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Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 9:21 AM


When I woke up this morning, I thought "Gee, I really laughed alot last night". In retrospect, I think it might have been the Benadryl.

Let's start with the winners!

I got 3 out of 5 correct, but I was very happy to be wrong about the 2 I missed. I was thrilled that Alan Arkin won instead of Eddie Murphy!

The Departed was my favorite movie last year, but I don't think my favorite movie of the year has actually won since Forrest Gump. I was pleasantly surprised. Someone responded to my "picks" saying The Departed would not win because it was too violent. Hollywood LOVES violence, as evidenced by the wins of both Godfathers, Unforgiven and, most recently, Crash.

Even though I didn't want Jennifer Hudson to win, she had the most touching speech - "Look what God can do!". Very sweet...and she looked gorgeous, though I didn't like the goofy jacket on her dress.!

I'm so glad Martin Scorcese won legitimately rather than being given one just because he's never won. The Departed also won Best Film Editing, having been worked on by the same woman who edited The Aviator (for which she also won). This time she deserved it.

Forrest Whitaker was very solemn in his speech. It left me wondering if he is always so serious.

Helen Mirren was my favorite win of the night. She looked so beautiful and is always classy.

How weird is it that a movie starring a former vice-president giving a power point presentation won an Oscar? I saw An Inconvenient Truth, found the subject fascinating, but it really consisted mostly of Al Gore talking and clicking slides. Not much filmmaker expertise had to go into this.

The Show Itself:

Ellen proved to be a fun host, going into the audience and messing with people most wouldn't (Clint Eastwood). She was obviously having a really good time. I still missed Jon Stewart, though.

I loved the nominees film sequence at the beginning, and all the nominees in the audience standing. Nice touch.

Will Ferrell, Jack Black & John C. Reilly sang a very funny song. That is the only kind of musical number celebrating the Oscars that should be allowed. So hilarious!

The Sound Effects Choir was fascinating! Even Guy liked it, and he hates everything about The Oscars.

The Dance Troup behind the screen doing amazing silhouettes was very entertaining and unique. I loved it.

I liked the way they had people doing voice-overs during the film clips, especially the non-actor nominees. An original way to do it.

The movie montage about writers was my favorite. I also enjoyed the Foreign Language Montage, though I didn't spot any Louis Malle or Ingmar Bergman, which I thought was strange. If you saw either or both, please correct me. The "America Through the Movies" seemed very violent! It was made by Michael Mann, and the images that stood out included the KKK, cowboys & indians, scenes from Godfathers 1 & 2, Scarface, Resevoir Dogs, Do the Right Thing, and Saving Private Ryan. Pretty sad commentary.

Sherry Lansing was boring, as was Tom Cruise.

Meryl Streep glaring at Emily Blount and Ann Hathaway was very funny.

The showing of before and after scenes for the Visual Effects category was interesting.


I thought Maggie Gyllenhall looked beautiful and was very poised. Jessica Biel was also a favorite in a simple pink dress that was very flattering. Reese Witherspoon, Diane Keaton and Jody Foster all looked wonderful, too, but Helen Mirren looked the most beautiful. I thought Gwyneth Paltrow's dress was ugly. Nicole Kidman's dress would have been beautiful without the big giant bow the size of her head. The same with Naomi Watts pretty yellow dress which was ruined by weird sleeves.

General Observations:

Abigail Breslin & Jaden Smith were very cute. I enjoyed watching Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith look so proud in the audience.

What was the deal with Al Gore & Leo? Boring.

Did anyone else think Jennifer Hudson was going to have a wardrobe malfunction while she was singing? Might have made the show more exciting.

How old is Cameron Diaz? 35? I think it's time to back off the pigeon-toed, tongue between her teeth, giggly giddyness. She bugs me.

Jody Foster looked great, but she walks like a man.

Martin Scorcese walking off-stage after winning and seeing Jack Nicholson was a Kodak moment. Very sweet.

Does Philip Seymour Hoffman own a comb? Or shampoo? Is this part of his "serious artist" look? Is he trying to make us forget he was in Mission Impossible 3?

When did James Taylor get so old? He looked like a tax attorney (no offense to any of you who are tax attorneys). Remember when he was hot? Now I'm depressed.

Lastly, I forgot to include a favorite movie from last year, one I highly recommend. It is "For Your Consideration" a Christopher Guest film, about some has-been & never been actors who get Oscar buzz. Hilarious. Ironically, Catherine O'Hara was brilliant in it, and actually did have Oscar buzz, but unfortunately it didn't pan out.

As usual, I would love to hear your take on this year's Oscars. Especially since, when I talk to my husband and son about it I can actually see their eyes glaze over...a very disturbing phenomenon.

Until next year!

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 853)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 4:12 PM

I agree with much of what you wrote-- but I loved the bit with Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio. I always think it's great when anyone famous can laugh at him/herself. If they're famous for being stiff and dull, it's even better. I am a fan of Gore's, though. I think his movie (and cause) is beyond important and I voted for him way back when.

My fave dresses: Cate Blanchett & Helen Mirren
My picks for "Worst": Kirsten Dunst & Nicole Kidman

I love Ellen and wish she'd been featured more.


Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 5:49 PM

I didn't watch the oscars but I really enjoyed your recap. I actually laughed out loud in a couple of spots.


Carreau  (Level: 245.9 - Posts: 140)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 9:50 PM

Hey, let's take it easy on James Taylor. The guy is 59 and doesn't tdepend on Max Factor to disguise it. I wish I could say I looked that great when I was his age. More importantly, the voice is still there, fine and mellow as ever.

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2815)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 10:03 PM

Sweet Baby James still looks good to me!

Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 10:06 PM

Ok to be honest the only one I saw was The Departed...and I loved it (I have two little kids so the big thrill of the night was the animated movie catagory...saw them all).

On to the show...bored out of my mind. I didn't like the fact that they didn't give the best supporting actor award in the begining.

Loved Ellen, the shadow dancing thing and the song by Jack Black, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

The low point for me was Celine Dion singing that horribly boring song that I swear was like watching paint dry.

High points: Martin Scorsese (not to mention George Lucas getting a YUK in about never having won an oscar...)
Jennifer Hudson...humble and realy heartfelt.
By far the best....Forest Whitaker...class act all the way!

Just my opinion on some terribly overpaid, overrated, and overexposed celebrities.

Cypressriver  (Level: 59.9 - Posts: 160)
Mon, 26th Feb '07 11:49 PM

I didn't see the show but enjoyed your recap. I had someone tape it and I'll see it sometime in June as is my yearly ritual.

I'm so glad you mentioned the Christopher Guest film. I somehow missed it and I love his movies. I hope his other regulars are in it too (Parker Posey, Eugene Levy, etc.)

Can't believe Tom Cruise still goes out in public. I've always thought he looked like a rodent, and recently he's been acting insane, to boot. I know enough about scientology to fear for poor Katie.

James Taylor has had a hard life, and I don't blame him for looking old. He still looks great, sounds great, and I hope he's finding some peace now that he's older.

Again, thanks for the recap--fun to read.

Redwingchick  (Level: 91.1 - Posts: 420)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 1:09 AM

Great recap! I totally agree with the Philip Seymour Hoffman thing. What was with that? Looked like he washed his hair with motor oil. Phil, there is a right way to do dreads and a wrong way! I totally think he is a fab actor and was thrilled when he won last year but he looked like total crap this year.

Cate Blanchett was absolutely stunning, as was Helen Mirren.

I didn't see The Last King of Scotland and I am sure Forest Whitaker deserved his Oscar but I was really pulling for Peter O'Toole. 8 noms and no wins for such a talented acotr? And he was not looking too good...don't know is he has another Oscar performance in him. I wish he had won, but oh well.

If not for the giant bow Nicole's dress would have been so fabulous. Love the red on her.

Ellen did a great job of hosting and did anyone notice that this year there was NOTHING controversial said or done at the Oscars? What a landmark year!

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 8:32 AM

I only mentioned James Taylor because, if he's getting old, that means I'm getting old, a fact I usually try to ignore. I completely forgot about Celine Dion! I must have blocked it in a gesture of self preservation. The Christopher Guest movie has all the usual suspects in it. I don't know if it's on DVD yet. I'm lovin' all the feedback!

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 8:34 AM

I saw James Taylor in concert a few years ago. He sounded really good from the beer garden.


Soldotna  (Level: 27.7 - Posts: 145)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 8:36 AM

Everyone I ever saw in a beer garden sounded good at some point in the day. LOL

Lettermanfan1  (Level: 88.3 - Posts: 486)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 8:37 AM

Beer garden??? What do they grow there?

Eesusbejesus  (Level: 75.0 - Posts: 3641)
Tue, 27th Feb '07 8:47 AM

This particular venue and beer garden was at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington State.

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