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Carreau  (Level: 245.8 - Posts: 140)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 8:50 PM


For the second time in a week I can't get my answer to register on the first question, although I'm sure it's right. There was an extra word included in this particular lyric. I tried it with the extra word, then without it, then filled in ALL the spaces just to make sure and repeated my answer--still "lose three turns."
Anyone else having this problem?

Viggofest  (Level: 93.5 - Posts: 7)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 9:34 PM

Agreed. I have never had any WP problems until I hit the "Vowel Foul Play" puzzles this week. It's a great idea, but I have never gotten stuck on so many correct answers. Is this what's called "a bug"?
And unlike any other WP, where you can run out of letters and thus actually have the answer in front of you, there is no such automatic advance here.
Can we rethink these?

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 9:34 PM

I had 3 missed guesses on just one of the puzzle - I had to go fill in all the letters to see if I had something different but I didn't. I thought I checked for extra spaces but who knows.

I'll be glad when we move on from the vowels, numbers, and letters puzzles.

Jerryew  (Level: 161.2 - Posts: 55)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 9:59 PM

No problems whatever, except for being to slow!!!!!

Iautah  (Level: 213.6 - Posts: 91)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 10:02 PM

The Beatles Lyrics Fowl Vowel Play WP was the worst WP that I have ever seen. Even the Wales place names WP was better than this one.

Garrybl  (Level: 291.0 - Posts: 6769)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 10:32 PM

I really enjoyed this puzzle though in the last question there was one word I could not get -- i think two words were run together inappropriately though I'll check out websites to see if that is really so.
(it was more fun when I did not get charged for my wrong guesses though)

Diva305  (Level: 152.4 - Posts: 1655)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 10:46 PM

Wll hlls blls-whrs Pt Sjck whn y nd hm?
Ngh f ths ss bstrs
lrdy fll ff chr whn gt a blng, dnt nd ny mr brkn bns

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 10:46 PM

I had the same word - two words that were made into one word. Probably wouldn't have been a big deal if the words had the vowels put in, but without them I was pretty confused with the lyrics.

Bigbird  (Level: 248.8 - Posts: 3337)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 10:53 PM

I had the same experience - two word were run together in the puzzle. But clever me, I realized it, so I typed it in the way it should have been in the puzzle. Wrong! Penalized 3 moves, and when the puzzle came back up, those words had been separated. I can only assume that the author fixed it as I was doing the puzzle. Grrrrrrr


Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:01 PM

Sorry, Bigbird! I checked over all the lyrics and found the word which was mentioned by Garrybl and double checked as many sources as I could. Some had it as one word, more as two, so I decided to go with the majority. What a fluke that you'd be on that particular one right then.

And don't worry, I think I've exhausted this particular idea with this one - I was surprised that after the Nursery Rhymes some people asked for more.

Mavejane  (Level: 28.0 - Posts: 22)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:13 PM

I had the same problem, the puzzle not recognizing a correct answer, plus one more...

When the puzzle was first presented there was a 5 letter word (two words joined), just as the song has it. When the CORRECT answer was entered, the screen changed... Two words!

When are the word puzzles going to settle down???????? This has been going on for over a month. I like competing against Sploofers, but I'm really darn tired of fighting the system too.

Missashlee  (Level: 125.6 - Posts: 543)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:30 PM


I liked these WPs. Since Nursery Rhymes and Beatles' lyrics are fairly well known (at least in my personal experience) it was fun trying to recognize the familiar among the not-so-familiar group of consonants.


- Jeanne

Mavejane  (Level: 28.0 - Posts: 22)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:32 PM

I just read the editors response to this problem. What a fluke? I GOT CAUGHT TOO!

Gosh, ain't it tooo bad. Another puzzle that couldn't be completed. It's getting real old, real fast.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:36 PM

Your main problem I don't have an answer for. But the latter problem was my mistake (see note above) and so I am sorry about that. You say it's one word like I originally had, several others say two words. Whatever the case, I should have just left it alone.

Redwingchick  (Level: 91.1 - Posts: 420)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:41 PM

Loved it! And one of my favorite topics too! My Beatles mojo musta been boosted tonight due to the Beatles shirt I just happened to wear today!

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Sun, 10th Dec '06 11:58 PM

A shame the idea seems exhausted. I enjoyed them very much.

Sploofus Editor
Sploofishy (Editor)  
Mon, 11th Dec '06 12:07 AM

Thanks, glad some have enjoyed it. Maybe I'll try something similiar, but with a new variation with Christmas Carols.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 12:21 AM

That sounds cool! I really like having another level of challenge to the puzzle, and it very effectively googleproofs them, but I suppose the fund of phrases widely enough known to be fair must be small.

Lulise  (Level: 32.2 - Posts: 248)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 2:13 AM

What exactly is this problem of not being able to complete the puzzles? Just curious cuz I've never had this problem.

And on another note, I kinda liked this puzzle, exccept when I kept accidentally trying to pick a vowel!! Habit.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 2:18 AM

At last!!! Eight people said that they loved the first version of this format. Someone obviously took that to meean everyone liked it. FITB was not classy enough? Is this the revenge of an editor who looked at one to many FITB quiz? For the sight to be going onward and upward this is a landslide in the wrong direction. I felt like the passenger seated next to Ted Striker in 'Airplane'!!!!!!!!!!

Lulise  (Level: 32.2 - Posts: 248)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 2:26 AM

Not everyone will be happy with the content of the WP all the time. Just because a lot of people disliked these no vowel puzzles does not mean that the site, in my opinion, is a landslide going in the wrong direction. Some people, myself included, actually did like these puzzles. I like that the editors try out different ideas in order to appease all of us sploofusers.

Pafork  (Level: 132.0 - Posts: 536)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 3:44 AM

I thought this was fun - but then I didn't have any bugs or get any puzzles with tricky spellings.
(Other than the whole vowel thing of course.) I did have a hard time remembering to type in the answers correctly.
I almost blew it on the first puzzle when I typed in the whole answer WITH vowels and came thisclose to hitting enter before I caught it.
I'm sorry I missed the nursery rhymes puzzle!

Jenpsmith  (Level: 121.8 - Posts: 64)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 3:50 AM

I really liked it and didn't have any problems.

Without the vowels it meant I didn't get caught with American spelling - last week I got stuck on a word that turned out to be 'favorite' instead of 'favourite' and it took me an extra few letters to work it out.

Suzer22  (Level: 165.6 - Posts: 1982)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 8:57 AM

Dang it - I got caught up in some activity last night and missed this WP! And I had been looking forward to it!

I really enjoyed the Nursery Rhyme one - a very new and different challenge!

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 9:04 AM

The Beatles word puzzle was my highest finish ever.

Markied  (Level: 30.9 - Posts: 109)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 9:09 AM

Oh well done Baggi..
and just for the record, I loved this one too (only 1 letter wrong).

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 9:10 AM

i got a couple of letters wrong but still managed to finsih in 20th. lol (that's amazing for me)

Donden  (Level: 112.5 - Posts: 2127)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 10:05 AM

Another one that had me headed for another website as soon as I saw the "no vowels theme"

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 10:10 AM

So maybe there are more than 8 of us who like them. Lots of people never post here except to complain, so the fact that so few complained could mean that everyone who didn't, liked them just fine. Hmmm?

And Felix, I have no idea what your beef with the editor(s) is, but it's getting really old having it crop up on every thread. You should either post your gripe in full in a thread all by itself, or better yet, file a complaint with Justin and hash it out with whomever you're mad at; at least make an attempt to deal with it without dragging other people in.

Or even better yet, get over it. Whatever you do, The rest of us shouldn't have to read your mysterious little digs on every thread. It only makes you look petty and whiny.

Just my nickels worth, no offense intended.

Gypsylady  (Level: 147.9 - Posts: 6096)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 10:11 AM

I really enjoyed the one with the "Nursery Rhymes", but the one with the Beatles cost me too many points. It really seemed more difficult to me.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 10:12 AM

Sorry, I see Justin already addressed Felix's problem on the Players Location thread.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.5 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 11:32 AM

I really enjoyed this one too. Had a clean run, no typos, but got toasted on that line from "Let it Be." I'd like to think I got revenge by nailing the second verse of "Hey Jude" in two letters

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 5:03 PM

I agree Smokey if people would mind their own business the world would be a much better place. Since this doesn't concern you, take your own advice and get over it. Happy Holidays.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 5:20 PM

And if people don't want their business commented upon they shouldn't slather it all over message boards; if I don't have to hear about it, it won't concern me. Simple.

Same to you.

Felix  (Level: 109.3 - Posts: 2500)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 5:25 PM

Ooops! I guess we know who wrote that one. LMAO! Thanks, I intend to enjoy this wonderful Holiday Season.

Viggofest  (Level: 93.5 - Posts: 7)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 5:38 PM

Ok, so I have since gone to several Beatles sites to confirm the lyrics for number one and--because I wrote them down to keep track of my entries when I realized I was never going to complete the puzzle--it turns out that I entered every possible variant of the lyrics in question, and none of them were accepted.
(I do acknowledge the possibility that I mistyped something somewhere.)
So are the answers posted somewhere? How can I find out what I did wrong if I can't post the attempts here? (Sorry, I'm new to the board and trying to strictly observe the no questions or answers rule; but does it apply after the puzzle has expired?)

For the record, I appreciate the challenge of these. I've just had to shut down to get out of them when I'd exhausted every letter and then every possible variation of spelling or contraction or usage. So that's frustrating to not really be able to compete. That's when I'd like a skip function or the ability to finish the puzzle without a score.

Now, if the puzzle was "misheard" lyric foul vowel, we'd all be er...stuck, Tony Danzas!

Joanneeberlin  (Level: 189.8 - Posts: 686)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 7:59 PM

I thought it was fun and difficult but very clever.


Cypressriver  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 160)
Mon, 11th Dec '06 9:10 PM

I enjoyed this one and had no problems. That doesn't mean I did well, though. I would still welcome puzzle like this.

Jenpsmith  (Level: 121.8 - Posts: 64)
Tue, 12th Dec '06 3:33 AM

Not every WP or quiz will be to everyone's tastes. That would be impossible. Whoever makes the WPs should be congratulated, because there is great variety.

Like Baggiob, the Beatles without vowels was my best result so far so I was thrilled. When the WPs are hard, I love the challenge even more. I can see how it would have been VERY hard for anyone who didn't know the lyrics too well.

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