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Tue, 10th Apr '07 7:15 PM


Hey folks,

I'm still hacking away whenever I have the opportunity on these scripts... the errors still appear but I am getting closer to solving them. But none of this will be of any consequence on 4/15.

Because everything will change, then.


Swiper  (Level: 154.8 - Posts: 875)
Tue, 10th Apr '07 7:25 PM

What's EVERYTHING? What needs changing? Except for some expired rounds and a couple mean spirited people, this is the perfect island! Some of the Best people on Earth live here. I'd name names but there's too many too mention! I'm scared.

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Tue, 10th Apr '07 9:36 PM

I'm scared too! When we wake up on Sunday morning, 4/15, we will recognize "Sploofus Island", won't we? We won't be in a misty fog or in the "Twilight Zone", will we?


Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2812)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:00 AM

Sploof, we don't WANT everything to change!

Wed, 11th Apr '07 12:02 PM

You just might have your foot in your mouth in Philly Donna

Embrace change.

Over 6 months of new development will be unveiled on the island Sunday... and when the smoke clears, the mist fades into the salty air, you will find yourself upon an oasis like no other.

I promise I will not have my foot in my mouth in Philly.

Your appreciation of the island as it exists today is awesome. It is only for players such as yourself that I have spent the time to create something very special -- hope you are HERE on 4/15...

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2812)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 12:11 PM

Wouldn't be anywhere else, buddy!

Show me. I don't mind the taste of foot.

Mystic13  (Level: 44.8 - Posts: 89)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:22 PM

very interesting thread. at the very least, makes me wonder what things can make this site better

Texlewee  (Level: 34.1 - Posts: 599)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:23 PM

OMG !!! I just got inside information that Sploofus is being bought out by the McDonalds corp. As part of the agreement, starting April 15th, every answer must have a Mc in front of it. For Instance:

Who is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones? McMick Jagger.

Also, every quiz must have one question that states "Do you want fries with that?"

Violetblue  (Level: 112.2 - Posts: 854)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:29 PM


I hope you're right!


Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:31 PM

Justin, do you have an idea of what time EST on Sunday, 4/15, that "Sploofus Island" will become an oasis? I'm pretty sure you do, but will you tell us ahead of time? That is the question! I'll definitely be here, just want to know how early to start.


1mks  (Level: 221.3 - Posts: 5931)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 1:39 PM

I am definitely excited. I love change....unless it is when a cat goes missing. BUT that was solved so I am once again blissful! Thanks for ALL of your hard work Justin. Marsha

Lisap369  (Level: 61.1 - Posts: 992)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 4:49 PM

I think it was the Sploofus Snowclones (or maybe some other WP not so long ago) that I thought was hinting at what was happening. I was chatting with another sploofuser who concurred - it almost sounded like we should be prepared for a new 'partnership' or owner situation. Can't remember the wording exactly but one of the puzzles mentioned 'I, for one, am ready to embrace our new figurehead' (I know this wasn't exactly it but, something like that).

Justin, I sincerely hope you are not going anywhere!!

My guess is you have partnered with a money honey to improve the site beyond our expectations... am I close??

Smoke20  (Level: 62.6 - Posts: 2812)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 5:23 PM

I heard our points were going to become money and we'll be able to make withdrawals from Paypal! Just put a decimal two places from the right and see how much you're worth!


First thing I'm doing is upgrading everyone!

Laissez le bontemps roulez!

Osuzannacollage  (Level: 132.1 - Posts: 1299)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 5:55 PM

Yeah, Smoke...that's the ticket!

Sure am excited about all that's abrewin'. Unfortunately, it will be late Sunday evening before I can check it all out -- I'm doing an out-of-town show and won't be anywhere near an internet connection until late night. Dangit!

Are you sure that's two decimal points? Should I go ahead and book that private island in the Bahamas now or wait until Sunday?


Chickfbref1  (Level: 120.7 - Posts: 2011)
Wed, 11th Apr '07 10:36 PM

Sploof...for me it always appears at the top or bottom half of the hour...therebouts. Like 9:25 - 9:30...or right before the hour ends..

Whatever...YIPEEE 4/15 rapidly approaching!!


Mystic13  (Level: 44.8 - Posts: 89)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 4:01 AM

will wager and showdown tokens still be in play?

Thu, 12th Apr '07 1:09 PM

The only thing I can tell you that is NOT going to happen is this:

There will NOT be a change of management/ownership. And, unfortunately, there is still no money honey, corporate sponsor, or the like. 4/15 is a result of our collective blood, sweat, and tears.

As for time of day - I can't tell you!

You'll note that the island will experience an effect very similar to that of the Philadelphia experiment just before the mist fades and reveals the secret... and it has nothing to do with Sploophilly, either.

Maurlin  (Level: 221.6 - Posts: 2718)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 1:19 PM

I just googled Philadelphia Experiment and got this in Wiki:
"The Philadelphia Experiment was a secret experiment allegedly conducted by the U.S. Navy at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around the date of October 28th, 1943, in which the U.S. destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible to human observers for a brief period of time." "The story is widely regarded as a hoax"

Gypsylady  (Level: 149.5 - Posts: 6108)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 1:23 PM

I just googled the same thing, Linda! I was really stretching my mind to figure out a connection, but did not have any luck. Just more confused than ever. Very mysterious!


Alaskan420  (Level: 69.0 - Posts: 191)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 1:28 PM

The appearance of change but actually nothing happening?........

Kimoira  (Level: 215.3 - Posts: 1203)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 1:47 PM

sounds like a nice make-over!

Aslan  (Level: 27.6 - Posts: 356)
Thu, 12th Apr '07 6:19 PM

The Philadelphia Experiment was a great movie.

Cjar855  (Level: 135.1 - Posts: 837)
Fri, 13th Apr '07 3:02 PM

Uh Oh ! Are we going to be teleporting on Sunday?

Spicyhedgehog  (Level: 96.2 - Posts: 69)
Fri, 13th Apr '07 3:06 PM

Im so excited. I love it here have met some lovely people, can't wait for Sunday.
Thanx Justin for all you hard work, would be no where else. x

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