. I figure as a platinum member, I should have the privilege of dumping and moving on if I know in my heart that I've screwed it up, or I hit a word I absolutely have never seen before. The old way of dumping, if you hit a wrong answer, you were given the correct answer at the end and so you learned. This way, you don't see which ones you've gotten wrong or right, which I find a bit futile.

I'm unhappy too.


Kaufman  (Level: 267.7 - Posts: 3941)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 9:39 AM

Even the old way of dumping, you'd only see the correct answers for the ones you gave an answer to.

So if you answered four words, figured you'd already taken half an hour and only got two right, and hit Enter, you would only see the results of those four.

Just a clarification.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 10:05 AM

But you'd see the answer to the one that stumped you and hopefully learn it. If you dump by going back to the top or back spacing, you see nothing, learn nothing.

Except not to dump when you get smacked with the naughty naughty for dumping too much.

Jeannarie  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 106)
Wed, 11th Oct '06 10:37 AM

I know you only see the ones you tried to answer. But that's the point. If you got stumped, you could see where you went wrong.

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