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Mistertom428  (Level: 246.3 - Posts: 16)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 3:11 PM


Ever wonder what happened to the post on punctuation?
This is Mr. Sploofus' decision.
10/10/2005 6:27 by Sploofus Support
The post was removed after players began to make personal attacks against each other. Sploofus is a place for fun, not hateful resentment. All posts that become derogotory or malicious will be immediately deleted.

Thank you,
Sploofus Support

Maybe the players who made the derogotory or malicious postings should have been deleted.

Trivadiktus  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 34)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 3:29 PM

You don't get it, do you?


Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 3:47 PM

it seems to me there is another thread on at this time which is getting alot of attention-sploofus has posted a small warning on that one -have you ever noticed the real good threads are the ones they take off??it just so happens that these threads are also the most viewed and replied to.EVERYONE ENJOYS THE DRAMA!!!I think alot of the replies are hilarious and sometimes the threads just make my day.Don't take everything so seriously,folks!!By the way,mistertom,i'm still laughing about the sandwich and life-actually i quote it to someone everyday.That's how great it was!!!

Eksimba  (Level: 29.0 - Posts: 155)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 3:57 PM

Maybe if this site were called "sploofus trivia and dramatic chat systems" posts like that would be appropriate. However, since it's not, I agree that threads like that have no place here.

Keep in mind that the thread wasn't removed because it was critical of sploofus. It went way beyond that and was removed because of the useless sniping and personal attacks that went on. I, for one, am happy that those kinds of 'conversations' are not welcome here. I've moderated community forums similar to this before, and the best ones always had a similar policy.

There are lots of places online you can go to if you want soap opera drama. Let's leave sploofus to the trivia, please.

- Eric

Siriusofazkaban  (Level: 15.1 - Posts: 196)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 4:10 PM

I would rather sploofus deleted threads that were a long series of people fighting. If you truly have something to say to someone, tell them in a private message, not on the board where everyone gets to partake in the drama.

Mistertom428  (Level: 246.3 - Posts: 16)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 4:22 PM

I remember hearing this expression once. "I'll listen to your opinion as long as it does not run contrary to mine."
That should be the Sploofus motto.

Skillet66  (Level: 83.5 - Posts: 210)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 4:36 PM

Sirius,you are absolutely correct in your view of sending a private message.Better yet,if you have a problem with something someone says-quit taking their quizzes.There's more than one way to skin a cat..

Cal10892  (Level: 40.2 - Posts: 35)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 5:39 PM

Now really, mistertom. The thread was not removed because it ran contrary to Sploofus opinion. Personal attacks on people do not rate as opinions. If Sploofus were going to do that, why did all the threads disagreeing with his price increase, stick around? I think Sploofus has proven to be very open to oppsing views. I agree with him that this is no place for petty sniping. I really wonder why there are a few folks here that can't seem to post in chat without being mean.

Groupw  (Level: 144.4 - Posts: 153)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 6:29 PM

Internet troll
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

In internet terminology, a troll is a person who posts inflammatory messages on the internet, such as on online discussion forums, to disrupt the discussion or to upset its participants. The word, or its variant, "trolling", is also used to describe such messages or the act of posting them.

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 7:35 PM

Phew, Groupw! I am so glad you named your source. LOL

Every message board I have ever participated in has its share of rabble-rousers. That is the only downside to the Sploofus chat.

Too bad we can't upload .gif files because I have a very cute "beating the dead horse" smiley that would be appropriate here ---->



Trivadiktus  (Level: 73.3 - Posts: 34)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 8:04 PM

LoL groupw! Thank's for making my day! A troll huh? Lmao!


Twinboymom2001  (Level: 67.0 - Posts: 197)
Wed, 12th Oct '05 8:47 PM

OMG, I cannot stop laughing at Tracy's beating the dead horse comment or at GroupW's troll comment! See what I get for coming over here on a study I can't concentrate! LOL!

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