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Maurlin  (Level: 221.5 - Posts: 2718)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 7:01 PM


I was just checking a new quiz of mine that has a low ranking. One of the takers joined on 1/13/07, has taken 355 quizzes, and rates other players quizzes an average of 3.83. Is it possible to block this person from taking any of my other quizzes?

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 8:38 PM

I can't recall the exact details, but if someone rates low on a consistent basis like that, their ratings don't get counted as they are labeled as a "Bomber".

Can someone else chime in here?

Aside from that, I don't think you can prevent someone from taking any quiz.

There are some confirmed bombers here and there-- I think they get off on ruining peoples' day. I say, get a life...

Ladyvol  (Level: 213.0 - Posts: 5679)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 8:45 PM

You can block them from sending messages to you but I don't think you can block them from taking your quizzes....I've run into several like that (low raters)...those ratings don't count if they rate below a five if I'm not mistaken...

Bigbird  (Level: 250.5 - Posts: 3353)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 9:26 PM

I think the ones whose ratings don't count are the ones that say "Bomber alert" on their profiles. I think you have to rate with 1s or 2s to earn a Bomber alert label.


Sblv  (Level: 195.8 - Posts: 337)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 10:01 PM

On the other hand, why have a rating of 1-3 if they do not count, can't we just have rating of 5 saying "decent", I think, as the lowest possible? All quizzes that pass through the editorial check should be decent at least.

Embee  (Level: 86.7 - Posts: 362)
Tue, 16th Jan '07 10:09 PM

The only time low scores don't count is when they are given by people who consistently rate quizzes low. For most of us rating quizzes, they do count. I do agree with you that a quiz that has received editorial approval is worth at least a 5.

Surreyman  (Level: 274.7 - Posts: 2776)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 6:19 AM

It seems that scoring can be very subjective.
I have very occasionally given a 1 for an outright terror!
As I understand it, editors do not have control over the content of quizzes, do they - just plagiarisation and grammar?
If this is so, then doesn't there remain a place for being able to give a 1 if necessary!

Geniuswaitress  (Level: 52.1 - Posts: 381)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 7:29 AM

There DOES remain a place for giving a one if necessary. But you have to admit if someone is ONLY giving out 1's and 2's then something is amiss.

Geophile  (Level: 168.3 - Posts: 1553)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 1:43 PM

I once wrote a note of apology to Maurlin (who writes fantastic quizzes by the way!) because I had inadvertently given her a 1....same thing happened to Scooby the other day. I'm still not sure what happened. I rated both a 9, but I must have left my finger there too long and up popped "1 Awful!" I was so surprised and felt like a "1-Awful" myself. I don't see how people get off giving low scores on purpose. Yes, I have taken really dumb quizzes that I have rated lower than I usually do, but a 1??! Yet, I did it accidentally. Anyone else had this happen?

Geophile  (Level: 168.3 - Posts: 1553)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 1:45 PM

Oh, and Sblv's point is a good one and should be seriously considered.

Greyghost  (Level: 69.0 - Posts: 640)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 1:46 PM

I dont believe i have ever gave below an 8.

Baggiob  (Level: 143.2 - Posts: 888)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 2:02 PM

Greyghost, you don't think you have ever rated a quiz below an 8??????

You might want to exlpain why your average rating for rating other peoples quizzes is 7.98 then????


Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 3:09 PM


I once rated a very good quiz a 1. My younger daughter (then about 4 and was sitting on my lap) clicked on a 1 rating as I turned to talk to someone else in the room. Like you, I PMd the person and apologized profusely!

1mks  (Level: 221.1 - Posts: 5930)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 3:28 PM

I have actually gotten messages that my quiz was awful. I just wrote back and said "thanks for taking my quiz". What else can you do? I would certainly like to vent but then that puts me down on their level. Alas. Marsha

Heidi  (Level: 36.2 - Posts: 694)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 3:41 PM

Some folks are just mean in spirit, I believe-most not. I know I am hurt when someone whom I can trace because of a few players gives me a low rating, but that is some folks uplift, iIguess. So sorry that you received a low rating on a quiz-we have feelings that get hurt-Linda

Allena  (Level: 268.7 - Posts: 1424)
Thu, 18th Jan '07 4:40 PM

If the thread is about blockage...I think no way. If you write a get what the world thinks.

I have some dillys of advice...expecially from those in the first three days of Sploofus. I have found this: if I write back to a jerk in a polite way, they are surprisd. In fact...inevitably they take another quiz and write a nice note.

I think that in the early days folks thought that a five was the proper rating. Now...if you get a five you cry. (well, scream silently) However, it is in the best interst of those that start afresh with some preconcived get a really nice response of welcome...a little advice about how you would like to take one of their quizzes when they start writing...and an offer to answer questions about the site when they feel interested in exploring.

There is a fine person, Linenlady, that got me over the hump. If you look, you will see a lot of folks that just take their question of the day and that's it. Those of us that want a good site can train the newby's quickly. allena

Cypressriver  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 160)
Fri, 19th Jan '07 10:48 PM

I can't remember what all the numbers stand for, but I give a "needs work" if the questions are so ambiguous that I can't tell what is being asked. Or if there is no clear answer choice because one answer is a subset of another or there is some other kind of ambiguity among the answers. In other words, if the quiz is hopelessly confusing.

Otherwise it's 7 or higher.

The ratings are a bit unclear because a "fun" quiz (rating 7) is not necessarily a well-written quiz. But it does seem that this community uses 7 as "average/good/really good" and anything below as "poor," so I try to align my ratings with that scale.

Greyghost  (Level: 69.0 - Posts: 640)
Sat, 20th Jan '07 7:40 AM

Actually i wandered about that myself,if its a real good one i give a 9.Maybe left over from the old days when i was getting used to the scoring system ? I honestly think i am stuck on eights,lol.

Linenlady  (Level: 159.1 - Posts: 306)
Sat, 20th Jan '07 6:36 PM

What a nice thing to say, Allena. Thank you. What little experience or knowledge I was able to share was repaid tenfold with stories of people and places I'll never see, and encouragement of my point building efforts. You're a great asset to this site.

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