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Mischief  (Level: 107.0 - Posts: 42)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 8:29 AM


I've just done today's Word Puzzle & I'm really puzzled about one of the games the kids play in the US!

What on earth is the third one all about?? I'm sure that would be banned in UK playgrounds!! lol

Can someone please explain to an innocent Brit??

Tee x

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 8:39 AM

I'm not sure what you had, Tee. PM me and I will try to help you out. :D

To the creator of the puzzle: Why no "Spin the Bottle?" Hee hee


Felix-old  (Level: 14.2 - Posts: 244)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 9:00 AM

Tracy is there a story that goes with that?


Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 9:09 AM

I'll never tell, Felix. :D

Mcpop  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 44)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 9:28 AM

I'm interested in that story too.

Tuzilla  (Level: 144.8 - Posts: 3839)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 12:05 PM

Please don't reveal any answers "pre-emptive" reminder because it is so easy to do. I remember spin-the-bottle and other games. I can't dedicate the time to do the puzzle until I get home, but I do want to here, but I am interested to hear this bottle spinning story.

Mischief  (Level: 107.0 - Posts: 42)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 12:08 PM

Don't worry I'm spilling nothing until this puzzle is over, but I'm so intrigued now about what your American kids are getting upto!! lol



Tnlefty  (Level: 73.7 - Posts: 12)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 1:51 PM

If your third word puzzle was the same one I am thinking of, it is NOT an American game (or at least not in the part of America I am from). I wondered about that one too!

Troypassion  (Level: 69.5 - Posts: 60)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 3:16 PM

LOL! I see hte one you mean Mischief, sounds like it wouldn't be allowed over here )

Uncleresa  (Level: 71.3 - Posts: 132)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 3:22 PM

I am exstremely intrigued! All the ones I had were normal sounding to me! ( But I didn't play spin the bottle until I was in my teens!) Was that even on there? I kinda doubt it? Teresa

Joelwdonnal  (Level: 121.8 - Posts: 268)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 4:14 PM

I know the game you are all referring too and after the time is up for this puzzle I will explain it to you if you like or send me a private message and I can explain it there - it isn't as bad as you all are thinking

Deeder  (Level: 60.2 - Posts: 48)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 4:15 PM

LOL #3 is a perfectly innocent game,We played it in elementary school.

Flybybethy  (Level: 136.6 - Posts: 155)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 4:29 PM

That one made me laugh!! I've never heard of such a game.


Mcpop  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 44)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 4:34 PM

I used to play it when I was little, but we called it something else.

Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 5:21 PM

Man, I can't wait 'til this puzzle is over and we get to hear what all the fuss is about. I took the puzzle just because of this thread, but alas all five of the games I got were standard American kids' games...and no bottle spinning!


Roxi618  (Level: 182.6 - Posts: 50)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 5:25 PM

I can't wait either! All 5 of mine were kids games we played here in the states way back in the day!!!
Lisa p

Jennyhp  (Level: 102.5 - Posts: 21)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 8:45 PM

K, so are we talking about "Stear the Queer"?? I want to know about that too...

Redbaron  (Level: 205.8 - Posts: 296)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 8:57 PM

That sure sounds possible...I've sure never heard of it!


Ladyvol  (Level: 212.3 - Posts: 5650)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 9:00 PM

mischief, the game you are talking about wasn't dangerous it was fun and played on a level surface....I played it when I was a kid one ever got hurt....

Emiperkins  (Level: 50.0 - Posts: 201)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 9:21 PM

ok, the word puzzle is over. Is anyone going to say what it was? All mine were normal games.

Puppet138  (Level: 174.5 - Posts: 65)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 10:04 PM

I didn't have that one in mine

Stormey1  (Level: 36.5 - Posts: 4)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 10:43 PM

It was smear the queer ...and it was played by getting the kid with the ball (a dog Pile)... at least that's how the kids where i lived played it

Ladyvol  (Level: 212.3 - Posts: 5650)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 10:57 PM

smear the queen? Never heard of that you blindfolded someone and spun them around a few times and they had to find everyone. if they caught someone then they the person they caught was "it"...and it's called (drum roll please) blindman's bluff...

Mcpop  (Level: 108.2 - Posts: 44)
Thu, 13th Oct '05 11:20 PM

I'll try to explain how we played. We also called it "kill the man with the ball". We would play on a field with a predetermined goal line. We would use a ball(usually a football). There would be about 4-7 people playing. Start in the middle of the field and throw the ball in the air. Whoever caught the ball would try to run to the goal line while everyone else tried to tackle them. If they were tackled, they would throw the ball up and someone else would grab the ball and try to score. When someone scored you would start again in the middle of the field. Play to a predetermined score. That's the game I played. I don't know the origin for the term "smear the queer" but I would guess it would have to do with people being different than the norm (person with the ball is different than the rest). I hope this helps. Any questions? -James

Cal10892  (Level: 40.2 - Posts: 35)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 1:07 AM

Now there is one I never heard of. Then again, we didn't play many tackle type games where I grew up. No grass. Ever hear of bottlecaps?

Greyghost  (Level: 68.4 - Posts: 640)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 1:39 AM

ok guys,please help.what the heck is "smear the queer",i am totally discusted,not to mention personally offended,my best friends are gay,that was totally out of line!wish i could give my points and membership to someone else!!!
the discusted and offended grey ghost

Greyghost  (Level: 68.4 - Posts: 640)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 1:51 AM

don't care who knows the answer,never should have been put there.believe me,i have a feeling that "he-l will be out 4 recess" oh,but i forgot,this is the site that is non predicical .btw sploofus,return my money before ya boot me 4 being honest.remember,i helped you get started.keep up the good work.

Deeder  (Level: 60.2 - Posts: 48)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 2:29 AM

Greyghost I can't speak for everyone here,But when I was a kid in early to mid 70's "queer" didn't have the same meaning it has today.Then it meant different, odd one out something not clearly understood(hmm that is queer isn't it?) .As in the odd one has the ball(only one ball in a group of kids)so we would yell "smear the queer".Same as cigarettes used to be called fags.

Cal10892  (Level: 40.2 - Posts: 35)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 3:02 AM

Take it easy people! I seriously doubt it was anyone's intention to be offensive. I do not remember that game, but I do remember when the word queer had nothing to do with sexual orientation. The original meaning of the word was different from the norm or usual. Just like the original meaning of gay was happy. Just because those words have been given different meanings now is no reason to get upset when they are used in their original context.

Mischief  (Level: 107.0 - Posts: 42)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 3:15 AM

Thank you to everyone who enlightened me on this one!! I'd guessed that it must have been an old game in the good old days when queer meant odd & gay meant happy, either that or queer didn't have the same meaning in the US....

Greyghost, please don't be offended by it and remember that many words have many meanings! I have many "gay/queer/homosexual" whatever you want to call them friends too.

By the way, we used to have a similar sounds game that was played when I was young but it was called "Murderball" now that probably would have had you US members worried about us Brits too! lol

Tee x

Joelwdonnal  (Level: 121.8 - Posts: 268)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 8:12 AM

Deeder I agree totally with you - the word QUEER did not mean the same when I was a kid as it does now - and it probably doesn't mean that too a lot of people either - QUEER means ODD - and if you had the BALL in that game you were the ODD PERSON because you were the only one who had the ball - so for those who think of the othe meaning for it - try looking it up in the dictionery - not all of us think that QUEER means GAY - and I too have some good GAY friends and I wouldn't consider them QUEER - unless they were ODD in someother way - if you know the true meaning of the word many of us in this site are QUEER.

Action23  (Level: 113.6 - Posts: 180)
Fri, 14th Oct '05 8:53 AM

Thank you mcpop, deeder and joel for the explanations offered on the game "smear the queer", as well as the terminology differences for now and then.

WOW....Smear the queer was truly a great game.......played it lots growing up. Never wanted to be tackled and dog piled upon, not fun!! I think that's how I developed really good foot speed at that young age and later became a fairly good sprinter.

Certainly there's nothing that anyone should be offended by for that particular "kids game". And anyone who has that thin of skin to begin with.........well, its likely they have a totally "different" agenda altogether. I would submit to those who may have been offended, to "lighten up", but sounds like they're too light already.............LOL


Shearstyle  (Level: 20.7 - Posts: 79)
Sat, 15th Oct '05 4:58 AM

Oh wow I'm totally flashing back to that game now. It was sooo much fun. And in no way did the word queer mean gay at all. In fact I dont even think there were any gay people at all back in those days.

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