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Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 6:25 AM


I am a total TechnoTwit - I use computers all day long, but don't understand 'em!

Suddenly, over the last few days, every Sploofus action (for me) has slowed right down.
For instance, a simple quiz that should take 50 seconds can take over 500 seconds!

Every Sploofus action is similarly slow.

So I've stopped taking any TQODs - I just get timed out. I've stopped doing virtually anything, it's just such a big pain timewise.

I know it's not my own system's fault - all my other internet actions are as fast as ever.

I know it's not a general Sploofus fault - other Sploofers I've asked are all fine, whether on broadband or (as I) on dial-up.

For whatever reason, for me, it is only the Sploofus site that has the problem, and it appears to be my site only.

I just cannot fathom the reason - can you?

All I can think is that 3 memberships run off my computer and email address (myself, my son, my wife) but this has caused no problem in the past.
Would it help to cancel and/or re-start their (non-Gold) memberships?
I'm not doing that to mine and potentially lose all my points!

One friend's suggestion was to cancel all my 'Internet history' files, which I've done, but with no positive effect.

Getting really paranoid (which I am!), is it at all possible for demon hackers, or whoever, to jam up a single site?

Can any computer geniuses out there PLEASE suggest (in very simple idiot language) any factor that could selectively jam up ONLY my Sploofus site (and nothing else on my Internet actions) and, within Sploofus, ONLY my site?

I have asked Sploofus management if they can look into this, but, naturally and obviously, my single problem is way down on their priority list.

But it ranks very large on my priority list!

Otherwise, the only option is Splooficide.

Can anyone please help to avoid a very nasty mess!

Smeans  (Level: 109.2 - Posts: 301)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 7:23 AM

Don't go committing Splooficide until you talk to GroupW. I'll let him know you are having problems and posted in the forum when he wakes up. He might be able to give you some other things to do that will help. I'm not the computer genuius in the house...he is. So sit tight Alan and when he wakes up this afternoon I'll point him towards the computer and hopefully you can get back up and running right again.


Gypsylady  (Level: 146.3 - Posts: 6093)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 7:43 AM


Don't do anything drastic!

My granddaughter and I share the same computer which is a 1998 Dell desktop. We are on broadband. I never started using the Internet until last January, and every time I had a problem I called the Technical Support people. There is quite a bit that builds up with the (2) of us using it every day. I'm sure that's probably the case with yours if you, your wife and son use it.

This is what I do when I have a problem and never call the Technical Support people anymore. If it gets sluggish or sometimes I just do it to prevent it from getting slow. I usually clean the disk daily or every other day.

The following are (2) completely free downloads which I use and they take care of any problem I have. Some downloads say they're free, but they scan and tell you your problems, then want to charge to fix them.
These (2) are completely free!

I don't remember the websites I downloaded them from, but if you will type the name in the Google search bar, I'm sure you can find them.

l. Zappit System Cleaner by Cloudeight (cleans and speeds up system) (Has blue screen with a blue dinosaur with a broom) Scans and repairs system.

2. Advanced Windows Care V2 Personal (thoroughly scans and repairs registy, cookies, spyware, start up files, and about 5-6 total functions.

These (2) things and cleaning the disk take care of any problems I have.

Sometime a screen comes up saying the virtual memory is low and some applications may be denied. I just do these (3) things and the problem is taken care of.

Always remember to restart your computer after the downloads and the scan and repair for it to take effect.

It's such a relief to me to be able to take care of my problems without calling Tech Support.

Hope this helps you. It can't hurt anything. I'm sure there will be more advice forthcoming. Just hang in there!


Smeans  (Level: 109.2 - Posts: 301)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 8:03 AM

yeah Marilyn I was going through the mental list of things that we run religiously on our computer. I don't know if it will help any Alan but if you go to and download the run the following free programs it might help a bit.
Under the Anti-Spyware tab:

Ad-Aware SE Personal
SpyBot-Search & Destroy
Then reboot and run these two in safe mode without networking on your computer.
CWShredder (Last Merijn Version)

Be sure to keep clicking update until the program says there are no more updates available before you run them so it will get everything that might be lurking around. Have ya done a virus scan and do you have a firewall up and running? Have you emptied your internet cookies, cache, browser history and all that? Have you done a system defrag lately? Other than that I am out of things to try.


Gypsylady  (Level: 146.3 - Posts: 6093)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 9:00 AM

I also forgot to mention. I have downloaded a yahoo tool bar which appears at the top with an orange square with red bullseye icon you can click on any time to run an anti-spy scan, and if anything shows up, you can delete it. It will run in about 10 minutes, and you can click the minimize square, and it will run in the background if you don't want to wait on it. I also have the Norton anti-virus scan which is programmed to run automatically.

1. Yahoo Anti-spy
2. Norton Anti-virus which you can buy at Walmart for about $50.00.


Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 9:40 AM

Surreyman, I'm having the same troubles. I can run any other site just fine but sometimes I can't get sploofus to load for the life of me. It just hangs there forever. WP's sometimes are painful as are quizzes. Yesterday, both at work and at home, I was so frustrated I just gave up.

On the other hand, Ebay is glad to know that I can't get into Sploofus. As well as Amazon, Coldwater Creek, Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.


Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 9:42 AM

Many thanks, sincerely, all of you.
Am forwarding all to my more computer-literate son for translation!

He has also come up with an idea that combines possible lowish Internet running speeds (not noticed on normal Internet use) with (maybe) Sploofus's greatly increased bandwidth due to the recent updates?

I have to duck out now but will certainly update you.

My grateful thanks again.

Tuzilla  (Level: 142.1 - Posts: 3830)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 10:06 AM

I am thinking about one of 3 things.

1. -- Some type of virus -- Try a hi-quality online virus scan at
I use McAfee Virus Scan Online on my systems. If you come up with a bunch of viruses, that is my choice to eliminate them. Once you install it, it runs all the time. It receives frequent updates online, so it is always up-to-date.

2. -- It could be a clog of spyware. is free (they ask donations) In a recent article I saw it was rated as good or better than the big name stuff that will cost you $25-50 US.

3. -- Your registry could have been hi-jacked by some "Browser Helpers" (BHO). Spybot also has a Registry cleaner (RegAlyzer) available at the same site as Spybot. I have never used it, but if it is half as good as Spybot, it will do a great job.
I am currently using PestPatrol to manage my registry. It does a great job, by costs $29.95/year to keep the online version going. I am going to check out the RegAlyzer program.

Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 10:38 AM

Lodi: Keep an eye on my progress then! This low Internet running speed (although fine for Ebay etc.) v. possibly increased Sploofus bandwidth looks promising.

Tuz: I should be OK re Firewalls, Virus protection etc., but I'll add all to my son's list!

Many thanks again to all.

Mskillian  (Level: 65.1 - Posts: 226)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 11:55 AM

Hopes this won't mean less Surreyman quizzes!! Among my most favorite on the whole site!

Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 12:15 PM

Well, as long as you take 'em VERY slowly!!!

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 1:04 PM

I have Norton Antivirus, 2 versions of anti-spyware, and high speed cable internet.

Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Thu, 16th Nov '06 2:41 PM

I have dial-up cable.
My son said that my computer should normally be registering around 50,000 bps connection speed.
But mine's only registering around 32,000 currently, for whatever reason.
He suggested that that might be enough to not notice any difference in speed with Ebay & co., but if Sploofus has greatly increased its bandwidth with the latest updates, it could show there.
That seems to fit.
I'm still therefore waiting to hear from him how I get the speed back up to scratch.
Does that also fit your scenario?

Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Fri, 17th Nov '06 3:44 AM

Latest thinking on this is, in basic terms, that the new Sploofus update has increased the loading needs of the Sploofus site beyond the capacity, maybe, of dial-up.

(Or, possibly, that the new servers are not sorted for dial-up, but could be).

I've asked Sploofus about this, with no reply as yet.

It could be very helpful if any out there with dial-up (and with Internet connecting speeds of, say, 30,000 - 50,000 bps) could let us know if they have (or have not) any loading problens since the update?

It could be, of course, that other affected dial-up people (except die-hards such as myself!) have given up.

Allena  (Level: 264.0 - Posts: 1405)
Sat, 18th Nov '06 9:39 AM

It isa amazing to me to see the difference in my attitude when I am on my cable line and when I am on my dial up line. It is two different sites as far as I am concerned. My 56 K dial-up connection is not good enough for WR, or even WP because I lose interest. I know, that is my fault but I think there is room to decide to not have the overhead Surreyman is experiencing for dial-up users. It will be a long time before everyone has access to cable, even longer for fiber for the last mile.

I hope that sploofus can work out a way to accomodate all types of users.

Linenlady  (Level: 159.1 - Posts: 306)
Sun, 19th Nov '06 5:31 PM

Surrey, are you still having problems with this? Maybe the Sploofus servers don't speak proper English? Hope you're soon toodling along again.

Surreyman  (Level: 269.7 - Posts: 2770)
Mon, 20th Nov '06 4:48 AM

It's loosening up a little, but is still bad.
We've run various broadband/dial-up tests this end, and dial-up is certainly compromised.
But Justin is now looking at it very strongly, (thanks, J!) so here's hoping.
I've kept meaning to go over to broadband, and this could decide it! Wouldn't help other dial-uppers, though.
It's usable through dial-up - hence I'm writing this!
And I can still write quizzes - slower reactions there, but not stopping the writing.
But there's little point in going into speed elements such as TQOD, WR, Showdowns, wagers, etc.
There has always been a difference - broadband users could maybe answer quizzes in 30 secs+, whereas even my 'blind stabbing' test on dial-up could never beat 50/60 secs, but I've lived with that for two or three years now!
Now, however, it's difficult to beat 100 secs. for a quiz, and TQODs get timed out unless there's an absolutely instant answer.
That's the measure of the prob.

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Tue, 21st Nov '06 9:21 AM

Surreyman, I'm still having terrible problems with page loads. I got up and fixed breakfast this morning during the WP and when I came back, it was still trying to load one of the letters I had chosen and was stuck with the Sploofus Trivia systems header scrolled 6 times down the page. As I mentioned before, I have a fast computer, digital cable broadband, 2 antispyware programs, and the corporate edition of Norton Antivirus. I downloaded a video this morning so fast I couldn't even tell you how long it took. A second perhaps? Yet my sploofus pages will intermittently load or not load. The same thing happens to me at work and yet at both places, I have absolutely no problems with any other websites. I know that Larrybus and others are frustrated with cheaters in the WP. I am frustrated just trying to get my WP pages to load half the time. And I know its not just be because I have talked to others who are experiencing the same problems.

Sometimes I just have to walk away.

Banomet  (Level: 179.2 - Posts: 266)
Tue, 21st Nov '06 9:45 AM

Have you tried turning off Norton before you do the WP?

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