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Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Sat, 16th Apr '11 6:16 PM



Welcome to the Sploofus Community Forums, a fun place for polite and civil discussions among members. We encourage you to explore, join in and connect with fellow players and potential friends in a positive way.


Sploofus is a family-friendly site, and we're dedicated to providing our members with a warm and safe environment where everyone can feel comfortable participating. We welcome the lively and spirited exchange of ideas as long as our rules are followed.


Approach the forums as if you were a guest at a casual dinner party at someone else's home. As a guest, it's important that you respect the wishes of your host. At the party are people of all ages and backgrounds; some will be your friends, and others will become friends.

Before you press the Post button, please think and use common sense. Remember that we're a global community, so please be tolerant and respectful of other people's cultures and viewpoints.

In a nutshell, show courtesy and respect. If you're uncertain about your post, don't press the button.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Sun, 17th Apr '11 3:40 PM


We do have some mandatory guidelines in order to ensure that our forums are an enjoyable and friendly refuge for everyone.

All members must follow the Sploofus Terms of Service. The following guidelines supplement and reinforce those. By posting to the forums you agree to abide by our rules.

Sploofus does NOT allow or tolerate the following:

1) Posts that personally attack, insult or disrespect other players or Sploofus staff members

2} Posts designed to disrupt the community, cause disharmony or conflict or provoke negative emotional responses (also known as trolling).

This applies to all forms of disruptions, not just trolling.

Being inflammatory, provocative or controversial just for the sake of it will not be tolerated.

DO NOT feed the trolls. If you do, then you are equally responsible for disrupting the community. Instead, please submit a support ticket.

3) Petitioning, lobbying, and the like.

4) Political or religious discussions or debates on the main boards or any discussion of a topic deemed too "hot" or controversial or inappropriate for the main boards. If you would like to discuss these topics, please use our Groups or other venues on the Internet.

Please remember that our Terms of Service must also be followed in Groups.

We also do not allow the use of politically oriented avatars.

5) Profanity or sexually oriented language

Please do not use asterisks, acronyms or other symbols to mask vulgarity. Be creative. Just use other words to express what you want to say.

6) "I'm quitting" posts, threads and the like, even in jest. This rule also means that posts or threads created to say "goodbye" to players who have left are not allowed.

7) Rants: These are disruptive and detract from the spirit of fun we're trying to promote.

8) Bashing: This refers to hypercriticism or harsh criticism on any topic.

Word Puzzle Feedback Threads:
Our Platinum members who write word puzzles are making a significant contribution to the community every time they write a word puzzle, so please remember to be civil and respectful when providing feedback to word puzzle authors. It's fine, for example, to express confusion or say that you don't understand a word puzzle, but it's important to be sensitive to the authors who have worked hard and have done their best to bring the audience a fun puzzle.

Presented in a constructive and courteous manner, both positive and negative feedback can be very helpful, especially for new authors who are learning. For example, if a word puzzle is not your cup of tea, please explain why so that the author can learn.
Harsh criticism, however, is counterproductive and will not be tolerated.

Editors who write word puzzles are also always learning, so we appreciate any feedback offered, again as long as it's presented in a civil, constructive way.

To those who post WP feedback in the WR/WM chatbox: Please consider taking the time to also post in the WP feedback thread in Salty Dog since there's no guarantee authors will see the chatbox. Please also remember that all forum guidelines also apply to the chatbox, i.e. if something is not allowed on the main boards, it's not allowed in the chatbox.

While we try to exercise as much latitude as possible, any comment considered harsh, unkind or overly critical will be deleted. For example, comments such as "I bailed," "I hated it," "thumbs down," and the like will be deleted.

Please also refer to (1) in "Other Guidelines" below.

9) Advertising, agenda promotions or spamming

10) Requests for money or requests for donations of money, goods or services

11) Sharing of private communications between players or staff members. This means you may not share the contents of private messages between yourself and other players or between yourself and editors. Private communications includes the content of support tickets.

12) Sharing of personal information such as email address, snail mail address, phone number, etc., for yourself or any other member. This is for your own protection and that of others and also to protect privacy. If you'd like to exchange such information with other members, please do so via private message.


1) Staying on topic: Please be mindful of thread topics and the purpose of threads and try to stay on topic. It's normal for discussions to stray off-topic here and there, and the straying can be beneficial. However, hijacking a thread is never OK. If the comment you'd like to post doesn't seem to fit the thread topic or purpose of the thread, just create a new one.

Word Puzzle Feedback Threads:
Word puzzle feedback threads are intended to provide constructive feedback to authors on their puzzles. A little straying from that here and there is fine. However, it's not OK when a WP feedback thread is transformed into a discussion of another topic, even when stimulated by a word puzzle. The focus of the thread then becomes the other topic when it should be on the word puzzle. This is discourteous to word puzzle authors. If a player wants to begin a discussion on a topic inspired by a word puzzle, a new thread needs to be created.

2) Please be mindful of dates in threads and do NOT bump or post to threads that have not been replied to in more than three months. Just create a new thread.

3) Avatars: If you have a customized avatar, please be sure it's family friendly and not politically oriented.

4) The forums are not the place to try to settle disputes between players. If you have a dispute with another player, please try to settle it via private message, or if you would like assistance, submit a support ticket. If you feel another player has violated our TOS in a communication with you, please submit a support ticket.

5) The forums are not the place to air grievances over editorial decisions. If you have a disagreement with an editor or would like to speak directly with an editor, please submit a support ticket.

6) Forum content may not discuss or debate our Terms of Use (TOS) or Forum User Agreement. If you have a question about our TOS, please submit a support ticket.

7) If you receive spam or any other type of inappropriate message via PM, please submit a support ticket to report it, or you may click on the CLICK HERE link available in PMs. Please do NOT post the contents of the PM in the forums.

8) We welcome constructive feedback and suggestions as long as they are presented in a way that follows our guidelines.

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Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Sun, 17th Apr '11 3:41 PM


Posts or threads may be edited, deleted or moved at the sole discretion of moderators at any time. If we determine that too many posts in a thread require deletion, then the entire thread will be deleted.

Threads may be closed/locked or moved at the sole discretion of moderators at any time.

In general, if a post or thread is deleted, no public comment will be made.

We will do our best to send the author a private message explaining the reason for the deletion, but we cannot guarantee that a PM will be sent. If your post has been deleted and you do not understand why, please submit a support ticket. It is not open for public discussion or debate.

Deletions not being open for public discussion or debate means that complaints about or comments on deletions are not allowed and will be deleted.

The same holds true for threads or posts that complain about thread closing/locking or other moderator actions. If you have a question or complaint, please submit a support ticket.

Severe or repeated violations of Sploofus TOS or Forum Guidelines may result in the immediate suspension or termination of an account.

The Sploofus Forums will be moderated to the best of our ability, but please bear in mind that it is impossible for us to read every post.


A strong sense of community is important to us here. Sploofus is a special place -- let's all help keep it that way!

Now back to the fun stuff -- enjoy!

The Sploofus Moderating Team
April 20, 2011

(NOTE: This will be updated as time goes on and the need arises, so please check back frequently. In addition, please note that these guidelines are not comprehensive. Just because something is not listed here or in our TOS doesn't mean it's OK.)

[ This post was modified by sploofunky on 7/20/12 ]

Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Fri, 22nd Apr '11 1:35 AM


To submit a request for a new group, go to the Community pull-down menu and select "Groups." From there, click on the "Suggest a new group" link and follow the instructions from there.

Editors at Sploofus are anonymous according to policy. Sploofus does not allow:
1. Public speculation about the identity of editors
2. "Accusing" fellow players of being editors
3. Personal insults or attacks on individual editors or on editors as a group.

Please also see the following thread, which is essentially an addendum to this User Agreement:

As noted there, impugning the reputation of other players or directing hostility toward other players, even if they are not named, is not OK and violates our Terms of Use. Calling another player a cheater or insinuating or speculating that they are a cheater is a personal attack and violates our Terms of Use. Cheating is a support matter. If you think another player is cheating, please submit a support ticket, and we'll take it from there.

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Sploofus Editor
Sploofunky (Editor)  
Sun, 15th Apr '12 9:38 PM

We have updated this Agreement, so please take a minute to review it when you can. Thank you!

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