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Charlemange  (Level: 55.9 - Posts: 42)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 11:56 AM


Please don't laugh. I tried sending emails support(at)sploofus about this, but I've heard nothing, and it affects how I interact with the site.

I'm just wondering when the rule changed so that TQOTD wagers could no longer go above 1,000,000,000.

I know I'm probably literally the only one who will complain about this, and that I should just lighten up or something. But there was a note that had gone around a couple of months ago that stated that Justin had decided against capping wagers, mentioning that that the players at the very top of the leaderboards would lose too many points if he retroactively applied the rules. All well and good.

But now that the wagers have been capped without telling anyone (or did I miss a note somewhere? My input at the time was ignored as well) and without applying the rule against previous wagers, it makes it virtually impossible to move up, even if the top players all decide to leave the site for long stretches of time. The way things stand right now, Larrybus and Kravfighter and Keebydog will never have to worry about their place on the ladder, ever. I just don't think that's fair.

Like I said, I'm one of maybe a half-dozen people out of 26,000 who is affected by this. I feel like an idiot whining about it. They're only points, and I should lighten up, I know. I just feel like I've tried to get an answer about this for a while and I've been shouting down a hole. I don't want to be the crazy guy who sends increasingly batty emails to an unread mailbox. I'm really not that guy, I swear.

If no one replies to this either, I'll let it drop. I'm aware that life isn't fair, and I'll deal.

Tuzilla  (Level: 144.8 - Posts: 3839)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 12:44 PM

It has been in effect for several months. I guess there are good points and bad points. It will keep the scores from becoming astronomical at the top.

Charlemange  (Level: 55.9 - Posts: 42)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 12:52 PM

Was it? Because a couple of months ago Justin sent a note to the top 50 players saying he was thinking about instituting a cap, and I wrote him a lengthy response which, well, I don't know if he ever read, but then he sent another note around saying he decided against it, because he'd have had to apply it retroactively and the top players would lose too many points.

I assumed that mean that the top players had complained about the possible implementation of the rule and Justin listened to them. So far, so good.

But now the cap is in place, and anyone who made multi-billion point wagers before it went into place seems to have been allowed to keep their points. Which slants the playing field against everyone else.

Which is why I'm asking.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 12:54 PM

I'm with you, where I don't necessarily like the cap either. Even in the old system, though, a cap was eventually reached - just over 2 billion. Here is a thread kind of explaining why that cap was in place, although I don't totally understand the explanation:

I thought there was another thread that was more detailed about the old cap, but couldn't locate it.

Even in 3rd place, I understand your frustration in not being able to move up the board easily. I am so far behind the top 2, it will be difficult for me to ever reach them. Don't forget, though, that there are also showdown tokens to help you move up. I have quite a store of them, but am much more fearful of using them than using my wager tokens (since my opponent will gain my lost points if I lose) - especially when my challenge opponents are so limited.

Geophile  (Level: 167.3 - Posts: 1545)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 2:34 PM

I'm with you. As for Showdown tokens, I'm going to have as many as lmks! After being burned so many times, I have thirty piled up.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 4:35 PM

Just to clear a few things up: First, the old cap of 2 billion plus was due to the way the wager amounts are stored on the server; that was the highest number that could be represented using that storage format.

Second, the cap of one billion was instituted in February, when Sploofus went to the new server.

Third, I got the letter from Justin too. It was nothing about instituting the cap (that was going to stay regardless), but rather about making the one billion cap RETROACTIVE to the beginning of Sploofus and recalculating scores accordingly. I personally advised him against it (no idea what he thought of my comments), even though it would have little effect on me, because (a) I feared he couldn't completely accurately represent the cascade affect by post facto changing old wagers, and (b) it still wouldn't restore the targeted equity.

Charlemange, without slighting his obviously excellent knowledge and ability, there is one reason Larrybus has so many more points than you or me, and no changing of wager limits is going to affect that. Namely, he joined the site at the beginning of 2005. He had 15 months' head start on you. I'm sure by Fall '08, you'll be toting tens of billions of points, and someone who's joining the site today will be griping about how uncatchable you are.


Charlemange  (Level: 55.9 - Posts: 42)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 4:59 PM

Ken, I get all that, and like I said, I understand that I'm still relatively new to the top 25 (and that this is not a problem that will ever affect 99% of the players on this site). And really, it's Justin's playground to do with as he likes; I pay my membership, but it's a pittance compared to how much I get from the place.

I guess my big frustration is with the fact that the note Justin sent out asked for feedback and then didn't have a working address to reply to, and I then threw a lot of time down the well sending two notes to the support address and have received no notice that anyone had even bothered to read them, even with (to quote Justin) "a 2 word response saying YOU SUCK or better yet, GREAT IDEA... ".

Forget it. I'm sounding like a creep now. I had what I thought was a legitimate question, and I wasn't even sure if Justin was reading what I had written, or the editorial staff had written me off as some whiny goofball and had added my address to their killfile. So never mind. Like I said, I'll deal.

Larrybus  (Level: 318.1 - Posts: 383)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 9:15 PM


I believe this is the thread with technical explanations that you're referring to:

Larrybus  (Level: 318.1 - Posts: 383)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 9:17 PM


I was able to reply to Sploofus' email and I did receive an obviously generic reply from Justin:

Hello Larrybus,

After much consideration, I have elected to NOT revoke wager wins/losses greater
than 1 billion points that were made prior to the institution of a wager cap.

Thank you for your feedback in helping me to arrive at this conclusion.

Happy Sploofusing!

Sploofus did have email problems for a while where problem tickets resulted in a "failure notice" email. Maybe that affected your attempt to reply.

Larrybus  (Level: 318.1 - Posts: 383)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 9:18 PM


It is still possible, although unlikely, for someone who started as recently as today to eventually pass me or any of the other multibillionaires. Since you already have over 10 billion points it won't apply to you, but if you PM me and promise not to tell the secret, I'll explain.

Kaufman  (Level: 267.9 - Posts: 3941)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 9:35 PM

Oh, I know it can happen. Matter of fact, I'm tracking you and should have you caught by 2017.

Kravfighter  (Level: 162.6 - Posts: 565)
Mon, 4th Jun '07 10:51 PM

Thanks Larry. I knew there was another thread that went into more detail (although still quite technical).


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